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Drugs, Medicine & Pill


Bottles of Pills: Medication Options for Autistic Patients

As with any illness, disease, or disorder, there are a number of medicine options available to help control these symptoms. It is important to remember that none of these medications will "cure" autism; they simply help control some of the effects of the disorder. There are advantages and disadvantages to each drug, as they all have side effects as well as benefits. When choosing medicines to effectively treat autism, your doctor can make recommendations, but since autism is a disorder which varies from person to person, you should use Drugs, Medicine & Pill very carefully, watching to see how the body reacts to the treatments.

First, consider the safety of the drug. Some cannot be used in children or in people under a certain weight. Make sure the dosage is easy to understand and before you choose one medicine or another find out how it is administered (pills, injections, liquid, etc). This is important if you are not comfortable with certain methods, such as injecting yourself or your child. Also find out how safe the drug is to individuals who do not suffer from autism. If you have small children in the house, you'll want to be sure that the drug is not lethal if it gets into the wrong hands. Find out what to do in case this happens, just to be on the safe side.

Also consider the side effects of the Drugs, Medicine & Pill you are considering. While they may be very good at controlling aggression, responsiveness, hyperactivity, or other autistic tendencies, they may also cause sedation or other side effects such as nausea or dizziness. Weigh your options carefully before beginning one of these treatments, or you could find yourself with ten bottles of pills, each taken to counteract the side effects of another. Also remember that medications may have long-term effects. Will you or your child become dependent on the drug? Will you be tolerant? How else will it affect the body over time? These are all important questions to ask your doctor before beginning any medication.

You can research the many studies on these Drugs, Medicine & Pill at your local library or on the Internet. Publications such as journals and healthcare magazines are probably most current and most reliable, whereas you may get some altered information on the World Wide Web, so be careful about following advice you find without first consulting your doctor. He or she may also be able to provide you with literature about the medication options available for autistic patients. Do your researching on the many choices before making any decisions, and you'll be able to better control your health.


Bottles of Pills

My mother is now in her late eighties and her health is failing. She lives in a senior apartment with services. When she first moved to her apartment she was completely independent, but as the years have gone by we have had to arrange to have services added to help her remain as independent as possible. Last year we found out that she was not taking her medications as prescribed. Not having the medications at the proper dosage caused her to become confused and to feeling faint and falling. The falls made her fearful of going outdoors for fear that she would fall again.

We met as a family and discussed with mom what would be the most beneficial for her. She does not want to go into a nursing home, but we need to make sure that she is safe. She agreed to have a nurse set up her pills each week in a daily reminder. This did not work very well because the nurse found that mom would put medications back into the pill bottles. She did not always get the right medications into the correct pill bottles, so the nurse would not dispense them because she would not be held liable for giving mom the wrong medications. The apartment building that mom is in does not have a central locked storage area for pill bottles, so they needed to remain in her apartment. My mother is very short. We asked the nurse if she could but the medications into the reminder box and then put the pill bottles into a high cabinet over the refrigerator that my mother cannot reach. She was agreeable to this plan. We also made arrangements for a home health aide to come in each morning and help mom get ready for the day. She helps mom get dressed if she needs the help and also makes mom a light breakfast and gives her the pills out of the container that is set up by the nurse.

These simple services have created a big difference in my mother. She is getting the medications in the proper dosages at the same time everyday. The result is that she has become stronger and her memory is improving. With the increased strength she is more confident in her walking and has not had as many falls. The services also give me peace of mind knowing that someone is checking on mom. It also helps to know that she is not switching pill bottles around and taking too much or not enough of her medications. We want her to remain as independent as possible for as long as possible. The services are helping her accomplish this.


About Bottles of Pills

I am an organization freak. I used to be quite a slob, but one day I decided to get organized. I spent all night sorting through my room, and by the time it was done, everything was in perfect order. Since then, I have kept a tight ship. It just makes life that much easier to always know where everything is, after all. I organize my laundry, my papers, my bills, and even my dishes. The one thing that I have never successfully been able to organize, however, is my pills. That is, until I got a new pill dispenser.

Most pill boxes that I have seen aren't really adequate for my needs. Your average pillbox is meant for people who take a couple pills once or twice a day. I have some pretty serious health problems, and as a result I take a lot of different medications and supplements. Until recently, I haven't Been able to find any solution except to always have several bottles of medication with me. As you can imagine, this is pretty inconvenient. It also raises eyebrows when I'm going on vacation, causing unnecessary stops at security checkpoints.

That is why I was happy to find a pretty sophisticated pill box. Rather than the seven standard compartments labeled for different days of the week, it has a system of rotating dials. The mechanisms are hard to explain, but basically you can set it to remind you when the pill in any particular container is needed. The pills are loaded from the top, and it can dispense them at particular points during the day. It is sort of a pill box and alarm combined. It is a rather ingenious device, and I wish I had thought of it first.

Of course, if your needs are simpler than mine, you have more flexibility in picking out a pill box. The one I use is ugly, but I have seen some very stylish pill boxes in my day. One of my cousins actually has a silver pill box that she inherited from her grandmother. It is amazing that someone would put so much craftsmanship in to such a mundane piece of equipment. It really is a work of art, and that is no exaggeration. If I had a pill box like that, I don't think I would use it to dispense medication. I'd probably put it up on the mantel as a keepsake, but my cousin is a much more practical person than me. She uses it every day.


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