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Planning a baby shower

Planning a baby shower can be really fun. You can create your own party as you wish. You can either go traditional or put a little humor to your event. You can choose whatever theme you want. Unleash your creativity. The main goal is simply to have your baby shower unforgettable and fun for everyone

Baby Shower

<br>Who doesn’t get excited when a baby is on its way? Aside from their caring mothers, everyone in the family gets that certain thrill. Welcoming yet another being in this beautiful world comes with a certain joy. So how else can you celebrate a soon-to-be-child arrival? Have a blast with a baby shower party. <br><br>Planning a baby shower can be really fun. You can create your own party as you wish. You can either go traditional or put a little humor to your event. You can choose whatever theme you want. Unleash your creativity. The main goal is simply to have your baby shower unforgettable and fun for everyone. <br><br>To get you started, the tips below can absolutely help you with the steps of creating that perfect baby shower party for you. <br><br>
<b>Be prepared</b><br>Plan ahead of time. It is best to hold baby showers either on the seventh or eighth month of pregnancy. <br><br>
<b>Look for a perfect location.</b><br>You can opt to have your house or the backyard as your event area. If you have an extravagant budget you can scout for convenient party places which can hold your guests. <br><br>
<b>Set the right date and time</b><br>Be sure to check out your guests’ availability, from there schedule where most of your expected guests can be free. Set a date that could easily fit to their other engagements. <br><br>
<b>Think of the perfect theme </b> <br>There are hundreds of baby shower themes that you can choose from. Popular choices are teddies, cartoon themes, or balloons. The possibilities are endless. <br> <br>
<b>Surprise her</b><br>To make the party more momentous, you can make a surprise baby shower for the guest of honor. Consult her close and relatives when preparing your guest list.<br><br>
<b>Impress with invitations </b> <br>Send out invitations at least three weeks before the event. Match your invitations with the theme of the party itself with the theme of the party itself. Be sure that the invitations contain all vital information like date, time and sketched- up location. Be creative in de
signing your invitations.<br><br>
<b>Have fun with games </b> <br>Games can give amusement to any party. Your baby shower would definitely be a hit if you have enthusiastic participation from the guests. Remember to buy prices for the winners. <br><br>
<b>Feast on good food </b> <br>You can either decide to cook food for your guests, order from a nearby fast food or restaurant or hire professional caterers. Take note of the expected number of guests that you will have. You don’t want to end up with one or two guest without a meal.<br><br>
<b>Jazz up and decorate </b> <br>Make your venues appealing by adding items that go with your baby shower theme like balloons or toys. Just don’t over do it. It is important to have at least one centerpiece at the site. Flowers will make good centerpiece or cute baby accessories that you can purchase on specialty stores. <br><br>
<b>Coordinate gifts </b> <br>During baby showers, it is a common thing to have cribs or strollers in doubles or in three’s. To avoid this, you can make us of a registry list which a rundown of specified gifts you might use. Don’t you worry; your guests would appreciate it if their gifts would come unique and more usable for you and your baby. <br><br>Planning your baby shower should be a lot of fun. The excitement of doing the preparation step by step builds up as the big day comes. And even more fulfillment is yet to come, when your little baby arrives soon! <br><br>Baby Showers Revealed normally sells for $47.77, but you get an instant $27.00 rebate. So, you can get it at a discounted price of $19.97 for a limited time only. If you are not satisfied with this product, there is a 100% Money-Back Guarantee for 90 days! Along with this book, a 5-part e-course on baby showers is also available for a limited time only. You can order at
<a href="http://www.BabyShowerPlanning.net">http://www.BabyShowerPlanning.net</a><br>


Planning a Baby Shower For Her

Planning a baby shower can be a daunting task if you're not prepared. Get organized with this guide to planning a baby shower.

planning a baby shower, baby showers

Your best friend just called you and told you the good news - she is pregnant! After you get over the initial shock and excitement, your next move is probably to begin planning a shower for her. There are many things to think about when planning a shower for someone - the guest list, decorations, games, refreshments - the list goes on and on.

Although most everyone loves a surprise party, you want to consider asking the mom-to-be's opinion when planning her shower. There may be certain people she would like to invite and certain things she wants (such as a certain theme for the shower). Plus, at this point in her pregnancy, the mom-to-be may be freaking out about the baby's impending birth, so another surprise might not be what she needs a the moment.


Find out a good date and time for the shower as well as where she would like to have it. The location of the shower may depend on the size of the guest list. If you are only inviting a few friends, you should volunteer to have it at your house if possible. Some people who have larger showers may need to find another location such as a church, a conference room at work, a restaurant (in a closed off area), or a country club. If you are having the shower during months with pretty weather, you might even consider having it outside, although you should always consider the comfort of the mom-to-be.

Guest List

The guest list for a shower is very important. You want to include all the important people in your friend's life. A great way to decide on the list is to ask your friend to meet you somewhere nice for a relaxing lunch and while there, you can go over the list. Or, maybe treat her to having a pedicure and you can talk about it while you have your nails done. Just be sure to have her bring her address book so you can get the addresses you need. You should let her decide whether it is going to be a girl's only shower or a shower for everyone. If she would like the father-to-be there, he may be more comfortable with other men around, so con
sider inviting her brothers, father, stepfather, uncles and any other men she would like to have there. Since she probably has a lot of her mind, try and help her think of people she would like to invite from places such as work, high school, college, or church.


The mom-to-be may already be registered somewhere, but if not, try to encourage her to do so. She can register online at many places such as Wal-Mart and Target, so she doesn't even have to leave home to do it. This will give the guests a good idea of what she needs and prevent her from getting three strollers. Be sure to include her registry information in the invitations for guests.


Once you get the guest list set, you will need to choose invitations. Again, these depend on the size of the shower. If you are only having a few people, you may want to purchase invitations at a local party store and hand address each envelope. However, if you are having a larger shower, you may want to order engraved invitations from somewhere that will do all the addressing for you. No matter what you decide, be sure to involve the mom-to-be in the process of choosing.


Once the invitations go out, you need to plan the actual shower. Again, consult the mom-to-be on this. Do you want to do a theme for the party decorations? If you know if it is going to be a boy or a girl, this is a great idea. If you don't know what it is going to be, you can always go with a generic theme like Disney or Blues Clues. Some people like showers that include games and some do not, so you will need to ask her about this. You will also need to decide what type of food to serve. You may want to serve a full meal, appetizers or just cake and desserts. Again, take the mom-to-be into consideration. If she has been having awful heartburn, you may not want to serve spicy entrees. Also, some pregnant women develop gestational diabetes and may be on strict diets. And don't forget drinks - do you want punch, soda, or tea?

Miscellaneous things to think about include keeping tabs on how many people plan to attend, photography (if you have a digital camera, this works great), assigning someone to write down gifts and names, and cleaning up afterwards. Don't forget to figure out how the mom-to-be will get all her gifts home. If the father-to-be is there, he can load and unload stuff, but if not, you may want to assign someone to follow her home with the gifts or volunteer to bring them over later yourself.

There is a lot of planning to a baby shower, but in the end, your friend will enjoy it and love you for having one for her.


Planning A Baby Shower From Start To Finish

Planning a baby shower is one of the loveliest gifts you can provide a mother to be. But where do you start?

If you are a first time planner or an experienced planner, you can benefit by following some simple strategies to ensure your baby shower goes off without a hitch.

Here’s what the experts recommend when it comes to baby shower planning:

1) Decide when the shower should be held. Most are held before the baby comes but some mom’s are superstitious and would pref...

Planning a baby shower is one of the loveliest gifts you can provide a mother to be. But where do you start?

If you are a first time planner or an experienced planner, you can benefit by following some simple strategies to ensure your baby shower goes off without a hitch.

Here’s what the experts recommend when it comes to baby shower planning:

1) Decide when the shower should be held. Most are held before the baby comes but some mom’s are superstitious and would prefer a shower be held after baby’s arrival. Be sure you check in first to plan accordingly.

2) Decide where the shower will be held. Usually this is a location other than the mom to be’s home.

3) Decide who should be invited. If you are hosting, you should always ask the mom to be who she wants invited before you make a list. You may find she wants a co-ed party or a small family only affair. Be sure you check in with her before you get started.

4) Send out invitations and be sure to include R.S.V.P. information and baby registry information.
You’ll want to know exactly how many people are coming and your guests will want to know where they can buy the guest of honor some great gifts.

5) Decide on a theme. This doesn’t have to be anything elaborate. It can even be as simple as ‘pink’ if the mom is having a girl. You might consider asking the mom to be, she might have a theme in mind. This will help you plan decorations.

6) Order a cake or decide on the type of cake you want to make. A cake is a must have for all baby showers.

7) Plan on having some appetizers for guests. You don’t have to provide a full meal, but snacks are a nice touch.

8) Pick a few baby games out so you have something to do during the party. You can find hundreds of baby shower games on line.

Once you have planned all of these essential steps, the rest of the baby shower is easy! You simply need to set up house, decorate and welcome your guest of honor on their big day.

Most baby showers last about two to three hours. The first ½ hour or so guests can spend mingling and munching on goodies. You can then spend another ½ hour playing a couple of games.
Then allow your guest of honor to open her gifts! Be prepared to write down who all the gifts came from so your mom can send thank you notes.

After the gifts are open, usually guests have some cake, mingle some more and then leave. You might consider having some party favors available for guests. A great idea is mini baby bottles filled with jelly beans or some other inexpensive treat!

The most important thing to remember about baby shower planning is that everyone should have a good time. Sit back, relax and don’t stress about minor details. Most people are just looking for a good laugh and some time to pat mom to be’s growing belly!

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