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Getting the Baby Nursery Walls Ready

When preparing your baby's nursery, you must decide what to do with the walls.


When planning your baby nursery, deciding on paint colors and then preparing and painting the walls is a major part of the design process. You will want to choose paint colors that go well with the theme or design scheme that you have decided on for your baby’s nursery. The best way to do this is to take a piece of the nursery bedding to the paint store with you to pick out paint samples. You may want to bring home the samples you choose to see how they look in the room. Sometimes the room’s lighting will affect how the colors look, so doing this may save you the trouble of repainting the room if you are unhappy with the results.

If time allows, it is best to paint the nursery at least a month or two before the baby is expected. This allows time for the room to air out. You may also want to consider choosing paint that has no or low VOCs (volatile organic chemicals). These types of paints may cost more but it is worth the additional cost since they will omit little or no fumes unlike normal paints.

If  you want to get creative when painting the walls, you can try faux painting techniques such as sponging and ragging. Another idea is to stencil designs on to the walls that match the theme you have picked for the room. If you have an ocean theme, fish stenciled on the wall would look really cute. You can buy all the supplies you would need for stenciling or faux painting at your local home improvement or paint supply store.

Of course, you are not limited to paint when deciding what to do with the baby nursery’s walls. Wallpapers, wallpaper borders, and murals are all great options for the nursery walls. Wallpaper and border can sometimes be found to coordinate with your chosen nursery theme. Sports, airplane, nautical, animals, Precious Moments, and Winnie the Pooh are just a few of the themes that you should easily be able to locate wallpaper or borders for.

If you want to go with a wall mural for your baby nursery, there are several routes you can take. You can purchase a mural that can be put on the wall the same way wallpaper is. You just assemble the mural piece by piece like applying wallpaper. Another option available is paint by number mural kits that you paint on yourself. If you don’t want a mural that covers the whole wall, peel and stick decals are a great option. You can often find them to match many nursery themes. The last option is to have a muralist paint the mural. This can be quite pricey though unless you or someone you know is a gifted artist and able to do it.

Whatever you decide to do with your baby room walls, remember to take into consideration what you plan to do with the rest of the room’s décor. Having walls that complement the room’s theme and design will bring the whole room together.


Ideas for Decorating the Baby Nursery Walls

Suggestions for how to decorate baby nursery walls.


Planning a baby nursery can be a big job but the decorating aspect of it can be quite fun. There are many great ways that you can accent your baby nursery walls to give the room a personality as unique as your new baby. Remember to keep safety in mind when decorating your nursery walls and to have fun and get creative. Keep in mind that you will be spending a lot of time in the room also, so make it a place that will be enjoyable not only for your new baby but for you as well. Here are some great decorating ideas to consider for your baby’s new room:

1. Purchase a belly casting mold and make a belly cast of your stomach. Sometime in the last couple months of your pregnancy is best so that you can get the full effect. Once you have made the mold, decorate it any way you want. A popular option is to paint it to compliment your baby nursery’s theme. For example if your nursery has a beach theme, paint a beach scene on it or paint the belly cast to look like a beach ball. Another idea is to make some go
od quality copies of your ultrasound pictures and paste them on the belly cast like a collage. Get creative and have fun with it. The finished product will be a great memento for you and your baby.

2. Hang a growth chart. It is a great way to decorate your nursery, track your child’s growth, and it makes a great keepsake. Growth charts are available in a wide variety of colors and styles and you may even be able to find one that matches your nursery’s theme. Consider purchasing a non-toxic baby ink pad and making a hand or footprint on the chart whenever you measure your child’s height. It is another great way to measure your baby’s growth and you will be surprised how quickly those little hands and feet grow!

3. Look for wall hangings and art work that coordinate with your room theme. For example, if your theme is airplanes, look for airplane related items that will compliment the room. If you have a character theme such as Winnie the Pooh, Hello Kitty, or Baby Snoopy, it should be easy to locate some art work items that will work well on the nursery walls. The quilt that comes with your nursery bedding set also works great as a wall hanging.

4. Murals are a really great way to dress up the nursery walls. Murals can cover the whole wall of just a small portion. There are several types of murals you can buy, the most popular and easy to use murals come in pieces that can be applied to the wall just like wallpaper. If you or someone you know is artistic, you might want to consider a hand painted mural. You could also hire an artist to paint it for you.

Wall decals are another option to murals. They come in much smaller pieces and can be applied to the nursery walls where ever you want. There are a wide variety available and you may be able to find some that go with your theme.

5. Letters that spell out the name you have chosen for your new baby is another great way to decorate the nursery walls. You can get wooden letters in many styles and colors that will hang on the wall. Ceramic letters featuring characters such as Winnie the Pooh can also be found and look cute sitting on a wall shelf.

You can be as creative as you want when it comes to decorating your baby’s nursery. Taking the theme or color scheme you have chosen into consideration will definitely help you when it comes to picking out art and other décor for your nursery’s wall. Have fun and enjoy the experience and you will end up with a great room that both you and your new baby will enjoy spending time in.


Ideas for Organizing Your Baby Nursery

Ideas for creating an organized baby nursery.

baby nursery,baby room,baby,room,organization,organizing,planning,decorating,design

Planning a baby nursery is a big job. Organizing the baby nursery can be an even bigger one, especially if you are working with a small room. There are ways to make the most of the space that you have though.

Creating adequate storage in the room is important to keeping it organized. Start by organizing the closet. Since baby clothes are much smaller than adult clothes, you can lower the closet rod to be just a few feet from the floor. This will allow more space above the closet rod to install shelving which will give you more storage for other items. Installing a good closet organizer in the closet is another idea for making the most of the space.

The closet isn’t the only area in the nursery that you can use for storage. If you have a changing table, use the space below it to store items such as diapers, wipes, creams, and changing pads. If there is room beneath the baby crib, this is also a great place to pick up some additional storage space. Use wicker baskets or plastic storage containers to store items such as crib sheets, receiving blankets, additional crib bedding, bibs, and burp clothes under there. A dresser or armoire also provide extra room for a baby’s items.

Wall shelves and bookcases can also bring a great deal of additional storage space to the room. A good bookcase can help you keep all your baby’s books, toys, and stuffed animals organized in one place. If you have limited floor space in your baby nursery, opt for one tall bookcase rather than a few shorter ones. If you do have the space, a couple shorter ones work best as they make it easier for your baby to reach their things when they get bigger.

A toy box is also instrumental in keeping your baby’s room organized. You will be surprised how quickly a baby’s toy collection can grow. Having a place to store them all will help keep the room clutter free. If you want, opt to get a toy bench instead of a standard toy box. This will give your baby a place to sit when they get bigger.

So when it comes to finding ways to organize your baby nursery, look high and low. You never know where you might find an extra place to tuck away your baby’s items out of sight. Creating enough storage now will keep your baby’s room clutter free later!


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