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Article Marketing, Blog Marketing, Content  arketing & Online


The Naked Truth about Turn Words into Traffic!

Article reviews Jim Edward’s "Turn Words into Traffic" E-book. It covers pros
and cons of the E-book, giving illustrations of both. It also discusses how words can be benefical in gaining targeted traffic to your website.

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A highly respected person in the internet marketing circle who accomplished much success with little or no expenditure is Jim Edwards.

Jim shows how he became successful in his “how-to” informational products that prove you really don’t need a lot of money in order to make great profits or be successful..

One of the products I’m referring to is his “Turn Words into Traffic” E-book!

Most Marketers, if they have been in the business for any period of time, realize that if you do not spend your money on advertising you will make up for it with your time!

I found that Edwards doesn’t just tell you to write articles, he honestly gives you a step-by-step process that shows you how to save time advertising. His method brings in targeted traffic to your website as claimed.

One notable downside to Turn Words into Traffic is that not all people can write good articles and if you happen to be one of these people, you may feel like you are getting a raw deal right off the bat. In other words, the E-book will not benefit you!

Although Jim did state and show us how we can get someone else to write articles for us, a ghost-writer, he never covered how to overcome the negative mindset that holds people back from writing. He more or less showed us how to get around this issue.

Than again, Jim’s purpose in this E-book is to show a person some formulas for writing articles and how to use what that person has written to get targeted traffic to their site.

The bottom line is, can some one truly show another individual how not to be intimidated?

I’ll have to admit I wasn’t one to write articles either. I felt intimidated to a degree but still found that after trying this formula I had nothing to fear. The articles I’ve written took on a life of their own thanks to other marketers and the ezines that circulated them.

I guess Edwards’ track record impressed me the most. That’s one of the main reasons I bought this E-book. He is a professional writer who writes a column for an online publication and he has his own ezines and newsletter that grabbed my attention. Jim continuously produces articles that help him be successful and that’s all I’m striving to become!

By using his method. I noticed a distinct difference in traffic flux by almost 286% and a 49% increase in affiliate sales since I started using his system!

I’ve tested it for the last 8 weeks by writing and submitting articles, reviews, and reports in the manner Jim suggested and where he said would give me the most bang for the effort. Then I stopped doing so a couple of times and the change in traffic flow and profits moved back to a slow trickle.

I also noticed my reputation or credibility escalated because people email me all the time asking about certain products I recommend and they end up purchasing one of the products.

I never knew viral marketing would have such a great impact on my sales or revenue, especially something that saves me money and time. The E-book is only $39.00. That’s not much to spend on a product that produces real traffic. Good targeted traffic that buys is hard to come by these days!

As I stated earlier, the only downside or drawback I’ve seen so far with this product is that if you cannot write articles you may shy away form this good resource and lose the opportunity to get a steady stream of traffic to your site. This can truly hinder your success as a marketer.

Jim gives 3 or 4 formulas to writing articles where anyone can turn out a highly viral asset.

Before I forget to tell you, this E-book comes with 4 bonuses that are just as valuable as the E-book itself!

I feel the author over-delivers on this product which is great for anyone who buys and uses it. Jim not only fulfilled his promise to show us how to get targeted traffic to our websites, he gave us a how-to guide that also gives us a set strategy we can use that works.

If you are looking for a good, cheaper way to gain lots of targeted traffic and credibility without getting into the traffic schemes, try “Turn Words into Traffic”.

What do you have to lose? He gives you a 30 day guarantee so you can get your money back if you don’t like it!

Article may be freely distributed in newsletters, ezines, or sites providing the content is not sold or altered. If distributed, link and resource box must be included.


Turn Words Into Traffic

Simple "Traffic Machine", Creates Instant Avalanche of FREE Website Traffic (...and NO, it doesn't involve Pay-Per-Click, Spam, FFA links, Banners, "Safe Lists", complicated search engine tactics, Classified Ads, or any other crazy traffic scheme!)

article, traffic

Simple "Traffic Machine", Creates Instant Avalanche of FREE Website Traffic (...and NO, it doesn't involve Pay-Per-Click, Spam, FFA links, Banners, "Safe Lists", complicated search engine tactics, Classified Ads, or any other crazy traffic scheme!)

Jim Edwards will teach you how to build your traffic machine in his bestknown ebook: <b>Turn Words Into Traffic</b> - guide to creating traffic and customers from article writing!

Here we go:

<b>Step1: Creating Your Article</b>
A professional-quality article will help you not only generate traffic and sales, but also quicly establish you as an expert in the field you choose!

And now, how to produce a professional-quality article is the question!

Before you organise the words into an entire article, you should define 3 things, I called them "3W":

<b>1. Who is your audience? </b>

You should know which group of the people do you want to reach, Identify exactly who will have the highest interesting in your article's content and it benefits them!

<b>2. What are they looking for?</b>

Play the audience's role, think about them, what's problems do they have, what dreams do they have, what keeps them up late at night worried sick?

<b>3. Why you writting the article?</b>

You should decide in advance the outcome you want from your article! Do you want people to visit you sites? click your affilate links? subscribe to your autoresponder or buy you products?

After this 3W, you now know which topic to write and how to write them out in which writting style!

And then only some simple works left on your article, such as polish your article... here is step 2 now:

<b>Step2: Specific techniques for promoting with your article</b>

Now you have an article in your disk, and you want to know to convert your article into an 24/7 profit generator! You should find the ezine editors or website owners, persuade and motivate them to run your article! So how?

Also here is an "2W" we should know!

<b>1. What do these editors or webmasters really want?</b>

After we found out some ezine editors or webmasters, we should know what do these people want! just like the 2nd W in step1, so we can format and fix our articles for distribution! Of course, you should know how to approach and persuade them first!

<b>2. What other methods to promote ours articles?</b>

We can submit them to Article Announcement sites, we can promote them to Ezines directly, we can promote them by oferring free reports, also we can use many many other resourses and methods to promote our articles! Yes, you can find out many strategies never revealed before in this ebook: <b>Turn Words Into Traffic</b>!

Well, here you have it now, through these 2 steps, you complete writting and promoting you business with articles on web~

But what I talked about is just a theory, if you want to know how to do all these works in details, you should read this ebook: <b>Turn Words Into Traffic</b>! I really recommed it~

To you Success, Good Luck!


Stop Working for Google and Start Making Google Work for You

You need traffic, and Google can give you traffic. There are two ways that Google can send traffic to your site: an expensive way and a free way. I'm going to show you how to make Google give you traffic for free.

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You need traffic, and Google can give you traffic. There are two ways that Google can send traffic to your site: an expensive way and a free way. I'm going to show you how to make Google give you traffic for free.

You don't want just any traffic, you want TARGETED traffic. For those not familiar with the terminology, targeted traffic refers to clicks to your website from people who are actually interested in the topic of your site. Your marketing will be much more effective if your clicks are targeted. Here is an example of targeted marketing. Imagine a salesman who is trying to sell dental chairs. He puts together a flyer describing the great benefits of his particular brand of chair, and he decides to give the flyers to people. Which group of people do you think will respond better to his flyer - a group women at a scrapbooking convention, or a group of dentists at an American Dental Association meeting? It's a no brainer! But better yet, what if he went to a seminar called, "How To Start Your First Dental Practice From Scratch." These guys are already in the mindset to buy dental chairs. That’s targeted traffic.

When I started my first online business, I went straight to Google Adwords. This is one of the fastest ways to get targeted traffic. Basically, you pay Google to have your ad appear on the right side of the browser. You do this by bidding on keywords. When someone types your keywords into Google, the ad appears. Just go to Google and type anything into the search box. If you look on the right side of the screen, you will see little three-line ads. You probably didn't even know these were ads. Not only are they ads, but people are paying every time you click on those ads. This is the perfect kind of targeted traffic because people are actually searching for your topic.

So when I started my first Adwords campaign, slowly but surely I developed a targeted marketing campaign that was sending 40 to 50 visitors to my site. These people were ready to buy what I was selling. And they did; but at what a price! I was spending $80 per day in advertising. Way too much! I was only making about $100 in sales per day, so after subtracting advertising costs, my net income was only $20 per day. If I could only get traffic without paying for it, my yearly income would increase from $7,300.00 per year ($20/day x 365 days) to $36,500 per year ($100/day x 365 days). You’re probably wondering how you get free targeted traffic - I'm going to tell you in the next few paragraphs.

When I realized how much I was spending on advertising, I started to research methods of getting free targeted traffic; often referred to as search engine optimization (SEO) techniques. If your site appears on the first page of results for a Google search, then you get free traffic. Not only that, it is targeted traffic because someone has just typed in the phrase or keyword related to your site. So how do you get on the first page? In order to understand this, you need to know a little about how Google ranks their pages. It all comes down to one principle: Google wants to provide high quality search results, so they want to rank relevant links higher than irrelevant links. One of their methods of determining relevancy is to count how many other websites are linked to your site. These are called "back links." The assumption is that, the more links to your site, the more relevant your site must be.

Armed with this knowledge, I went out and bought some links. You may not know this, but there are actually companies that will allow you to buy a link on their web pages. I bought one link for $20 per month, another for $75 per month. It was much cheaper than Adwords, but it didn't get me ranked any higher, and it didn't get me much extra traffic. Two links was just not enough links to rank me higher on Google. What I needed was a way to get LOTS of back links. Then I heard about an intriguing idea: Article Marketing, Blog Marketing, Content  arketing & Online.

Article Marketing, Blog Marketing, Content  arketing & Online is simple. You write an article, you put a link to your website at the bottom of the article (in the author information area). Then you post your article to an "article site." That's it. For every article that you post, you get a link to your site. And not only that, it's a targeted link because the content of your article will be related to the content of your website. It is best to post to as many article sites as you can. Every time Google sees a new targeted link to your site, it will rank you a little higher. There are literally hundreds of article sites and they are all looking for fresh content. Post your article to as many as you can find. Presto! Now you have tons of back links. That is Article Marketing, Blog Marketing, Content  arketing & Online. It's that simple. And it's free.

At first, I manually posted to about seven article sites. This was fairly time consuming. I immediately notice a few extra hits to my site. But in order for Article Marketing, Blog Marketing, Content  arketing & Online to be cost effective to me, I needed a way to post to hundreds of article sites quickly and easily. Then I heard about article submission software. Basically, this software has a list of article sites in it and it guides you through the process of mass posting your article to multiple sites. So I posted the article to about 200 sites. Bam! Now my site is ranked #2 for a certain keyword combination. This is effective search engine optimization. This is Article Marketing, Blog Marketing, Content  arketing & Online.

That's it. Now you know how to make Google work for you. You no longer have to work for Google by paying for Adwords. Plus you can contribute a helpful article to the internet and make tons of money doing it. Put Article Marketing, Blog Marketing, Content  arketing & Online to work for you today. Write an article, post it, make a link, and make more money!


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