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Drugs, Medicine & Pill


What About Drugs, Medicine & Pill for Anxiety and Depression?

As a counselor, I am often asked, “Can Drugs, Medicine & Pill be helpful for anxiety and depression?” The answer I give is “Yes” and “No.”

Yes, Drugs, Medicine & Pill may be useful for short-term help. No, Drugs, Medicine & Pill are not a good long-term solution.

anxiety, depression, counselors, emotional disorder, self help

As a counselor, I am often asked, “Can Drugs, Medicine & Pill be helpful for anxiety and depression?” The answer I give is “Yes” and “No.”

Yes, Drugs, Medicine & Pill may be useful for short-term help. No, Drugs, Medicine & Pill are not a good long-term solution.

Anxiety and depression are not caused by a lack of Drugs, Medicine & Pill. Drugs, Medicine & Pill do not heal the underlying causes of anxiety and depression. However, when Drugs, Medicine & Pill are temporarily used to give a person a window of relief to do the inner work necessary to heal the underlying causes, they can be useful.

Anxiety and depression generally have two major underlying causes - emotional and physical.


Our bodies go into imbalance when we do not eat well or have enough healthy exercise. Our bodies are not made to handle the unnatural substances found in processed food. When we overload our bodies with chemicals, pesticides, sugar, and devitalized foods, our bodies become depleted of vital nutrients and go into stress. Anxiety and depression can be the result of this physical depletion and resulting stress.

Our bodies are designed to thrive on the food and water that God gave us – pure, clean, organic, unaltered food and water. If you take Drugs, Medicine & Pill for anxiety and depression and do not clean up your diet and get proper exercise, you are just using a Band Aid for a gaping wound.


Emotionally, anxiety is caused by dysfunctional thoughts – thoughts that are not true. For example, if you tell yourself that you are not good enough or you have to be perfect, you will likely feel anxious. Thoughts of not being good enough and having to be perfect are generally focused on our outer qualities of looks and performance, rather than on the inner qualities of kindness, compassion, and gratitude. When we choose to be kind, loving and compassionate with ourselves and others, we feel good about ourselves. When we choose gratitude for what we do have rather than dwell on what we don’t have, we create inner peace. Kindness and gratitude are wonderful antidotes to anxiety!

Anxiety is always a sign that we are telling ourselves a lie. The truth creates peace inside, while lies create fear and anxiety. This is a sure-fire way of knowing what is true and what is not true!

Emotionally, depression is caused by not taking good care of ourselves. If we ignore our needs, don’t speak up for ourselves, judge ourselves, and make others responsible for our feelings, the result may be depression. If you have a child whom you ignore and judge, that child will likely be depressed. The same occurs on the inner level when we ignore and judge our own inner child. Putting yourself last and taking care of everyone else but yourself may cause you to feel unworthy and depressed.

There is little point in taking Drugs, Medicine & Pill for anxiety and depression without attending to your dysfunctional thinking and to how you are treating yourself. However, if you take Drugs, Medicine & Pill for a short time and give yourself the opportunity to do your inner work, they may be helpful. Many of the people I work with find that as soon as they start taking good care of themselves, they don’t like the effect of the Drugs, Medicine & Pill. They don’t like the fact that the Drugs, Medicine & Pill take the edge off their feelings. They find that, rather than wanting to be numbed out, they want to feel all of their feelings deeply, both the highs and the lows. The more they learn to take responsibility for their feelings by attending to their thoughts and needs, the more they want to feel all of their feelings. They discover that, while Drugs, Medicine & Pill may take the edge off pain, they also take the edge off joy.

Most of the people I work with can avoid Drugs, Medicine & Pill completely by learning to take loving care of themselves, both physically and emotionally. Many of the people who practice the Inner Bonding process that we teach find Inner Bonding to be far more powerful in healing anxiety and depression than Drugs, Medicine & Pill.

If you are a person who does not want to learn to take personal responsibility for your pain and joy, then Drugs, Medicine & Pill may be a way out for you. But if you want to feel true peace and joy, Drugs, Medicine & Pill are not the answer.


A better “help-sleep” drug

How sleeping disorders or insomnia does works. It explains the causes of insomnia and its harmful effects on one’s daily living. The article emphasizes on the need to use medication in treating sleeping disorders.

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Have you been tossing and rolling in bed lately? Staring endlessly in the ceiling till the wee hours of the morning while counting sheep? Then you are suffering from sleeping disorder or insomnia. Insomnia can also be defined as difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep, waking up too early, or waking up feeling worn out. Almost everyone has brief encounters with insomnia. Studies show that about 10% of Americans suffer from insomnia.

Though there are really no concrete causes of insomnia. Experts claim that conditions that may cause it may vary from person to person. Health factors such as heart ailment, sleep apnea, asthma can result in insomnia for some individuals. While environmental factors like a simple sound, an uncomfortable mattress or pillow may cause a difference in the sleep patterns for a few. Diet also plays a role in the development of insomnia. Excess caffeine or food consumed close to bedtime may affect the quality of sleep. Other reasons of insomnia are anxiety, depression, and stress. Be sure to evaluate yourself of the factors mentioned if you are having difficulty in your sleep. However these episodes of sleeplessness usually last for a few nights and the sleep pattern returns to its normal. This happens when the cause of the sleep disturbance is settled. If an individual suffer from insomnia for a month or more, treatment is required to restore the sleeping pattern back to normal

The effects of insomnia are alarming. Poor health, fatigue, impatience, diminished mental alertness and memory, and irritability are some of the common effects of insomnia. Because of the harmful effects of sleep disorder a number of individuals are sometimes forced to miss work or school days. Others often feel exhausted in social gatherings because of lack of sleep.

Several medications have been developed to treat insomnia. Ambien is taken orally immediately before bedtime on an empty stomach or as directed by a physician. Ambien is not intended for long term use and is usually taken for duration of 7 to 10 days. Ambien intake should never be increased or taken for extended periods unless prescribed by your doctor

Common Ambien side effects are daytime drowsiness, dizziness, headache, nausea, upset stomach, vomiting, and dry mouth. When you are rising from a seated or lying position, get up slowly to avoid dizziness. The use of alcoholic beverages may aggravate the harmful effects of Ambien and should therefore be avoided.

Because Ambien causes drowsiness, it should be used with caution. One should refrain driving or other similar activities while under medication. If other effects of Ambien are noticed other than the ones listed, inform your doctor or pharmacist.

Ambien is available on line through Drugs, Medicine & Be aware of your body’s physical response to sleep medications. Ambien does not promise normal sleeping patterns after a week or ten-day intake. Immediately discontinue use if acute adverse effects are experienced or if you are unhappy with the result.

Since small amounts of Ambien are found in breast milk, breast feeding mothers are not encouraged to take this drug.


The Dolphin Drug 

This article features a backgrounder on the dolphins and how their “so-called” vocalizations can provide a soothing relief to human problems. 

Anxiety medication, Anxiety relief

Dolphins are aquatic creatures that have close resemblance with porpoises and whales. As of present time, there are at least forty species seventeen genera of these continental shelf dwellers. From the family of Delphinidae, these highly-intelligent critters' body can expand from four feet up to 50 feet. Meanwhile, their body mass can weigh from 40 kilograms to 10 tonnes. Naturally carnivorous, these sea animals feast on squids and other fishes.
      These shallow water dwellers, aside from their intelligence notoriety, can produce vocal sounds using their nasal airsacs located below their blowholes. There are three sounds or vocalizations, that dolphins produce – frequency modulated sounds called whistles, burst-pulsed sounds and clicks. While there is still no available explanation for the use of burst-pulsed sound dolphins' make, whistles and clicks play a pivotal role in a dolphin's life. Dolphin whistles, which are characterized to be one of the loudest sounds in the sea, are used by these aquatic creatures to communicate. Research proves that a dolphin can distinguish a whistle from another because every dolphin has unique or “signature” whistles. They can identify themselves from one another using their “high-pitched” vocalizations. Whistles, which are unique dolphin mechanism, are effective adaptations that dolphins use for finding mate and group identification. Clicks, meanwhile, are used as directional aide which functions as echolocation. Like bats, this specialized dolphin helps them to detect for any object or creature approaching them.

      This distinctive adaptation is not only beneficent to dolphins but, in a way, proves to be helpful to humans as well. Researches say that dolphin-produced sounds are used to improve concentration, enhance social interaction and skills, and as - anxiety medication. Certain studies show that dolphin sounds, which has a calming effect, are good for lessening anxiety levels and are used as anxiety reliefs.

      With the some dangerous complications anxiety medications can bring to one's health, dolphin vocalizations, accompanied by soothing instruments, are now marketed as alternative anxiety relief.

      In an article by Psychology Today, it said that swimming with dolphins can help reduce one's anxiety level. This form of anxiety relief was further strengthened by the aforementioned study. Clinical Psychologist Nichola Webb PhD, said that the participants who swam with the dolphins developed a greater sense of well-being before and after the swim in comparison to the others who did not swim with the dolphins.

      According to, using dolphins as animal-assisted therapy is a popular choice for psychological problems and developmental abilities. However, these studies where criticized for several grounds. Also, studies show that dolphin-assisted therapy (DAT) as anxiety relief has no compelling scientific evidence and that “it affords no more than fleeting improvements in mood.”

      Dolphins vocalizations, however, are now being sold in the market in CD's and DVD's for us to have a first hand experience of its supposed calming effects and anxiety relief.

      The dolphin song - or being scientifically correct, vocalizations - has really proven its worth. Its naturally-produced sound can help provide a “soothing relief”. But no matter how promising this may seem, nothing can still replace a frequent visit to the doctor. As to its effectiveness as an anxiety medication alternative, try it and you be the judge. 


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