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Babies, Toddlers, Kids & Childrens


Baby Showers - Fabulous Idea For Bikini Mums To Be

A fabulous way you can help the future mum

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Baby Showers -There has been a time in some of our lives where we have said - if I had my life to live over again there would be no kids, and then you think about the laughter and joy Babies, Toddlers, Kids & Childrens bring and those thoughts change to - I would not change my life for any thing. If a new baby is on the way then back into our thoughts they come where friends of the expectant mum gather to hold a Baby Showers party.

Special occasions as such are celebrated between close friends and family of the mother and father-to-be. Baby Showers is a popular way to welcome the good news of a pregnancy. These types of parties differ in many ways because of the host`s preferential taste in what she or he would see as the ideal way to celebrate the new edition on the way.

Baby Showers can be grand or on a more low key - depending on the budget. Common activities or themes on these occasions will always evolve around the baby. The venue or home where the party is being held will be decorated accordingly to a particular topic if there is to be one, Decorations may include balloons, streamers, cuddly toys and baby bits and bobs. You will find at Baby Showers all attendee`s appetite and bellies will be filled with scrumptious edibles laid on by the host - a running buffet or a sit down meal - the choice is yours.

Guests on arrival always have a pre conceived notion before entering the venue on what they think the Baby Showers party is all about. Well to add a touch of uniqueness to this celebration you need to keep the guest guessing and surprise them with something totally different so that their experience when coming into the room is a jaw dropping one.

Shower parties can still have baby knick knacks around the room but not as much if you were to direct the Baby Showers celebration around the expectant mother. You can add a little unique fun by showing home video clips of how mum-to-be looked in her holiday bikini and how those days of looking like a bay watch babe are over for a little while. Decorate the room with gifts of maternity wear this will help the future mum with cost - so instead of having to splash out on her self she can spend it on more important essentials like a pacifier and more pacifiers for those sleepless nights a head.

Even though the Baby Showers party on this occasion is about mum - still have the room bright and colourful.

Remember if the Baby Showers party is to be held while the future mother is heavily pregnant she may tire with so much commotion. Another thing to remind your self of is the choice of goodies laid on to eat which may not be agreeable to her digestive system while carrying her baby. (This does not apply to all)

You can direct all the energies of your Baby Showers party around the expectant mother while at the same time dedicating a corner of the room for the new baby on the way with colourful cuddly teddies - baby bottles and baby care essentials.

Even though happy occasions like Baby Showers are fulfilling and rewarding the new mums have to feel good about themselves - unfortunately this is not the case for some mums - although happy with the new baby on the way they can feel down with losing their figure and other niggly concerns. But there is a way to make mum the happiest person at this Baby Shower party - all you have to do is ask all the guests that their gift favors be a small money donation to help mum get back into that holiday bikini by sending her to keep fit classes - of which I hasten to add she will need to keep up with the demands of a new baby.

This will also save the guest a headache on deciding what to buy for their gift favor.

Remember bikin mums the joy and laughter that a new baby brings will make this all so worth while.


Baby Showers - Poems To Use At Baby Showers

Baby shower poems article that helps the reader choose the right baby shower poem for the right occassion

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Poetry is such vibrant means of communicating. It is one’s creative way of expressing emotion, intellect and aspirations. It is filled with sentiment and mirrors the individual’s true inner being. Such channel of expression is befitting an equally elating occasion: the anticipated arrival of a newborn. Here are ways of incorporating poems into the momentous event, the baby shower.

Invitation Poems

Poetry about Babies, Toddlers, Kids & Childrens can give the baby shower invitation added charm. Think of what it feels like to have a baby, the hope of anticipation and the fulfillment of birth. Include in the poem how you’d like those wonderful feelings to be shared with the guest being invited. Finally, to give the invitation a customized appeal, include the invitation details in the poem, carefully spreading the details, all throughout the verse, if possible.

Thank You Poems

Thank you poems are creative ways of expressing love and happiness for the future newborn. With the upcoming occasion, there are many things to thank for: having God’s blessing in such a feeble form or having the support of family and friends while playing the waiting game. Mom-to-be can deliver the thank you poem. If it is a co-ed baby shower, the Dad-to-be can do the honors.

Another way of saying thank you is through the baby shower thank you card. This is sent to all guests who gave gifts for the occasion. Include a short rhyme on how blessed the baby is for having guardians as loving as the guest who sent the gift. Then end by thanking them for it.

Poems for Baby Shower Activities

It is unusual to have a baby shower and poetry reading in one, but it is an idea that can work among a very strong lyrical society. Most poets are very comfortable in expressing and conversing in verses, and if the future parents are poets themselves, then a poetry reading baby shower is not a bad idea. Who knows… they maybe anticipating a future rhymester!

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Baby Showers for Adoptive Parents

Adoptive baby showers are perfectly acceptable and come with many benefits.

adoptive parents, adoption, baby shower, planning a baby shower

We all hear about baby showers for expecting parents, but what about for adopting parents? An adoption baby shower is more than acceptable - it's encouraged! Adopting parents have the same needs as any other new parents would, but with a few minor considerations.

You should steer clear of planning a surprise celebration on the day the family brings their child home. This can be a very emotional time - the new parents and child (especially if the child is older) will need a period of adjustment. It is very important to be sensitive to their needs. In this case, delivering care packages and planning your celebration for a later date would be acceptable and appreciated. Be sure to talk with the new parents and find out what their wants and needs are before you set a shower date.

Your shower invitations should be sent out three to four weeks in advance, and should include the time, date, and location of the shower. Don't forget to set an RSVP date with your telephone number and address. If it is at all possible, include the child's birth date, as well as when he or she was officially adopted or welcomed into the home of his or her new parents. This will help your guests to pick age appropriate gifts. In the case of foreign adoptions, you could also add information about the birth country to inform your guests.

As with other baby showers, the theme for an adoption baby shower should be the same. However, if the child that was adopted is older, you should tailor your party to suit their age and favorite things. For example, a small girl might love everything that involves the Disney princesses and may go absolutely crazy over the color pink. In turn, an older boy may be fascinated by soccer and anything green. Don't be afraid to be a little creative to help make the party a special celebration to welcome the new child into your circle of family and friends!

Baby shower games are important too! However, stay away from games that are maternity-related. It's very important that you keep in mind that yo
u are celebrating the gift of adoption. Your games help set the tone of the party, and should be mixed in with any other activity going on. An average shower lasts about two hours, so look at playing two to three party games. If the new parents are adopting an older child, make sure your games reflect that as well. One great adoption party activity is to organize a Welcome Book for the new child. Ask guests to bring pictures of themselves and their families to assemble into a scrapbook page they will create at the shower.

All of your shower decorations will naturally depend on the style, theme, and number of people attending. Balloons and streamers are standard, but there are a lot of creative and fun ideas to make the party extra-special. You're truly only limited by your imagination here.

If the adoption is an international one, you could use decorations that reflect the child's place of birth, and include recipes from his or her home country. For guests, it will be a learning experience. As with decorations, party favors should match your shower theme and party size. Your favors can be used as place settings, prizes, or they can be handed out at the end of the party. A very popular idea for adoption showers is a special program for guests to keep. Written inside should be commitments to the child from his or her new parents, poems about love, family, and adoption, and prayers for the future.When labeling your favor, keep in mind that your party is, again, in honor of an adoption, not a birth. Your wording on gift tags should reflect that.

Adoption is a very exciting time for the new parents. A baby shower or welcome party allows friends and family members to share in on the family's joy. When you host or even attend such a party, it is very important to know the needs and wants of the parents. Be sure to know ahead of time how old the child is. Find out if the parents have registered anywhere. Parents who are adopting should be reminded that they can actually register for older children as well as newborns.

By planning and hosting an adoption party, you are helping the new family formalize the acceptance of their child into their circle. You will be creating an occasion that will be documented for the child to look at in the future and remind them how much they were welcomed and loved from the start.


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