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Babies, Toddlers, Kids & Childrens


The Importance of Baby Sleep

Your baby needs eight hours of sleep and naps in between. Sleep aids in the development of your baby’s muscles, limbs, and skeletal structure.

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All living creatures need sleep. Sleeping gives people and all living creatures the time for the body to recuperate and regenerate. Lion's needs 16 to 18 hours of sleep, while primates, ten to twelve hours of sleep. Humans need on average six to eight hours sleep to rejuvenate. Human Babies, Toddlers, Kids & Childrens need a full eight hours of sleep and naps in between.

The body uses sleep as a way to regenerate cells and refresh the brain and overall aids in the development of our body, mind, and health. During our sleep, the human body can regenerate hair follicles, fingernails, toenails and even the outer covering of the skin. This happens because of the automatic pilot that is built into our bodies. People tend to think that the body only needs to recharge spent energy on the day's work but in truth the body works the regeneration cycle much faster when the brain does not control much action.

Babies, Toddlers, Kids & Childrens therefore need their sleeping time to develop muscles, limbs, and skeletal structure. In order to achieve a good night's sleep for your baby, it is important that your baby have comfortable and inviting bedding. The secret to a good bed is one that feels just right. Beds that are to big may make your little one feel insecure. Your baby's bed should be cozy and offer security for them to get a good night sleep. Selecting the proper bedding should also be a concern. The bedding should be easy to touch and feel cozy. Bedding that is to stiff or even to fluffy decreases your baby's comfort level and therefore reduces his/her sleep time. We would want our Babies, Toddlers, Kids & Childrens to enjoy their beds and consider it a place of security.

Try to make your baby's sleeping experience a pleasant one. Bedding should be inviting to the eye. There are so many wonderful patterns and fabrics on the market today that choosing the right bedding should not be to difficult. Remember that your baby needs enough rest to stimulate his/her growth and development and when this is achieved, your baby can reach his full potential.


Transitioning Your Baby To Sleep

New parents have many responsibilities. Close to the top of the list is to develop and nurture good sleep patterns and sleeping habits for their new baby.

baby sleep tips, baby tips, parenting tips

New parents have many responsibilities. Close to the top of the list is to develop and nurture good sleep patterns and sleeping habits for their new baby. Newborns need to transition from sleeping with the mother to sleeping alone, but getting your baby to learn to sleep on his own takes some time. However, there are many benefits for both the baby and the parents when this takes place. There are a seemingly endless supply of tips and helpful hints to assist parents with this tricky task. Research and try as many as it takes to find out what works best for your baby and you. Trust your intuition and never give up until you have found that magic combination. The reward of your baby and you both getting a good night of sleep on a consistent basis is worth the effort.

Most of the advice you will find to help with your baby’s sleep deals with establishing schedules, habits and associations for your baby just before and during bedtime. Associating bedtime with sleeping is the goal. The sooner you can achieve that association, the more likely the baby will go to sleep without a struggle. Establishing the differences between daytime and nighttime is something that most advisors seem to ignore. Creating the understanding in your baby the change from being awake during daytime and falling asleep at night is a very valuable step. Here are some methods you can try.

Many times your baby has been very active throughout the day and is too stimulated to relax and fall to sleep. Employ one of those sling-type baby carriers that hold your baby close to your body while allowing you to be free to go about your regular activities around the house. Your baby will love being in close contact with you. This will provide ample time for your baby to calm down slowly from that hyped feeling of stimulation and excitement.

Many times the routine of transitioning between thirty minutes or an hour before bedtime is performed by the mother. This may be working against you. Try this with the father. Just before moving the baby into the bed, have Dad hold and cradle the baby close. His voice is generally much deeper than Mom’s is and often the baby can be more soothed by it. This change in routine can be learned as a triggering mechanism for the baby – “Dad is holding me, it must be almost time for sleep.”

Whether you find it in a listing of baby tips or discover it on your own, one of the methods of transitioning into bedtime is to simply take the baby for a car ride. While this idea may seem to be a perfect “quick fix,” I would advise against it. In the beginning, it may seem like a good deal. After all who wouldn’t trade a little inconvenience for a night of peace and quite and sleep? However, as your baby becomes accustomed to that nightly driving ritual, dependence may develop and it will not take long to become much more than just an inconvenience.

The idea is to begin slowly with these transition techniques. Once you and your baby have found the magic formula and have built an almost automatic routine, then just as slowly transition away from them and into a much more simple bedtime pattern. The goal here is to teach your baby to sleep on its own.

Good Night and enjoy your baby and your rest!


The Family Bed

There's an old tradition in Ireland, the wake bed, a family bed where the dead are waked. Well, the family bed takes on a whole new meaning when you have children: the awake bed!

parenting, children, sleeping problems, co-sleeping

There's an old tradition in Ireland, the wake bed, a family bed where the dead are waked. Well, the family bed takes on a whole new meaning when you have children: the awake bed!

When your new baby arrives home from the hospital all your plans to not spoil him go out the window. He is a tiny little soul and you are his slave. He squeaks, you run. You are completely in his control!

You planned to feed him, bathe him, dress him, play with him, show him off and at the end of the day, put him to sleep in his lovely new crib!

Real life isn't like that...

You've fed him, bathed him, dressed him, played with him, showed him off and, sleeping soundly in your arms, you've tenderly placed him in his lovely new crib. His eyes open, he glares at you, opens his mouth wide and screams loud enough to awaken the dead!

How dare you abandon him like that?

At the end of a tiring day you dolefully give in to his battle cry; you lift him and he stops... you are in his grip!

As days and nights merge into one he habitually sandwiches himself between mummy and daddy!

Number two arrives and it becomes a priority to make number one stay in his own bed. But, oh no, he doesn't like that! He may start off there but he makes his own way into the family bed throughout the night.

You may resort to tricks to encourage him to stay in his own room. Lovely new bed-clothes, soft character lighting, soothing music, pretty mobiles...

Don't fool yourself; he's well ahead of you! His nocturnal excursions continue. You beg, you plead, for a full night's sleep in your own bed without your little visitor - but it falls on deaf ears! Still he pays his call.

You resort to purchasing a new bed for yourself, a bigger one. You have a bright idea: let the wee man have your old bed. He'll like that, his own big bed, just like mummy and daddy!

More lovely bedclothes, lots of praise for your little treasure. Why didn't you think of it sooner?

Oh, the naivety of first-time parents.

His new bed might be bigger but so is yours; there's even more room between mummy and daddy now. So he can bring a few toys along too!

As the family grows so does the gap. You precariously hang off one side of the new big bed as your husband hangs off the other, but you smile as you sing along to, 'There were five in the bed and the little one said,"Roll Over!"'

Life imitates nursery rhymes. Didn't you know that?


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