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Babies, Toddlers, Kids & Childrens


Baby Video Monitors

There are many different types of baby monitors on the market today. It can be a daunting task in choosing one that is right for you. Here we provide you with the basic information you need to consider before purchasing one.

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Baby monitors are designed to give parents peace of mind, and if used correctly they do just that. It is virtually impossible to stay with your new baby every moment of the day and night, and by having a baby monitor nearby you can hear your baby’s every breath and movement. The monitor operates much like a cordless cell phone and has multiple channels so there is always a clear frequency. Each monitor comes with a receiver that can go with you around the house, so where ever you, you can hear your baby. Baby monitors will not take away your worries and apprehensions as a new parent completely, but they sure do alleviate a lot of it, giving you more freedom as well.

There are many different baby monitors on the market, and all are very similar. Some baby monitors operate on AC and/or battery. Those models with a battery back up provide parents with added assurance in case of a power failure. Most baby monitors have a lighted display that coordinates with the level of sound the monitor picks up. The baby monitor is placed near the baby attached to the crib so that the sensitive transmitter picks up only the sounds of the baby, and not background noise. The baby’s sounds are then transmitted through the receiver to the parents as long as the receiver is within range of the monitor, which is usually conveyed to the parent by an out of range indicator light. Most models also come with a low battery indicator as well to let you know its time to change the batteries.

Baby monitors average $40 in price, some more, some less. It just depends on the manufacturer and what features the baby monitor has. You can shop online and compare prices and features of various baby monitors and buy there, or you can buy at most discount stores, or any store that carries baby products. There are also sights that compare models and are rated by consumer review which should help you decide which baby monitor is the best to buy. After all, you are entrusting the safety of your baby to the monitor when you are not right in the nursery, and you want to make sure that you purchase a reliable unit. Baby monitors make great gifts at baby showers also, you don’t have to be the one expecting, but you can give the gift of added assurance to your friend or family member. Baby monitors can save baby’s lives.


Buying A Baby Monitor - What To Look For

Choosing the right baby monitor can be hard given the number of available choices on the market. This article helps sort through the various features and explains the differences between baby monitors.

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There is nothing more important in the world than the safety of your child. It is a given that you will worry about your newborn at night, when you are out, even if he/she is at home with a baby sitter or another family member. But there is no need to worry because there is a simple, affordable solution to your problem. Use a baby monitor! This is a wonder device that comes in many different configurations that will ensure you can keep tabs on all the activities of your baby. So what exactly is a baby monitor?

Basically, a baby monitor is a device that monitors the activities of the baby while you are otherwise occupied. There are audio and audio-visual baby monitors as well as specialized ones that can even sense the body movements of the baby. These baby monitors are available in many brands and models, but it is advisable to buy only the best quality you can afford to ensure accuracy and reliability. There are certain points that you must keep in mind before choosing a baby monitor.

Look for the following features before buying the baby monitor:

1) There are two types of baby monitors, wireless and plug-in. It is recommended that you buy the wireless one, as this one ensures mobility and freedom to use outside of the house. If you buy the wireless baby monitor, you get more flexibility and you are not stuck to only one location. Also, you can take it out with you in the range specified and monitor the activities of your baby while finishing your other chores.

2) Make sure the size of the baby monitor that you buy is not too large. Get a smaller size so that it can be easily clipped or tied to your belt. The portable baby monitors usually come with belt-clips. Size does not factor in much when the goal is to have a clear picture when buying a baby monitor that includes video. These audio-visual baby monitors are usually more bulky.

3) Instead of getting an audio-only baby monitor, it is better to go for a baby monitor with a camera, so you can actually visualize your baby's activities. These c
ome either black & white or color (usually color costs more). Picture quality varies, especially in low-light conditions. Since your baby is probably going to be sleeping in a darkened room, check that the low-light picture quality is sufficient.

4) Make sure that the microphone that is attached to the camera is ultra sensitive so that you can even hear a pin drop. This is of utmost importance, even more so than the quality of the picture display.

5) Check whether the monitor has other accessories like an alarm clock to remind you of the baby's feeding times.

6) It is important that your baby monitor has a good range so that you will be able to travel a longer distance and yet keep a check on the activities of your baby.

7) Rechargeable batteries are a must. It's best if the baby monitor has a low battery indicator.

8) Buy a baby monitor with multiple channels so you can choose an interference-free channel to transmit on. If your neighbor has a baby monitor, buy a brand that is different from his to ensure that the signals don't get mixed up. Depending on the frequency of other household appliances such as cordless phones and wireless internet routers, you may need to buy a baby monitor that operates in the frequency zone different from your phone or router.

9) Some more expensive models include motion sensors that can detect if the baby has stopped moving for a period of time in order to prevent SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome). For the ultimate peace of mind, get a baby monitor with this feature.

9) Last but not least, check the UL (Underwriters Labs) mark before buying. This ensures UL evaluation for safety.

Apart from these features, you should also utilize recommendations on the performance of the baby monitor from published reports and user comments. This is more important than going by the brand name since some manufacturers produce different models that perform better than others in their product line. Do not focus solely on the cost. Keep in mind the quality. Generally, the baby monitors will start from about 30 to 40 dollars and can go up to 150 dollars or more.

Do yourself a favor and buy the best quality baby monitor you can with the most features.


Baby Heartbeat Monitors Reviewed

Choosing the right baby heartbeat monitor can be confusing given all of the available choices on the market. This article should clarify the available options.

baby monitor, baby monitors, baby heartbeat monitor, baby heart beat monitor

Today, with advances in science and technology constantly creating smaller and cheaper electronic devices, acquiring a home use baby heartbeat monitor is cheaper and easier than you may think. For parents that want to listen to the developing fetus of their unborn child, use of a baby heartbeat monitor provides added peace of mind and valuable information that can actually prevent complications during pregnancy. A baby heartbeat monitor is a device which is used to hear any kind of irregularity in the development of the baby, so that it can be taken care of well in time. One can find many heartbeat monitors manufactured by various companies, but to get the desired results it is essential that one chooses the best baby heart beat monitor available.

Choosing the Best Baby Heartbeat Monitor

There are various forms of baby heartbeat monitoring devices available on the market, each having different features and attachments. The available options differ from each other considerably. Whether it's a fetal Doppler baby heart monitor or an external electronic fetal baby monitor, a cosy fetal heart beat monitor or a BeBe Sound Prenatal Listener baby heartbeat monitor, each baby heartbeat monitor has some unique features which makes one model stand out over its competitors.

These advanced baby heartbeat monitors can let one hear the exact heart sounds of the little one growing inside the mother's womb. The sound-only baby heartbeat monitor for analyzing the heartbeat of a unborn baby is designed for clinical and medical use as well as for domestic use by the parents. Some home models also have video so one can see the baby (although the image is generated using ultrasound and not crystal clear). The sex of the unborn child can be determined using a video prenatal baby monitor.

Monitoring the heartbeat of the unborn baby at regular intervals is often recommended to those mothers who have an uncomplicated and healthy pregnancy. However, to those who develop certain complications such as pre-eclampsia, diabetes, any kind of heart disease, vaginal or urinary infections or is expecting twins are strictly advised to have continuous electronic fetal monitoring in order to keep track of any serious problems on the part of the child or the mother. Thus, choosing the heartbeat monitor depends on many factors and it is essential that an unborn baby gets monitored according to the needs of the situation.

Comparing the Prices of Baby Heartbeat Monitors

Pricing a baby heartbeat monitor mainly depends on factors such as the brand name, features, attachments, and quality. Sometimes the accuracy of a particular heartbeat monitor also contributes towards determining its price.

Starting as low as $25 for the BeBe Sounds Prenatal Listener, the prices go as high as $150 or $200 for a fetal Doppler ultrasonic baby heart beat monitor. One can choose exactly that which suits his or her budget and choose the features and quality that one can afford. However, one can't fix the price of the baby's health. It is more then anything in the world - it's priceless.


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