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Baby Shower Favor Ideas and Tips

If you need some tips and ideas on baby shower favors, read this article!

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Cute Ideas for Baby Shower Favors
Even though guests shouldn’t expect to leave any party with anything, it is always a nice gesture to give parting guests a favor. Here are some instructions for simple and easy baby shower favors that you can make at home. By making the favors yourself, not only can you save money, but the handmade favors can be personalized easily to reflect the tastes of the mom-to-be and the theme of the shower!

Baby Bottles- Even your local dollar store can be a great place to find favor ideas. Plastic baby bottles can be filled with chocolate, candies, Jordan almonds, jelly beans, bath beads or bath salts. Tie some ribbon around the neck with a tag that says “Thank You” with the mom’s and baby’s names on it.

Baby Booties- Filled with candies, wrapped chocolates, gum balls, you can tie these at the tops with ribbons and a tag, much like the baby bottles.

Organza or Net Bags - You can find these in the wedding section of most major craft retailers. Fill with candies, bath salts, chocolates, etc.

Plastic Bottles or Glass Jars- It’s not too hard to find these types of containers. If you don’t see them locally, search online and you can order them in large quantities. Fill them with bath salts, bubble bath, shower gel or even baby powder. You can tie a tag on them that has a cute verse about showering them like they showered the mom-to-be!

Tea Cups- Some baby shower hostesses have purchased tea cups and a flat of flowers and put one flower in each mug for a beautiful favor. A great place to find odds and ends tea cups is at local garage sales and thrift shops. Find some with pretty flowers painted on the sides. You can also fill the tea cups with candle gel and a wick for another fun favor idea.

Flower Pots- With a cute tag telling the recipient to nurture their plant as the new mom will nurture her new baby, you could give guests small flower pots and seed packets or bulbs for tulips or daffodils for them to plant and grow some flowers. If you want to do more, decorate the flower pot with acrylic paints or rub-on sayings or pictures found in the scrapbooking section of craft stores. You can even get a simple foam stamp to decorate them.

Candy Bar Wrappers- You’ve seen those expensive candy bar wrappers you can order, but why not make your own? These are perfect favors for showers that take place after the baby has arrived! Just purchase a large quantity of candy bars from your local warehouse store like Sam’s or Costco and take one wrapper off to measure the size of the wrapper. Now you have a template. Create a wrapper using your favorite software and add special details like the baby’s name, birthday, weight and length and don’t forget to add the parent’s names as the “manufacturer”. For ingredients, try words like “sugar and spice and all things nice,” “love,” “snips, snails and puppy dog tails.”

There are so many ways you can make inexpensive favors that your baby shower guests will really love. Even something as simple as a bar of glycerin soap tied with a pretty ribbon is a nice gift most people will enjoy. Look for sales and clearance items to really save money, but have the look of an expensive gift.

Baby shower favors that you make at home are personal gifts that add a great touch. Not only does it make your guests happy, but it shows the mom-to-be that you care for her friends, too! Have fun making your homemade baby shower favors!


Baby Shower Favors: Ideas And Tips For Making The Right Choice

Planning a baby shower is an exciting time but it is important that the proper steps are taken to insure that the shower is a success. Enjoying a baby shower is twice the fun because the parents-to-be get to share the excitement and happiness that they feel with their friends and relatives.

A baby shower is actually a type of party that the couple’s friends or relatives had prepared. Because it is a party, it entails the gifts, food, and of course the party favors that are...

Baby Shower Favors: Ideas and Tips for Making the Right Choice

Planning a baby shower is an exciting time but it is important that the proper steps are taken to insure that the shower is a success. Enjoying a baby shower is twice the fun because the parents-to-be get to share the excitement and happiness that they feel with their friends and relatives.

A baby shower is actually a type of party that the couple’s friends or relatives had prepared. Because it is a party, it entails the gifts, food, and of course the party favors that are usually present in any other party or celebration.

Like any other party, choosing the right baby shower favor can be very tedious especially if it aims to make the event memorable. There are so many baby shower favors that choosing the best can be pretty confusing.

So, for people who wish to know how to choose the right baby shower favor, here are some pointers that can be very handy.

1. Always consider the personality of the mother-to-be when choosing a baby shower favor.

Even if the friends or the relatives are the ones who prepared the invitation, it is still a must to consider the personality of the mother-to-be when choosing baby shower favors.

After all, you would not want to create misunderstanding or misconceptions just because you have chosen baby shower favors that do not fit to the personality of the mother, right?

2. Shop around

It always pays to shop around before deciding on something. This will give you enough time to contemplate and compare which baby shower favor is suitable for the occasion.

Best of all, you get to choose the most affordable, most attractive, and most appropriate baby shower favors available in the market.

3. Use a lot of resources when looking for the best baby shower favors.

Today, there are many available resources where you can find great ideas on baby shower favors.

In print, you can find some great ideas in the magazines and books about baby showers. You can also find some useful ideas in the Internet.

What matters most is that you have plenty of resources where you can get the best baby shower favors for the guests.

4. Ask the other people about some of the ideas used on baby shower favors.

There are people who have already attended baby shower parties, so, their opinions can be a lot of help. You can ask them what kinds of party favors are usually being used in the baby showers or what would they prefer to have on their own baby showers.

5. Consider the baby shower favors that are already tried and tested by a lot of baby shower parties.

These kinds of baby shower favors will be a sure hit even if the personality of the expectant mother had not been considered. This is because for so many events, these kinds of party favors had been appreciated but most people, and the people who will attend on the baby shower will appreciate it, too.

Indeed, baby shower favors can be really tedious but with careful planning and considerations, the baby shower event will turn out to be very memorable because of the favors that the guests have received.

Nothing comes close to ending this wonderful event than to have baby shower favors that would reflect the merrymaking of the delight and joy of all the people who came to celebrate the upcoming arrival of the new baby.


Baby Shower Favors

Friends and family will most likely, organise a baby shower for the mom to be. These are festive and happy occasions for all concerned as excitement builds in anticipation of the patter of tiny feet. Many moms like to thank their guests by giving them a baby shower favor. In addition to showing their appreciation, they can also be used as fun prizes for party games.

There is a lot to organise for the shower, including invitations, decorations for the room, catering, tableware and gifts. Many showers are given a theme and the baby shower favor presents can fit in with this. They can also be used as room decorations. Many companies provide favors with personalized gift tags and they tend to be colorful and inspired by nursery themes.

Hand made sweets are common, especially sugared almonds. These come in blue or pink and are presented in baby bootees, lace trimmed gingham baby bibs, gingham dungarees or in baby sized dresses. The bibs can be re-used and these items sometimes contain fizzy bath salts. Various colored sweets are shaped as pacifiers and little, crocheted prams also contain sweets. There are also baby rattles with sweets inside and scented bath duck fizzers. A baby shower favor can be personalized, such as boxes of sweets in wrapping paper with nursery animals and the name of the guest.

Scented soap is another popular item, wrapped in a heart shaped tulle and tied with a ribbon. Fragranced bath bombs in a tulle are also available. Miniature milk bottles contain bath salts, scented with geranium, lavender, lemon or rose. Bath ducks are very popular as a baby shower favor and there are duck photograph holders and duck shaped candles. Block candles are on sale with a teddy bear on top. Crescent moon shaped candles have blue or pink rabbits.

Building blocks are another common theme, with the letters of the alphabet inscribed. These sometimes contain sweets. Metal key rings and key ring charms are a practical baby shower favor and are adorned with a pram or teddy bear. Cookie cutters, in different pastel colors are also useful. For sheer indulgence, guests could receive miniature champagne bottles filled with chocolates.

Party games are a great way of getting the guests into a party mood and they can win their favors. Typical games include guess the date, weight or sex of the baby. Blind food tasting games are also popular and bingo is often played at showers. These parties are a great way of providing practical and emotional support to the mom to be.


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