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 Beauty, Good Looks, Grace & Charm


Agel EXO: How to Fight Disease Causing Free Radicals, Quickly… on the Run!

When it comes to our bodies, it’s a huge understatement to simply say that we’re walking miracles.


When it comes to our bodies, it’s a huge understatement to simply say that we’re walking miracles. If you think about how we function, and are able to be in a constant state of repair as we walk around doing whatever it is that we do, it’s just an incredible thought.

Our bodies have to be in this constant state of repair for the simple fact that at all times there are substances entering our bodies that not only conflict our immune system, but also cause damage to the very cells that make up our bodies in the first place.

To battle all of this damage, our bodies need a strong healthy immune system, as well as optimum health at the cellular level. Those damaging substances which enter our body –such as toxins from the air, as well as the pesticides in our food – cause a process of oxidation, or breaking down of our cells, through a chain reaction of chemicals the combine to form free radicals in our bloodstream.

Fighting these free radicals with antioxidants is vitally important to us in order to stop this process and keep us sustaining health and vitality.

Agel, the company who is on a mission to bring health back to as many people, in as many communities as possible, has developed an extremely effective and easy to use combination of antioxidants in an amazing product called Agel EXO.

Here’s a bit of the  Beauty, Good Looks, Grace & Charm of EXO. First of all, it doesn’t come in the normal form that you would find in a nutritional supplement. It’s not a pill, it’s not a powder, nor is it a juice. In fact, it’s a gel. Agel EXO comes in a form proprietary to Agel which is called gelaceuticals. What this means is that you get a blend of some of the highest powered and effective sources of antioxidants – 14 to be exact – in a great tasting single serving pack making it as simple as 1-2-3 to take on the go.

So where do these nutrients come from?

In nearly every single culture on nearly every corner of the planet, there are naturally occurring plants that happen to have an extremely high concentration of antioxidants, which if taken alone are extremely helpful – but just imagine if you could go from place to place, region to region, hand picking these fruits and plants to have in one beautifully blended product. That’s just what Agel has done, and so you have EXO which contains ingredients such as Acai, which is an Amazon fruit considered to be one of the most nutritional products that you can get your hands on in the world.

Acai is loaded with the B vitamins 1,2, and 3, as well as a high concentration of natures antioxidants vitamins E and C. It is an amazing fruit that is new to the health world as we know it, but has been around for centuries keeping humans in optimal health.

That’s only one of the 14 amazing ingredients in Agel EXO.

Agel EXO also contains Blueberry, Dark Grape, and Cranberry – which are North Americas high powered antioxidant fruits.

The product also contains Bilberry, which is basically Europe’s version of the North American blueberry with many of the same benefits of this dark skinned  Beauty, Good Looks, Grace & Charm.

Another ingredient, Aronia, has a huge concentration of highly potent antioxidants in the form of anthocyanins and flavonoids. Pomegranates, which have gained huge popularity in the last few years, are also in the product, as well as the other popular nutrients Aloe Vera, Noni, and Para Guava.

A perhaps lesser known ingredient in the innovative gel blend, which contains amazing levels of the anti-oxidant vitamin C, is Acerola.

In a nutshell, Agel has done something quite amazing by putting some of the most effective and nutrient ingredients all together in one amazing product which is made to be efficient for the body to absorb very quickly and efficiently, as well as making it easier on the person with the busy life (which these days is everyone) by putting the product in small gel packs that you can simply squeeze into your mouth in a moments notice on the run.

It doesn’t get much easier than this, because with Agel EXO, it seems the company has thought of just about everything here.


Agel Ageless Skin Care: How to Look Younger than Ever Without Any Painful Procedures!

Like it or not, we exist in a society where your  Beauty, Good Looks, Grace & Charm is very important to how you’re looked at in the world.

Skin Care, Health

Like it or not, we exist in a society where your  Beauty, Good Looks, Grace & Charm is very important to how you’re looked at in the world.

Look around at the media; you’ll see that the most famous of celebrities know the greatest  Beauty, Good Looks, Grace & Charm tricks. As a result, skin care and  Beauty, Good Looks, Grace & Charm products are hot!

The way that your skin looks depends how well you take care of it. Your skin says a ton about you to the outside world.

It lets people know:

• How healthy you are,
• How much confidence that you have in yourself
• A lot about your own personal hygiene...

This is hard wired into our brain to indicate to us what kind of person someone is.

Most people waste their hard earned money on products with big promises – yet don’t stand up to the test.

Agel Enterprises is known for its proprietary blend of gelceutical nutrients and has answered the prayers of many of its customers, by formulating a skin care line called Agel Ageless Skin Care. This was designed after their staple antioxidant product Agel EXO. After realizing that EXO is great for nutritional value taken internally, many of Agel’s customers started requesting a skincare product based on this product.

With the help of the creator of Aveda’s Personal Care Line, Agel developed an entire line up of seven unique products. Each product alone brings dynamic results to its users, but with all seven of the products combined in a system, your skin will be breathtakingly rejuvenated quicker than you would imagine.

You can have beautiful skin without invasive surgeries, or painful chemical peels that basically tear your skin to shreds.

The Agel Ageless Skin Care line is made up of all natural ingredients derived from potent antioxidants such as grape seed and pomegranate extract. This will help slow down aging and keep you looking youthful and aging gracefully, beautifully and healthfully.

The products in the line are:

• Anti-Aging Gel Serum… to help firm your skin, reduce lines and wrinkles, and bring your skin back to its healthy natural color…

• A Gel Scrub…to gently remove dead skin, exfoliating without the painful acid wash…

To accompany these two main products, there are five others in the Ageless Skincare line to keep your skin looking refreshingly beautiful. These are:

• Daily Cleansing Gel Formula…so you can wipe off the day’s make-up, plus all of the other impurities that the environment forces into your skin.
• The Anti-Oxidant Misting Gel… which will hydrate your skin, plus gently remove the day’s worth of dirt and grime from your skin.
• The Agel Age Defying Eye-Gel… keeping the area around your eyes looking as refreshed as possible – smoothing the little worry and squint lines that have developed over the years.
• Nourishing Night Gel… to add nutrients to your skin, rejuvenate the production of collagen, giving your skin more elasticity, and helping you produce more healthy cells…
• The Daily Moisturizer… to get you through an entire day, plus help fight toxins with the added antioxidant vitamin E.

It’s quite simple to have beautiful healthy skin if you’re taking care of it correctly – with nutrients with beneficial, natural nutrients to get rid of toxins and other impurities. Agel Ageless Skin Care will help you, as you watch yourself looking younger and younger everyday.


Aftershaves Have a New Face These Days

If you have any personal information on your computer at all and access the Internet


Ever wonder why so many men choose to have beards rather than go through the process of daily shaving? One reason leaps immediately to mind, the discomfort of shaving and the drying nature of many aftershaves leave men completely disinclined to endure the entire process. The good news is that there are many newer products on the market today that offer more comfort even during the after shaving process.

There are new products in the forms of gels, crèmes, and lotions that promise comfort and relief from shaving while acting as moisturizes so your skin isn’t dried out as a result of the process. So ladies, if your man’s whiskers are becoming problematic, then you might suggest one of the newer aftershaves to your fellow.

Another thing you want to keep in mind when suggesting a new or possibly improved aftershave to your man is the scent. Not all aftershaves are created equal and while some might have all the best properties to it, if the scent is one that you find offensive it might make those close moments somewhat unpleasant. Another thing to keep in mind about the scent of aftershaves is that the scents in the lotion forms linger longer than the alcohol based aftershaves.

Also remember that while some women find a bear quite appealing, you still want proper grooming and shaping for your beard. This will require that you actually shave some parts of your face and neck. This means that you will still want to use aftershave in order to provide comfort to those areas, which have been stung by the razor. It’s never a bad idea to consider one of the newer formulas or scents, particularly if you have had issue with the scents and drying effects of previous aftershaves you have experimented with.


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