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Who Should I Invite To A Baby Shower?

It's often a challenge to decide just who to invite to your baby shower. What is the proper etiquette and how do you avoid hurting someone's feelings?

When determining your guest list, it's important to define your target group. Is it your idea to host the traditional women only gathering or will you include children? Today it's becoming increasingly popular to invite couples and/or complete families.

When you decide on the type of shower you are going to be hosting mak...

baby showers

It's often a challenge to decide just who to invite to your baby shower. What is the proper etiquette and how do you avoid hurting someone's feelings?

When determining your guest list, it's important to define your target group. Is it your idea to host the traditional women only gathering or will you include children? Today it's becoming increasingly popular to invite couples and/or complete families.

When you decide on the type of shower you are going to be hosting make sure your invitations are precisely worded, such as "women only", "children welcome" and so on based on your decision. If you are planning a specific theme make sure this is included on your invitations as well as any special instructions such as what to bring, how to dress, and directions to the party location. This will save you countless telephone inquiries regarding the specifics of your shower plans.

Always ask your invited guests to RSVP and keep in mind that typically about 20-25% of those confirming will ultimately fail to attend for a variety of reasons.

Baby Showers held at an office, social club or church have a pre-determined guest list of co-workers, club members or fellow church members but make sure that you find out if your shower is the only one being held for the mom to be. If it is, then you may want to extend invitations to her personal friends and family. It may take a bit of discreet probing to find out if there are additional showers planned.

Alternatively, if you are a friend or family member planning the only shower, it's a thoughtful idea to make a call to the prospective mother to be's employer to find out who should be invited from her workplace.

In most cases her husband should be able to supply contact information for her friends and work associates.

Don't forget that if your shower is the sole party planned, you should extend invites to the mom's family as well as her husband's family.


Unique Ideas For Baby Shower Favors

For a mom-to-be, a baby shower is a great way to celebrate the coming of a little one. Here are some great ideas to consider for your baby shower favors.

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A baby shower is often the most fun event during an expectant mother's pregnancy. It's a great way to celebrate the coming of a new baby! Baby showers should be a joyful and memorable time, not just for the mom-to-be, but for the guests as well. Planning a baby shower shouldn't be all that complicated, though it does require some thought and consideration.

Baby shower favors are items which should be considered when having a shower. They are a great way to thank the guests, family and friends, for celebrating with the mother during her time of joy. Here are some unique and fun baby shower favor ideas to get you started:

<b>Teddy Bear Crystal Baby Favors</b> - Beautiful keepsakes, these luminous crystal teddy bears are a great way to celebrate a little one... and to thank your guests for being a part of this special time. Each multifaceted crystal figurine is embellished with precious teddy bear facial features in black.

<b>Baby Bottle Candle Favors</b> - Candle Favors are an affordable way to thank your guests with classic charm and contemporary style! An adorable, practical gift for your guests, these baby bottle candles celebrate baby with an enchanting glow. Available in Pink or Blue, embellished with star and heart decorations.

<b>Baby Teddy Bear Frame Favors</b> - Beautifully ornate... and surprisingly affordable... these cute photo frames are a sweet way to thank your guests. Available in Pink or Blue, these adorable resin baby frames are shaped like a baby footprint. Embellished with a cute teddy bear on a rocking horse and blocks spelling out the word BABY, they're perfect for use as place card holders... or as take-home favors for your guests.

<b>Baby Rocking Horse Key Chain Favors</b> - An adorably practical way to thank your baby shower guests, these Baby Rocking Horse Key Chain Favors feature the classic rocking horse on a key ring they'll love using again and again. Affordable and so cute, these rocking horse favors are charming keepsakes they'll always remember.

<b>Baby Cookie Cutter Favor Set</b> - Treat your baby shower guests to an adorable favor they'll love using again and again! The Baby Cookie Cutter Favor Set will invoke sweet memories of your baby shower each time your guests make a fresh batch of their favorite cookies. Each set of cookie cutters includes a rocking horse, a teddy bear and a bottle.

<b>ABC Baby Block Cookie</b> - Butter cookie with your choice of either Pink, Blue and Pink Green combination icing. They make great baby shower favors and/or gifts. All cookies are Pas Yisroel and Kosher/Dairy, also has no transfat.

<b>It's About Time - Baby is Brewing Teapot Timer</b> - These teapot kitchen timers are fully functional keepsakes, featuring a twist bottom that counts down any interval of time from one to 60 minutes. This practical, memorable shower favor is the perfect way to thank your guests for a wonderful baby shower!

<b>Baby Fun Mint Tins</b> - The perfect affordable gift for your guests, these cute, versatile tins are great for organizing buttons and small jewelry... or refilling with mints or candy... after the baby shower. These adorable mint tins are festively decorated with a rattle, a teddy bear and a heart design. In Pink or Blue, these fun tins are ready to be filled with candy or other treats for your baby shower.

These are just some ideas for fun favors you could get for your own baby shower. Keep in mind that to make your party even more fun and memorable, choose favors that coincide with the "theme" of the party.


What in the world do I do at a Baby Shower?

Get your ideas flowing if you are planning activities for a baby shower. If attending the baby shower, learn what to expect.

Baby Shower Games, baby shower fun activities

Here are some of our favorites. But before you get started with the games, be sure to get some prizes first. Prizes to consider are full size (not bite size), candy bars, blue or pink pens for the sex of the baby. Additionally, blue or pink balloons with a face drawn on the front, or the words “winner” written across in permanent marker make for really fun prizes as well.

After you have some up with some prizes, here our some of our favorite games to play.

1. Fastest Diaper Changer in the West. Have smaller size balloons blown up and hand them out to everyone who will be playing. Next give them two diapers. Have the guest carefully put the diapers on the balloon before the game starts. After they have already placed on diaper on the balloon, give them the instructions that junior has just had an accident and being the careful and delicate parent that they are , there objective is to change the diaper without pooping the balloon. Anyone who pops a balloon will be disqualified and whoever changes the diaper first, will win a prize.

2. How does Mommy Measure Up? Begin by passing out some yarn to everyone who will be playing. Next pass around some scissors and have each guest cut the amount of yarn that will fit Mommy perfectly at her widest point without being over or under. The person who is the closest is the winner.

3. Guess the Number of Kisses. This is used everywhere and everyone already know how to play. Fill a jar with Kisses (jelly beans are too typical) and have each one guess at the number of Kisses, the closest one will win the jar of kisses.

4. The Price is Right. For this one, it is played much like the game shows you see on television. Visit some online merchants who have both pictures and descriptions of Baby items and print them up. Pass around some paper and pens. Have the host narrate the online product description and pass it around with the price blacked out. The person who is closest to the item without going over will win a point. After all of the items have been passed around, the person with the most point wins.

As your can see, there are a plethora of baby shower games that can be played for your shower. What is important to remember is to know who your audience is going to be. This means, are the games that you are thinking about playing fit both the audience and the theme you are trying to create?


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