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Nursing Bras Provide You And Your Baby Extra Comfort!

If you are breastfeeding your baby, then nursing Bras are vital. This bra is very comfortable when feeding your baby since it allows easy access to your breast.

bras, sports bra, nursing bra, plus size bra,

If you are breastfeeding your baby, then nursing Bras are vital. This bra is very comfortable when feeding your baby since it allows easy access to your breast.

How Do They Work?

These bras have a fastening between the cups or may have zips under each cup or sometimes, a fastening on the shoulder strap at the top of the cups, to release the cups down. The bra as a whole may be made up of a stretchy material which is easy for you to pull down, so you can feed your baby by just pulling it open.

You may find that feeding your baby while wearing a Wireless bra is a lot more comfortable than feeding with an Underwire bra. Bras that have flaps are also found to be easier when feeding. The baby can easily access your breast without any restriction.

So How Do You Choose?

Nursing bras should be made up of a high cotton content material, since they help in keeping your breasts cool. You should have wide straps that should not slip from your shoulder and of course, they must give you good support.

You should choose a bra that fits you very well, since ill-fitting bras will not only be a source of great discomfort but will also affect your milk production.

The last 2-4 weeks of your pregnancy is the best time for you to go shopping for nursing bras. This is a good time to buy, as your breasts would now be ready with milk for the newborn. You can get expert suggestions for selecting the correct fitting bra.

The design should be very simple. A netted design or lace design may look fancy but you may feel some pain when your nipples get entangled in the net or lace.


Breast Pumps: Using Cues For A Faster Let-Down

A breastfeeding mother can associate certain cues with her let-down or milk ejection reflex while nursing her baby. This will enable her to have quicker let-downs while using a breast pump.

breast, pumps, let-down, breastfeeding, milk, infant, feeding, baby

<p>Did you know using a <i>breast pump</i> to express milk for your infant can be a learned skill? </p>

<p><b>One of the challenges pumping mothers face is to elicit a let-down or their milk ejection reflex in a reasonable amount of time.</b> </p>

<p>Breast pumps and your baby do not remove milk from your breast by suction alone. Compression and stimulation to your breast, and specifically to the areola and nipple, causes a message to be sent to your body to cause the muscles within the breast to contract, ejecting the milk in what is commonly called “the let-down.” Even with all the recent innovations in breast pumps, your body can tell the difference between an infant feeding and a breast pump at work.</p>
<p><b>If you can associate your let-down with an action you can control--a stimulus or a cue--you can reduce the time it takes for let-down to occur with or without your baby’s help.</b> </p>
<p>You may remember the research of Dr. Ivan Pavlov, who would ring a bell every time food was presented to adog. In time the dog would salivate on cue at the mere sound of the bell. </p>
<p><b>How does this translate to breastfeeding and breast pumping? You can use cues to program your milk to let down.
<p>You can choose cues that are more meaningful than a bell ringing and that can serve a double purpose such as keeping you hydrated, comfortable or relaxed. Your chosen cues can incorporate your five senses. Their effect is more potent if used before let-down and at the beginning of when your milk lets down while you are nursing your baby. Then you can repeat these same cues in an entirely different setting when you are using your breast pump in the absence of your baby.</p>
<p>Here are some examples of cues:</p>
<li><b>Use your breastfeeding pillow</b>--the kind worn around your waist--with your baby, and when you use a breast pump, you can also use it to support your back or the collection bottles.<br>
<li><b>Have the same thing to drink</b>, like herb tea or water, in the same cup or sport bottle. Avoid excessive caffeine, which can increase baby fussiness and anything hot enough to scald baby. Accidents happen.<br>
<li><b>Hum or sing</b> a favorite song. Make up a “milk-letting-down” song. Sometimes silliness can be effective. <br>
<li><b>Mentally record this program to play back in your mind when you are using your breast pump.
</b>Watch your baby nursing. Mentally note the changing sucking pattern and the jaw movements. Note the quick bursts at the start followed by longer draws as the milk lets down. Observe the tingling sensation in the breast if that is what you experience. Watch the little muscle wiggling in front of his ear. Hear and feel the little puff of air from his nose as he swallows.
<li><b>Make a sound recording</b> of your baby fussing before nursing, followed by the settling in noises and feeding sounds. Use a portable player with headphones to listen to it privately when you are breast pumping. You could also try a playlist of relaxing music.<br>
<li><b>Touch and smell clothing</b> or a blanket with baby’s unique scent on it. When using your breast pump, have the clothing ready in a sealed plastic bag and open it, touch it, and smell it<br>
<li><b>Looking at a picture of your baby</b> is some common advice. Have you seen how the top-of-the-line breast pump kits will have a transparent pocket for your baby’s picture? More helpful perhaps would be to have several pictures of your baby including some taken from your point of view, over your shoulder, while nursing.<br>
<li><b>Sit in the same chair</b> and room where you do most of your breastfeeding when you are breast pumping at home.</li>
<p>Knowing that you can improve on your breast pumping skills is good news. By associating your let-down with cues you can reduce the time it takes to express your breast milk. Typically mothers will find they get better with practice and repetition without making any conscious effort to improve at all. </p>

<br><bDisclaimer: None of the content above should be construed as medical advice and all breastfeeding mothers should strive to educate themselves as much as possible from multiple sources and consult with doctors and lactation specialists as needed.</br>
<br >Notice: This article may be copied “as is” as long as this notice and this live link to <a href="">the breast pump information at The Baby Loves Your Milk website </a> are preserved. Request permission first from before making changes or additions.</b></br>


Bringing Up A Baby – Balancing Discipline And Love

I think few would disagree that one of the essentials of baby care comes in the form of love. Apart from the obvious need of sustenance to survive, love comes at the top of a baby’s needs, and that continues right through childhood into the teenage years. Most teenagers would not admit it; most young children struggle to express it; and babies cannot express it. But, children of any age need love.

Something else that is needed throughout a child’s upbringing is discipline;...

baby care,baby,love,discipline,bringing up baby,looking after baby,teaching baby

I think few would disagree that one of the essentials of baby care comes in the form of love. Apart from the obvious need of sustenance to survive, love comes at the top of a baby’s needs, and that continues right through childhood into the teenage years. Most teenagers would not admit it; most young children struggle to express it; and babies cannot express it. But, children of any age need love.

Something else that is needed throughout a child’s upbringing is discipline; a sensible level of discipline from which the child will benefit throughout their adult lives. The application of discipline can seem to become more difficult as a child gets older, in direct proportion to the child’s ability to express themselves assertively. In reality, though, applying discipline to a baby can be every bit as difficult, because it is a much more subtle and less obvious process.

A teenager ignoring your 10pm curfew is a blatant discipline problem. To some, a one year old baby crying because they are being taken from their toys to have a bath and go to bed, is not even about discipline, and they may not think of it as such. They love the baby, want it to be happy and, despite knowing that the baby should sleep, feel pity and put her back with her toys.

Does a Baby Need Discipline?

Discipline with a child is usually about testing boundaries; the boundaries of what they are allowed to doand what they are not allowed to do. If they do not like the answer, they protest and test again; and again. If the boundary they are trying to break gives way easily, it encourages them to go back and do it again.

If the boundary holds firm, with a consistent parent being calmly unbending, then the baby or infant will give up…..eventually. Patience and consistency are vital to the discipline, otherwise the baby will become confused; they will not learn what is acceptable and what is not, if one day you give into their protests, and on another day you do not.

In the example above, the baby has successfully used tears to get their way against the parent’s better judgement. Bath and bed time have been delayed, with a two fold result. Firstly, she will not sleep at the time that is best for her, and she will become crotchety and over tired, and cry even louder with the next attempt to put her to bed. Secondly, her success at preventing the bath will bolster her for next time; she has learnt that yelling will get her own way.

About a decade ago, while I still lived in the UK, there was a study into teenagers, to find out what it was they most needed to make their lives happier and better. More than half said they really wanted more discipline; yes, “wanted”.

Discipline has been allowed to evaporate across some Western societies, with a result that teenagers have felt that there is an absence of necessary discipline in their lives. However, there is no need to allow your baby to become just one more in the statistics of undisciplined children.

Does a baby need discipline? In my opinion, and based on my own experience, the answer is a resounding “yes”.

Can Love and Discipline Mix?

From the perspective of a “second time around” parent, I would say that not only do love and discipline mix, they are mutually essential. Working from home, I have been able to observe our baby daughter for two years. I have also been here all the time to apply “discipline” and to provide heaps of love, affection and cuddles.

I am of the view that love is not only an essential for a happy baby, it also the parents’ most powerful weapon when it comes to discipline. How can that be? By threatening to withdraw your love if the baby is naughty?

No, there is no need to make any threats at all. The baby needs love and they adore their parents. You are, in the main, their life. As they recognize you are not happy when they do something wrong, what will discipline them in the end is their deep desire for you to be happy with them, to praise them, and to show your love for them.

If a baby’s naughtiness threatens their ideal world, by observing the negative effect on you, the baby will learn to steer things back onto a course where you are happy with them, praise them again, and show your love. They will not only say they are sorry, they will mean it, because they truly are. To that extent, discipline becomes self discipline by the baby if there is enough love in the home to make them yearn for that love more than anything else.

I am not saying disciplining any baby is easy, but with sufficient love it can be a relatively smooth process if you see things from the baby’s point of view, and understand that the baby, deep down, wants to please you more than anything else.


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