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 Career, Job, Profession & Employment


Human Resources  Career, Job, Profession & Employment

Human Resources professionals are the lifelines of companies. They are the link between qualified job candidates and management. Along with handling such job functions as managing employee benefits, recruiting, interviewing and hiring personnel in accordance with company policy and need, they are also asked to consult with top executives and create strategic game plans for companies. It is a sign of the times, human resources professionals are asked to wear many hats and have...

Online Schools,Human Resouce  Career, Job, Profession & Employment
s options

Human Resources professionals are the lifelines of companies. They are the link between qualified job candidates and management. Along with handling such job functions as managing employee benefits, recruiting, interviewing and hiring personnel in accordance with company policy and need, they are also asked to consult with top executives and create strategic game plans for companies. It is a sign of the times, human resources professionals are asked to wear many hats and have moved from behind the curtain to playing a supportive role in a company’s personnel decisions and policies.

The amount of training and education needed for a  Career, Job, Profession & Employment
 in human resources is as varied as the many job descriptions and titles. Many employers seek college graduates when it comes to filling entry-level positions. Most graduates have majors in human resources, personnel administration, or industrial and labor relations. However, college graduates with technical, business, or liberal arts backgrounds have also been able to break into the field of human resources and are preferred by some companies.

Many colleges and universities either have programs leading to degrees in personnel, human resources and labor relations or they offer degree programs in personnel administration, human resources management, training and development or compensation and benefits. Those looking to become specialists should take courses in compensation, recruitment, training and development and performance appraisal. As in other fields knowledge and training are the keys to becoming marketable. Business courses such as principles of management, organizational structure, and industrial psychology should also be considered along with any course that will improve your general knowledge of computers.

Salary rates for human resource professionals are not constant since they are based on occupation, experience, training and education, location, size of the company and whether or not you belong to a union. In 2002 the median annual salary for human resources mangers was $64,710. The middle 50 percent of human resource professionals earned between $47,420 and $88,100 while the lowest 10 percent earned less than $36,280 and the highest 10 percent earned more than $114,300.

With a constant flow of qualified college graduates and seasoned professionals navigating the job market there is indeed a level of competitiveness when it comes to  Career, Job, Profession & Employment
s in the field of human resources. On the bright side, the overall employment of human resources professionals, training and labor mangers and specialist is expected to grow between 21 and 35 percent, which is faster than average, through 2012. In fact certain specialists such as employment, recruitment and placement specialist may be in higher demand due to many companies increasing efforts to recruit and retain qualified employees.


How to Search for a New  Career, Job, Profession & Employment
 Before Giving Up Your Old One

Are you unhappy at your current job but have no idea what new field would be good for you? You don't have to quit your job to pursue something new- try these options for testing the water first.

search for new  Career, Job, Profession & Employment
,decide new  Career, Job, Profession & Employment
,changing  Career, Job, Profession & Employment
s,part-time work,try something new

Are you thinking about changing  Career, Job, Profession & Employment
s but scared to blindly jump into something new? Are you not sure where to start? Most people are unhappy and frustrated with their current job, but don’t know how to create a plan to move into a new  Career, Job, Profession & Employment

If you are lost about where to start, and not sure what  Career, Job, Profession & Employment
 would interest you right now, think about your hobbies. What did you love to do when you were a kid? If you love books, maybe you would like to work in a library or bookstore. If you are good at math, consider an accounting position. Thank about how you would spend your time if you didn’t have to work to earn a living.

Taking a class to learn a new skill is now easier than ever. Most colleges offer online courses that will allow you to work at a time convenient for you. You will have specific deadlines to meet just as if you were in a classroom, but you are able to work at your own pace and within your own weekly schedule.

Try something new, even if you’re not sure if you would like it. Learn photography, update your computer skills, or take a yoga class. Even if you wind up hating it, you won’t know if you don’t try.

If you have an idea about what you would like to do, why not work at it part-time? Suppose you work in the medical field now but think you now want to work with animals. You could get a part-time job working in a veterinarian’s office or a kennel. There are plenty of part-time gigs you can do at night or on the weekend. Of course, you’re giving up some of your free time, but isn’t this a small price to pay to test the waters before making the plunge to full-time? Starting out part-time for an employer is one of the best ways to work into a full-time position later.

Volunteering is always an option. While you are helping others, you are also finding out if something is right for you. How about coaching a sports team at your kid’s school? Could you tutor someone who doesn’t know how to read?

Maybe you won’t wind up changing  Career, Job, Profession & Employment
s after all, but instead build a part-time business that allows you to be creative and express yourself. If you play the piano, could you give personal lessons? If you are good at crafts, why not sell yours online? If you love dogs, maybe you could be a pet sitter for your friends and neighbors.

The possibilities are endless if you just use your imagination. As long as you are doing something that feeds your soul, you are spending your time on a worthwhile cause- yourself!


How To Bulletproof Your  Career, Job, Profession & Employment

Are you struggling with today's challenging employment trends? Learn the most important activities you should always be doing to overcome the challenges of today's  Career, Job, Profession & Employment
 market, and bulletproof your  Career, Job, Profession & Employment
 for the future.

 Career, Job, Profession & Employment
 development, professional growth, resumes, job search

In the not-too-distant past, ascending the corporate ladder assured management professionals of a bigger office, a stronger compensation package and a more secure future. But today, executives are being told: Don’t get too comfortable in that corner office, and don’t buy that fancy new car or boat you’ve always dreamed of – because your job is just as vulnerable as everyone else’s. Evidence suggests that the higher up the ladder you go, the more precarious your position may become! The attitude toward executives and the roles they play within companies have drastically changed in recent years. I’ve seen executives who have been with the same company for 20 or more years. They’ve worked their way up the corporate ladder and felt that they had proven their value – then they were unceremoniously dismissed from their positions as if they had just been hired as an entry-level worker. As a  Career, Job, Profession & Employment
 Consultant, it’s my job to re-instill the client’s confidence, identify his or her strengths, and “re-package” that individual for the current job market. But, to navigate effectively through the  Career, Job, Profession & Employment
 transition process and ultimately make your  Career, Job, Profession & Employment
 bulletproof, you must first be informed about what’s really going on in the work-world. I see several important trends taking place with regard to executive-level job stability and security, including:


Job Market Trend 1:

More and more positions, even at senior levels, are now being offered on a contract or temporary basis. The position, in these cases, lasts only as long as is needed to fulfill the employer's contract with their client. This requires job seekers to think differently – more like an independent consultant who works on assignment – rather than as a permanent employee. In many business sectors and industries, it could be said that the “permanent, full-time job” no longer exists as we knew it. This trend also puts the responsibility on the part of the executive to consistently promote and market himself or herself for the ne
xt opportunity – and the one after that!

Job Market Trend 2:

Companies are still very cautious and careful about making any hiring decisions of high-paying, senior management positions. Executives seeking such jobs must now “sell themselves” more than in the past. They need to demonstrate just how they will enhance the company’s productivity, efficiency and profitability – or they probably won't get the offer. This means that the job seeker really needs to learn how to effectively present and market himself or herself. Just having the right job titles on one's résumé, or having the appropriate technical skills for the job, are no longer enough.

Job Market Trend 3:

Executives are receiving smaller  Career, Job, Profession & Employment
 transition programs than ever before from the large outplacement firms – and many displaced professionals are getting no  Career, Job, Profession & Employment
 transition programs at all. This means that greater numbers of executives are seeking-out help from smaller, more personal  Career, Job, Profession & Employment
 consulting firms and  Career, Job, Profession & Employment
 support groups.

STRATEGIES TO BULLETPROOF YOUR  Career, Job, Profession & Employment

Although the transition programs mentioned above do offer important  Career, Job, Profession & Employment
 management techniques, let me share with you the most important activities you should always be doing to overcome the challenges outlined above, and bulletproof your  Career, Job, Profession & Employment
 for the future:

1. Keep all your success documents up to date
2. Put time aside every week for active networking
3. Join and take leadership roles in appropriate associations
4. Write articles or do presentations in your area of expertise
5. Continue your  Career, Job, Profession & Employment
 education, including new credentials
6. Research and be aware of the competition
7. Offer to help people in your network on a regular basis
8. Look at new jobs and investigate other opportunities
9. Always ask yourself, “How can I contribute more?”
10. Practice your networking, interviewing and negotiating skills

If you want your  Career, Job, Profession & Employment
 to be truly bulletproof, you’ll need to educate yourself on topics you probably thought you’d never have to worry about again – like se
lf-marketing, networking, interviewing and negotiating. To master these skills, many management professionals are also discovering helpful online resources and free audio seminars.

And here’s the GOOD NEWS: If you seek-out the right support and leverage vital resources like those mentioned above, you may actually be thankful for the experience of going through transition – ultimately finding a  Career, Job, Profession & Employment
 or landing a job that will be a much better “fit” than those you’ve previously had.

Permission to Reprint: This article may be reprinted, provided it appears in its entirety with the following attribution: Copyright © 2006, Ford R. Myers and  Career, Job, Profession & Employment
 Potential, LLC.


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