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Affiliate, Partner &  Associate


The Importance of an Affiliate, Partner &  Associate Program to Membership Sites

Affiliate, Partner &  Associate programs are important to membership sites for a number of good reasons. An Affiliate, Partner &  Associate program isn't really a program. It's a business arrangement.

Affiliate, Partner &  Associate programs are also known as associate programs, associates programs, referral programs and even bounty programs. Most Affiliate, Partner &  Associate programs are free to join. Affiliate, Partner &  Associate programs are a way to earn money without producing your own product.

Affiliate, Partner &  Associate programs allow a membership website to generate additional (other than the membership subscription) income by advertising products that are relevant to the site’s theme. For example, let’s say you own a membership website whose theme is golf. You would recommend products that you like yourself like golf books, magazines, videos and golfing gear. When you have an Affiliate, Partner &  Associate agreement with the merchants selling those products, they provide you with Affiliate, Partner &  Associate links which you paste into your site. Then when members click on those links and buy those products, you earn a commission. Affiliate, Partner &  Associates programs can earn commissions in three ways: per click, per sale and per lead.

The members on a membership website are helped by the Affiliate, Partner &  Associate programs as well. They are given easy access to products that they would otherwise have to search the internet to find.

On the other side of the aisle, you can let other companies post your ad on their sites and pay commissions for sales of your product or memberships. Sure, you may give away 10 percent of your profit to an Affiliate, Partner &  Associate; but 90 percent of something is better than 100 percent of nothing. You’ll make up in sales quantity what you may lose in percentage of your own net. It’s quite worthwhile in the long run.

Use your e-zine to advertise your Affiliate, Partner &  Associate program. Always encourage your newsletter subscribers to forward the newsletter to a friend.


15 Reasons To Join Affilite Programs

There are HUGE benefits to promoting Affiliate, Partner &  Associate programs with your own homebased Internet business. Let’s look at 15 of the best reasons to join Affiliate, Partner &  Associate programs.

Affiliate, Partner &  Associate programs

There are HUGE benefits to promoting <b>Affiliate, Partner &  Associate programs</b> with your own homebased Internet business. Let’s look at 15 of the best reasons to join Affiliate, Partner &  Associate programs.

<li><b>No Production Costs:</b> The cost to develop and produce a new product is prohibitive for almost anyone who wants to start a home-based business. With <b>Affiliate, Partner &  Associate programs</b>, production costs aren't an issue. The product has been developed and proven - all on the merchant's nickel.

<li><b>Low Cost Set-up:</b> Compared with building a brick and mortar store, starting a home-based Internet business is relatively cheap. You probably already have a desk, Internet-connected computer and word-processing software, which is all the equipment you may need to start making easy money from <i>Affiliate, Partner &  Associate programs</i>.

<li><b>No Fees or Licenses:</b> I often compare doing business as an Affiliate, Partner &  Associate, with distributing a line of products in the real world. The biggest difference is that the distributor must often pay for a license to distribute products within a limited geographic region. <u>Affiliate, Partner &  Associate programs</u>, on the other hand, are usually free to join, and geographic market reach is limited only by the Affiliate, Partner &  Associate's ability to promote his website.

<li><b>Sell Almost Anything:</b> What isn't sold online? That list must be shorter than the one describing all that IS sold online. There are thousands and thousands of Affiliate, Partner &  Associate programs selling every product under the sun. That makes it easy to find products related to your current or planned web site.

<li><b>No Sales Experience Required:</b> When I started my Affiliate, Partner &  Associate business, I had absolutely no sales experience. That wasn’t a problem, however. The companies I Affiliate, Partner &  Associated with provided excellent marketing material. Using their sales copy, I was able to get my first Affiliate, Partner &  Associate site up in less than a day.

<li><b>No Employees:</b> Employee salaries are the biggest business expense. Although you may need or want someone to work for you on occasion, you'll never have to worry about hiring full or part-time employees while working as an Affiliate, Partner &  Associate marketer.

When you have a project you want to hire out, it is easy to find specialists in every computer-related field who can work for you from the comfort of THEIR own homes. You pay only for the project, and never have to worry about ongoing employeerelated benefits and deductions.

<li><b>No Merchant Accounts:</b> Setting up a merchant account is time-consuming and costly. However, Affiliate, Partner &  Associate marketers don’t need merchant account. Merchants bear all the costs for payment processing. As an Affiliate, Partner &  Associate, you’ll never lose sleep over chargebacks, fraud or losing your merchant account.

<li><b>No Inventory:</b> As an Affiliate, Partner &  Associate marketer, you can sell large items without storage concerns, even if you live in a small one-bedroom apartment.

<li><b>No Order-Processing:</b> Forget the problems associated with collecting and storing names, addresses, credit card numbers, etc. The merchant does all that!

<li><b>No Shipping:</b> The cost and hassle to prepare and ship products to customers worldwide could be staggering. Affiliate, Partner &  Associates never have to worry about packaging supplies or postal rates.

<li><b>No Customer Service:</b> Do you hate the prospect of dealing with nasty people or customer complaints? Don't worry about it! The merchant handles the snivelers.

<li><b>Make Money While You Sleep:</b> What other business allows you as a sole proprietor to keep your doors open and keep making money even when you take breaks or after you go home for the night?

<li><b>Worldwide Marketplace:</b> The Internet is the world's largest marketplace. You can drive more visitors to your online store in a day, than a small-town merchant will see in his or her brick and mortar business in a year.

<li><b>Minimal Risk:</b> The product you chose isn't making money? Dump it. Take down your links and promote another! It's that easy. There are no long-term contracts binding you to products that don't sell.

<li><b>High Income Potential:</b> If you have a job, your salary or hourly wage is probably pre-determined. Maybe there's not much, other than working overtime, that you can do to increase your income. With your own Affiliate, Partner &  Associate business on the Internet your income potential is limited only by your desire, effort and imagination.
No other business is so inexpensive to start yet offers such high profit potential without investing years of labor.

<b>Affiliate, Partner &  Associate programs</b> enable you to work from Almost Anywhere in the World!

Best Wishes.


5 Tips For Affiliate, Partner &  Associates Programs Newbies.

Wanna be an Affiliate, Partner &  Associate and make a lot of money? You got first to learn and then be patient... You must educate yourself to succeed and get advices and tips to accelerate your choices before choosing a product or program.

tips,advices,newbies,make money,online,Internet,marketing,success,profit,tips,program,business,Affiliate, Partner &  Associates,associates,beginners

Affiliate, Partner &  Associate program is the starting place for a big majority of home entrepreneurs and beginners in Internet Marketing, because of the small amount of work involved. There is some elements that you must absolutely look for before you start promoting an Affiliate, Partner &  Associate product...

Tip #1. Promote a unique product to get better results.

Promoting a product which is already being sold by hundreds or Affiliate, Partner &  Associates will not give you the same results as if you have a unique proposition. A different product that only some Affiliate, Partner &  Associates distribute. That kind of program is a little bit difficult to find because it is not in the interest of the merchant to do so in the short term.

Tip #2. Powerful and effective Affiliate, Partner &  Associates tools.

When you are ready to promote, you may be lost if you are new to Affiliate, Partner &  Associates marketing. Actually, most of the beginners take months to make their first sale, because the merchant doesn't help them in their hard work. So be sure to find a powerful and clear Affiliate, Partner &  Associates resource section. That will skyrocket your chances of success. Also, a good communication with the merchant is hard to find, but it is a must.
Try to find these resources, or some of them.

Tip #3. Example of effective resources:

* Brandable ebooks to give away or sell at a little price with your own Affiliate, Partner &  Associate ID links to generate leads... and sales.
* Sales letters provided.
* Templates of the emails to send to your list(s), pre-writen email or even better.
* Free promotional tips provided, to make money without spending thousands in the beginning (a must for beginners)
* Advices and tips for paid promotional techniques (don't loose all your money in something that don't bring results).
* Redirect links through your own website. For example:, Partner &  Associatesite/
* Banners

Tip #4. Good Tracking software.

It is a very important part. You must be able to monitor almost everything in your resources section:
you must be able to track your sales, how many visitors came to your site and to the merchant site, by which page they enter to the merchant site(here is the importance of the redirect links).
You must be able to view your payment history, and also how many people signed up underneath you if it is a two tiers Affiliate, Partner &  Associate program.

Tip #5. Cookies plus IP addresses.

Today, it is a common practice by Internet users to clear their cookies daily or weekly. So if you spend money on PPC or any other paid advertising to get a customer, you do not want to see another Affiliate, Partner &  Associate get the commission you should have received. So try to choose an Affiliate, Partner &  Associate program with a tracking software which take also the IP address of your future customer. By the way, recurring commissions are a must.

Last but not least, try to find associate programs with generous compensation plan, and give a preference to the two tiers Affiliate, Partner &  Associates programs because you will be paid on two levels. Good promotion, and enjoy your Affiliate, Partner &  Associate life.


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