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Article Writing, Blog Writing, Content Writing, Freelance Writing & Prediction


Article Writing, Blog Writing, Content Writing, Freelance Writing & Prediction: Your Personal Library of Books

What books are part of your writing library? There are scads of them out there, but I have found four that are essential or at least rise above the pack.

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We write and we write well. At least we hope that we do. Still, we writers need our own library of “go to” books to help us write with strength, market our wares, and simply to inspire us to greater works. I’ve compiled a brief list of useful books for the serious article writer’s library. Some I own, while others I plan on buying.

<b>The Chicago School of Style, 15th Edition </b> – Considered by English speaking authors as “the Bible” of proper grammar usage and style, this 950 plus page reference book is everything you need to have on hand when you simply are not sure about punctuation, grammar, spelling, etc. Surprisingly, the book is not stuffy as it allows serious writers some flexibility with the rules. If you have been writing for some time, you know that rules do change. I was shocked when even the Chicago School started a sentence with “and” in it. Oh me, oh my!

<b>Guerilla Marketing For Writers </b> -- I am very curious about this title as I have seen reference to it on various writers’ web sites.
Essentially “Guerilla Marketing” espouses the need for writers [particularly book authors] to spend as much as 33% of their time marketing. Hmmm…writing in and of itself is so involved. Who has the time?

<b>Writer’s Market</b> -- Every year since this reference book was first issued in 1921, the Writer’s Market has served writers in finding places where they can submit their work for payment. The book lists contact information, submission guidelines, and tips on all the who/what/when/where/why of the “word” industry.

<b>Random House Webster’s Pocket Grammar, Usage, and Punctuation Guide</b> Okay, I admit it. When I don’t feel like lugging the “Chicago Style” around, this Random House book meets most of my needs. 300 power packed pages that will easily fit in your laptop carrying case, purse, or suit jacket pocket.

No, I rarely use a dictionary anymore nor do I rely on a thesaurus. Everything I need is right online or part of my Word program. I don’t know about you, but I am definitely a 21st century writer who manages to write, edit, rewrite, submit and accomplish a multitude of related tasks from the ease of my laptop computer. No pencil and paper for me, except when lounging by the river or down at the beach. Oh, for more of <i>those</i> types of experiences!


Article Writing, Blog Writing, Content Writing, Freelance Writing & Prediction and Clients: When Things Do Not Work Out

Not all relationships work out and business relationships are no exception. Why hang on to something that doesn't jive? Put the relationship to the side and move on.

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In each of my business relationships, I expect that mutual respect and trust be essential ingredients in my association with the other individual. If one or both traits do not exist, then the relationship shouldn’t proceed any further.

So, what do you do when you have an uncomfortable or odd feeling about working for someone, but you can’t put your finger on it? Should you continue the business relationship or move on?

I really cannot answer these questions for you, but I have learned that in my many years of working for or with people that it is simply fine just to move on. In other words, if I believe that a business relationship is not mutually satisfying, than it is okay to end it. There are plenty of employers out there and plenty of other projects to work on. The same can be said about the other person: if you leave them or they drop you, they will find someone else.

In my opinion, you need not have a specific or tangible reason either. Sometimes you have a gut reaction to a particular project while other times there may be something about the project that simply goes against your principles or just doesn’t sit well with you. No matter, simply end the business relationship and move on.

How you end the relationship is up to you. If you want to leave a door open, telling the person that you are busy with other projects is fine. If you want to shut the door, you can tell them specifically why you no longer want to work for this person.

In all cases, season your words with kindness, but don’t waffle and certainly don’t tell lies. You can’t worry about what others think about you; to do so is a waste of time and will certainly impact your ability to develop new and solid business relationships down the line.


Article Writing, Blog Writing, Content Writing, Freelance Writing & Prediction and Directories

Whether you are a seasoned writer or just someone like myself that simply enjoys writing, you will find that article directories are not only fantastic places to submit to but great places to find information for just about anything your looking for.

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Writing for the simple enjoyment of writing is something I throughly enjoy. If I have something to say and I want to share it with someone or everyone, then I put pen to paper or in this case keyboard to notepad and put together an article of some of my knowledge, tips, advise and sometimes wisdom to share with everyone.

One place that I have found to be a great source for not only submitting my articles for publication, but also a wonderful place to get lost for awhile just reading... article directories.

These wonderful directories are filled with vast varieties of information that cover just about anything you may want to know. These sites are perfect for anyone looking for a place to submit their articles to, if your looking for specific information about something then they are gold mines.

Simply do a search for article directories in your browser and you will be overwhelmed with choices. Some directories are very specific about the information they allow, while the most of them open their directories up to a wide variety of subjects. I've only come accross a couple that charge a fee for use.

If you publish an online newsletter or ezine then an article directory can be a great resource for you. Article directories allow you fresh and informative information for your readers on a daily basis id needed. Some directories will notify you when new articles are submitted that apply to your specific needs. If you have never used the sevice of an article directory as a source of content, I gaurantee you will be happy you did. Content is king!

Webmaster more and more are turning to the use of article directories as a way of boosting to traffic that visits their sites. They are getting this traffic from back links from other sites. By simply writing an article about their website and the products or services that the website offers and then submitting it to article directories they are building back links. Instead of purchasing over priced, non targeted traffic to visit a site, webmasters are building highly tar
geted, virtually cost free search engine freindly back links. Ahhh, back links... priceless.

Not sure you can write an article? There a writers for hire that can whip you up an article in no time what so ever for a small fee. You just furnish them with the subject and the key points you want to focus on and they will have you as many article as you want or need in very short time. Known as ghost writers, these writing wizards are wonderful.

So, whether you are a seasoned writer or just someone like myself that simply enjoys writing, you will find that article directories are not only fantastic places to submit to but great places to find information for just about anything your looking for.


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