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Article Submissions

learn an explosive secret to free traffic and Search Engine Optimization when you submit articles

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If you are not submitting articles to article directories you should start now.
I had been online for several years and always heard that you needed to submit articles. Of course I never did for the fact that I didn’t have a clue about search engine optimizations and since I didn’t, I really had no need to submit articles.

Boy was I wrong! In fact I don’t know if I have ever been so wrong in my life :) To this day I don’t know much about search engines but I don’t really need to. I get close to 1200 hits a day just from articles that I have submitted to numerous directories.

Submitting an article is just as easy as it sounds, write an article and submit it.
However if you don’t find the effort rewarding like I did you would never start. So I am going to try to do my best to convince you otherwise.

A good strategy that I have come up with is everytime I write an article and add it to my website I also submit it to the numerous article directories that I have found and added to my notepad. I have 47 article directories saved in my notepad it only takes about an hour to submit one article to all of them.

On average I send around 3 articles a week to those 47 directories and on average I net 15-25 sales a week on various programs. If you think about it 1 hour a day is nothing compared to the rewards.

I have also started to use Isnare to auto submit my article to hundreds of ezine publishers a day which is a steal for only $2 bucks I spend a day.
Ezine announcer isn’t to shabby either. Remember that I don’t know much about search engines and I get around 100 unique visitors a day to my blog from google.

When you start submitting articles at a rapid pace as I do you will see outstanding results. You probably won’t believe your eyes as I did when sales start flooding your inbox. Something this simple should not be overlooked by any marketer and I hope this article shows you why.

I have compiled a short few directories that should get you started on your path to happy submitting.

Read the full article with active links at my blog!


Article Submission Is Useless...Unless You Know What Your Doing

Wasting countless hours in article directories?
-Learn how to get your site all over the internet millions of times faster.
-Submitting articles to super concentrated dirctories

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Article Submission is a great way to get traffic to your site, but in some cases, articles are wasted in a directory that have so many articles on so many topics that people looking for a topic just get overwhelmed and look for something else. If you submit your articles to large directories with thousands of other articles about every topic, what is the chance that you article will be viewed? What is the chance that it will be published somewhere else? The truth is that it is not an easy thing to get your article discovered by a website owner and re-published especially if you are not a proffessional writer. The key to making your article submissions more worthwhile is to submit to specialized directories.

You might be thinking that these specific directories are not as good because they do not get as much traffic and they might not. The reality is that they probably get as much traffic or more traffic that is targeted to the specific niche. This way you know that every person that goes to that directory is looking for an article like yours. Broad article directories are great; I only use them when I cannot find a directory for the topic f my article (just like this one).

The idea of submitting articles to specific article directories is revolutionary. This is a way to get your articles published in a place where every single people is looking for an article similar to yours so there is a higher chance of being re-published. I saw an example of such a directory when I was looking for articles to fill my site about “fishing”. What I found was amazing, the site had many features that a regular information/shopping site would have but they also had an additional area where you could submit and republish articles that they posted. I found a countless amount of information and in no time I had a 50-page website within the day and my site had already been spidered by Google by the end of the month after I wrote my own articles for that directory.

These article directories are not easy to find though when you type “article directories” in a search engine. They use different key words. This is a problem because it is hard to know what key words will be found by imputing a key word in a search engine. To find them you have to type in a more specific search phrase. For example, if you are looking for articles for fishing you might want to type in, “fishing article directory”. This will locate any fishining related website as well as directories for fishing packed with articles on the topic.

Submitting your articles to directories are a great way to get your site many backlinks as well as giving you a reputation for being an expert on the topic. If you send your niche articles to directories with a broad range of catagories and sub catagories and sub sub catagories, you will have a lot of trouble competing with the pofessional writers. What you want to do is find a specified directory with articles focusing on a certain topic, this way you have a higher chance to get you articles published all over the internet faster then you can imagine.


Article Submission Sites for Online Marketing

Would you like to get hundreds or even thousands of high-quality inbound links to your website? Do you wish your online marketing campaigns brought more visitors to your website? Would you like to establish yourself as a respected and well-known expert in your niche? How is this possible? By writing and submitting articles to article submission sites. Here is how it works...

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Copyright 2006 Mike Adams

Would you like to get hundreds or even thousands of high-quality inbound links to your website? Do you wish your online marketing campaigns brought more visitors to your website? Would you like to establish yourself as a respected and well-known expert in your niche?

How is this possible? By writing and submitting articles to article submission sites.

Here's how it works:

You write articles on topics related to your website's niche. At the end of the articles, the standard and accepted practice is for writers to include a resource box - a short biography with a link to your website. Keep this brief and to the point, no more than two or three sentences plus your link. Just be sure to arouse enough interest in your articles and your resource box that readers will click through to your website.

Now it is time to submit your article to article submission sites. You can start by submitting your article to my site, ElectricText. You will find a link in my resource box at the bottom of this article. Next, go to your favorite search engine and type in keywords like "article submission sites" or "article submission." You will find hundreds of article submission sites.

Article submission sites accept article submissions from writers. Just click over to ElectricText and the other article submission sites you've found and create accounts at each. Generally you just choose a username and password and maybe a pen name for each of the article submission sites, and then you can submit your article. If your article submission is accepted, each will publish it in their article directory for others to republish.

Webmasters and newsletter publishers are always looking for content for their online marketing campaigns. They visit article submission sites to find articles to publish on their websites or in their email newsletters (ezines). One good article posted to a large number of article submission sites can literally be republished on hundreds of websites.

Because of the link in your resource box, all of those websites will now link back to your website. Imagine thousands of copies of your articles with links to your website scattered all over the Internet. The people that read your articles and click through to your website will be people already interested in your niche. And the fact that they clicked through tells you that they already liked what you have to say. In other words, they are open and receptive to your message. Can you think of any other online marketing method that would produce better, more targeted traffic?

But that's just the obvious benefit. The less obvious but equally important benefit for your online marketing is Search Engine Optimization (SEO). All of the major search engines compete for business by trying to return the most relevant results. Most search engines, especially Google, consider inbound links as one of the most important measures of the relevance of a website. Links from web pages about the same topic as your website, and where the link also contains keywords appropriate for your topic, are all the better.

You don't have to be a rocket scientist to realize that if you write articles about the topic of your website, with links to your website in the resource boxes, this is exactly what you are providing for the search engines. So not only do you get traffic directly from people reading your articles and clicking your links, you also get ranked higher in the search engines for your keywords. Plus, you are building your reputation. People start seeing your articles all over, and start seeing your website everywhere in the search engine results. You have now become an authority on your niche! And the more you become an authority, the easier your online marketing efforts become.

Put all this together and it's easy to see the value of article submission sites in your online marketing campaigns. Time to start writing and submitting those articles!


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