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Babies, Toddlers, Kids & Childrens


Don't Buy Baby Gift Baskets, Make Them Yourself

Instead of giving a baby gift that goes unnoticed, create a beautiful baby gift basket that will stand out from the crowd and be sure to please any new mom.

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Did you ever notice how some baby gifts stand out from the crowd while others seem to get lost in the pile of gifts? Baby gift baskets are nothing but a handful of gifts including toys, books, candy, etc. packed in a beautiful basket. But to buy baby gift baskets is not sufficient these days. The presentation is what matters the most. This has less to do with the cost of the baby gifts then with the way they are put together or presented.

Steps to Build a Beautiful Baby Gift Basket

To present a baby gift basket which looks unique and draws attention the following suggestions should be helpful:

1) While selecting the gifts to put in the basket one must carefully think about the current and important needs of the parents. For example, a coupon for baby sitting, especially at night, can be a very good option.

2) One can show his or her creativity by putting together a nursing survival kit comprising breast pads, lansinoh cream, and a copy of "The Womanly Art of Breast Feeding".

3) Another option is to create a sleep-time baby gift basket consisting of a soft baby blanket, a white noise CD and a miracle blanket.

4) One must be very particular about providing everything which will be needed by the parents to enjoy the gift. For example, if the presents requires a set of batteries, then it would be nice to include a small package of batteries.

5) The ideal baby gift basket should be the one which doesn't require any work on the part of the parents to enjoy.

6) It would be nice to include the gift receipt in the basket in case the parents get two or three similar baby gifts so it will be easy to exchange it for a different one.

7) A card mentioning the full name and address of the person presenting the gift should be in the basket so it will help the parents keep track of the gifts and return a thank you note if they choose.

8) It is important that if one doesn't know the family very well, then he or she should not send a personalized gift. With a personalized gift, too often the name gets
misspelled. For example, names like John and Kathy can be spelled as Jon and Cathy. Moreover, it's very difficult to know by what name the parents call the baby. If they named her Margaret, but are used to calling her by a nickname like Peggy, then it's possible that the child would never get a gift with Margaret engraved or embroidered on it.

So there you have it. If you want to buy baby gift baskets for newborn Babies, Toddlers, Kids & Childrens and their moms, you can stand out from the rest with the above recommendations and a little creativity.


Finding The Perfect Baby Gift

A new bundle of joy has just entered into your best friend’s world, and you want to find the perfect present for the perfect baby. If you walk into any department store you will be overwhelmed by all of the options, and may want to purchase the whole store. But take a step back and think what you would like if you just had your first baby.


Simple Presents are always the best. A memorable gift like a baby’s first china bowl and plate, there are many memorable de...


A new bundle of joy has just entered into your best friend’s world, and you want to find the perfect present for the perfect baby. If you walk into any department store you will be overwhelmed by all of the options, and may want to purchase the whole store. But take a step back and think what you would like if you just had your first baby.


Simple Presents are always the best. A memorable gift like a baby’s first china bowl and plate, there are many memorable designs such as Beatrix Potter, by Royal Doulton. This classic present never goes out of style, and is something everyone will cherish for a lifetime. In fact, many people pass these precious dishes down from family member to family member for generation’s to come.

A Basket Full of Practicality
A basket full of necessities for the baby will always come in handy for the new mom from wet nappies to baby spoons, and blankets. A simple basket of baby goods, is a practical way to welcome a new born into this world, and will save mom a few trip’s to the grocery store.

Sleeper’s in Different Sizes

If mom needs one thing for her new baby its sleeper’s in various sizes. Baby’s grow quickly and do not remain in their infant size clothing for too long. They are always in need of new sleeper’s; and if there is one thing baby’s like to do in their early beginnings it is to sleep. Sleepers’ are the perfect present for any mom who knows she will have a fast growing baby, and no time to sleep.

Gifts from the Warmth of Your Heart

A gift of homemade goodies, is always a great baby gift for new moms, no mother wants to cook after they have just given birth and been released from the hospital. A homemade casserole is the perfect way to show you care, and is a fantastic present for the sleep deprived mom who no longer has time to comb her hair.

The Gift of Time

Another fantastic baby gift is the gift of time. Let’s give mom a break and it is always appreciated and welcome, both she and dad to be would be elated to have a couple of hours of time to get away. Plus, you get to spend some alone time with a new bundle of joy, and bond with its delightful smile.

All that Matters is You Care

Baby gifts don’t need to be expensive or luxurious but they should show you care; and a little thought goes a long way in finding the perfect baby gift. New mom’s will appreciate the time you took in spending to find, or create the perfect gift for the new loved one in their life.

Finding the perfect gift, is easy all you need, is little imagination, a little creativity, and a little use of your own time. To welcome the newest edition into your friends or families life; an original baby gift will show how much you truly care.


Baby Purchasing A Gift

If someone you know is expecting a baby you may have been thinking about purchasing a gift. You could go the traditional route and choose a bouquet of flowers or a stylish new outfit for the newborn. If you want to give the new parents something that is functional why not pick out a baby hooded towel? They come in many different colors and if you fill up a gift bag with several, the newborn’s bath time becomes much easier.

These types of linens are specifically designed just for little ones. They are as absorbent as a regular towel but they come complete with a small pouch made just for the baby’s head. A baby hooded towel allows the parent the luxury of wrapping up the baby’s wet hair and wrapping up their body at the same time. Their small face remains exposed so it’s an ideal bath item.

Many people don’t even realize that these items exist. They just use their regular bath towels to dry the baby. This works fine but the texture of a standard towel can cause irritation to the sensitive skin of a newborn. Baby towels are generally made from a terry towel material which is soft to the touch. This feels nicer to the baby and helps keep them warm once they are removed from the bath water.

Baby wear departments of most major chain stores as well as specialty baby boutiques are the places to go to find a baby hooded towel. You may be pleasantly surprised to discover that the selection of colors that are available is vast. The expected pink and blue will be there as well as some that carry the images of popular cartoon characters. Another fun choice is baby towels with a zoo animal theme such as a picture of a giraffe or a lion.

Launder them as you would any of the garments the baby will be wearing. This usually requires the use of a baby friendly laundry detergent. Fabric softener is questionable and whether or not you use it will depend largely on any allergies your baby may have. Some fabric softeners now come without a strong scent so they may be more appropriate for washing a baby hooded towel.

You may think that you can only use this item when the baby is small but many people still find them useful after a toddler’s bath. In fact, a two or three-year-old will probably think of a baby hooded towel as more of a cape and will take off running once they leave the bathtub, with the towel waving behind them.


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