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Article Writing, Blog Writing, Content Writing, Freelance Writing & Prediction


How To Write Effective Articles

A website is only as good as its content. If people don’t want to read what is on your site, then they will not use your services, either because they don’t trust you or don’t have the patience to sort through the content to find out what your service is. It is important to have well-written, direct articles on your site to keep user interest and generate revenue.

A simple way to get excellent articles is to hire a professional writer to develop them, but that can get expe...

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A website is only as good as its content. If people don’t want to read what is on your site, then they will not use your services, either because they don’t trust you or don’t have the patience to sort through the content to find out what your service is. It is important to have well-written, direct articles on your site to keep user interest and generate revenue.

A simple way to get excellent articles is to hire a professional writer to develop them, but that can get expensive, especially if your site is just starting out. For many people, it is far more economical to write your own articles. But before you tackle this task, make sure that you’re up to it, because the quality of your articles can make or break your website or online business. Here are some tips to get you started.


Online, less is more. When you’re laying articles out on your site, try to put as much negative space in as you can. Break paragraphs up and try to keep it so the user needs to scroll as little as possible to read the entire article. Also, if you can, include pictures with the articles. The goal is to make your articles appear as short and text-light as possible, so users won’t be intimidated and not bother reading them.


A way to make the formatting easier is to keep your articles short. Again, the object should be to require as little scrolling as possible. The Internet is called the Information Super-Highway, not the Information Back Road. People are looking for as much from articles in as small an amount of time as possible, so help them out. Keep your sentences simple and easy to understand, without any unnecessarily long or academic words. Just be careful not to fall into the trap of writing like a child. You have to walk a fine line when writing for the Internet.


Try to organize your articles so that the paragraphs can be broken up very easily into sections under descriptive headings. This will make the reading experie
nce much smoother and faster for the user by allowing them to pick and choose what they want to read, as well as helping them find a specific piece of information when they come back to your inspirational and enlightening articles. Do your best to make these headings catchy and fun, not boring chapter headings. They should draw the readers into the articles, not keep them away in fear of boredom.


Search engine optimization (SEO) is a mandatory skill when writing any articles for the Internet. Basically, SEO is using the same keywords over and over again in articles so that they are picked up by search engines, giving your website a higher search engine ranking. Search engines dominate the Internet, and you won’t bring much traffic to your site if you don’t use SEO. There are a number of articles and sites online that can help you write with effective search engine optimization technique. One thing to be careful of is not to use to many keywords in any of your articles. 2.5-4% is usually a good ratio. Any more and the reader will get turned off by the repetition, which defeats the purpose of SEO.


Never accept a first draft. No matter who you are, it won’t be up to your potential. After you write an article, put it aside for a day and don’t think about it. Then come back to it with a fresh set of eyes. You’d be amazed at what you’ll pick up, both grammatically and content-wise. Ideally, it won’t be uncommon for you to write three or four different drafts of an article before you find the one that you really like. Never be content with your first attempt.

Anyone can write effective articles for their site without hiring a costly professional writer. All it takes is practice and research. Read everything you can online to see what the writing style is. Imitation is the highest form of flattery, so find a writer or group of writers online whose work you admire and copy their basic techniques. Eventually, you’ll find your own rhythm for your articles. Having your voice on your site will add a personalized touch to your site that users will appreciate, because no one knows how to say what you mean better than you. The key is to just keep writing.


From Blog to Article

So, your brain is fried, eh? You can't think of what to right next? The inspiration for your next article may come from blogdom. Do not discount the value of these sites; something you read may spark you to greater works!

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As a writer, do you sometimes/often/always find yourself at a loss as to what to write next? No, I am not talking about topics or subjects you already have nailed down. Rather, the simple desire to get started with something, anything to break the brain logjam. It could be a personal project or something you want to develop to show to a potential client the stuff that you are made of. Whatever, I have been there myself and have found that some of my sources of inspiration have come from blogs. You got it…sites that have sparked my creative juices and allowed me to take a concept and bring it to fruition.

Typically, I come across a blog geared toward a particular topic — let’s say aviation — and find something within that blog that catches my attention. It may be a trend, company news, even simple speculation. Oftentimes, what I read becomes the inspiration for a fresh article so I take that idea, do some additional research, and create my own new work.

No, I don’t cut and paste someone else’s writings. Instead, their pithy work becomes the seed that I germinate to produce a unique and compelling article of my own. The key here is this: it is <i>my own</i> voice, not someone else’s work.

We all have our favorite blogs, you can be certain of that. Spend some time on those particular blogs and see what inspires you. Who knows, but a sentence or a paragraph you read may gel your brain into producing a 500-750 word article that you can include in your vast repository of interesting and relevant work.

Gosh, I think that I may be on to something!


One thing that improves salescopy, newsletters & articles

What If you knew one secret that top online marketers already know that puts tons of fresh content at your finger tips with little time investment?

Newsletter Ideas, articles, swipe file

We've all been there, sometimes it's tough coming up with new things to write about. Depending your topic, it may even be an area that rarely has any new spice to it.

If you're like most you have no time to do comprehensive research before writing your next newsletter or article.

What If you knew one secret that top online marketers already know that puts tons of fresh content at your finger tips with little time investment?

A swipe file can do all this and a bit more for you by giving you a place to turn. What's a swipe file?

It's a place to store all your resources on a given topic in one place, they can prevent writers block, give you tons of facts to quote, and pull new ideas from.

How do you go about aquiring one?

Whether you use an electronic swipe file using a folder on your computer to search thru, or a paper one, they all have the same benefit.

A paper swipe is as easy to start as grabbing an accordian file from a local office supply store (ask one they all know what they are).

What goes into my swipe file?

* RSS Feeds
* Press Releases
* Other People's Newsletters
* Photos
* speeches
* Brochures
* articles
* stats
* Newspapers
* Magazines
* Promos
* Salesletters
* Reports / Stats / Studies

But how do I know if something should go in my swipe file or not?

It Grabbed You..
Things that grab your attention like good headlines, testimonials or a good story.

It Inspired You..
This can be things that establish good credibility, a great warranty, good testimonials or strong benefits.

It Shocked You!
Some things that could do this would be good statistics, a huge promise, a shocking picture.

Any thrown together swipe file no matter how loose, or organized, has benefits. Remember, they're always a work in progress and there's no right way to organize it.

In my recent book, I even talk about creating a completely electronic swipe file that adds all these content types on it's own from all over the web based on keyword phrases you choose.

Build your own swipe file and just watch how often you refer to it!


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