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Babies, Toddlers, Kids & Childrens


Premature Birth - Is To Early To Late

Caring for baby in the womb is as important as crading the new born on the outside.

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If every expectant mother were to know that their baby had made plans to arrive earlier than expected then word has it that all pregnant women would be prepared and ready for the arrival of the premature baby. Unfortunately the word premature means just that - earlier than expected with no guideline to times or dates.

We all have faith in our doctor and trust that the due dates he or she gives for the birth of our Babies, Toddlers, Kids & Childrens is 100% accurate. So you can understand why a premature birth can come as a surprise or shock for the pregnant woman. It is at a time like this where some confused women question the GPs prognosis. Believe me when I say doctors are never far wrong in their calculations, but alas, they hold no crystal ball to foresee or predict that there is a premature baby on the way.

Premature Babies, Toddlers, Kids & Childrens need a lot of care and attention after leaving the womb so this is why we give thanks to the world of modern technology and to all the life saving masters in the medical profession that nurture our before-time Babies, Toddlers, Kids & Childrens with their knowledge, thus increasing the odds for their survival. Hospitals today are well equipped to deal with emergencies like early births. The welfare of the premature baby is first and foremost in all hospital maternity wards.

The reasons given behind why a woman may go into labour earlier than anticipated are all health related factors e.g. smoking-poor diet-infections-twins-cervical ineptitude and other conditions that can be life threatening such as pre-eclampsia. All of these can speed up the process where premature baby births are likely.

Premature births can cause problems for the new born baby where their ability to breathe properly is hampered by under developed lungs.
Babies, Toddlers, Kids & Childrens delivered earlier than 32 weeks and weighing approx 3lb 5oz are normally born with under developed lungs which cannot conceal surfactant, a kind of frothy matter that holds back the inner surfaces of the lungs from sticking together and because of this the infant may experience severe breathing problems -
Respiratory distress syndrome otherwise known as RDS.
Depending on how early the baby is born the more prone they are to suffer from RDS.

Birthing after the thirty second week then this condition is less of a problem. If doctors feel you are at high risk of going into labour sooner than your due date then a course of injections/injection can be administered to help strengthen your unborn babys lungs.
A premature babys immune system is not fully developed so therefore makes them more vulnerable to infections. Early Babies, Toddlers, Kids & Childrens usually develop a touch of jaundice due to an immature liver which is treatable by doctors with the medical aid of phototherapy lamps.

Babies, Toddlers, Kids & Childrens born at 22-23 weeks have a 24 per cent chance of survival, at 24 weeks this rises to 31 per cent. Premature Babies, Toddlers, Kids & Childrens delivered at 25 weeks then their chances are increased by 50 per cent and from 32 weeks onwards most Babies, Toddlers, Kids & Childrens can survive without medical assistance.

During your pregnancy make sure to ease up on your intake or cut out things that are considered to bring on a premature birth. Pregnant women can become stressed throughout pregnancy (not all) which is not good for your health and that of your unborn child. A great option for you to consider in helping to combat stress is to take up Yoga. This type of exercise will help you relax before and after the birth. Yoga has proven to be very comforting for women. Before any form of exercise always consult your doctor

Premature Babies, Toddlers, Kids & Childrens can grow up as healthy as any other infant. November the 12th 1987 was the due date given to me by my doctor but my little boy decided to break the rules and made his appearance on September 23rd weighing in at 3lb 12 oz. My premature baby is now a strapping 6ft 2 mathematician.


Pain relief for newborn Babies, Toddlers, Kids & Childrens

According to research, only about a quarter of larger maternity units in Autralia use Pain relief for painful procedures such as blood taking or making injections to newborn Babies, Toddlers, Kids & Childrens.

tramadol, pain relief

A group of neonatologists - Peter Gray and his colleagues examined 212 Australian hospitals in which 200 or more Babies, Toddlers, Kids & Childrens a year are delivered about their knowledge and use of techniques that bring pain-relief for minor procedures in infants born at term or near term.

Dr Gray of Mater Mother’s Hospital in Brisbane declared that inspite of good evidence that giving infants a breast milk or a sucrose (a sugar solution) during procedures could lessen or deaden the pain, they were not commonly used in Australian hospitals.

“We were surprised, given the wealth of information that’s available. Newborn Babies, Toddlers, Kids & Childrens in Australia, certainly the vast majority, are not being given any .” - Gray said.

The scientists discovered that before taking blood from Babies, Toddlers, Kids & Childrens, only 11 per cent of units used sucrose, 24 per cent gave breast feeding and 10 per cent used breast milk in order to relieve pain.

According to researchers, the results concerned procedures that were common in Babies, Toddlers, Kids & Childrens who routinely get a hepatitis B injection and the heel prick screening test before leaving hospital.

“One might say: ‘Oh well, what’s one injection or one blood test?. And indeed that may be a valid statement” - Dr Gray noticed.

“But other Babies, Toddlers, Kids & Childrens might have a number of tests for jaundice or they might have an infection and need blood taken for other reasons as well. Indeed, there’s some evidence now that past experiences of pain have been associated with altered brain development and behavioural problems in older children. We really need to address this issue and to minimise the pain. I’m not saying that giving sucrose or putting the baby to the breast will abolish the pain altogether - but it certainly will minimise it and this has to be good.” - Gray expressed.

The study appeared recently in the Journal of Paediatrics and Child Health.

The researchers obtained the information in a telephone interview with the most senior persons from special care nurseries or the maternity units.

Dr Gray emphasized that the scientists found significant differences between states, with few hospitals in Tasmania, Queensland and South Australia giving pain relief to infants having blood taken.

“The awareness and use of Pain relief in Western Australia, NSW and Victoria was probably the highest and the other states didn’t so well” - he stated.

Last October, The Royal Australasian College of Physicians brought out guidelines for doctors managing pain in children. The guideline include a 24 page section on newborn Babies, Toddlers, Kids & Childrens.


Newborn Baby Gift Baskets

Newborn Baby Gift Baskets

Newborn Baby Gifts, Baby Gift Baskets, Children Gift Baskets

Copyright 2006 Hali Shipon

There is only one thing better than a newborn baby --- that special bundle of joy --- and that is a fabulous Welcome Baby Bassinet gift basket or a wonderful Baby Necessities Gift Bag. Both of these delightful packages include many of the items needed to tend to the newborn infant. Both Newborn Baby Gift Baskets are available through online providers.

The popularity of gift baskets has exploded over the last year, but as with all service providers, there are good and bad. It is essential that you choose someone who will take time and trouble to make your gift basket absolutely adorable. It is equally essential to make sure that the service provider delivers the item in a timely manner.

As a first time mother, the joy of a newborn can sometimes turn to terror, when one realizes that you --- and you alone --- are responsible for this tiny helpless creature that depends upon you for absolutely everything. A Baby Necessities Gift Bag would go a long way to relieve this feeling, since it contains most of the really essential things a new mother needs. The beauty of this gift is that it means the new mom does not have to trek to the store, or stand in line. When sending one of these super gift baskets, you are also giving the new mom something invaluable, and that is extra time with her baby. What a fabulous idea!

A trip to any baby store these days is likely to leave you feeling somewhat overwhelmed, whether you are pregnant, or not. The shelves are tightly packed, floor to ceiling, there are not five strollers to choose from, there are five hundred, all offering different styles and gadgets. Some with three wheels, some with four.

And talking nappies, well, you can select disposable nappies in about twenty sizes, and add to global pollution, or you can choose washable cotton terry nappies which you have to wash and sterilize after use, then re-use. As good as this sounds, it does involve much time in the preparation and cleaning of the soiled nappies, before re-use.

After having a baby, it is wonderful to receive the usual “Welcome Baby” cards, cakes and flowers, but how much better to receive a well thought out Gift Basket, beautifully arranged, and overflowing with useful and helpful baby items.

A baby needs so much, that it is easy to forget something essential. A Baby Necessities Gift Bag contains many items such as a gel teether, baby comb and hair brush, a baby manicure set and a beautiful three piece washcloth set.

As well as the essentials, every baby needs some goodies too. So keep your eyes open for the better type of Newborn Baby Gift Baskets which contain items like a furry bear, or a rubber duck to make bath time more interesting for mum and baby.


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