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Stress Management Therapy: Key To Better Life

Stress is something that is hard to battle. Most people feel sick not because they are medically ill but because they are stressed out. To battle stress, you must learn how to manage it. How do you actually manage stress? Are there therapies for stress management?

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When a person is a little stressed, his body reacts and responds in situations instinctively and efficiently. But this can only be true to small dose of stress. When the dose arises, stress becomes unhealthy. It inhibits the person to perform well. With little stress, the body is pushed to work hard. This is in a positive way. While when the body is over stressed, the response is negative.

A person who is stressed out can’t perform normally. His body reacts differently in situations. Stress can even lead to body disorders and illnesses. Because the normal functioning of the body is affected, the person isn’t able to use his natural instincts when facing a situation. He becomes less creative and less efficient.

<b>Battling Stress</b>

Stress can make your life miserable so before it gets worse, you must battle it. The best way to combat stress is the use of stress management therapy. What is a Stress Management Therapy? This refers to the various strategies used by stress specialists and doctors to help people who are stressed out. The goal of stress management therapy is to help a person live life healthfully and stress free.

Why do you need to combat stress? Stress affects the whole personality of a person. It affects a person’s mental ability and sound judgement. It puts his social, emotional, spiritual and physical life in jeopardy. Worst, it can lead to serious health problems like phobias, heart problems and high blood pressure.

Stress management therapy makes sure that you don’t get these negative effects of stress. Generally, stress management therapy involves relaxation, counselling, exercises, yoga, meditation, and time management therapies. The key to combat stress is to manage it. If you can balance your needs and your abilities, there will be less room for stress.

<b>Identification Of Stress</b>

Before you can even start managing stress, you should first identify the factors that trigger stress. The stress management therapy will be based on your stress factor. The therapy will be designed according to your own needs.

Once the stress triggering factors are identified, measures will be taken to help the individual in facing the same circumstances. The stress management therapy may totally eliminate the factor that causes stress or if not, reduce it to a more tolerable level.

Stress management therapy is vital especially today where everywhere there seems to be a tough competition. This makes us want to get the best and thus, we become stressed. Through a stress management therapy, you will be able to enjoy life the stress free way!


Eliminating Stress

Stress heightens our blood pressure, making us irritable and tired. It causes our bodies to lock up and feel limited in the activities we used to be able to do. Whether we realize it or not, stress is a significant ingredient in what weighs us down.

massage therapy

We have officially accepted stress as an everyday, unavoidable black cloud that follows us wherever we go. It’s in the car. It’s in the office. It’s at home. Stress is waiting around every corner with it’s sharp edges ready to chip away at our most complete selves. Stress heightens our blood pressure, making us irritable and tired. It causes our bodies to lock up and feel limited in the activities we used to be able to do. Whether we realize it or not, stress is a significant ingredient in what weighs us down.

It is a difficult concept to realize in one’s self. We get lost in the day to day hustle and bustle; each new day elicits tasks and responsibilities. We forget to take a moment to consider how we feel both physically and emotionally. “But I have to take the car to the shop……”

Let me empower you with the idea of massage therapy. My job, my passion in life is to help people feel good; to encourage each individual to gain control of their own well-being arm them with a protective shield against stress. No phones, no traffic, no kids; a calm and soothing environment for you to let go and tune in. To work the knots out, to replace the dull ache with vibrant mobility. To bring you back to a place when you felt strong and energetic.

It’s seemingly too simple a solution. How can a massage combat the negative effects of stressful situations that face us when we wake up every day? The answer is that massage is part of the solution, and restitution happens a little in small steps. “But I just don’t have the time…”

Saying you don’t have the time is just like saying yes to sore neck and shoulder muscles. Saying you don’t have the time allows stress to work it’s dark magic and slowly suck the metaphorical breath right out of you. Enough of the bad stuff; let’s talk benefits.

Massage improves circulation of blood and lymphatic fluid. Healthy, hearty oxygenated blood to limbs and muscles make the body happy! Massage is an excellent compliment to exercise and stretching, which also promote fluid movement. Massage eases tense muscles. Have you ever had that pain in the neck and shoulders that keeps you from looking over your shoulder? The pain that intensifies after long days and commutes? Massage can really help that. Better yet, massage can keep it from coming back; it’s just a tight muscle.


Massage increases immune system functions. Healthy, non-restricted blood carries antibodies to all parts of your body, and contains cells that devour the metabolic wastes. Keep it clean and flowing! Keep your energy levels up. “Go ahead cold, make my day…”

Massage improves joint flexibility. Tight muscles anchor joints down. Lighten the load; decrease the tension and you’ll be doing the backstroke all the way home.

Massage promotes the feeling of wholeness. Do you ever feel disconnected from the waist down? Do you feel like your hands and feet are numb and restricted in movement? A full body massa
ge works closely with your energy levels, bringing back into focus that you are a complete individual from head to toe. Get grounded!

And that’s just to name a few. Nevermind massage facilitates recovery from injury, relieves anxiety, calms the mind, brings to light self awareness, and overall feels really good…

No more excuses. A reason to avoid your well-being and simply endure the negative effects of stress does not exist. Get a massage. For your body, mind and spirit.



Stress - How Aromatherapy can combat its Effects

We have become accustomed to feeling stressed 24/7! We are a: stressed out nation and are dealing with our stress in unhealthy ways and women seem to suffer from stress more often than men. Unrelieved chronic stress can lead to a host of undesirable effects. The good news; just as the name implies, aromatherapy is indeed a therapy that uses aroma for healing and a sense of well being. Aromatherapy, offers you many ways to deal with the stresses you may be experiencing.

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Unfortunately, in today's fast paced, highly technical world … stress, worry and anxiety are facts of life and we have become accustomed to feeling stressed 24/7! We are a ‘Stressed-out Nation’ and are dealing with our stress in unhealthy ways!

More than half of working adults are NOW concerned with the amount of stress in their lives; moreover, people experiencing stress are more likely to report hypertension, anxiety, depression or obesity.

We are reacting to both work and family stress by engaging in unhealthy behaviors; comfort eating, making poor diet choices, become very inactive, smoking, excessive drinking (alcohol) and drugs (both prescription and illegal).

Women seem to suffer from stress more often than men; with 73% of women identifying themselves as the primary decision-maker in the household and the caregivers for their children, partner and in some cases parent or parents, each aspect of care brings stress. Unfortunately, too often women do not take the necessary steps to alleviate that stress, and their own physical health suffers.

The bad news is; that your stress can easily turn into distress or chronic tension when stressors are unrelieved and ongoing. Unrelieved chronic stress can lead to a host of undesirable effects, such as;

• severe irritability and impatience
• sleep disturbances or insomnia
• mood swings
• crying
• inability to focus
• serious fatigue
• weight gain
• excessive worrying
• aches and pains
• a primary culprit in many diseases

It also takes a physical toll, and can weaken your immune system, cause damage to memory cells, as well as increase risk of headaches including migraines, digestive disorders, high blood pressure and chronic anxiety, basically, 'control your life'! Studies show that the cumulative effects of stress can have serious long-term consequences. In fact, 70% of disease is caused by stress in both the body and mind!

The good news is; just as the name implies, aromatherapy is indeed a therapy that uses aroma for healing and a sense of well being. Aromatherapy, offers you many ways to deal with the stresses you may be experiencing. Have you ever noticed how the effects of aromas on your mind and emotions can make you feel better about yourself and situation? Aromas can improve your mood, reduce stress, give you more energy, help you relax and even help you to fall asleep more easily.

Imagine yourself walking along a country road and you smell the trees, the fragrant bushes and flowers in bloom. You breathe in deeply to really enjoy and savor the aroma of the country … and suddenly you feel your anxiety melt away. The truth is; that scents can transport you, take you away from your daily stresses.

Aromatherapy -- dates back more than 5000 years and is one of the most readily available forms of healing therapy. You already practice the art of aromatherapy and just don’t realize it, for example; when we walk past a bakery, we tend to stop and take a deep breathe in and smell that freshly baked bread, pies or other goodies... Or when you visit a gift shop and you try to isolate the fabulous smells that confront you when you first walk through the door.

Now, if you're like most people, you may often take fragrances for granted; that's because aroma is all around us everyday and every where we go. Aromas may be common place, but you'll have to agree; they greatly enhance life...

Finding a few minutes to relax and re-energize on a daily basis is a necessity these days ~ no longer a luxury… but how many people actually take the time? And of course, a visit to ‘The Spa’ can be an expensive endeavor, one that happens infrequently, if at all…

Aromatherapy HomeSpa treatments could be the answer you’re looking for… With various at HomeSpa treatments using aromatherapy-based products and accessories you can virtually create your own HomeSpa whenever you feel the need. In other words -- “make every day … a day at the spa!”


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