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Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is one of the recent advancement in the cosmetic medicine field. This is a technology that continues to be developed. For example, at this point in time laser hair removal technology allows removing black and brown hair. It is still very hard and many times impossible to use the laser hair removal technology on white and red hair, but as technology develops, more and more possibilities are opening. There are many clinics that offer laser hair removal services and..............

laser hair removal, laser hair removal technology, permanent hair removal

Laser hair removal is one of the recent advancement in the cosmetic medicine field. This is a technology that continues to be developed. For example, at this point in time laser hair removal technology allows removing black and brown hair. It is still very hard and many times impossible to use the laser hair removal technology on white and red hair, but as technology develops, more and more possibilities are opening. There are many clinics that offer laser hair removal services and many doctors that can tell you what the laser hair removal procedure can do specifically for you (based on your type of hair and skin).

In general, the laser hair removal is a medical procedure that allows men and women to eliminate or reduce the hair coverage on many areas of their body. Though the laser hair removal is a method that allows for permanent hair removal, this is not done right away. You will have to attend several laser hair removal therapy sessions (usually five to ten sessions) during a certain period of time (usually eight to fifteen months). Only going through the full laser hair removal treatment will result in long-term results. The actual number of treatments and the overall laser hair removal treatment period will depend on the type of your skin, hair and the type of laser used for the procedure.

In general, the laser hair removal is the process that is used to destroy the hair follicles without causing any damage to the skin. You will be advised to stop waxing the skin area where you would like to have the hair removed for the period of approximately two months before the laser hair removal treatment. The reason for several sessions is the fact that not all hair follicles are destroyed. The new hair that grows after one session is removed during the next laser hair removal session. This process goes on until almost all hair follicles are destroyed.

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Laser Hair Removal: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

There are many pros and cons to laser hair removal. Learn what laser hair removal is, what it costs and whether its right for you.

laser hair removal, hair removal, laser hair removal cost

You've probably heard about how lots of European women don't give a fig about underarm hair or hair on their legs. But many other women are not as accepting of body hair as their European counterparts. And throughout history, women have been employing various techniques to do this: from ancient Egyptian women's use of beeswax and sharp implements to eliminate leg hair up to the modern-day practices of waxing and the use of lasers to achieve a smooth and hairless complexion. Here, we'll take a quick look at some of the pros and cons of laser hair removal and whether it's the right path to take for a more hairless you.

Hair is removed via lasers in the following way: a series of low-level laser beams is targeted at hair follicles (or the root of the hair) in certain areas of the body. The hair then falls out and new growth is discouraged. Here are some of the reasons for the popularity of laser hair removal:

- Long-lasting results. The laser beams zoom in on hair follicles, either destroying them or significantly disabling them. Thus, hair is a lot slower to grow back and in some cases, they don't grow back altogether. And any hair that grows back tends to be finer, thinner, and less visible. Imagine the time savings you could realize. Finally, freedom from regular bikini waxes, leg-shaving, and facial hair-plucking!

- Broader and more convenient applications. Laser hair removal technologies and equipment have evolved in such a way that it is now possible to treat broad areas of the skin - such as the back and legs - in addition to localized areas like the skin above the upper lip and around the nipples. There is a wide variety of laser hair removal gadgets and equipment to suit individual cases.

- Increased safety regulations. Hair removal via laser is a process approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). So, the techniques used must meet stringent regulations. In addition, individual states themselves are issuing criteria that laser hair removal cosmeticians must comply with in order to practice their trade.

Laser hair removal may seem like a godsend to many a woman, but she would do well to remember that it is not a "one-size-fits-all" sort of technology. Like most other cosmetic procedures today, it does have its disadvantages, the following of which are just a few.

- Slower results for dark-skinned or tanned women. Laser hair removal procedures are most suitable for individuals with light-colored skin and dark hair because the laser beam targets dark material. Dark skin pigmentation can prevent lasers from reaching the hair follicles more rapidly. Evidence also shows that the lighter a woman's hair color, the less efficient the technology is in eliminating those problem hairs.

- Laser hair removal treatment costs. It takes several sessions to rid a body part of hair, and each session costs on average $300 up to $1,000. It really depends on how much hair needs to be removed and the type of lasers used. Some clinics' laser hair removal prices are calculated on a "per-pulse" basis and several hundred laser pulses may be needed to remove hair in just one area. Also, because hair grows in cycles, it's almost a sure bet that repeat sessions will be needed to ensure that all unwanted hair is removed - which translates to more cash out of your pocket.

- Potential side effects or no effect at all. All cosmetic procedures carry a risk of adverse effects, and laser hair removal is no exception. Patients have complained of first- and second-degree burns, blisters, and lesions. Others have noted that patterns of hair regrowth are patchy and unpleasant to look at. And still others have inexplicably experienced insignificant or no hair loss at all, despite their being ideal candidates for the procedure.

Laser hair removal is just one of the wonders of modern dermatology, technology that can make a woman look more beautiful in the shortest amount of time and in the safest way possible. Although procedures like this are constantly changing and improving, you shouldn't just rush blindly into it. It's important to consult your dermatologist and conduct your own research to determine whether you'll be getting the maximum benefits that medical laser techniques can offer.


The Truth About Laser Hair Removal

More and more people today are turning to laser hair removal as a solution to permanently remove unwanted or unsightly hair. Laser hair removal however has it's limitations dependant on both skin and hair color. and this article covers the issues involved in some detail.

laser hair removal, hair removal, permanent hair removal

The removal of unwanted hair with lasers has rapidly gained popularity. However this form of treatment is not for everyone and it is important that consumers become educated as to the different and competing hair removal procedures available.

Some procedures still in use are outdated, whilst some are more suitable for certain hair and skin colors.

<b>What are laser hair removal requirements?</b>

It is most important that the surrounding skin is lighter than the hair. Also very dark skins absorb excessive laser energy which is not ideal.

Patients with light hair and tanned skin should not consider laser hair removal treatment.

However if you have dark hair and a tan, you must wait for the tan to fade before having treatment. Note that you will require several treatments depending on the body areas, and although relatively cheaper that electrolysis, laser hair removal costs could exceed $1000.

<b>How much will laser hair removal cost?</b>

This depends on the size of the area being treated. Top treatment centers average around $500 a session, and generally four treatment sessions are prescribed.

Whole back or leg areas will cost a lot more, whilst small upper lip areas could be cheaper. You would need to have an individual assessment by the laser center for more exact costing.

<b>What is the effect of skin color on laser hair removal?</b>

<i>Light skin:</i><ul>
<li>Easier to perform</li>
<li>Fewer treatments</li>
<li>Better and faster results</li></ul>

<i>Darker skin:</i>
<li>Slower results</li>
<li>More sessions</li>
<li>Greater expertise required</li>
<li>Individualized treatment required</li></ul>

<b>What is the effect of hair color on laser hair removal?</b>

<i>Dark hair:</i>
<li>Absorbs more laser energy</li>
<li>Easier to treat</li>
<li>Coarse dark hair gives best response</li></ul>

<i>Light hair:</i>
<li>More difficult to treat</li>
<li>Blonde or red hair is very difficult to treat</li>
<li>Multiple treatment sessions are required</li>
<li>Results are variable</li></ul>

<b>How many treatments are required for laser hair removal?</b>

A single laser session could result in long-term hair removal, however multiple treatment sessions are usually required for best results. This is mostly due to the fact that hair grows in cycles and individual strands are not all in a growth phase at the same time which is when laser hair removal is most effective.

<b>What body areas can be treated with laser hair removal?</b>

Anywhere except next to the eye. The most requested areas are:
<li>The face</li>
<li>Upper lip</li>
<li>Bikini line</li>

<b>Are laser hair removal results permanent?.</b>

Hair removal techniques such as waxing, shaving, and plucking all have temporary results. Some newer lasers show positive evidence that laser hair removal produces permanent hair reduction after each treatment on an accumulative basis. However results can be individually variable, even using the latest lasers.

<b>Some Important Laser Hair Removal Considerations.</b>
<li>There are no guarantees. Exact laser hair removal results for each individual patient are unpredictable, particularly with regard to the number of treatment sessions required.</li>
<li>It is highly recommended that you choose quality over price when selecting a laser hair removal clinic. This procedure is an exact science, and the best results come from the centers with the most experience.</li>
<li>Properly performed laser hair removal is effective in the vast majority of cases. It is usually only those with blonde or red hair that do not respond well.</li>
<li>Laser hair removal is not compatible with tanning as it will reduce it's effectiveness and increase the number of sessions required.</li>
<li>Some light or dark skin pigment changes may occur and persist for months, but these are usually temporary and very rare in untanned patients with fair skin.</li>
<li>Rarely blisters and burns may occur, especially in dark skinned patients.</li>
<li>As beta carotene darkens the skin, it's consumption should be avoided for several months prior to treatment.</li>
<li>African-Americans and those with dark skins can take heart that new lasers and techniques available at specialized laser hair removal centers can now provide effective laser hair removal for most patients, no matter what their skin type.</li></ul>

<b>Latest Advancements In Laser Hair Removal</b>

Lasers for hair removal from tanned and black skin have continued to advance with new long wavelength multi-pulse lasers.

Specialized laser clinics can offer at up to three different laser hair removal technologies for optimal treatment of different skin and hair types:
<li>multi-pulse alexandrite</li>
<li>single-pulse alexandrite</li>
<li>multi-pulse Nd-Yag lasers</li></ul>

Skin cooling techniques should be used before, during and after the laser pulse as the best way to keep discomfort at a minimum during the laser hair removal session.

All laser hair removal settings must be determined for each individual patient's hair and skin color, as well as for the location and coarseness of the hair to be treated and the patient's reactions.

It could be dangerous to use topical anesthetic creams or solutions excessively. Better to avoid them completely if possible, particularly whilst the proper laser settings are being initially determined.



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