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Building An Online Business Is Like Starting A Garden, You First MUST Plant Your Seeds

This article is about one of the most Powerful Internet marketing strategy's that every online business should be using to drive targeted traffic to there website.

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I know what your thinking, "what the heck does starting a garden and planting seeds have to do with building an online business?"

Well... it all depends on how you perceive what I'm about to share with you.

I'm merely using that headline as an analogy to a Powerful marketing strategy that I use to send HIGHLY targeted traffic to my online business... Effortlessly, that almost every website on the Internet is hungry for.

Now, we all know that in order to be in business you need to either provide a Product and/or Service that cater's to an particular Niche.

That's the easy part to figure out.

The part that is usually the hardest with most online businesses is growing that business, and we both know that in order to grow your business online you need "TRAFFIC".

We've all experienced these growing pains, myself included.

And, finding a cost effective marketing strategy these days like the one I'm about to share with you takes a little time to learn, but, in the long run will benefit You and your business for years.

Here are just a few benefits you'll receive when you incorporate this marketing strategy into your existing online business...

1) It'll BOOST your websites "Link Popularity"...

2) It'll give YOU and your business INSTANT credibility...

3) It'll build TRUST with your potential customers...

4) It'll send your website Residual traffic for years...

... and best of all, it'll put You infront of thousands of HIGHLY targeted customers... for FREE!

Do any of those Benefits get you excited?

They sure get me excited simply because I know it works and well at that.

So, with that said, I'm sure your getting a little anxious to find out what these "SEEDS" are that I'm so fond of that will put your online business infront of thousands of HIGHLY targeted customers Absolutely FREE!

Are You Ready?


That's right... Writing Articles, in my mind, is one of the BEST and most cost effective forms of online promotion, no matter what business your in.


Read the BENEFITS I listed above one more time to refresh your memory.

Where else or what other marketing strategy online will give you a list of benefits like that.

And, the best part is... it doesn't cost You anything, and yet, almost every website owner online is starving for it.

Here's another quick reminder for you, why do you think they call the Internet... "The Information Super-Highway".

The Internet received that name for a reason because that is exactly what it IS.

All you need to do is supply the Information in the form of an well written "Article" and send it to related websites and/or newsletters around the web related to your particular Niche.

Just imagine for a minute, what one article or half a dozen articles, for that matter, would do for your online business?

You'll never know until You get started, so my suggestion to You is, start brain storming some article idea's about your Product or Service and write them down on a piece of paper.

Once you have a clear idea, "Start Writing".

So, there you have it, and that's why I stated... "Building An Online Business Is Like Starting A Garden, You First MUST Plant Your Seeds" in order for your online business to grow.

I truly hope you understand the importance of writing Articles and why they are considered one of the BEST forms of online promotion for your business.


Draw in Massive Amounts Of Traffic, From Search Engines, By Writing Articles About Your Online Business!

Getting large amounts of people to your web site can be as easy as writing a few articles. I have found that writing articles can bring in huge amounts of traffic when done correctly. You can literally find your articles in front of millions of web sites on the search engines results, for popular search terms. All this can be done for the price of a well written article.

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Getting large amounts of people to your web site can be as easy as writing a few articles. I have found that writing articles can bring in huge amounts of traffic when done correctly. You can literally find your articles in front of millions of web sites on the search engines results, for popular search terms. All this can be done for the price of a well written article.

I have written many articles that have grabbed the attention of search engines. The reason the articles are placed on the first pages of Google, Yahoo, and, MSN is mainly due to the fresh new content that the articles possess. I have written quite a few articles, but one that I recently wrote was titled "Easy ways to get noticed by search engines" this article brought in an amazing amount of free traffic to my web site. I was shocked to learn, that when a search into Google was done for "ways to get noticed by search engines" Google came up with 20,800,000 results for that search term. Guess who's article at the time, was positioned in spots, #1, #4, #6, if you guessed my article you are right!

The most important thing you should remember when you write an article is that "The Job of the Search Engine is to, Bring Up the Most Relevant Web Site, for a Particular Searched Term".

Getting search engines to bring up your articles is, just one of the reason that makes writing articles for traffic so attractive. The content can be what ever you want it to be. Just remember to come up with a good title that is relevant to your article. For example if you make soap at home, you can write an article about anything that is relevant to soap making, and you can even use multiple articles, and topics, to bring in several streams of traffic to your web pages. You can write an articles that covers" how to make home made lavender soap." with a combo of another article written about "The history of LYE in soap making" If you follow the steps that I cover in this article, it is very possible that when a person searches for "lavender soap", and "Lye for soap making" it will be easy for people to come across your articles using the search engines. From there the reader is just one link away from your web site.

For starters, understand that it is crucial to have keywords in the title of the article. It is also very important to have the same keywords in the body of the article. Try to use the keywords in the article as many times as possible, without making it obvious that you are loading the article up with keywords.

If you do not get anything from my article at least understand this "The job of search engine is to bring up the most relevant pages for particular a search word, or phrase". Write a relevant article, and I can guarantee the article will find it's way to the first pages of the search engines.

I will give you a few ideas on how you can use this to your advantage. No matter what your web site, or on-line business is about you can write an article about it. People are searching for almost every topic the world has to offer, in other words, if you write it, they will read it!

Here are a few article writing tips that will help you to bring in massive amounts of free traffic from the search engines.

1.) The keywords, that your article focuses on needs to be in the title. I found that "Easy ways to get noticed by search engines" worked extremely well.

2.) Inside the body of the article you need to use the same keywords that are in the title. For the example I used earlier I repeatedly used the keywords "search engines, and noticed" etc.. as many times as possible. (don't go crazy with this step however remember it, is important.) The purpose of this step is to write an article that is relevant to those particular keywords, or phrase. ( I really can't stress that point enough I'll repeat that one more time!) The purpose of this step is to write an article that is relevant to those particular keywords, or phrase.

3.) Submit your article to as many article directories as possible. Not all directories are created equal some have a popular appeal to search engines while other directories have no appeal what so ever.

4.) All article directories have a resource box. This is where you can get your readers to your web site. Here is something that I might include in the resource box. I am Michael Ditch if you liked my article you might like to visit my web site at ( add the link htpp....) where you can learn great Internet Marketing tips, and learn hundreds of techniques to bring thousands of people to your web site. (I used this is just an example, you can write what ever you would like to, but what ever you write, it should cover the "why I want to visit your web site.")

5.) Writing articles takes practice, but "practice makes perfect!" The greatest thing about writing articles you can write about anything, and you only have to write it once!

6.) Remember not to forget the important things like the "Who, What, Where When, and Whys" Include a short introduction, body, and conclusion. (warning) Do not write an advertisement, no one likes to read advertisements. in the first place and, the article directories will not post your article if you write an advertisement.

Here is another beauty of writing articles, web site owners need content. They will search, and search for new content to put on their web sites. If they like your article they will post your article in their blogs, on their web sites. That might frighten you, but here is the deal, if they use an article that you write, they have to include the resource box information. That is a big bonus for you because, you will have another link pointing back to your web site for no cost.

Another benefit to writing an article, is just when the search engine gets tired of your article, and places it on page 5, or 6 that article can come back to life again, on page one, all because someone placed it in their blog, or web site. If you write articles about your business, or your web site, in time, you will have thousands of sites, that have links that point back to your web site. If that is not motivation enough to write than I do not know what is!

So get out there and start writing relevant content.


How to get Free Internet Marketing Methods to Promote your Online Business?

Free Internet marketing services, you can save a lot. Instead of shelling out for the marketing aspect of your product or services, that chunk of money could be put to other important elements of your business.


With free Internet marketing services, one can save a lot. Instead of shelling out for the marketing aspect of your product or services, that chunk of money could be put to other important elements of your business since many information websites now offer knowledge regarding Internet marketing services that comes with no price tag at all.

This is not to tell you that better focus on plain Internet marketing. It still will do your business a lot good if you mix traditional advertisement efforts such as traditional and new marketing media.

Here are few of the free methods that you could employ to make your products and services be in their most visible, thus saleable, form.

1. Promote your business through free search engine submission and optimization.

Submit your website to various search engines monthly. This will make many more people know that your website actually exists. Aiming for the top search engines will help a lot in this endeavor.

2. Improve your articles.

Content is KING! Remember that information on articles with good content as traffic-bringer of websites? This time it's about making these articles serve your website better by using keyword suggestion tools that are offered for free. Update your web site's content by regularly checking the standing of your keywords with the current market.

3. Acquire free content.

If you have no time to increase the SEO or search engine optimization-friendliness of your articles, you can look for free content from article directories. All you need to do is retain the resource box of those write-ups.

4. Avail of free comprehensive web traffic analyzers.

These are tools that you can make use of without costing you a cent. Your website's hits statistics will be produced by this kind of Internet marketing tool for your own analysis.

5. Learn to manipulate web design templates.

You don't have to be too techie-geeky to be able to design your web site. Oftentimes, web design templates or custom-made layouts are available for the Internet marketer to use.

6. Monitor your website's visibility.

Tools such as search engine position trackers may be used to see your website's standing.

These processes are very convenient to use as long as you keep in mind that you use and try to master their use for your own benefit. Just don't get obsessed with your achievements when you finally learn how to use them and incorporate them in your Internet marketing feat.

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