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 Career, Job, Profession & Employment


Which online degree will get me the criminal justice  Career, Job, Profession & Employment
 I want?

Before you can answer this question you have to ask yourself what particular  Career, Job, Profession & Employment
 in criminal justice you want? There are many and choosing one is not easy at all.

 Career, Job, Profession & Employment
s in criminal justice, online education

Before you can answer this question you have to ask yourself what particular  Career, Job, Profession & Employment
 in criminal justice you want? There are many and choosing one is not easy at all.

You could be inspired by Dirty Harry and want to become a tough cop. Then you will not only have to go through the Police Academy but you may also need a bachelor’s in say law enforcement or in forensic psychology.

On the other hand, if you are more inspired by Discovery Channel and AXN docu-fictions on crime investigation, you will dream of majoring in crime scene investigation or forensic science.

If 9/11 sparked a concern in your mind as to how important are those who help save innocent lives, you may be craving for a degree in homeland security or public safety management
The point is: before you decide on any online degree the first thing to do is to ask yourself exactly what is it that you want to do with your life – what profession do you want to take up – what job are you most suited to? And so on….

This is a deep question because it has many sides to it. First, you have to think of what you like doing. Then you have to think of what you are capable of doing. Then you have to think of what kind of earnings will leave you satisfied. Then you have to look at what is happening to others in the criminal justice profession –who are getting more, who are getting less – what particular profession you should target – and so on…

You should also ask yourself such questions as what will my daughter think of my profession? Will I be comfortable when I have a daughter who can understand and ask questions? Or, for that matter, a son? You are going to have a family – aren’t you? Then you should think of the family aspects too when you are thinking about a  Career, Job, Profession & Employment
 – it should suit them too!

In fact, there are many questions and you must not be afraid to ask them of yourself. Once you have answered them all and have decided on a particular  Career, Job, Profession & Employment
 of your choice, the rest is easy. Just go keep looking for the various degrees that the various schools are offering – find out the one that meets all your needs, and bingo – you have got what you want!


What Are Your  Career, Job, Profession & Employment
 Futures with an Art Degree?

Graduates with arts degrees often feel some difficulties to determine their  Career, Job, Profession & Employment
 goal in the initial stage. The popular art degree's myths have stopped students from choosing art degrees and force themselves to take science & technology related degrees for a brighter future. Is pursuing an art degree a waste of money and will only get you a job flipping burgers? Find your answer in this article.

arts degree, online arts degree, online education, online degree, distance learning, bachelor degree

Graduates with arts degrees often feel some difficulties to determine their  Career, Job, Profession & Employment
 goal in the initial stage. In general view, most of jobs seem to suit the arts degree graduates but when come to decide a  Career, Job, Profession & Employment
 goal, it seem like hard to define one. Unlike graduates from science and technology fields, graduates from the arts fields feel that their program of study hasn't necessarily prepared them for specific jobs or  Career, Job, Profession & Employment
s. Many arts degree graduates become apprehensive once graduation approaches.

Are these the facts of art degrees? Is pursuing an art degree a waste of money and will only get you a job flipping burgers? These popular art degree's myths affect many students who are interested in art degrees and they stop moving their step into art fields and force themselves to take science & technology related degrees for a brighter future.

<b>The Facts versus Myths</b>

In actual, the facts are contrary to the popular art degree myths, a variety of  Career, Job, Profession & Employment
 possibilities await art graduates, almost half of all job vacancies available to new graduates are open to students with arts degrees. These employers are particularly interested in transferable skills.

Let review the true facts of these popular art degree myths and you will realize that you are totally employable with your Arts degree and arts degree graduates are really in high demand in the jobs market with well-paying positions.

<b>Myth 1:</b> A Bachelor of Arts degree is not enough to find a well-paying, interesting job. You need to go to Law School, the Faculty of Education, or a technical training institute to be competitive for professional employment.

<b>Fact 1:</b> Based salary survey conducted in 2006, average salary for bachelor&#39;s arts degree graduates in various job fields at United States are ranging from $32,000 to $55,000 annually, without having any further college or university study.

<b>Myth 2: </b>A Bachelor of Arts degree will get you a job of flipping burgers.

<b>Fact 2:</b> Based recent job survey conducted by a well-known survey company, arts graduates are often employed in a professional or managerial capacity (50 - 81%). This compared favorably with those in Commerce (60%) and those with technical or vocational diplomas from colleges and technical institutes (24 - 35%).

<b>Myth 3:</b> A Bachelor of Arts degree is a waste of time and money and does not earn as much money as a bachelor degree in science and technology.

<b>Fact 3:</b> According to a job survey report from &quot;Express News&quot; of University Alberta, Those with a general arts degree do well in the long term, although initially they may not make as much as graduates of professional faculties, what&#39;s really striking is the gains they make over five years, the gap starts to close. This is because Arts graduates emerge with highly developed research, communication, creative problem-solving and critical thinking skills that are in high demand because they are difficult to teach in the workplace. Many employers want this type of well-rounded employee, who can be trained for more specific skills.

<b>Arts Degree Students Are In Demand</b>

Almost 50% of job markets are opened for students with arts degrees. Many of these jobs are within Arts students&#39; reach upon graduation, particular if they have already identified their unique interests and abilities.  Career, Job, Profession & Employment
 opportunities for Arts degree graduates are ranging from non-profit, to private business and to government sectors; examples of job titles held by Arts graduates are:
<li>Events Planner</li>
<li>Advertising Executive</li>
<li>Program Coordinator</li>
<li>Marketing Professional</li>
<li>Corporate Trainer</li>
<b>In Summary</b>

Arts degree graduates are in demand in the job markets, a variety of  Career, Job, Profession & Employment
 possibilities are awaiting for art degree graduates at a well-paying level and expandable  Career, Job, Profession & Employment


Online degree

Do you know what you want to do when you grow up? This is a major question that burdens some of us into our 30s. Or possibly even longer. Consider this; you actually have to choose one  Career, Job, Profession & Employment
 path in life and stick to it for a good 40 years. That's frightening! What if you realize you don't like it? What if you change your mind 10 years down the road? These questions can cause all sorts of problems. By switching a  Career, Job, Profession & Employment
 later in life, you risk losing crucial retirement money, benefits and more. This is why it's imperative to research  Career, Job, Profession & Employment
s diligently before choosing yours. This is something to consider before choosing a major or specialty study in college. You'll be glad you did down the road.

In the beginning of it all, we head off to college with thoughts of partying and exams in mind. These are general aspects of a higher education that most of us are aware of. Oh, and let's not forget about all that darn homework. It's without a doubt, the worst part. Anyway, it can be tricky choosing a major right off the bat. How can we possible know which field to choose? All we've done thus far are crappy minimum wage jobs. Well, it's like this; you have to consider your interests and fortes. What are you good at and what were you designed for? What's that one thing you find interesting and enjoyable. Maybe it's a foreign language and maybe it's writing. It varies from person to person. Now comes the part where you can begin to research  Career, Job, Profession & Employment
s more in depth. Find out what job choices are available to you after college if you choose that English major or BS in chemistry. You can even go so far as to see what starting salaries are expected.

Here's the horror story. I worked with a fellow, who was fresh out of college a few months back. He graduated with his degree of choice and found a position immediately. However, it took him no time at all to realize he despised the work. YIKES! What to do now? Well, he managed a video store and began sorting through his options. What he should have done is research  Career, Job, Profession & Employment
s pertaining to his degree, prior to attending school for it. Maybe some job shadowing was in order. Don't make the same mistake he did! Research  Career, Job, Profession & Employment
s before you acquire that bachelor's degree.


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