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Alternative Medicine,  Holstic Medicine & Natural medicine


How to Cure Anxiety and ADD by Exorcism

This is how to cure anxiety, ADD and many other mental illnesses by exorcism.

anxiety, ADD, exorcism

Many of you are aware that people are made up of a body, a mind, and a spirit. Actually, most people are made up of a body, a mind, and several spirits. Think of the body as a container for your white light God spirit. (Psalm 82:6 “You are Gods, children of God, All of you.”) God is like gravity. He/She the white light Holy Spirit lives in us all, no matter what our beliefs, and pulls us in a morally correct way, just as gravity holds you down on a rapidly flying and turning ball named Earth no matter what you call it or whether you believe in it or not.

Inside of your body, along with your white light God spirit, live demon spirits. Demon spirits are like your white blood cells. When a germ invades your body your white blood cells automatically form an army and attack and kill the germ. We needed these demon spirits in the jungle for 5 million years to kill off the lions and snakes and wolves and other tribes and to kill and eat animals. The problem arises when there are too many white blood cells and then we have blood cancer, leukemia. When you have too many demon spirits all sorts of physical and emotional diseases occur. Just prior to her death Mother Theresa underwent an exorcism. Psychiatrist and author M. Scott Peck M.D. deals with demons and exorcisms and evil people in his best selling books People of the Lie and Glimpses of the Devil. Inside of many of our bodies there are also discarnate spirits, people who died, did not go into the light, and then made a home in your body. All of these spirits are the cause of much multiple personality disorder and schizophrenia, people hearing and being commanded by voices. The voices are people living inside of their bodies. Growling vicious lion/snake demons darting rapidly back and forth inside of human bodies are also the cause of much anxiety, and rude and violent behavior, including crime and war.

The date today is December 1, 2005, and humans have given control of their mental health to psychiatrists, spirits who do not know or believe that spirits exist.  They have been trained to medicate schizophrenia, ADD, and anxiety. They give medication to suicidal patients that they know full well makes the patients even more prone to kill themselves. They call visions delusions, a major psychosis. They would have put Jesus, Prophet Isaiah, Prophet Muhammad and Nostradamus in straight jackets, given them medication, and shocked their brains with electricity. They recently gave up on blood letting. This is during the week. On weekends they can be found in their churches, synagogues, and mosques, hedging their bets, in case there is a heaven.Tommy was an 11 year old boy with Attention Deficit Disorder. He went to a special school. He had difficulty concentrating and attacked and hurt girls in his class. Tommy’s mother Donna was dating an accountant named Ian. Ian did exorcisms as a hobby. After 1 exorcism from Ian, Tommy went to school the next day. The teachers immediately phoned his mother Donna and said, “Who is this boy you sent to school? He’s calm, polite, focused, and non violent. What happened to him?” It is now 2 years later. Tommy has now grown into a 6 foot tall 13 year old perfectly normal boy, who loves to play basketball. While running down the basketball court, his opponent Ken fell down, through no fault of Tommy’s. Tommy stopped to help Ken up. The referee said to Tommy, “What are you doing?” Tommy said, “He fell, I’m helping him up.” The referee said, “We don’t do that in basketball.” Here is how you can cure your own child by exorcism, by casting out the evil and lost spirits, and inserting a beautiful calming healing white light spirit, no matter your religion or lack thereof:

First of all evil spirits reside in each and every one of us. They can appear as dark clouds, or snake lion growling darting around vicious alien monsters. Sometimes you cannot see them but you can feel their creepy presence. The good news is that the white light God Angel spirit also lives in every one of us. The other good news is that the power of God is infinitely more powerful than the power of Satan, and that is why you all have the power to banish the evil spirits. A battle rages in every person between good and evil, angels and demons, God and Satan. It is all about who inside of you is in control. O.K. Here we go:

First of all sit on a couch. Have your patient sit in front of you on the floor legs outstretched and not touching each other and arms to the side. Place your hands 2 inches above the patient’s head. Next the patient will lie on the floor with a pillow first on their front then on their back. Now you need to put yourself into a trance. Close your eyes, and say to yourself: “20 means deep inner peace and quiet, my body my mind and soul and nerves are very very relaxed. 19 means deep inner peace and quiet, my body my mind and soul and nerves are very very relaxed.” Count down to zero then say to yourself, “Free from stress, free from stress.” Now visualize a white light extending all around you for 3 feet, and ask God to protect you from evil spirits backing up into
you. You never need to touch the patient. If your hands are 2 inches above them then they will be in the patient’s aura. The patient should close his/her eyes and think constantly, “I love you God.” Keep your eyes closed throughout.

Now silently think this prayer: “In the name of the Lord God (Jesus Christ, God the Father, The Holy Spirit, Allah, Elohim, Buddha, Chinese Gods, any name or names or all names of God will be fine) may Michael, the protection of God be at my right hand. Satan, Demons, Lost souls, in the name of the Lord God (insert any name or names of God here) I command you to come out of, leave the body of (name of person) and I command you to leave the Universe, and I cast you off the face of the Earth and the Universe once and for all! You can take your right arm and raise it up and sharply point it at the demons and lightning will come out of your fingers striking and killing the demons. Say to yourself, I command every angel in the Universe to massacre kill destroy and cast out every devil
and demon inside of (name of patient). Now use your hands to pull the snakes out of the person, it may take awhile, and break the heads off of the demons, and throw them away. Say to yourself, “Dear God, please fill (name of patient) with your white light, your love, your Holy Spirit. Fill them with light, fill them with light. I love you God (over and over).” Be patient and don’t stop until you “see” in your mind’s eye the patient fill with bright white light.

Next, repeat the process with the other archangels. Start off next by saying “May Gabriel the power of God, be at my left hand… Before me you Uriel the light of God... Behind me Raphael the healing of God… Above my head Shekinat El (or any name or names of God) the presence of God…” Say to yourself, “Satan, Demons, Devils, I renounce you, I rebuke you, you filthy slimy stinking demon devils! I command you all off the face of the Earth and off the Universe once and for all!”

The patient can repeat these prayers after you: “Blessed be the glory of God from his heavenly abode.” “Into the light let us approach do not shut us out for we have sinned O Glorious God.” Also use the Lord’s Prayer. The patient can say, “Satan, Demons, I renounce you, I rebuke you, I love you God.” Inside of an hour, the schizophrenia, mental illness, ADD, and anxiety could be gone forever. Surprisingly, physical ailments that you didn’t even know were there clear instantly too. There are also thousands of trained Reiki, Therapeutic Touch, and Spiritual Healers to help you. People have been doing this successfully from the beginning of time. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Don’t forget to have your own demons cast out of you. Remember, Doctors can often be extremely helpful, but they are not Gods. As long as these lying spirits remain in the patient, the root cause of the illness will remain, and the medications will merely mask the symptoms, often for decades.


Natural Treatments for Anxiety

Natural treatments for anxiety such as meditation and hypnotherapy are gaining in popularity amongst sufferers of common stress as well as more serious anxiety disorders.

While drugs and supplements can promise some effectiveness in treating anxiety, holistic methods can help you to make an overall reduction in stress through long-term lifestyle changes.

meditation, meditation techniques, alternative health, alternative therapies, stress, anxiety, depression, hypnosis, yoga, holistic health, spirituality

Natural treatments for anxiety such as meditation and hypnotherapy are gaining in popularity amongst sufferers of common stress as well as more serious anxiety disorders.

While drugs and supplements can promise some effectiveness in treating anxiety, holistic methods can help you to make an overall reduction in stress through long-term lifestyle changes.

Even for those severely stricken with anxiety, remedies such as Xanax and Buspar are meant to treat the symptoms of anxiety, not address the root causes. Xanax and other anti anxiety treatments can also have serious side effects including hallucinations, rashes, mouth sores, yellowing of the skin, dry mouth and headache. In addition, anti stress medication can cause serious addiction and withdrawal symptoms if the dosage is decreased suddenly.

Various natural supplements such as ginseng and valerian have been used successfully as anxiety treatments. For example, ginseng has been shown to have positive effects on anxiety, in addition to cardiovascular health, menopause, physical endurance and diabetes. However, once the substance is no longer ingested, the beneficial effects slowly dissipate. Like prescription drugs, natural supplements fail to address underlying triggers behind anxiety and stress.

It is interesting to note that doctors are increasingly turning to natural treatments for anxiety, in addition to more traditional methods. Studies are beginning to show the physiological effects which occur in the body during holistic practices such as meditation and hypnotherapy. For example, during Transcendental Meditation, a style of meditation founded in the 1950s by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, mental activity is slowed while alertness and clarity remain. Actual physiological changes include slowing of the metabolic rate, increased cerebral blood flow and changes in muscle resistance.

The changes are a direct reaction to physiological changes induced by heightened and continued stress. After Transcendental Meditation, the patient reports feeling relaxed, happy and better able to function both personally and professionally.

Hypnotherapy is another natural treatment for anxiety that is increasingly beginning to be accepted as valid in the medical community. Through guided imagery and positive associations, the patient works with the hypnotist to recognize underlying triggers and causes behind anxiety-ridden behavior. Hypnotherapy has also showed promising success in treating addictive behaviors such as drinking, overeating, smoking and drug use. What makes hypnotherapy so effective is that it cuts directly to the unconscious mind, where fears and phobias are housed. There are also physiological effects which occur during hypnotherapy (lessening of the heart rate, reduction of the stress inducing hormone cortisol etc.) which lessen overall anxiety and stress.

Drugs and supplements can be an instant fix for anxiety and stress and do promise a certain amount of effectiveness and relief. In fact, doctors may prescribe medication as a means of getting some of the more immediate symptoms under control. However, if you are suffering from an anxiety disorder or a heightened stress level, be sure to inquire about natural treatments for anxiety such as meditation and hypnotherapy.

A holistic approach, addressing both lifestyle and physical symptoms, can be a more effective treatment for anxiety than conventional methods, and may just be the answer for you.


How Anxiety

Stress can be defined as a state we experience when there is a mismatch between perceived demands and our perceived ability to cope. Stress can also be defined as an adaptive response by a body to change in the environment. Stress response evolved to enable humans to deal with life-threatening dangers or stressors such as being confronted with a wild animal or perhaps a hostile human. Situations like this required action – the activation of stress response to wither stay and ...

stress help,anxiety,hypnotherapy,hypnosis,panic attacks,fight or flight

Stress can be defined as a state we experience when there is a mismatch between perceived demands and our perceived ability to cope. Stress can also be defined as an adaptive response by a body to change in the environment. Stress response evolved to enable humans to deal with life-threatening dangers or stressors such as being confronted with a wild animal or perhaps a hostile human. Situations like this required action – the activation of stress response to wither stay and fight or to run away.

Today we hopefully won’t have to face the same dangers as our ancestors but the stress response to demanding situations we face is still with us and our mind and body still prepare for fight or flight when confronted with this equivalent of the wild animal. This is where the problem may begin as activation of the fight or flight response with no physical outlet, such as if we are stuck in a traffic jam and can’t fight it or flee it, or maybe an unfair confrontation in the workplace where once again the response for action may be triggered but we cant vent it by fighting or running away without consequences we would rather avoid. Perhaps both of these events and more are experienced on the same day, perhaps every day, and the stress builds within us until it can damage our health if a solution is not found

Stress isn’t always bad – the stress response was designed to help and protect us and some people even place themselves in stressful situations they know they can handle for excitement and ‘the rush’ as it is often called.

We all experience stress in different ways depending upon our personality type, conditioning and possible training also.

When we face a stressor but perceive we have the ability to deal with it successfully a feeling of success and achievement can be gained. Getting the balance right between good stress to motivate us and encourage us to grow, and our ability to cope with the stress is possibly the key to remaining healthy, positive and active in whatever arena of life we find ourselves.

Our ability to cope with stress can be affected by our diet and the intake of good substances that out body needs to remain strong and flexible and to repair itself when needed. Also we should avoid anything that could cause us to be more stressed or weaker such as drugs, alcohol, smoking etc.

Finally, stress can be external, some event or situation that is causing stress, or internal, attitudes or emotions that lead to stress (anxiety, guilt, low self esteem, fear, etc).

What is the Fight/Flight Response? Why do we still have it?

The ‘Fight or Flight Response’ is a physiological reaction and is the body’s response to a stressor.

Changes in hormones prepare a person to either stay and deal with a stressor or to take flight/run away. This immediate state of alarm is when the body prepares to take action, and in this state a person will be extremely alert to their surroundings but also very anxious and possibly unable to concentrate.

The body will slow down systems not vital in responding to the stressor, such as the digestive system, which is why a person in a fight or flight situation may have a dry mouth and a nervous/upset stomach. The body will make other preparations such as improved cooling for the body as more energy is used and this will result in perspiration.

The fight or flight response is a very old and very basic response and has been with us for a very long time. It was originally a response to danger that would prepare our ancestors to fight the wild beast or the enemy who might suddenly threaten or confront them, or to take flight and literally run away from the danger.

This response is triggered when we send a message of alarm to a part of the brain called the hypothalamus. This area of the brain will then send a signal to the glands to release adrenaline, cortisol and endorphin into the blood stream. Increased levels of adrenaline increase heart rate and blood flow which in turn brings extra oxygen and glucose to the muscles. Cortisol causes an increase in amino-acids and sugars in the blood. Amino-acids are crucial for the repair and recovery of damaged tissues which may occur under stress and the blood sugar adds to the availability of glucose (fuel) for the body.

The release of endorphin, which is a morphine like substance only more powerful, provides the body’s natural tranquilizing system. Pain is blocked and a feeling of euphoria may be experienced, both helping to get the body through the situation it may find itself in due to stress.

We still have this response, as it is still necessary to prepare and protect us in times of alarm, such as being involved in an emergency situation of any kind, or being confronted with any form of potentially life threatening danger.

Once the initial stages of this fight or flight response are over, a person will have a psychological reaction to the stressor which will be based upon many variables including, personality type, conditioning, age, physical and mental ability, and their knowledge relevant to the situation to be dealt with.

It is very often the resulting symptoms of this fight or flight response kicking in that we tend to call a panic attack. what actually happens is that we may be in a situation where we can’t fight or flight, such as a meeting or on a train, and so we become more and more anxious and may feel as though we will pass out, or be sick, or any one of a number of responses. What often happens then,is we find we have a desperate need to urinate, and that is another way the subconscious mind will sometimes attempt to gain our attention and force us to leave the arena in which we find ourselves at the time. It is normally the feeling of not being able to escape, and knowing that we might have this strong feeling to fight or flight that causes much of the anxiety and expectation of problems for most people who find they need help to overcome their problem.

Also, many people….no…that should be most people who suffer from panic attacks and anxiety will normally have the need for some Obsessive compulsive actions in their life…it can often be a type of coping, or controlling strategy.

Why hypnotherapy is totally different from any other form of therapy?

Hypnotherapy is different from any other form of therapy because of the way in which the therapy part happens while one is in hypnosis. Put another way, hypnotherapy is a very effective combination of hypnosis, a trance or altered state of mind and deep relaxation, and the chosen therapy, which might be for example; suggestion therapy, regression, ego states therapy, neuro-linguistic-programming or hypnoanalysis.

Hypnosis allows an individual to enter a state of deep relaxation which in itself is a very useful therapy for combating stress. It also allows one to become calm and focused, as all parts of the mind work together and concentrate on solving the problem at hand, and therefore making the very best use of the chosen therapy as it is applied.

Why it is so helpful in cases of stress, anxiety and panic attacks?

Hypnosis is a state in which the conscious critical faculty is temporarily suspen

ded or distracted and in which all parts of the mind work in harmony for the good of the whole being.

When in hypnosis an individual can become very relaxed and at the same time very aware and ‘sharp’, mentally focused.

For the computer literate, I would liken hypnosis to the ‘safe mode’ on a computer, where if a part of the system is acting up or malfunctioning, placing the system in safe mode allows for investigation and repair to be carried out safely while minimising the risk to the normal operating systems. In some sports it would be like a ‘time-out’, where all parts of the team come together briefly to review the current state of play, to identify where poor choices may have affected the outcomes and to choose a new strategy to move forward with.

In the normal hurly burly of life we seldom have time to take a time out, or to go into safe mode to pull together our resources and to calmly take stock and plan our best way forward. Hypnosis then, is a safe, relaxing state in which we can let go the tensions in and around us for a short period, and in which, if we desire it, a skilled therapist can guide us through the stages of investigation, discovery, planning and repair we may need.

Hypnotherapy therefore provides relaxation (and clients of good therapists learn self-hypnosis so they can find this deep relaxation for themselves) and is therefore useful at even this basic level, as a kind of first aid. The good therapist will help the client to find any repressed emotions, triggers and false instincts from the past that are a kind of out-of-date, erroneous, or maybe just no longer wanted or needed programming, that loops around once triggered to cause us much anxiety and feelings of panic, but we often don’t know why. Following this, the wonderful power of hypnotic suggestion, and Neuro-Linguistic programming techniques will be used to provide new and efficient programming to support moves forward into a much more positive life with a better outlook on everything..


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