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Using Online Video Websites to Promote Your Blog

Blogs have literally taken in the internet by storm. It seems as if just about everyone has a blog. Blogs are so popular that it there is a good chance that you have one. While blogs are nice, it is sometimes difficult to get them seen. Many blog owners, maybe even yourself, are unsure how to go about generating more internet traffic. Luckily for you and other blog owners, there are a number of different ways that you can work to increase the number of page views that your blog receives.

The first step in getting traffic to your blog is to make sure that you have an interesting topic. If you are writing about your personal experiences, you may find that not everyone wants to read about them, that is unless you lead an adventurous life. However, if you blog on a wider range of topics, such as working from home, saving money, or being a good partner, you are automatically likely to get a bigger audience. This is because more internet users, especially ones that you do not know, would be more willing to read information on these topics, rather than your daily adventures or lack of adventures.

Once you have found a topic that you would like to write about, you will need to start creating your blog, if you haven’t already. When making your blog it is important that you write content that will be useful to your blog’s general topic. It is also important to include lots of content. Content is what most search engines use when picking up websites. In the event that your blog gets indexed by a search engine, you will find that your blog’s traffic should automatically increase. This is because a large number of internet users use search engines to find what they are looking for.

Although a high search engine ranking may help to increase the amount of traffic your blog sees, it is sometimes difficult to do. Most individuals do not go further than the third or fourth page, when looking at search engine results. This means that if your blog is not considered to be high ranking, you may not get the results that you were hoping for. However, this does not mean that you should give up. Instead, it means that you just have to find another way to promote your blog.

One of the many other ways that you can go about promoting your blog is through the use of online video websites, particularly the ones that are free to use. Online video websites are websites that allow internet users to upload videos that they have created. Once uploaded, these videos can be viewed by thousands, if not millions, of internet users. If you are looking for a fun and low-cost way to market your blog, you are advised to give online video websites some though.

Before uploading your video, to an online video website, you will have to make your video. To do so, you will need a recording device. The best devices to use include camcorders and webcams. When making your online video, it is important not to make your video sound too pushy or like spam. It may be a good idea to state the purpose of your blog and what can be found there. You may also want to record yourself or someone else visiting your blog to showcase your blog’s features. You could also take still shots, also commonly known as screen shots. These shots will allow you to post pictures of your blog pages. Having those pictures float through your online video is a great way to show internet users what your blog is all about.

Once you have finished making your video, you will need to upload that video to your computer. Once your recording device is hooked up to your computer, it should be recognized by a moving making software program. These programs will not only allow you to save your video, but edit it as well. Once your video is saved, you will need to follow the uploading directions for each online video website that you would like your video or videos to be uploaded to.

It is important to note that you are not guaranteed to see an increase in your blog’s traffic, but why not at least give it a shot? With most video websites being free to use, there shouldn’t be any risks associated with incorporating your blog into your next online video.


Video Comes To Web Sites, Blogs, Ipods -- How You Can Profit!

Surely you've noticed the enthusiastic talk lately about how easy it is to put video on your web site or blog. In the past you had to enlist the help of a professional producer to get even the most simplistic video on your site. That could cost several thousand dollars, and even then, most visitors would have a hard time viewing your video.

No more. Today's technology has leaped forward to make professional-looking video a reality for any site or blog. You can also easily ...

marketing,promotion,home business,video,IM,blogs

Surely you've noticed the enthusiastic talk lately about how easy it is to put video on your web site or blog. In the past you had to enlist the help of a professional producer to get even the most simplistic video on your site. That could cost several thousand dollars, and even then, most visitors would have a hard time viewing your video.

No more. Today's technology has leaped forward to make professional-looking video a reality for any site or blog. You can also easily deliver video to iPods and embeded in emails.

Imagine sending an email to a customer that includes a video that shows her how to use your product or service. Your sales conversion rate skyrockets!

Got valuable information people will pay to know? Create a video showing how to do the task, then sell pay-per-view opportunities to see your video. The technology to do this is simple, ready, and dirt cheap.

And you don't have to have fancy equipment or complicated training to use this stuff. It's all cheap or free, and you needn't do anything
more than point and click your way through the user-friendly system.

Even more exciting than how you can use this new video technology to sell your current products and services, is how HUGE the opportunity is to make money on the massive social trend this video technology is unleashing.

Just take a moment to remember how instant messaging has taken over. Now millions of people worldwide check AIM and other IM accounts throughout the day to see who's online. Cell phone text messaging has also taken over in schools and offices worldwide.

Consider how vast the change will be when people can send personal videos to computers, iPods, and even cell phones. That technology is already available, and people worldwide are starting to jump on board.

You can already sign up to earn commissions when people start to use this technology. Just consider that MySpace has 62 million members and Friendster has 24 million members. The demand for technology that builds online communities is proven. The rush to incorporate video into this already established social trend will be the Net's next Gold Rush -- and it could easily dwarf what we've seen before.


Two Dads: One computer-maniac, the other computer-phobic.

One father is a computer maniac. Whenever a new technology, software, gadget, or website emerges he is one of the first to grab it up and evaluate it. My other father has an old piece-of-crap box that looks something like a computer, with a tediously slow dial-up connection to the World Wide Web.

Computer Maniac, Dad, Technology

I have two Dads. That sounds strange doesn’t it? One is my genetic father, and the other is my geneticist father. The genetic Dad I’ve only ever lived with for one year when I was an infant, while the geneticist Dad is what you would call a step-father, but I’ve lived in close proximity with him for more than 20 years. I feel close to them both. I connect differently with each of them but on a pretty much equal level. The reason I’m sharing my personal information with you is because I’ve just had a realisation about my fathers in relation to the area that I work in: computers and the Internet. It’s really quite interesting.

One father is a computer maniac. Whenever a new technology, software, gadget, or website emerges he is one of the first to grab it up and evaluate it. My other father has an old piece-of-crap box that looks something like a computer, with a tediously slow dial-up connection to the World Wide Web. Compared to the wireless, broadband Mac personal computer and mobile-connected Mac laptop of the enthusiast, they couldn’t be from further parts of the galaxy.

Then there’s me. I could be construed as being a walking paradox, an enigma, or just plainly twisted when it comes to my relationship with the computer and Internet sphere of life. Nature/nurture, genetic/environmental…For whatever strange reason, I have turned out to be a combination of the two papas. I work as a creative writer for an Internet web-hosting company. I love the ideas and valuable functions and tools that the Internet has brought to humanity (or was it humanity that brought it to the Internet?). However, I have issues and challenges when it comes to using these awe-inspiring machines.

Currently I am away from home in a different city visiting my girlfriend. At home (I am currently living with my parents-Mother and geneticist, as I’m going to live overseas soon) all I have to do to get on the Internet is open up my laptop and I’m on-line. If I’m at work, I go to my PC and all of my settings are stored and ready for me to use

 While in a new place, things haven’t been running as smoothly as I would’ve liked. The answers are probably simple and easy to do, but this is one of the kinds of challenges that cause me to stumble. Although I am deeply interested and have a true faith in this new technology, I am a real novice when it comes to getting things done on someone else’s computer.

I brought my laptop with me. My girlfriend only has a dial-up connection which she uses with her laptop. I could use hers’ but she’s Chinese so a lot of what comes up on the screen is illegible to me. I don’t know how to change her language configuration. I’m used to doing it quite easily on my Mac, but her computer is a PC and I’m not as practiced in this other format. That’s one of my problems. I only have so much patience when it comes to working these technological issues out; it could be a trait passed on by my ice-age father (No judgement is being laid here. He just doesn’t feel that he can work new technologies out. He’s had a digital telephone answering machine for two years which he still hasn’t set up. He feels bad about it but his manual one does the job, so he sticks with it.). I’m also a little afraid to hook my laptop up to her dial-up line as I know from experience that I’ll have to change some settings of which I am not confident about doing.

So the next answer was to go to her university where she said people use their laptops wirelessly in the library. That sounded cool so I went in and tried it out. I even tried changing the settings to get it to work (It took courage.) but I couldn’t get it to work. I was weary about asking for help because I wasn’t really a student at that particular learning establishment. Instead, I’ve been using the library’s computers. This is OK, but since I can’t walk away with the files I create (I borrowed my girlfriend’s thumb-drive but an experience from the past of not being able to transfer information from PC to Mac deters me from using it-again, an irrational fear. I know it, and I will give it a try this week. I’ve resorted to saving my files in my email account as attachments. It’s not conventional, but it works.

Another issue I’ve had is getting onto my messenger service. The university computers don’t have it on their desktop, and when I tried to download an on-line version I was told that I didn’t have the authority to do so. I went to an Internet café, and I could do work there (I’m working on the road) but I feel kind of silly paying to get paid. It was cool there though as they had messenger with voice and video and I was able to have a conversation with my brother who is travelling around India. He could see my sister and me, but we couldn’t see him as he said the Indian computer devices (webcams, headsets) in that town were looking a little bit crappy in design and also looked worse for wear. It was heaps of fun making funny faces knowing that he would be seeing us. I think he’s getting lonely as he’s only 19 years old and has been away from home for over 7 months.

As you can see I’ve inherited beliefs about computer from both of my Dads. I find things more difficult than most, I believe, but I’m not going to give up doing my best to get the things done that I feel are necessary. Over time I hope to get over these little obstacles and hurdles and become proficient in all of the cool aspects of this new realm of human endeavour. I also have faith that the technicians and engineers are probably working hard to make things simple for the rest of us.

Whatever happens, I’m going to stick with it, and when I go to see my genetic father next I’m going to do my best to inspire him to buy a new computer with a Broadband connection. Then all I have to do is show him a few of the amazing things that this human created Internet tool can do. One of the aspects of the Web that affects me most profoundly is the simple fact that if you think of anything at all in the known Universe, you can then look it up on your search engine like Google and in the time it takes to blink your eye, immediately start to learn. It sure beats catching the train to the library, looking up a book in the card catalogue, searching for it, then finding out that someone else has borrowed it and is late bringing it back.


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