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Babies, Toddlers, Kids & Childrens


Top Ten Baby Presents - Buy Baby Gift Items That Are Needed

If you need to buy a baby gift, the items discussed in this article should be at the top of your list!

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It is always difficult to come up with ideas regarding what to get when you need to buy baby gift items. Baby gifts are as much for the mother as for the baby since there are many items that a mother could use but cannot necessarily afford to buy. So, the next time a baby shower, a birthday party or a christening has to be attended, use the following list of ten ideas to buy baby gift items that will make an impression:

Top Ten Baby Gifts

Baby Toys - These are baby gifts that will never go out of style, and can be actually enjoyed by the baby instead of the parents. There are baby toys that are specifically designed for certain age groups. So, all one has to do is go to the market and buy a toy that is made for the appropriate age, which is put up on the cover or packing of the toy. But the best and the most liked baby toy is a teddy bear or other soft toy, which is appropriate for Babies, Toddlers, Kids & Childrens of all ages. So if there is confusion, it is best to buy baby gift toys that are soft and plush.

Baby Monitor - Baby safety is constantly on the minds of the parents. Baby monitors are a perfect solution to end this worry. Now it's possible to monitor and detect the movements, whining and breathing of the baby audibly and visually too. There are many different models of audio-only, audio/video, and motion-sensor baby monitors to choose from in a wide price range.

Baby Bath Care - Getting an expensive bath care set for the baby is the perfect way to show that you care about the welfare of the baby.

Baby Stroller - This a device that a parent cannot do without. It has to be bought anyway, so why not save the parents that much cash? Gift it instead of something that is completely unnecessary.

Baby Books - Gifting the baby with books, appropriate for his/her age, is always good. This actually helps in developing a joy of reading from a very young age. Pictures and colors fascinate the baby's eyes, so make sure your book has a lot of illustrations. Buy baby gift books that have thick, cardboard or other material for durability.

Baby Blankets and Sleep Kits - Getting a cozy baby blanket and other sleep accessories is a perfect way of celebrating the baby's arrival. These days, it is possible to customize the baby blankets. A personalized baby blanket is a truly unique gift. They are available in many colors, materials and designs. The next time you need to buy baby gift items, consider a personalized baby blanket!

Baby Clothes - Smart clothes for the baby will definitely make the parents happy, especially if it's the second child. The baby will be spared from using hand-me-downs! These days, baby clothing is given a lot of importance, and one is likely to find beautifully made baby clothes in the market, keeping in mind the contemporary trends in fashion. To buy baby gift items that are useful, always consider baby clothes.

Baby Bedding - This will include everything from the mattress to the blanket and pillows, as well as the mosquito netting.

Baby Bouncers - Baby bouncers are the baby's sitting place, where he/she can roll and bounce and have the time of his/her life. These are somewhat like a bean bag, with a belt, to ensure the safety of the baby. Buy baby gift bouncers or other mobile-type walker since parents need an item like this.

Baby Jewels - A jewel is a priceless gift that will be cherished for a lifetime. They also make a unique baby gift. There are many websites online which are dedicated to baby accessories that carry baby jewelry and have their items displayed online. They also ship and home deliver the items, so that you don't need to go out and purchase them.

When you have to buy baby gift items, the above choices are always winners!


Tofu For Baby - Discover How This Amazing Food Can Benefit Your Baby's Diet

Tofu is a highly nutritious food that, rather than being seen as just an alternative to meat, should be included in your baby's diet on its own merits!

tofu baby food homemade nutritious healthy

Tofu - that's just for vegetarians, right?


Tofu is a highly nutritious food that, rather than being seen as just an alternative to meat, should be included in your baby's diet on its own merits!

Tofu is part of the legume family. It is fermented soymilk curd - the process by which it is made compares to the way that cheese is made from milk. Tofu is a rich source of protein, calcium, iron, fibre and fatty acids - key components for good nutrition.

There are two basic types of tofu - hard/firm tofu, often used in recipes that needs a consistency which holds together well - and soft or silken tofu, generally used for desserts, smoothies, soups and sauces.

Fresh tofu has a sweet aroma when opened - any sour odour would indicate that it is stale and should not be used for your baby. It will keep for seven days in the refrigerator and should be placed in an airtight container of water. It is, however, essential that the water is changed on a daily basis. Tofu does not freeze particularly well - upon defrosting it becomes somewhat spongy in texture and appears discoloured.

You can introduce this versatile and healthy food to your baby once he/she is at least 8 months of age. (It is important, however, to be aware that soy is a potential allergen. When introducing it to your baby for the very first time, watch carefully for any signs of an allergic reaction. Symptoms include nausea, vomiting, stuffy or runny nose, watery or red eyes and wheezing. Should you ever suspect your baby is allergic to a particular type of food, then contact a medical professional immediately).

It is very easy to incorporate tofu into your baby's diet because it has very little taste of its own. Instead, it absorbs the flavours of any foods it comes into contact with.

Initially, you could try blending tofu with cottage cheese or avocado, for a simple, nutritious meal. Soft tofu creamed with fruit would make a delicious dessert for baby. Alternatively, tofu can be cut into chunks and served to your baby raw, as a healthy finger food.

Taking into account tofu's extensive nutritional properties, along with its versatility, it would clearly provide a very worthwhile boost to most Babies, Toddlers, Kids & Childrens' diets.


Top 10 Companies That Offer Baby Freebies!

This articles contains a listing of the top 10 companies that offer free baby items to new and expecting parents in the U.S. and Canada, including free diapers, baby wipes, baby formula, baby food, and more.

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By the time you find out you’re pregnant (pregnancy test $15) to the time junior blows out the candles on his first birthday cake (cake $20), parents can expect to spend upwards of $18,000. And that’s on baby's first year alone. By the time junior reaches 18, the average middle-income family will spend $160,140, according to recent government calculations. That doesn't even touch college tuition. Ouch!

Children are priceless, but raising them is probably the most expensive thing a parent will ever do.

But there's good news. One of the few times companies are eager to hand out free things is when someone is having a baby!

When author, Sue Hannah found out that she was expecting twins, she couldn't wait for their arrival. But feeling the financial strain that goes along with being a new parent (times two), she was definitely a little nervous.

Desperate to find extra help for her expanding family, she contacted almost every company that manufactured baby items. She scoured through parenting magazines, searched the Internet and made phone calls until her husband thought she was suffering a pregnancy-induced craze. He claimed she couldn’t get something for nothing. Boy, was he wrong!

She was surprised to find out that many companies offered free stuff to new and expecting parents--and with no obligation to buy anything! She received hundreds of dollars worth of fabulous freebies for herself and her Babies, Toddlers, Kids & Childrens, including free diapers, baby wipes, baby food, baby bibs, bottles, free gift packs, parenting starter kits, free parenting videos and software, coupons, parenting books and magazines, and tons of free samples in the mail, all from well-known companies like Huggies, Gerber, Heinz, Nestlé Carnation, Johnson & Johnson, and many more.

"It was really exciting to receive free stuff in the mail", says Hannah. "These companies were eager to respond to my requests for free samples and promotional items and within a couple of weeks of contacting them, my mailbox was flooded with valuable free stuff--and with no obligation to buy anything! I could hardly wait to see what my mailman brought me in the mail each day! I filled up three large storage bins with free stuff for my twins, and saved a ton of money!”

After receiving a flood of free stuff in the mail, Hannah decided to compile her contacts and listings into an awesome book, Free Stuff For Baby!, consisting of toll-free numbers that parents could call to request free stuff, company addresses where parents could write to request free stuff, as well as Internet websites where parents could register online to request free stuff for themselves and their baby. And what a success that book has been! Hannah has recently appeared on several television programs promoting her new book, including, "Northwest Afternoon" (KomoTV/Seattle), "Your Morning" (Comcast), “Canada AM”, “Breakfast Television", to name a few. Her articles have appeared in tons of parenting magazines, including “Fit Pregnancy”, “Today's Parent”, “Work & Family“, and many more!

For those “new or expecting” parents who are reading this article today, Hannah has offered to give you a sneak preview of her new book, "Free Stuff For Baby!", in the form of an awesome, 101-page e-book called "The Best of Baby Freebies", that contains hundreds of listings of companies that offer free stuff to new and expecting parents in the U.S. and Canada....FREE!! Details are available at the website.

Hannah’s final words of advice: "Join as many mailing lists as you can to take advantage of what these companies have to offer. Enjoy your baby. Cherish every moment!”

Note: When contacting these companies, ask to be put on their mailing list to receive free promotional items for new and expecting parents. If you are expecting multiples, be sure to mention that in your correspondence with them.

Check out Sue Hannah's website at, where you can sign up for these and many other free baby offers online. Simple, Fast....and FREE!!

1. Pampers (Procter & Gamble)
In the United States or Canada, call 800-543-0480, 800-726-7377
U.S. Website: (click on "")
Canadian Website: (click on “coupons and special offers”)
Call the above-listed number to be put on the company mailing list to receive sample products and disposable diaper coupons. Call again after the baby is born to receive further offers. Pampers will also send out occasional mailings and coupons at the different stages of your baby’s development. When you register online at, you will receive a free newsletter, a $10.00 New Registration Coupon Book, private product previews and samples from Pampers, as well as special offers from other Procter & Gamble brands.

2. Huggies (Kimberly-Clark Corporation)
In the United States or Canada, call 800-544-1847
Call, or sign up online to join Huggies’ mailing list for new and expecting parents where you will receive coupons for Huggies diapers, wipes, and other promotional items and free samples
that they are offering at the time.

3. Johnson & Johnson
In the United States, call 800-526-3967
In Canada, call 800-361-8068
U.S. Website:
Canadian Website:
Parents can call the above-listed number to receive a free Baby Care Basics brochure with valuable coupons, as well as to receive occasional mailings from time to time with further offers from Johnson & Johnson. You can also attend at the Johnson's Baby Website to sign up for their free personalized newsletter, as well as special offers. When you sign up, you will automatically be entered for a chance to win a diaper bag filled with $50 worth of Johnson’s Baby products. There is one winner each month. Good luck! Residents of Canada can call Johnson & Johnson to receive a “New Parent’s Pack” with free samples, coupons, and literature.

4. Bright Beginnings
Bright Beginnings, the fastest-growing baby formula in the United States, is offering a free sample of Bright Beginnings baby formula, coupons & more. Residents of the U.S. can sign up online at the Bright Beginnings website.

5. Nestlé Infant Nutrition
In the United States, call 800-242-5200
In Canada, call 800-387-5536
U.S. Website:
Canadian Website: (click on “Good Start Magazine”)
Call to join Very Best Baby to receive a free 6-month subscription to The Very Best Baby magazine, as well as to receive free money-saving checks for Nestle Infant Nutrition products. You can also register online to join the Very Best Baby at the above-listed Website. When you register online, you can choose to receive an assortment of free benefits.
Residents of Canada can call the above-listed number to receive a FREE subscription to the Nestlé Baby Magazine for expecting and new moms. Along with your free magazine subscription, you will receive valuable coupons, free samples of infant formula and baby cereal (if you choose), plus information and savings on special products for new parents. You can also subscribe online to the Nestle Baby Magazine by visiting the website listed above.

6. Similac Welcome Addition Club
In the United States, call 800-BABYLINE (press #1)
In Canada, call 800-518-CLUB
U.S. Website:
Canadian Website: (click on "Join the Club")
Call the above-listed toll-free number, or attend at the Website listed above to join "The Similac Welcome Addition Club". Member benefits include money-saving discounts, free samples of Similac Infant Formulas, periodic newsletters containing expert pregnancy and parenting advice, or other gifts. Residents of Canada can call the toll-free number, or write to the address listed above to join the “Welcome Addition Club” to receive coupons, free samples, and a free gift for your baby.

7. Enfamil Family Beginnings (Mead Johnson Nutritionals)
In the United States, call: 800-BABY-123 (press #6)
In Canada, call 800-361-6323
Canadian Website:
The “Enfamil Family Be
ginnings” program is a free program that is brought to you by Mead Johnson. Call the above-listed toll-free number to take part in the program and receive valuable retail checks and special offers. You can also register online at the above-listed Website to join the “Enfamil Family Beginnings” program.
Attend at to print out a page to pack in your suitcase and give to your nurse at the hospital when your baby arrives to receive a free diaper bag and other free samples.(Offer available at participating hospitals.)
Residents of Canada can call to receive discounts on baby formula, and to join the “Enfamil First Connections" program. When you join “Enfamil First Connections", you'll receive a keepsake box with a free product sample and coupons, informational brochures, & more. You can also register online at the above-listed Website to join “Enfamil First Connections”.

8. Gerber Products Company
In the United States & Canada, call 800-4GERBER
U.S. Website:
Canadian Website:
Call to receive coupons for baby food, a free informational booklet, and a free baby spoon. Check out Gerber’s Website to receive up to $50 in valuable coupons for Gerber products, special offers, free samples and more when you join “Growing Up Gerber”.

9. H.J. Heinz Company
In the United States, call 800-USA-BABY (press #2)
In Canada, call 800-565-2100
Call the above-listed number to receive a free feeding booklet with discount coupons, as well as other free promotional offers from Heinz. Residents of Canada can call the above-noted number to participate in the “Children’s Miracle Network” program, a label-saving program where you can collect and send in the labels/box tops from any Heinz baby product. Through the Children’s Miracle Network, Heinz will make a donation of 6 cents for each label collected to a local participating children’s hospital.

10. American Baby Magazine
U.S. Website: on "baby & toddler")
Get a FREE subscription to American Baby magazine! Are you a new or expecting parent? Do you know someone who is expecting a baby or who has a baby under 1 year of age? Check out Hannah's website at for tons of baby freebies and parenting resources!

***For more baby freebies, don't forget to check out Sue Hannah's website at where parents can sign up for these and other terrific baby freebies. SIMPLE, FAST.....AND FREE!!!


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