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Article Submission Sites Are Your Gateway to Targeted Traffic

We’re Talking Serious Money Here! The best way to pre-sell information--give it away, with no strings attached--are the free article submission sites.

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There are hundreds of "free article submission" sites that will gladly accept your articles written to provide readers with useful information. As long as these articles are not thinly disguised sales letters, but provide solid content, these sites will accept them for publication, copyright free. In turn, they will then make those articles available for reading--and for publication--for anyone else browsing their article archives. Ezine publishers hungering for good, quality information to provide to their subscribers will include some of these articles in their own publications. Soon, your articles are making their way across the Internet. ...And at the end of each article (and as a stipulation for free publication), is your resource box, a brief description of you--and a link back to your web site! Soon, you are getting targeted traffic from visitors who have read your article, found information about you in the resource box, and clicked on your web site link provided there. Don't underestimate the value of those links from your articles back to your web site. It's a well known fact that the biggest search engine on the Internet (Google) uses link backs to increase search rankings as it indexes web pages. The more links you have back to your web site, the higher your web page rises in the search rankings! It's really quite difficult to get there any other way, unless you want to pay for sponsored advertisements! But why would you pay for an ad--when you've already invested enough money in your business as it is, and when there is a FREE way to get all of the traffic that you need?


In order for you to really benefit from article posting, you've got to get your article published in as many of these sites as possible. Five or even ten sites just won't do it. You want hundreds and even thousands of visitors to flood your web site! The only way to increase the number of visitors is to increase the number of sites that you post to. Unfortunately, posting to hundreds of article submission sites by hand WILL take you hours! Each article has its own site with its own forms to fill out. Imagine writing an article, and then spending a whole week trying to get it posted to over a hundred article submission sites. The tedium of this kind of manual labor may make you think twice about writing (and posting) your next article.

Unfortunately, there are some article submission service and software available in the market. All of them can save you lots of time and energy. Usually, article submission service is more expensive. Because of that, more and more users choose to use automation software to post their articles automatically to hundreds of article sites and mail lists.

We will provide some unbiased 3rd party reviews of different automation software. Stay tune for our next message.


Ignore At Your Own Peril - Article Submission

Avoid having your article tossed into the "delete" file by following these basic steps.

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The most important task in the world of marketing with articles is to create relationships with editors. This is not to say that you need to invite them to dinner or even call them on a regular basis. You do have to be polite, reliable and submit quality articles. If possible, engage the editor in conversation via e-mail and let them know to ask you for additional articles when they have a need. Don't be one of those authors that drive editors crazy. If you do, editors are likely to make sure your articles end up in the "delete" folder. Follow the best practices below and editors will likely put you at the top of their "favorite authors" file:

* Be courteous and use professional language when approaching editors. Treat editors the way you expect to be treated.

* Using correct spelling, grammar and punctuation is vital. Experienced editors will throw out an article with even one of these mistakes.

* Format articles properly in a text editor. Never use a traditional word processing program when writing your articles or your format will be garbled.

* Avoid boring titles and boring text. Tell a story, add a twist and have some fun while writing. Editors love receiving something new and exciting.

* Write only about things you know. You are not an expert on everything.

* Submit only your own original documents. Don't copy from someone else.

* Read the guidelines and view archived articles to make sure you follow all the rules.

* Submit on-topic articles only. Today I wasted time getting rid of articles about diving, nursing and frugal living. My guidelines clearly state I only accept articles about article submissions!

* Fill out forms completely and include contact information with e-mails.

* Savvy article writers never submit articles that are thinly disguised sales letters or advertising.

* Some editors will send you an e-mail when they use your article and some don't. Never, never, never bombard an editor and ask when and if your article will be published.

* Remove editors from your list promptly when asked. If you continue to submit when told not to then you are in violation of spam laws.

* Submit only one or two articles per week to your list. I know writers who submit dozens of articles a week to their list. This is annoying and can be seen as "spamming" even if you follow all the rules.

Remember that editors are busy people just like you and me. Don't waste their time, be professional and let them know you appreciate the opportunity to work with them. Carefully cultivate your relationship with editors and your article submission efforts will bloom!

(c) 2006. Davis Virtual Assistance. All rights reserved. Permission to publish online or in print granted provided the article and byline are printed intact with live links.


Stop Undermining Your Article Submissions!

Get the best from your article submissions by polishing your web site first.

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Your web site plays an integral role in your article submission strategy. If it isn't up to par, your article submission projects won't produce much in the way of results. <br><br>

To support your efforts in writing and submitting articles, you need a solid workhorse, which is the job of your web site. It's not just for looks, but rather serves the purpose of offering something of value to your target audience and converting browsers to faithful readers, loyal newsletter subscribers and committed buyers!<br><br>

On the Internet, just like with bricks-n-mortar businesses, appearance is critical. Use these strategies to elevate your web site giving it literal curb appeal and improving your business, which translates to more article acceptances and more exposure in your target market! <br><br>

* Cut the Pomp and Circumstance<br><br>

As with so many elements of the Internet, the use of a Splash Page featuring fancy graphics and an Enter button is obsolete. Most people find them irritating and won't even venture past this point to see the rest of your web site, so delete your splash page now! <br><br>

* Professionalism <br><br>

If your web site looks the Internet Amateur Hour, you're probably turning off prospects. Quality clients/customers won't do business with you if your image is unprofessional. Make sure that pages are neat and organized featuring content that's easily readable. Be consistent in formatting from page-to-page to prevent a thrown-together look. <br><br>

* Focus<br><br>

Just like your articles, your web site needs focus. No business fills every need for every consumer, so direct your web site to the prospective clients/customers in your target market. Be clear about the products/services you offer and engage prospects in your specific market by catering to their needs exclusively and better than your competition. <br><br>

* Presence<br><br>

Online businesses have to overcome the hurdle of not having face-to-face contact with prospects. Make interaction with you a simple process by providing a contact form, listing a phone number and including an e-mail address on every page.<br><br>

* Stick to Business<br><br>

Does your web site look reflect you as a business professional or does it blast prospects with a variety of hard-to-read fonts and excessive graphics? Limit the number of fonts and colors used throughout your site. Use graphics judiciously avoiding slow-loading designs that frustrate prospects.<br><br>

* Content<br><br>

They call it king for a reason, so don't dethrone your efforts by featuring the same old content. Give prospects and search engines, plus your regular clients/customers, fresh content that fits your theme and offers value to your target audience. <br><br>

* Accentuate<br><br>

Pay special attention to your Articles Page. Include reprint details with your required guidelines above your articles. Use inviting language in your guidelines encouraging publishers to take advantage of your material. Make it convenient for publishers by listing articles alphabetically by title and include a three-line description. Link titles to the actual article page with offer versions in html, pdf and text files. <br><br>

* Courting Publishers<br><br>

Publishers are very busy people, so make it easy for them to publish your articles. Offer a separate publisher's only subscription notifying them when you have a new article available. <br><br>

* Show Your Smile<br><br>

Potential clients want to know who you are. Include a photo on your Article Page for publishers/editors to use when they reprint your articles. Prospects also appreciate being able to actually see a person because it makes doing business online much more personal.<br><br>

* Call-to-Action<br><br>

You're wasting time, effort and valuable space with web pages that don't give clients/customers the opportunity to do business with you! Each page, even your individual article pages, should always include a call-to-action. Strut your stuff by offering prospects your newsletter and/or subscriptions to
your exclusive members-only offerings. Streamline the process and gain more clients. <br><br>

* Testimonials<br><br>

Share client/customer testimonials with prospects instead of keeping them to yourself. Add at least one testimonial per page including article pages letting prospects know just how valuable others find your products/services.<br><br>

* Respect Clients/Customers<br><br>

More than ever, people are concerned with the security of their private information. Establish a clear privacy policy and publish it on your web site and linking to it from each page.<br><br>

* Guarantee It In Writing<br><br>

Decide your return/refund policy before your web site goes live! No matter how good your product or service is, at some point, you're going to have an unsatisfied customer. Create a consistent refund policy up front and update it immediately on your web site if you change it. <br><br>

* Polish The Final Product<br><br>

Grammatical mistakes like misspellings, improper punctuation, and capitalization errors signal prospects that you're not attentive to detail. Have someone proofread your entire site including your articles to make sure all text is error-free.<br><br>

So, what's your curb appeal? Your web site is your online office and showroom. Does it make you look like a professional or more like an amateur with a sideline hobby?<br><br>

Remember, marketing with articles is about generating exposure. Although publishers need articles they may not accept them if your site is poorly designed, disorganized or filled with grammatical errors and outdated content. Put your best foot forward to prospective publishers and clients who come to you through your article submissions. If, despite your best efforts, your web site still needs work consider hiring a professional. You'll quickly recoup the cost of hiring an expert with more sales and increased exposure! <br><br>

(c) 2005, Davis Virtual Assistance. This article may be reproduced in all venues so long as the content and by-line are reprinted intact and all links are set live.


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