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Planning for Baby Showers - Pregnancy Result and it is all systems go

Why babies need attention in other ways. A Baby Shower Party is the best way of announcing that your baby is here and here to stay.

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A positive pregnancy test result sends a signal to close friends and family that it is all systems go for the holding of a baby shower party for the expectant mother. Baby Showers are parties that are held to celebrate the new edition expected at a later date. Shower parties and the planning of them have dramatically changed over the years.

A lot of thought goes behind the event. Through out the early months of pregnancy the expectant mother rests while the party is carefully organized by the select chosen few. In the past Baby Showers were usually arranged by non relatives but that has all changed. Mother-to-be is the only person who does not get involved with the preparations.

Knowing who to invite can be difficult, once upon a time the only inclusion on the invite list was that of immediate family. You can approach mum-to-be on this part but if it is to be a surprise celebration then you will have to scout around and do a little homework on who to invite. The birth of every baby born into the same fami
ly is now celebrated with a Baby Shower party. Traditionally it was the first born that was recognised in this manner.

Gatherings for the first born normally had more guests attending the baby shower party than that of the second or third child. Intimacy prevails at baby showers so try your best to keep your friends as close knit as they get. Different ways of sending invitations is best checked out. Email or the telephonel are two ways for inviting but the nicest and more appropriate is to send a personalized invitation card this way the guest gets to keep a little memento of the day.

Guys and dolls in unison work together when making babies but what of the men at baby shower parties. This type of occasion intends to have more feminine evolvement but if guys feel comfortable with this then so be it.

Where the event should be held and celebrated is entirely up to you, a popular choice is in back gardens, but venues like halls, restaurants are as much appropriate for on the day of the baby shower. Depending on your list of guests the size of the venue will have to be taken into account for comfort for all attending.

The best time to throw a Baby Shower party is at least two months before the baby is expected to make his/her appearance. This gives people chance that come bearing gifts enough time to make their donations in hope that mum-to-be has not already purchased the same items.

Baby Showers for expecting mothers are a lovely and thoughtful surprise therefore less stress for the expectant mum when it comes to organizing events as such.
A properly coordinated baby shower will leave guests with memories of a phenomenal and everlasting day/night to remember. Memories relate to something that happened in the past that you recall and reminisce about but if they are FOND memories then they will remain in your thoughts every day from that day on.


Make Your Baby Shower Ideas Special - 6 Golden Tips for Planning A Baby Shower (Part One)

If you're pulling your hair out as where are the most creative baby shower ideas that turn your party into a really special and exciting celebration for the soon-to-be-parents, then follow my 6 golden tips here. You will soon find out that planning a baby shower is just a snap and full of fun.

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Trying hard in finding some extra special baby shower ideas?

Easy, easy.

Everything on this planet can be done in a very simple way - So are your baby showers.

You don't have to be Martha Stewart to host a Shower.

However, if you're pulling your hair out as how to turn your baby shower into a really special and exciting celebration for the soon-to-be-parents, follow my 3 golden tips below.

You will soon find out that planning a baby shower is just a snap and full of fun.

Golden Tip 1: Let Your Imagination Flow

Do you have the desire for something a little more elaborate and unique? If the answer is yes, you may need a few baby shower ideas' triggers.

I can't imagine a baby shower without energy and creativities. If, for any reason, you are not able to come up with any creative ideas, I would suggest you to think out the box.

My suggestion is that don't keep your imagination only stay with the topic of baby shower. Think big and thing something could create a special time that will live in everyone's memories for years to come.

I'm not saying that you should turn your Shower into a cover story on the next issue of Parenting or American Baby. If you can, congratulations!

But for many of our people, we're all surrounded by all kinds of free information about love, family, and generations on TV, magazines, newspaper, and outdoor advertisements. Speak them with your friends and families, and see if they can come up with some special baby shower ideas.

For example, you can have a celebration of the entire family and their heritage especially with the soon-to-be-grandparents. You can even be creative to include some of your close friends in your guest list, and play games include friends sharing trivia about their own families, like famous relatives, traditions, or a funny family story.

Golden Tip 2: Learn from Other Party Experiences.

As someone once said, "The best way to have a great idea is to have a lot of good ideas." It works the same way to find unique baby shower ideas.

Lots of  baby shower hostesses don't realize that the most creative baby shower ideas lie somewhere deep in their mind. They just don't know it.

I mean, we've all spent hours coming up with birthday parties, family reunions, weddings, and even holidays like Halloween and Christmas. Once the party is over, however, all that energy and all those ideas usually just dwindle away.

Think about this: If you can get out the party photos somehow find their way into a forgotten folder on your computer's hard drive or hidden inside a photo album somewhere, you can simply put an end to all the wasting of your time.

Golden Tip 3: If You Can, Throw A Coed Baby Shower and Assign A Male Co-host.

Not only celebrities in L.A tend to ahead of the curve when it come to trends, a famous baby site also reports that nearly half of baby showers now are coed parties.

Especially with busy soon-to-be-Moms, like business owner, company executives, and celebrities, there is often a Mr. Mom at home who expects to fully participate in the baby shower. And of course, their male buddies.

Beside, dad-to-be plays a very big role during the pregnancy and in the new baby's life, why should you get the new mom to celebrate on her own?

Of course, hosting a coed baby shower is more than just putting the male guests on the inviting list. Some shower hostesses even worry that guys would not attend such a party where participants play games such as Round-the-Tummy.

If you could not stand the thought of seeing their bored unhappy faces, my suggestion is to ask one of them to give you a hand.

In fact, the male co-host can provide big help from choosing the stylish color invitation, to picking up the dad-friendly baby shower ideas and games, and guiding the men to check gift registry as they often don't know what to buy for the baby-to-come.

The best co-host candidate: the soon-to-be-grandpa or any male guest who has the experiences of baby shower or the pregnancy process.


Parties Are For Fun Not Fights - Planning Tips For A Baby Shower

Baby showers and careful planning are a compatible duo together for giving successful endings to special occasions.

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We are having a baby are those precious words uttered which excites just as many other people besides the future parents and we all know the reason why. This is where we get the chance to put on our glad rags and celebrate the happy news with a baby shower party. It is at these celebrations where we are given the opportunity to express our feelings personally.

You get to say what you feel and give a gift at a baby shower normally about the time of seven months into the mothers pregnancy. Time flies by so start organizing your self now for the big occasion that lies ahead. Gather tips on how to plan a successful baby shower party. The host will go to the ends of the earth to search for tips and ideas to make the event a memorable one and most important will plan accordingly so not to come against last minute hitches.
There are no set rules to adhere too when planning a baby shower but a little guidance and a few tips on prepaperation will surely help the occasion to run smooth.

Deciding on a location is one of the first matters to be dealt with besides the sending of invitations. Normally as a rule baby showers were held at the future parents home but this could be a problem if the size of your guest list is the length of the china wall. If this being the case then larger premises will have to be sought after. It is known that guests are more comfortable with the smaller intimate surroundings where they mingle with the happy couples friends and family members. However this is catch 22 situation because you have those who love the big venue - all action packed and full of fun. Ask the parents about the guest invites and try to make judgment from there this can also save unnecessary embarrassment.

If the love of an outdoor celebration excites you then so be it. A garden barbecue can mark the event. To lighten the load of all the hassle in arranging an outside baby shower party the host has other options to choose from like reserving a private area in a restaurant. This may incur more expense but at least you have a guarantee of tasty food which makes it all worth while. An added bonus is no Cinderella chores to attend to after.

If you intend on having a theme then channel it in the direction of the expectant parents favourite films, activities or hobbies. Another fabulous tip is to adorn the party place with mementos of their honeymoon or other little things relating to the couple - keep these mementos happy ones - this is a party for fun not for fights
Baby showers are jolly and festive events that you can cherish memories of for ever. Tips on planning a baby shower and the success of it boils down to the edibles. Hosts would normally serve up tasty convenient foods. When I say convenient it means easy to clear away making more time for fun games and announcements. The food menu can be a cold running buffet consisting of pastries, chicken legs and cheese straws. A sit down meal is sometimes served by the host organizing the baby shower

Activities like the games programme at a baby shower can change the whole atmosphere and mood. So if you are game and up for having a good time then go knock them dead with your ideas. The guest will show their gratitude when they raise their glass to TOAST TO THE HOST


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