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Child, Juvenile, Kiddic, Minor & Teenager


Making a Child, Juvenile, Kiddic, Minor & Teenager's Hand Print on a Ceramic Tile

This is a fun craft for mom's and their kids. This article includes a list of materials and step-by-step procedures. In the end you will have a family heirloom that will last virtually forever.


This is a fun craft to do with a group of moms and their kids, one Child, Juvenile, Kiddic, Minor & Teenager per adult works the best. Each mom will need:
---One soft brush, any size but 1/2" works the best
---One tiny 1-ounce jar of "One-Stroke Ceramic underglaze", either Duncan E-Z Stroke or Gare One-Stroke. (Of course they can share these, but it's best if they have at least 3 colors to choose from. The best are a dark green, a dark blue or a dark brown. One jar of each color will do 50 hands altogether)
---One pint jar of "clear gloss glaze", which all can use.
---A sponge
---Paper towels and a washcloth
---One blank UNglazed ceramic tile, 4-1/4" (for kids 2 or 3 yrs. old or so) or 6" (for kids over 3) Unless you know someone who does hand-painted tile as a career, these would have to be ordered in cases of 100 or so. The best thing is to call the hobby ceramic stores, where you will get the underglaze and clear glaze, and ask if they have a "molded greenware or bisque tile they sell", and order the quantity you need. Tell them you would like them "fired to bisque."

The most important thing is that the Child, Juvenile, Kiddic, Minor & Teenagerrens' hands are scrubbed with soap and water, then dried well. Salt, sugar or oils on the hands will prevent the glaze from bonding with the tile. Make sure to wipe the tile well with a clean sponge in plain water. Allow to dry a few minutes.

Tell the kids that it is like hand-painting only without wiggling their fingers. Make it fun, some get scared. Hold their clean hand gently over a tile to make sure their hand will fit, fingers spread out a little. Pick the right size tile and paint one wet coat of glaze across the flat of their open palm, not too runny but not too dry, follwing the instructions for mixing on the bottle. Try to keep their fingers from touching, the more still they keep their hand, the better the clarity. A good print will show fingerprints! But if it smears, it usually does, it's all for fun anyway. If it starts to become a battle with the Child, Juvenile, Kiddic, Minor & Teenager, let him go, when he sees the other kids having a good time he will offer his hand to be painted. (I say "he" because it is usually the boys that wimp out, the girls are more adventurous. lol)

Make sure the paint goes all the way to the ends of the fingers and thumb and press the hand straight down onto the surface of the tile, quickly but gently and firmly, rolling the fingers slightly so the print doesnt look like skeleton fingers lol. Lift the hand straight up and see how cool! Wash their hands with soap, the paint is water soluable and non-staining, but dont let them lick it. With a fine brush, write the Child, Juvenile, Kiddic, Minor & Teenager's name and date or birthday or age right on the tile. Set it in a safe place to dry well.

If you are nervous about smearing the dry glaze, have them fired at "cone 04" before painting the clear gloss on top. This is the proper way, but if the underglaze is good and dry and you are very careful, it is ok to put the clear glaze on unfired underglaze and fire the tile once at "cone 06" and the results will be the same.
Either way, get the large floppy brush again and paint 3 thin coats of clear gloss on the tile and fire to "cone 06".

You can buy frames from most ceramic stores that sell the tiles. They will last forever. Have fun!


Making a star out of your Child, Juvenile, Kiddic, Minor & Teenager

Making a star out of your Child, Juvenile, Kiddic, Minor & Teenager deals with harnessing talent within your Child, Juvenile, Kiddic, Minor & Teenager in an information overloaded age.

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Copyright 2006 Socrates Olympio

In an age where the playstation, internet and the ipod seem to reign, it is increasingly difficult to stimulate kids to achieve great feats especially in the traditional domains such as the visual arts, maths and sciences.

The upsurge in interest in the new age hobbies and addictions represent a departure from the good 'old days' when kids played long and hard and were healthy as could be; obesity was a rarity and invention and creativity were not frowned upon nor shunned by kids.

Today, the picture is all too different. The computer has taken a virtual monopoly on the interests and attention of the 21st Century kid. This should not necessarily be a bad thing if moderated effectively. We won’t go into the ills and perils of cyberspace, but will rather look at proactive ways of harnessing talent on the net.

A few things that one could suggest to today's information overloaded Child, Juvenile, Kiddic, Minor & Teenager are as follows:

Traditional activities: Poetry, Drama, Sports, Athletics, Scrapbooking, History Lessons and quizzes.

Contemporary stuff: Stimulating hobbies such as Scale modeling Simulation of architectural designs etc. Learn a new language e.g. Chinese (for obvious reasons)

For technically-minded: * Building Nitro-powered racing cars

Rewards scheme: It is essential to 'reward' every little achievement your kid makes in some form that both you and your kid agree on. Although the kid need not know that he or she is being actively consulted about this.Rewards must by nature be minimal in quantity or in material value but high on the sentimental scale. Why? because being human, we treasure loving hugs, approving looks, pats on the back, trips made together to places of interest PLUS the accompanying material reward such money, presents etc. This is fact and is indisputable.

The key aspects to making your Child, Juvenile, Kiddic, Minor & Teenager do exceptional stuff its allowing them to 'play.' It is through their play that their true interests, skills or talents will emerge.However, without your active involvement in the process there's only a limited chance of succes as every parent or guardian is the first role model and mentor to every Child, Juvenile, Kiddic, Minor & Teenager.

Just like you project manage at work, you also need to project manage your Child, Juvenile, Kiddic, Minor & Teenager's development. If you physically cant be there for whatever reason, you need to delegate to a trusted person. But there mustn't be a situation where there's no active mentoring.

And when success comes and the awards start to troop in, you can be proud of a good job being done.


Making The Best Of Holidays With Child, Juvenile, Kiddic, Minor & Teenagerren

Taking your kids on vacation is not always easy. When planning for holidays with Child, Juvenile, Kiddic, Minor & Teenagerren, there are plenty of things to consider. Looking for a kid friendly resort is the key to making sure your trip is full of fond memories instead of splitting headaches.

1. Take the kids to the happiest place on earth. Yes, Walt Disney World, located in central Florida. The number one choice of little ones the world over, it can also be a great experience for the adults of the f...

kids, holidays with Child, Juvenile, Kiddic, Minor & Teenagerren, kid friendly

Taking your kids on vacation is not always easy. When planning for holidays with Child, Juvenile, Kiddic, Minor & Teenagerren, there are plenty of things to consider. Looking for a kid friendly resort is the key to making sure your trip is full of fond memories instead of splitting headaches.

1. Take the kids to the happiest place on earth. Yes, Walt Disney World, located in central Florida. The number one choice of little ones the world over, it can also be a great experience for the adults of the family unit. With so many theme parks to choose from and animated characters to meet, the experience could hardly be called boring. If parents are looking for less Child, Juvenile, Kiddic, Minor & Teenager-centered activities, they can take a tour of Pleasure Island or explore the shops of Downtown Disney. Of course, there are enough eateries around to satisfy everybody’s tastes.

2. If theme parks are not your cup of tea, perhaps a tropical location is closer to your ideal vacation spot. If this is the case, check out the Atlantis Resort. Located on Paradise Island (of the Bahama Islands fame), this resort caters to the entire family. With eleven pools and plenty adventurous slides to choose from, your Child, Juvenile, Kiddic, Minor & Teenagerren will be happy little swimmers. Or, mix education with pleasure by taking them to the Discovery Channel camp, where they can learn about the local ecosystem, explore their creativity through arts and crafts or take guided tours of the island. Adventurous adults can partake of snorkeling and water skiing activities. At night, go to the casino or even hit the clubs. At Atlantis Resort, there is a plenty of something for everyone.

3. If you would rather ski the slopes than the ocean, then book your stay with Snowbird Resort in Utah. Kids under twelve ski free, but the fun doesn’t stop there. Try snowboarding, ice skating or snow tubing. If you can think of a snow-related activity, Snowbird probably has it. Indoors, the resort is host to live music performances all year. Parents can also take advantage of the fitness club and spa.

4. When your family needs adventure, pack up and head to the Treesort in Takilima, Oregon. Take part in a true Swiss Family Robinson experience by lodging in the trees. Choose from one of eighteen different nests to sleep in, and spend your days climbing through the resort’s various elevated amusements. You can find a pool on the ground, as well as camp sites, but that’s about it.

5. When planning a vacation that is part fun and part educational, look no further than the Kingsmill Resort in Williamsburg, Virginia. This resort is sure to offer a family package that suits your needs. The resort itself offers Child, Juvenile, Kiddic, Minor & Teenagerren’s camps that feature swimming, games and even yoga. In addition, you will find gulfing courses and tennis courts, and a marina. Best of all, Colonial Williamsburg and Busch Gardens are just a car ride away.


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