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Affiliate, Partner &  Associate


Marketing your website - Part 1 - Using articles, auctions, Affiliate, Partner &  Associates and auto responders

We explore the many different ways to market a website, both online and offline. The ephesis is on low cost methods. This is a four part series. Part 1 covers using articles, Affiliate, Partner &  Associates, auto responders and auctions as ways to market your web site.

Affiliate, Partner &  Associates, auto responders, auctions, articles, marketing, small business

Your web site is just like your business, in fact it is an extension of your business in some cases and it IS your business in others. Your advertising campaign must address each of these methods to the best and fullest extent possible given your advertising budget.

Let's take a look at how you can use these different advertising methods to your best advantage:

Using Articles to market your web siteShort articles are a great way to generate traffic to your website. Articles can be used to keep the material fresh on the site so that your customers keep coming back, they can also be used to ‘advertise’ your site on web sites owned by others. Placing your article on article submission sites allows others to download it and use your article in their newsletters and on their web sites. Of course there are links in the article that point to your site for more information or other reviews etc. These links are great as they help increase your standings in the search engines.The articles can be about any topic and you will find there are hundreds of article submission sites available to place your articles on. Most are free as they need fresh information so that their customers keep coming back as well. is a new article submission site that I have started to give you an idea of what one is like. Feel free to post your articles on this site if they pertain to small business or home based businesses.

Using Affiliate, Partner &  Associates to market your web site

Affiliate, Partner &  Associate programs can add thousands of independent sales people to help market your products and services.

Over the years I have been involved with many businesses, and one of the things I remember from my Amway days was that as an individual, I could only do so much. I have 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year in which I can work. I will hit a maximum point of sales that I can handle by myself. After that I'm done. The only way to do more is to automate and have others duplicate what I do. The same is true on the web. We need to automate and duplicate what we do so we can have others expand our sales for us. The first part of this equation is duplication. We can have others follow what we do and sell our products and services for us and pay them a portion of the profits. This is different than having employees. Employees have no requirement to sell. They are overhead that must be paid regardless of sales. That is NOT what you want for a new business. Keep your hard earned cash for other things. What we need is someone that is willing to do the work for part of the profits. This is where Affiliate, Partner &  Associate programs come in to our formula for success. Affiliate, Partner &  Associates are basically a partnership between web sites to advertise and promote products, services, or information for a share of the profits. When someone they refer to you buys, you pay them a percentage of the sales. Result? More traffic, more sales and less time required by you to find the customers as someone else does it for you.

What else can a good Affiliate, Partner &  Associate program do for you?
• How about driving more traffic to your site!
• Build brand awareness as more people visit your site from the hundreds or thousands of Affiliate, Partner &  Associates that are advertising for you.
• Obtaining qualified leads that you can follow-up on to increase or up sell to.
• Increasing the links to your site which will increase the ranking of your site on the search engines resulting in more traffic and more sales.

There are all kinds of Affiliate, Partner &  Associate programs. Some programs charge to be a member and some do not. Some are web based and some are software programs that you load on your computer to set up and track the sales and Affiliate, Partner &  Associate yourself. Which one you use is up to you. Here are a few that I have found.

Affiliate, Partner &  Associate Net - This is one of the more affordable server side Affiliate, Partner &  Associate programs. With this software there are no monthly fees only a one time software charge. At the time of this writing this package sold from $49.95 to $99.95. Referral Software - This package is also server side although more expensive, it has many more features and is worth while to consider if you are serious about earning a lot of money with your Internet business. At the time of this writing this package sold for $299.00.

Click Bank - This is a web based Affiliate, Partner &  Associate program. By signing up on their web site you have access to over 100,000 Affiliate, Partner &  Associates. There are monthly and set up fees.

clixGalore Affiliate, Partner &  Associate Networks - This is a web based Affiliate, Partner &  Associate program. There are monthly and set up fees.

I highly recommend Affiliate, Partner &  Associate programs. For the reasons listed above. Remember they will help drive traffic to your site, which means more sales and you can use the Affiliate, Partner &  Associate programs to offer others services and make the commission once you are done with the client. This could be a good business all by its self.

Using Auctions to market your web site

Ok, you have a product or service you want to sell; you need to let people know about that product or service and you don't have much money to spend. Imagine a place that gets over 3 million customers that are ready, able, willing and looking to buy everyday. It is a Super Mall!

Ask any business person what they would pay to be in a mall that got 3 million visitors a day. You can see the dollar signs light up in their eyes... both in terms of cost and sales potential. Remember my goal from earlier in the course when we talked about business planning? I need to have 4200 visitors a month come to my web site in order to sell 420 copies according to my business plan. Well E-Bay gets 3 million visitors a day! Do you think that might be a place that I would want to advertise my books or my web site? You bet! In fact I have sold quite a few of my other books on E-Bay as well as bottles, baseball cards, clothing, computers, software, training, video and much more. So can you.

Let's take my Weekend Chef's guides and see how I can sell them on E-Bay, Yahoo Auctions, or MSN Auctions. First I need an account. This is simple, but does vary based on who you are signing up with. Follow the instructions (at the end of this page is an excellent course on how to really make money on auctions, but this will get you started). Once you have an account, we now need to place something for sale. Think of the auction site as your web site As such we need to create a web page that offers you product/service for sale. I use a software package call Auction Wizard 2000. They have an excellent program that allows you to try it for 60 days before you have to register. It is so easy to use as well. Using Auction Wizard, I can create an auction page and automatically post it and repost as needed to any of the supported auctions. No special knowledge of html is required. Simple fill in the blanks and add any pictures or graphics and I'm done. It also will track the sales, send emails to successful bidders, track inventory and so much more. If you are thinking of doing auctions, this is one piece of software to take a hard look at.

Back to selling my guides and building my business. Within the auction listing, I can place a link to my site, offer a free download of some chapters of the book, of course, I will need your email before you can download. Remember, I need to keep you coming back. Be careful here, E-Bay does not like you selling outside of their auction so make sure the visitor is not allowed to buy from your site at that link. Well, now we have given something away for free (a chapter of the book), we have the visitors email address, and we hopefully will get a bid on the product/service. If not, we have the email to follow up. What has it cost us? Each item up for auction on E-Bay cost .... are you ready for this 30 cents to list it plus a small percentage of the selling cost. If I list my Weekend Chef's Guide to Sushi on E-Bay with a starting price of say $1 it will cost me a total of about 30 cents for the week. 30 cents to reach millions of potential customers a day. If I sell the book, I will have recovered my 30 cents and started building my customer email list as well.

Now I could write a whole web site on using auctions, but this page is just how to use auctions to market your business. You can sell items and make a profit or you can just list items and build a customer database to market to later. Either way Auctions make a great way to market your business.

I have on my website a couple more tips on using auctions as well at or visit my eBay store for other eBooks that are available from time to time.

Using Auto responders to market your web site

Depending on the products, services or information you are selling auto responders may be able to automate a good portion of your web site business. An auto responder is a piece of software that checks email for certain words or phrases and responds according to your wishes. For example, you may have received a newsletter by sending an email to me with Subscribe as the subject. My auto responder sees that email come in and has a set of actions defined that when the subject has subscribe in it that it will email back to you our newsletter. Another thing that the auto responders can do is following up with your customers at predetermined times with a predetermined letter. This is good for driving traffic to your site after they have visited and left their email address such as to subscribe to a newsletter or download a free chapter of an e-book or other information you have made available. For my training business I send up to 4 different emails to each person that request my guide to increase their income. Each email introduces them to other benefits and services that are available. Some of the emails will offer a discount or free training class as an incentive to sign up for a class. All of it done without me having to get involved.

Auto responders can be installed on your computer or used via the Internet. Some are free and others you have to pay either by the email address or based on the number of responses you want to program it to respond to. Here are some links to auto responders on the web as well as a software package with a trial version you can use yourself.

Promasoft: This is the one we use with our servers. I highly recommend. They have a trial version that is a full version. It places a header in the outgoing email, so you will want to register once you have it up and running. I think it is a great program.

GetResponse: This is also a great program, although, this one is a subscription service. It can be a less expensive way to try out an auto responder. They do offer a free account as well.

This is part one of a multi-part series of Marketing you web site. In the next section we will cover marketing you web site using banner ads and classified ads .


Mistakes Affiliate, Partner &  Associates Make-help For Newbies

Mistakes Affiliate, Partner &  Associates make result generally from a lack of knowledge. Yes, we know there are many ebooks showing Affiliate, Partner &  Associates the way to go. But remember, even the gurus had a learning curve. Gurus made mistakes too.

The key for Affiliate, Partner &  Associates today is to learn as much as they can even as they join Affiliate, Partner &  Associate programs. The major portion of Affiliate, Partner &  Associate sales are raked in by only 5% of the Affiliate, Partner &  Associates! Please don’t let that information discourage you.

Newbies especially, be encourage...

mistakes Affiliate, Partner &  Associates make, Affiliate, Partner &  Associate mistakes, Affiliate, Partner &  Associates, Affiliate, Partner &  Associate sales,

Mistakes Affiliate, Partner &  Associates make result generally from a lack of knowledge. Yes, we know there are many ebooks showing Affiliate, Partner &  Associates the way to go. But remember, even the gurus had a learning curve. Gurus made mistakes too.

The key for Affiliate, Partner &  Associates today is to learn as much as they can even as they join Affiliate, Partner &  Associate programs. The major portion of Affiliate, Partner &  Associate sales are raked in by only 5% of the Affiliate, Partner &  Associates! Please don’t let that information discourage you.

Newbies especially, be encouraged. Here is the other side of the coin! A research firm Forrester Research, indicates that we Affiliate, Partner &  Associates will have $280 billion dollars/year to divide up amongst ourselves by 2008. Walk don’t run, take your time, and learn the ropes. There is hope for us! But try to avoid the following:

Affiliate, Partner &  Associate Mistake #1

When you promote, be sure to promote the product. Nothing else, just the product. Let the wealthy people who captured you into their program be concerned about promoting the program. You just focus on selling the product. That’s what Affiliate, Partner &  Associates do.

While you’re at it, endorse the product. You are your chief weapon in your marketing arsenal. Did you know that? Well you know it now. Tell them about the product. Let them know how it has benefited you. Endorse, endorse and endorse some more!

Affiliate, Partner &  Associate Mistake #2

Stay away from the heavy hitters. If your specialty in the offline world was marketing that doesn’t mean you’re going to be great in the online world. Swim in the waters where the small grunts are first.

As you learn a few online tips and tricks, then you can wade into deeper water. But don’t go out too far! The deeper waters of the Internet are known to be shark-infested.

Affiliate, Partner &  Associate Mistake #3

Are you capturing names and addresses? No! You’ve gotta be kidding me! You’re letting money slip through your fingers. Answer this? Would you rather buy from someone that you trust, or someone that you don’t trust? Yeah! I figured so.

Collect those emails and start to build some trust with your very own list. Take your time with this. Don’t rush them. Don’t bug them either. Work on that list immediately.

Affiliate, Partner &  Associate Mistake #4

Keep track of the promotions you do. Some will be duds. There’s nothing worse than throwing money after an unprofitable promotion. What makes it worse is that you may have a profitable promotion that you aren’t paying much attention to but should be.

Affiliate, Partner &  Associate Mistake #5

While you‘re working on your Affiliate, Partner &  Associate programs what’s happening with your own product? What was that? I didn’t hear you? No? Okay, what do you like to do? Quite frankly you may not be able to pursue what you are passionate about.

But there must be something you can do? Everyone on the topside has a gift. Is it plumbing? Gardening? You must have something up your sleeve. If it’s something you’re passionate about, and it works online, you may have arrived. But you won’t know until you take action.

Let’s be realistic. You’re going to make mistakes, you’re human. Allow me to encourage you with this; there is more money out there than the mistakes you can make. You’ll be an expert one day. And when that happens you won’t be able to get out of the way of those Affiliate, Partner &  Associate commissions.


My Affiliate, Partner &  Associate experience

I dont claim to know everything about using Affiliate, Partner &  Associates but what I do know might help. This article is written for that one reason. Hopefully you can find something of use.

Affiliate, Partner &  Associate, Affiliate, Partner &  Associates, Affiliate, Partner &  Associate programs, webmaster, webmasters

I dont claim to know everything about using Affiliate, Partner &  Associates but what I do know might help. This article is written for that one reason. Hopefully you can find something of use.

Let me start off with some things not to do from experience:

1. Do not place mass quantities of banners on the main page of your site. For the most part surfers do not pay attention to banner ads.

2. Do not sign up with Affiliate, Partner &  Associate programs that have nothing to do with the content or scope of your website.

3. Do not put all your faith in one Affiliate, Partner &  Associate program, you should have a few backups just in case. Having around 10 programs is a good start.

4. If you do place a banner or two on your main page don't pick the super flashy banner that makes your eyes hurt. People will be less likely to pay attention to anoying banners.

5. Don't create a mass link farm of your Affiliate, Partner &  Associates on your main page. You want to entice your visitor to hang around your page and find somthing they want or need.

Here are a few things you might want to to do:

1. Pick Affiliate, Partner &  Associate programs that are well recognized by the general public. There are huge networks that are dedicated to compiling Affiliate, Partner &  Associate programs for webmasters to find easily.

2. If you must place a banner or two on your main page try and locate a banner that matches the color scheme and layout of your site. You want to integrate your Affiliate, Partner &  Associate programs into your website as seamlessly as you possibly can.

3. Use text links in the main content of your site (instead of banners) to funnel your visitors to your chosen Affiliate, Partner &  Associate programs. Surfers respond much better from simple text links found in the content of your webpage then they do by big ugly looking banners.

4. Pick Affiliate, Partner &  Associates that match your content fairly close, but try to avoid Affiliate, Partner &  Associates that would create competition for your site. If you are selling sports shoes on your site, try to choose an Affiliate, Partner &  Associate program that sells other sports related clothing such as jackets.

5. If you are showcasing multiple Affiliate, Partner &  Associate programs make sure you make navigation to your Affiliate, Partner &  Associates fairly easy for your visitors. You don't want to confuse your visitors with a page full of links. Try to separate and group your Affiliate, Partner &  Associates according to what the program offers. Steer clear of having video game Affiliate, Partner &  Associates lumped in the same page as clothing Affiliate, Partner &  Associates.

Like I mentioned before I dont claim to know it all when it comes to using Affiliate, Partner &  Associates. All I wanted to do is give a bit of information that I have aquired through trial and error in hopes that what I know can be used. Please feel free to republish this article in its entirety. Visit for more articles like this one. For webmaster resources, webmaster forums and other information visit http://www.supremeAffiliate, Partner &


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