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 Career, Job, Profession & Employment


Re-Discovering Your  Career, Job, Profession & Employment

If you’ve been feeling resigned or cynical in your work-attitude, it is time to take responsibility and take action NOW. Leverage the resources that are available to you, and commit to improving your  Career, Job, Profession & Employment
 situation. You CAN STILL re-discover your  Career, Job, Profession & Employment

 Career, Job, Profession & Employment
 passion, job fulfillment,  Career, Job, Profession & Employment
 development,  Career, Job, Profession & Employment

Do you ever feel like you’ve lost touch with the enthusiasm and passion you once felt about your  Career, Job, Profession & Employment

Remember when you were just starting-out at your first job, or you were a recent graduate? You probably thought that any job would be available to you; that every employer would want to hire you. You were excited about your prospects and believed that you had something wonderful to share.

But now that you’ve been in the work-world for quite a while, and have had a series of jobs with several different companies, have you become cynical or resigned in your work-attitude? Are you unsure as to which direction to turn next?

As a professional  Career, Job, Profession & Employment
 Consultant, I have found that this loss of  Career, Job, Profession & Employment
 passion and enthusiasm is very common – and it’s one of my most troubling observations.

To address this problem, I came up with an amazingly simple three-part exercise, which I use with my clients. It helps them understand why this has happened to them, and what steps they need to take to re-discover their  Career, Job, Profession & Employment

If you’re thinking, “It’s too late for me,” I’d like to challenge you on that assumption. Allow me to show you how, by performing an internal evaluation and re-visiting your true priorities, you really can re-discover the  Career, Job, Profession & Employment
 of your dreams!

Ready to get started?

Complete the following sentences without “over thinking” your answers. You may list multiple answers for each of the items below. Be sure to keep your responses focused only on the  Career, Job, Profession & Employment
/work aspects of your life:

1. In my free time, the activities or hobbies I like to do best are ...

2. Whenever I go to a bookstore, the section(s) I always seem to be drawn to are ...

3. My closest friends work in the following fields/businesses or professions ...

4. The kinds of environments I feel most comfortable working in are ...

5. My friends/colleagues/family have often told me that I should be a ...

6. The things that have always motivated me most are ...

7. I have often been praised for my work in ...

8. If I were to get involved in volunteer work (unpaid), I’d like to work in the field of ...

9. I love to ...

10. I am passionate about ...

11. I am excited about ...

12. What I really like is ...

13. My greatest contribution is ...

14. I am particularly good at ...

15. I am known for ...

16. I have an exceptional ability to ...

17. Colleagues often ask for my help with ...

18. I would feel disappointed, frustrated or sad if I couldn’t do ...

At this point, I suggest you go back and carefully review your answers to the questions above. Refer to those answers as you respond to the four final questions below. Be as thorough and detailed as possible with your responses:

19. What do my answers above tell me about my core values, interests, and motivational patterns?

20. Where in my work do I still find real energy and enthusiasm?

21. What implications do these answers have on my current and future  Career, Job, Profession & Employment

22. What is one thing I can do right now to enhance or change my current  Career, Job, Profession & Employment

Your answers to all these questions are important for several reasons. First, they point to your natural talents, gifts and skills.

Secondly, they point to areas where your own internal satisfaction will most likely match your external success – professionally, financially, and as a “whole human being” who is able to bring your complete self to the work.

And, finally, your answers will highlight the critical areas on which to focus your next  Career, Job, Profession & Employment
 move – those areas where your talents and passions intersect with market demand!

Now that you’ve performed this brief internal evaluation, ask yourself this final question: Is your current  Career, Job, Profession & Employment
 direction aligned with your true gifts, goals and passions?If not, remember: it’s never too late to correct the problem – as long as you have the right resources and support!

So, if you’ve been feeling resigned or cynical in your work-attitude, I urge you to take responsibility and take action NOW. Leverage the resources that are available to you, and commit to improving your  Career, Job, Profession & Employment

You CAN STILL re-discover your  Career, Job, Profession & Employment

Permission to Reprint: This article may be reprinted, provided it appears in its entirety with the following attribution: Copyright © 2006, Ford R. Myers and  Career, Job, Profession & Employment
 Potential, LLC.


Securing Your Network And Your  Career, Job, Profession & Employment
 With Cisco's CCSP Certification

As an IT professional, you're concerned about securing both your network and your  Career, Job, Profession & Employment
. Chris Bryant, CCIE #12933, shows you how to do both at the same time with Cisco's CCSP certification.

ccna, cisco, ccnp, ccie, certification, exam, pass, ccsp, pix, firewall,  Career, Job, Profession & Employment
, chris, bryant

You don't need me to tell you that security is the #1 concern in today's networks. With that in mind, your  Career, Job, Profession & Employment
 path must include some security certifications, or you will be left behind.

Cisco's Cisco Certified Security Professional (CCSP) certification demands a candidate be well-rounded and well-versed in Cisco security measures. Besides the difficultly we've all come to expect from a Cisco exam, this five-exam path covers every major aspect of network security (from Cisco's viewpoint, anyway!)

You must hold a valid CCNA certification to earn your CCSP.
Typically, the first exam CCSP candidates take is Securing Networks With Cisco Routers An Switches (SNRS), followed by Securing Cisco Network Devices (SND). After you've nailed these two exams, which obviously focus on devices more familiar to CCNAs and CCNPs, you'll be faced with three exams that are more specific to Cisco security devices.

Your PIX knowledge will be tested with the Securing Networks With PIX and ASA (SNPA) exam, followed by the Implementing Cisco Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) exam.

In October 2005, the final exam is scheduled to change from a VPN exam (CSVPN, Cisco Secure Virtual Private Networks) to Securing Hosts Using Cisco Security Agent (HIPS). If you're just getting started on the CCSP track, you'll be taking the HIPS exam. (Insert your own joke here.)

The CCSP is valid for three years; to recertify, you'll need to pass the 642-541 CSI exam or any CCIE written exam. As always, this is subject to change, and you should bookmark Cisco's Learning page (found off the main Cisco webpage) to make sure you're aware of the latest changes to Cisco certification and recertification requirements.

Not only must you know how to secure your network, you also need to secure your current job and the possibilities for your future. By pursuing and obtaining the CCSP, you will do all three at once.


Should You Borrow Money To Invest In Yourself - Your  Career, Job, Profession & Employment
 Or Education?

Don’t borrow money that you cannot afford may well the adage that your parents or grandfather advised. Still there are times when one may need to borrow money. Say for example a college education or a vehicle for transportation in order to get you to a job on a regular daily basis.

These are examples of debt that are in effect an investment. An investment in yourself. It is always a case of risk versus benefit or of cost versus reward.

In the case of your education a do...


Don’t borrow money that you cannot afford may well the adage that your parents or grandfather advised. Still there are times when one may need to borrow money. Say for example a college education or a vehicle for transportation in order to get you to a job on a regular daily basis.

These are examples of debt that are in effect an investment. An investment in yourself. It is always a case of risk versus benefit or of cost versus reward.

In the case of your education a dollar borrowed now will result in better jobs- that you will most likely find more challenging and enjoyable , and have a lot more financial reward than a job on the status scale – say as a bus driver or a technician doing oil jobs at your local Wal-Mart. In the case of the car loan. If you do not have a reliable car – you have to be reliable in showing up to work on time. That is of course if you wish to keep the job or use the job as a stepping stone to another position and the reference to the next employer of merit is of great value to that Endeavor. Without reliable transport and transportation your circle of jobs may be limited both in location, timing and geography.

There may be a much better and / or better paying job but its way across town, or in an area not served by the bus transit system. Or it may be the case that there is bus service - but if devours a good two to three hours a day of travel time. Good bye to your personal social life. You may have all the money in the world – the wealth of Bill Gates Himself and yet no time or energy to enjoy it. So much for all that pay of that new wonderful job.

A real step foreword as they say. It is always a case of reward versus cost or cost versus benefit. It is a case by case analysis.

In addition you should think of additional or add on costs. Do not stretch yourself too thin – financially. A course at university may not be offered in your calendar year – you will have to complete your schooling fully at a later date than expected. A course may be full – ditto for time delay. Or you may even have to repeat a course or change plans along the way necessitating longer time duration of studies. Leave a buffer of funding both for yourself and as well with the agency that provided the loan – be at bank, savings and loan, credit union or even parents or relatives. Don’t break the bank so to speak at the first step. The same analysis of benefit versus costs prevails in the car / transport / job scenario situation. Many people will drive across town for a bargain to save a dollar and spend $ 10 on gas costs in the process. Incorporate the price of gas into your final net salary not as an aside.

Lastly and most importantly – maintain your credit and finance personal integrity. Always make your car or university tuition payments promptly and in full.

Honesty, honor and integrity in financial and personal mattes are always the best policy.


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