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Bettor Up! It’s Baseball Season!

Are you ready for some baseball? Some baseball, you said! It’s a 7-month, 162-game season, which means there’s plenty of opportunity to place your wagers. In fact, from April 4th through October there’s rarely a day on the calendar that doesn’t have at least a few MLB games.

Along with the large volume of games, there comes a variety of betting choices. Basic bets include the money line, run line and over/under, while numerous propositions are also offered. As with any oth...

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Are you ready for some baseball? Some baseball, you said! It’s a 7-month, 162-game season, which means there’s plenty of opportunity to place your wagers. In fact, from April 4th through October there’s rarely a day on the calendar that doesn’t have at least a few MLB games.

Along with the large volume of games, there comes a variety of betting choices. Basic bets include the money line, run line and over/under, while numerous propositions are also offered. As with any other type of sportsbook wagering, many of these bets can be parlayed in an attempt to increase your return.


The most common baseball wager is the money line. A typical money line for baseball would look like this:

Florida Marlins D. Willis+120
New York Mets T. Glavine-130

The top team is the away team. Next to each team the scheduled starting pitcher is listed. The plus symbol in front of the number indicates this team is the underdog, while the minus symbol denotes the favorite. The home team in a wager is always listed below or last, unless otherwise noted.

With the money line above, for every $10 you wager on the Marlins, if they win, you’d get $12 plus your original wager of $10 for a total return of $22. In putting money on the Mets, you would have to wager $13 to win $10 for a total return of $23. In wagering on baseball, for the bet to have action the starting pitchers listed must start the game, otherwise all bets are off and returned.


The run line combines the money line with a point spread, which is usually set at 1 ½ runs. Point spreads are used to even the playing field and to make wagering just a bit trickier. The run line also incorporates the money line, which means the payoff varies according to the line. The money line has changed due to the point spread, but the point spread is what counts here, making the Mets the favored club. A typical run line for the game between Florida and NY would be:

Florida Marlins + 1 ½ -190
New York Mets -1 ½ +165

This means if you put money on Florida, they can lose by a run and you still win. The bookmaker has spotted Florida one-and-a-half runs. If you place a wager on the Mets, they’ll have to win by 2 runs in order for you to collect. If the final score is Florida 3, New York 4, those who placed cash on the Marlins win. Mets’ bettors are left needing another run for their team to win and to get a return on their investment.

However, note how the point spread changes the money line. With the run line you must wager $19 to win $10 and get a total return of $29 on Florida. In betting the Mets, a $10 bet will yield $16 and a return of $26. By favoring one team over the other with the point spread, you now have to wager more to get a return on the underdog and less to receive money on the favorite.


The over/under bet is based on the number of runs both teams will score in one game. The over/under on the Marlins and Mets might be listed as 7 ½. If you bet the over on this contest that means you’re putting cash on the chance that more than seven runs will be scored by both teams. Placing money on the under will only result in a payoff if the total runs scored totals less than 7. The payoff is indicated by yet another money line. Along with analyzing each team’s offense, bookmakers consider the pitchers involved. With Dontrelle Willis (LHP) on the mound for the Marlins and Tom Glavine (LHP) taking the ball for the Mets, the over might be -110 and the under +120. In this scenario, the expected result is under 6 runs. Winning on the under with a $12 bet will increase your cash by $10 for a total return of $22, while hitting on the over with a $10 wager, you’ll win $11 for a return of $21.

Usually with any baseball wager the following rules apply:

* The starting pitchers who are listed must start the game or there is no action.
* The game must go nine innings (or 8 ½ if the home team is ahead) or there is no action.

When putting together all the online betting options on this game, you’ll usually see something like this:

6:05 pm Pitchers RunLine Total MoneyLn
959 Florida Marlins D. Willis -R-190-120 +120
960 New York Mets T. Glavine -R -1½ +165 7 ½ +110 -130


A parlay bet involves combining the outcomes of two or more bets in a single wager. One type of parlay might string together the outcomes of three different games in one $20 wager. For the parlay to payoff, you must win all of your bets. If you’re wrong on even one of your choices, you lose. You may parlay within one game, amongst various contests or amongst various sports, combining baseball, basketball, and NASCAR wagers.

People like to parlay their bets because the payoffs are much higher than on individual wagers. Your return is larger due to the fact that with a parlay you are automatically reinvesting your winnings. A $10 wager may have a $16 payoff, but using that same $10 bet in a parlay that includes 3 wagers would result in a payoff of approximately $120. Although the risk is certainly greater, many bettors feel the chance of garnering a greater return is worth it.


Propositions or “props” are bets that focus on one specific aspect of the game or an entire season. Prop bets include two or more outcomes and are not related to the final score of a game. Wagers on who will win the batting crown, whether or not anyone will hit .400 or better, and how many pitchers will win 20 or more games this year are all examples of props. Other propositions include putting money on whether or not Mark McGwire will be elected to the Hall of Fame in 2007, whether or not Barry Bonds will break Hank Aarons’ homerun record, and who will get more Hall of Fame votes in 2007—Cal Ripken or Tony Gwynn?

These wagers may carry a money line and if you hit one, it can be very lucrative. Betting $10 on Derrick Jeter (+2500) having the highest batting average in the majors would result in a $250 payday. Basic odds or multipliers may also be used to calculate a payoff. Whatever method is used, it will be stated clearly with the proposition.

There are also props you can play each day, which usually pit the totals of one player against another player or one team against another club. The odds for propositions based on a seasonal outcome will change throughout the season. Your payoff odds are the ones you were given when you placed your wager. It’s rare that you’ll be allowed to parlay a prop bet (props that can be combined are called “exotics.”)

These are some of the more popular wagers you can place on a ball game. Some are certainly riskier than others, but all of these different bets can be researched prior to putting your money down. Before wagering, take some time to check out the landscape, understand the risks and potential payoffs, and study the teams or individuals on which you’re placing your cash. There are no guarantees, but an educated better with a solid long-term plan has more of a chance of winning than someone who acts on emotion and in a scattershot manner.

Have fun and play ball!


Baseball’s First-Month Awards

The calendar has turned on the first month of the 2006 baseball season. While there is plenty of season left, it’s a good time to evaluate who has the early lead on baseball’s top awards.

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The calendar has turned on the first month of the 2006 baseball season. While there is plenty of season left, it’s a good time to evaluate who has the early lead on baseball’s top awards.

American League MVP:

1) Jim Thome – While he has slowed somewhat since his sizzling start, Jim Thome has been the best acquisition any American League team has made. Many questioned what he had left, but he put any doubts to rest immediately by homering in his first 2 games and 6 times in his first 10 games. His 10 homeruns and 24 RBIs are tops on the American League’s most talented team.

2) Jason Giambi – His .542 OBP is fantastic as Giambi continues to expand on last year’s comeback- player-of-the-year performance. While he leads the AL in walks with 27, Giambi is not just being passive, as he also leads the AL in RBIs with 27. Only his statuesque defense and stubbornness about embracing the DH role make him second choice.

3) Vernon Wells – The Blue Jays went on baseball’s biggest shopping spree, this off-season, but one of their incumbent players has turned in his best effort so far. With 9 homers, 25 RBIs and a .374 batting average, Wells is carrying a heavy load as Toronto tries to prove that they can keep pace with the Red Sox and The Yankees.

National League MVP:

1) Albert Pujols – Provided he stays healthy, it appears as though this award will be his to lose for many years to come. His record-breaking 14 homeruns in April and 32 RBIs have led the Cardinals to another great start.

2) Lance Berkman – The reason for the Astros’ slow start, last April, was likely because they missed Berkman’s bat. Berkman has had a fast start, this year (10 homeruns, 31 RBIs and .240 BA), and so have the Astros.

3) Carlos Delgado – The best acquisition any National League team made, this off-season, Delgado has really carried the load (10 homeruns and 21 RBIs) while Beltran was injured and Cliff Floyd slumped.

American League Cy Young:

1) Jose Contreras – His 4-0 record and league-leading 1.45 ERA still leads a pitching staff that makes the White Sox the best bet to win the AL Pennant at the sports book.

2) Curt Schilling – Baseball’s biggest loudmouth is once again able to “walk the walk.” His 4-1 record, 2.88 ERA and durability (40.2 IP) have led the Red Sox to an early tenuous hold on first place in the AL East.

3) Kenny Rogers – The ace on a staff of promising young guns, veteran Rogers has done everything you can ask for the Tigers (4-2, 2.59 ERA and a great 0.98 WHIP).

National League Cy Young:

1) Greg Maddux – Talk about giving a club a lift. Once again frustrated by injuries to Mark Prior and Kerry Wood, the cursed Cubbies are thrilled by Maddux’s early renaissance (5-0, 1.35 ERA).

2) Pedro Martinez – The daily updates by a panicked New York press corps on Pedro’s toe during spring training are long forgotten as Pedro has been fantastic (5-0, 0.89 WHIP). He already has beaten the hated Braves twice.

3) Bronson Arroyo – Wow, after the AL East, this is sure easy. Arroyo (5-0, 2.06 ERA) has led the way for baseball’s biggest early season surprise.

Rookies of the Year:

American League:

Jonathan Papelbon – Thrown into the Boston pressure-cooker, Papelbon leads the AL in saves (10) and has yet to allow a run in over 15 innings.

National League:

Prince Fielder – Unlike his father, Cecil, Prince didn’t need to serve some time in the Japanese League to find his stroke. Fielder’s .343 average leads all rookies.

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The numbers don’t lie when betting on baseball!

This is a great time of year for betting on sports as you have the major league baseball season in full swing, the NBA playoffs have been spectacular and who would have thought that the final four in the NHL would be Carolina, Buffalo, Anaheim and Edmonton.

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This is a great time of year for betting on sports as you have the major league baseball season in full swing, the NBA playoffs have been spectacular and who would have thought that the final four in the NHL would be Carolina, Buffalo, Anaheim and Edmonton.

Throw in the PGA Tour, NASCAR and the Triple Crown in horse racing and this is quite the betting smorgasbord! Today we will focus on baseball as interleague play has arrived and that means the Yankees and Mets, Cubs and White Sox and a plethora of other enticing matchups!

Several players this season are living large in the penthouse, while some big name guys are struggling:

Both Boston and New York are battling it out for first as usual but their sluggers David Ortiz and Alex Rodriguez are sleepwalking through May.

Ortiz, who got off to a strong April start, is hitting .250 with two home runs and 12 RBI in May through Tuesday. He's played in every game this year but has battled the flu for most of May.

Last year's MVP award — and 16 of 28 first-place votes — went to Rodriguez. For many voters, the tiebreaker between the two was Rodriguez's defense. He played 161 games at third last year, compared with Ortiz's 10 at first base.

But this season Rodriguez already has six errors, half of last year's total. Two came in the same game against Boston.

Rodriguez, who finished second in the batting race last year, is hitting .273, down from last season's .321.

Los Angeles Angels right-hander and reigning AL Cy Young Award winner Bartola Colon is 0-2 with a 7.07 ERA and has been on the disabled list since April 19 with shoulder woes.

In addition, Oakland Athletics closer Huston Street has a 5.73 ERA after winning the AL Rookie of the Year Award.

Detroit's 7-4 win over Minnesota on Tuesday night, combined with Chicago's loss to Tampa Bay, lifted the Tigers into a first-place tie with the White Sox in the American League Central. The Tigers, who have won five straight, have not been in first place this late in the season since 1993.

Minnesota Twins starters are 13-21 with a 6.64 ERA this season and manager Gardenhire is going to get bounced on the pavement.

Danny Graves had been designated for assignment Friday night after going 2-1 with a 5.79 ERA in 13 relief appearances for Cleveland. The 32-year-old had compiled a Cincinnati team-record 182 saves after being dealt to the Reds by the Indians in 1997 until being released last June. He then pitched in 20 games for the New York Mets and signed with Cleveland as a free agent in December.

The Boston Red Sox have committed just 12 errors, leading to the best fielding percentage (.991) in the majors. The team has been on a particularly impressive roll of late, having committed just one error in its last 13 games. A year ago, by contrast, the team's defensive efficiency was just 69.2 percent, ranked 11th among the 14 American League squads.

RHP Mike Timlin is showing no evidence of decline at 40. He is 3-0 with a 1.08 ERA in 18 appearances. Dating to the start of last season, Timlin owns a 2.04 ERA, ranked fourth among all pitchers who have thrown 95 or more innings, behind only LHP Billy Wagner (1.58), RHP Mariano Rivera (1.68) and RHP Roger Clemens (1.87).

Chicago White Sox Scott Podsednik was not in the starting lineup Thursday, but after a slow start to the season, he was hitting .416 this month with 11 stolen bases in May. Over his last 27 games, he's raised his average from .059 to .297.

Cleveland Indians Casey Blake had two more hits, raising his batting average to .370, which leads the major leagues. Blake hit just .241 last year, and he struggled mightily with runners in scoring position. Last year Blake hit .171 with runners in scoring position, and .085 with two outs and runners in scoring position. This year Blake is hitting .412 with runners in scoring position and .529 with two outs and runners in scoring position.

C Victor Martinez, hitting .145 in the month of May after hitting .398 in April, was given a day off Thursday. Martinez had started 36 of the Indians' first 40 games. DH Travis Hafner leads the American League in runs with 38, which puts him on a pace to score 149, which would break Earl Averill's club record of 140, set in 1931.

Use these numbers when placing a wager and success will follow!

Bob Acton

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