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Astrology, Horoscope & Astromtry


Astrology, Horoscope & Astromtry and the Western World

Western world is waking up to the concept of using Astrology, Horoscope & Astromtry to improve their lives. It is perceived to be more materialistic than the Eastern world.

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Western world is waking up to the concept of using Astrology, Horoscope & Astromtry to improve their lives. It is perceived to be more materialistic than the Eastern world. People in the advanced economies of the world give more importance to the tangible things in life rather than the intangible ones. Eastern countries like India and China, on the other hand, give more importance to intangible things in life like love, affection, emotions etc. This difference is clearly evident if we see the lifestyle of a Western or an Eastern person. For example, for an average Indian, life is not imaginable without the concept of God. The Western countries, on the other hand, are full of Atheists and Agnostics. The Western mind has always been inquisitive and believes only on exact sciences. For them, a theory is not acceptable unless proved by scientific experiments. Well, that is quite normal. But still there are a few things which cannot be proved by scientific experiments. There is a point after which “science” has to give way, and the concept of “God” takes over. In spite of advancements in science, the scientists still are not able to give life to a person who is dead. They also cannot explain a simple thing like electricity. There are many mysteries for which there are no scientific explanations available. But they do exist. So, it is not entirely possible to always rely on science. Therefore, issues on divine intervention cannot be ruled out. On the other hand, the eastern philosophy relies too much on the esoteric phenomena. This creates a clash with the western phenomenon. There has to be a combination of the eastern and western philosophies so that a proper balance is maintained. The good news is that we are at a time when Eastern world is beginning to accept the western philosophy and vice versa. Eastern world is trying to have a more materialistic viewpoint on life and the western world is beginning to open up to the possibility of using once esoteric phenomena such as Yoga and Meditation.

Of late, Astrology, Horoscope & Astromtry is one of the disciplines which have caught the imagination of the western countries. Because of their fast-paced and sometimes unhealthy lifestyles, the people from the advanced countries tend to fall prey to fatigue and depression more often. There are many cases of teenage pregnancies, and drug abuse. These factors have made life quite insecure in these countries. So, a proven discipline like Astrology, Horoscope & Astromtry is gaining popularity there. Astrology, Horoscope & Astromtry promises to provide its users with information about one’s future. Astrologers can also offer remedial measures to any fault in life due to planetary motions. The zodiac sign of an individual can say a lot about him or her. This allows men and women to understand the opposite sex better.

Reading and analyzing the daily horoscopes have become a regular activity for many westerners now-a-days. They are fascinated by the impact of Astrology, Horoscope & Astromtry on one’s daily life. For them, it is amazing to know that our lives can be influenced by the motion of planets millions of miles away. Astrology, Horoscope & Astromtry can be effectively used to enhance key areas of one’s life like love, money, career etc. Astrology, Horoscope & Astromtry may be used to resolve problems concerning money, bad luck, love, or any other large or small grievances. Thousands of successful users will vouch for the effectiveness of Astrology, Horoscope & Astromtry in problem solving.


An Astrology, Horoscope & Astromtry

I'd always thought it would be fun to sit for an Astrology, Horoscope & Astromtry reading, but I'd never actually worked up the courage to do so before. I guess I was a bit afraid of what I might find out. I mean, what if it was bad news? What if I were destined to be a failure, would never meet my perfect match, and would live just a short, uneventful life? Those aren't exactly the kinds of things I wanted confirmed by a psychic! So I simply avoided them until recently, when I finally worked up enough courage to see what was written in the stars about me.

Since I'd never had an Astrology, Horoscope & Astromtry reading before, I didn't really know where to go to find a good psychic. Of course, I'd seen commercials and magazine ads for various 900-numbers that I could call in order to get an Astrology, Horoscope & Astromtry reading, but I naturally couldn't find any of those numbers now that I was ready to use one. So I figured I'd go online instead and see what kind of information I could get from the Internet.

First of all, I was a bit surprised to discover that I could get an Astrology, Horoscope & Astromtry reading online as well as over the phone. I had no idea that the online option was available, and I really liked what I read about the process. In fact, an online Astrology, Horoscope & Astromtry reading sounded much better than the phone version because of the rate structure. I found many websites that offered a flat-rate for an Astrology, Horoscope & Astromtry reading, no matter how long it took. That compared favorably to the telephone versions that typically charged by the minute. At least with the flat rate I'd know eactly what I was getting into and wouldn't be hit with hidden fees.

Second, I discovered that some websites would allow me to customize my Astrology, Horoscope & Astromtry reading to cover only the topics that I wanted to address. So if I wanted to find out about potential love interests without touching on other subjects such as finances or health, then I could limit the session according to those boundaries. If I wanted a more comprehensive Astrology, Horoscope & Astromtry reading that covered just about everything, I could do that too.

After a little while, I selected a specific website from which to receive my Astrology, Horoscope & Astromtry reading. I have to say that I was highly satisfied with the overall experience and quite pleased with the results. I regret not having taken advantage of these online psychics before, but at least I now know where to go whenever I want another glimpse into my future!


Compatibility or Synergy & Astrology, Horoscope & Astromtry

When two people meet, their chances for a compatible relationship depend on how their basic needs and personality traits will mesh in the give and take of social or business interactions.

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These can be determined by comparing a companion's horoscope with your own natal chart. In doing a comparison, first notice whether your companion has a predominance of planets in one of the elements, more than four planets in one element.

In general, people are more likely to be compatible with each other when their natal planets fall into compatible elements. The compatible elements are fire with air, earth with water. That means if you have a predominance of natal planets in the fire signs, you are more likely to have a compatible relationship with someone who has a predominance of natal planets in the air signs. If your companion's planets are mostly in the earth signs, you can expect assorted difficulties depending on which elements are involved.

It is also important to note how many of your planets are in the cardinal, fixed, and mutable signs; and where your companion's planets are. A predominance of planets in one quality (i.e., five or more planets in a cardinal, fixed, or mutable sign) tells you how someone is likely to act in a relationship.

Now it is important to note to see how your and your companion's planets are distributed among the masculine and feminine signs. Most people have an even balance of five-to-five, or six-to-four, between masculine or feminine. If you and your companion each have the normal ratios of planets, you should have no trouble getting along with each other. You can work things out even when one of you has a gender ration of seven-to-three while the other has a four-to-six ratio.

If there is a difference of one or two planets in masculine (or feminine) signs between you and your companion you should have no trouble in establishing a compatible relationship. If there is a difference of three planets, you can still work things out.

However, if there are more than three planets between you and your companion, in one gender, you will both have to work very hard to maintain a relationship. The reason is that the dominantly masculine person's aggressive behavior will threaten and harass the reserved, security-motivated feminine person.

If both people are dominated by the same gender (either masculine or feminine), they share the same viewpoint and approach to life. Initially, this can give them a strong feeling of compatibility. However, they will soon feel a need for the kind of stimulation that comes from defending mildly different points of view. They will have to turn to someone else to meet that need.


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