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Birth Control Pills And Acne: Clear Mind Or Clear Skin?

Before you read this article, I am duty-bound to tell you that this article is for women only (though I am sure men will be curious to read it)!

To take or not to take birth control pills for controlling acne is a very sensitive topic, if not controversial! Is taking birth control pills to control acne is right for you? How does birth control pill work on acne? Can hormones in the birth control pill stop acne from forming? At least thousands of such mad trains must be rush...

birth control pills and acne, acne treatment, birth control pills

Before you read this article, I am duty-bound to tell you that this article is for women only (though I am sure men will be curious to read it)!

To take or not to take birth control pills for controlling acne is a very sensitive topic, if not controversial! Is taking birth control pills to control acne is right for you? How does birth control pill work on acne? Can hormones in the birth control pill stop acne from forming? At least thousands of such mad trains must be rushing the mind of a woman, who is consuming the pills with the twin important purposes! Every pill creates fresh doubts, fears and complications in her thought process. Because research on this subject is still a kindergarten stuff and the fear of side-effects hang prominently in her mind.

Moral aspect of taking birth control pills is in itself a never ending debating topic. If it is intended to control acne, why it should be related to birth control pills? The alliance looks unholy. Is it considered as a cost-saving device? And if the birth control pills were to fail from the original purpose for which they are intended and acne appears on the face, who will protect the psychological balance of that women? One such bad case, is sufficient to pour cold water on the result of thousand good cases!

The skin of many acne prone women have responded positively and have indeed showed marked improvement, thanks to the intake of birth control pills. For the glow of the skin, women are likely to consider that no sacrifice, no experiment is great. What checks can be applied if such individuals start consuming birth control pills, to whom they are not intended at all! Apart from the humor element involved in these observations, over the years this problem is going to assume serious dimensions and certain tangible steps will have to be well thought out to check this.

When you take mild dose of contraceptives orally, estrogen-related side effects- headache, nausea and breast tenderness- may show their weak presence. The weight gain is also low.

So do you take birth control pills with the cure of acne in your mind? Make your decision very carefully taking into account the risk factors. Just for the greed of curing acne, why to risk your body to heart attack, cancer of the breast or blood clots? If you are a smoker, the condition will still be worse. Your present state of depression may be due to this pill-taking! Many more side effects are waiting in the wings to take over-fluid retention, dark skin patches, bleeding in the vagina, to quote a few.

So, do you want a clear mind or a clear skin? The bargain may prove too hard, that it may give rise to psychological problems. Therefore, take each pill and put each step forward, with utmost caution, firstly by preparing your mind very well.

For, this is a mind over matter topic. Therefore, CAUTION!

This time, you need to consult not only the dermatologist, but your dear gynecologist first!


Birth Control Pills Can Help Acne Treatment - Know How

Get to know how some birth control pills be effective in acne scars, acne treatment and controlling acne

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Many young women who are looking for acne treatment and birth control methods tend to look for birth control pills to kill two birds with a stone. It might be surprising for some to know that some birth control pills are very effective in controlling acne and cure considerably in many cases. Birth control pills control the sebum significantly to be produced.

What is acne?
Acne is a chronic disorder of the hair follicles and sebaceous glands. Acne is characterized by black heads, pimple outbreaks, cysts, infected abscesses, and (sometimes) scarring. Acne is the result of inflammation of the sebaceous glands and hair follicles of the skin producing pimples and pustules.

Sebaceous glands (fatty glands found in hair follicles throughout the body that secrete oil into the hair and surrounding skin and they emit oil) found on many parts of the body which produce Sebum. When the production of sebum increases, it blocks the sebaceous glands, which makes sebum filling the gland into balloon shape. This is generally called as acne. If the production of sebum decreases so is the acne and vice-versa

How birth control pills work on acne?
Androgen are group hormones, also known as male hormones in the body are responsible for excess sebum production. Birth control pills control androgen hormones significantly. Androgen hormones’ activity in sebaceous glands either increases or decreases the production of sebum. When androgen hormones increases in sebaceous glands, its produces more sebum and so it appears in the form of acne. This activity is greatly observed in teenagers and young adults specially between the ages of 12 and 24, when they experience many physical changes.

However, it must be noted here that that there are mainly two types of birth control pills available. One is Progestin Only Pill (POP) and other is Combination Pill (having progestin and estrogen hormones). These combination birth control pills come in different combination level of progestin and estrogen hormones. The estrogens may be in the form of ethinyl etradiol. In fact, this is the ethinyl etradiol that controls the level of androgen hormones in the sebaceous glands.

In 1997, Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved low-dose birth control pill Ortho Tri-cyclen to be used for acne treatment. It controls the production of androgen hormones in sebaceous glands and thus reduces acne to appear significantly.

Despite the fact that birth control pills work effectively on acne treatment, it is certainly not advisable for sexually inactive and teenagers to use them as the medium of acne treatment unless they consult their physician or doctor first.

You may also visit at to know more about the general information on birth control pills. The above article is for general information on possible acne treatment by birth control pills and should not be taken as medical advice. If it is so, please consult your doctor or physician for treatment purpose.


Acne Treatments with the Use of Birth Control Pills and Antibiotics

Birth control pills helps in preventing acne growth.

acne, acnes, FAQS, FAQ, ACNE, ACNES, faq, faqs

Acne / Birth Control Pill

For some female patients, treatment-resistant acne is caused by excessive production of hormones called androgens. With extra androgens in your system, your oil-producing glands go into high gear ­— and so does your acne. Several clues can help your doctor identify acne that may be influenced by hormones: acne that appears in adults for the first time; acne flare-ups preceding the menstrual cycle; irregular menstrual cycles; hirsutism (excessive growth of hair or hair in unusual places); and elevated levels of certain androgens in the blood stream.

Adult women and teenage girls whose acne has resisted treatment with antibiotics or topical retinoids may be candidates for hormonal therapy. Once a patient’s acne is identified as hormonally influenced, the doctor will be able to prescribe a number of different therapies, or perhaps a combination of several different Drugs, Medicine & Pill; "combination therapy" is often the best approach to this kind of acne. Following are a few common components of therapy for hormonal acne, but remember to consult your doctor before using any of the remedies listed here.

Acne / Birth Control Pill - Oral contraceptives. Birth-control pills (a combination of estrogen and progestin taken orally) are often prescribed for hormonal acne. Low doses of estrogen help suppress the androgens produced by the ovaries, and the newer progestin agents, including desogestrel and norgestimate, are less androgenic than those found in older formulations. While only Ortho Tri-Cyclen and Estro-Step are currently approved by the FDA for this indication, experts agree that low-dose contraceptives improve acne regardless of which formula is used. Consult your gynecologist to find the formula that’s right for you. While side effects are uncommon, some women may experience brownish blotches, or melasma (hyperpigmentation) on the skin. These can be treated with topical bleaching agents.

Acne / Birth Control Pill - Anti-androgens. In combination with oral contraceptives, doctors also may prescribe an anti-androgen ; these Drugs, Medicine & Pill inhibit androgen production in the ovaries and adrenal glands and help prevent existing androgens from causing excessive oil production. Spironolactone, a high blood pressure medicine with anti-androgenic properties, has proven quite effective in the treatment of acne. Side effects may include breast tenderness, menstrual irregularities (in women not using oral contraceptives), headache and fatigue; since it's also a diuretic, you may experience frequent urination as well.

NOTE: Spiranolactone is tetrogenic and can cause feminization of a male fetus. If you are sexually active and not taking “the pill,” it’s imperative that you use another form of birth control.

Acne / Birth Control Pill - Corticosteroids. Small doses of corticosteroids, like prednisone or dexamethasone, may curb inflammation and suppress the androgens produced by the adrenal glands. Keep in mind that in some acne sufferers, corticosteroids may actually aggravate acne; they’re most effective when used in combination with oral contraceptives.

In conclusion, if you think your acne is hormonally induced, see your doctor right away. While this kind of acne requires a different course of treatment, it is highly treatable. More about your hormones.

For patients who suffer from moderate to severe acne, doctors may prescribe a combination of topical remedies and oral antibiotics. The most common oral medications used to treat acne are tetracycline, minocycline, doxycycline and erythromycin.

Antibiotics for Acne - HOW THEY WORK

Like Benzoyl Peroxide, antibiotics control breakouts by curbing the body’s production of
P. acnes, the bacteria that causes acne, and decreasing inflammation. This process may take several weeks or months, so be patient. And remember, you’re not “cured” just because your breakouts have subsided. That’s the medicine doing its job — so if you stop taking it, your acne will probably come back. Likewise, doubling up on your medication won’t make your skin clear up twice as fast. Using your topical antibiotics more frequently than prescribed may actually induce greater follicular irritation and plugging, which slows clearing time. And taking your oral medications more often than prescribed won’t help your skin clear faster — but it will increase your chance of experiencing unpleasant side effects.

Antibiotics for Acne - WHERE TO GET THEM

If you have moderate to severe acne, consult your dermatologist; he or she will discuss your options and help you make the best choice. Once you’ve begun treatment, give it time to start working. Keep your doctor apprised of your progress, so he or she can make changes to the course of treatment if necessary. And again, don’t stop using your medication when your skin clears — let your doctor make that call.

Antibiotics for Acne - COMMON SIDE EFFECTS

With most of the antibiotics used to treat acne, side effects may include photosensitivity (higher risk of sunburn), upset stomach, dizziness or lightheadedness, hives, lupus-like symptoms and skin discoloration. Some women report a higher incidence of vaginal yeast infection while taking antibiotics; these can usually be treated with over-the-counter antifungal medication or a prescription antifungal, such as diflucan. Tetracycline is not given to pregnant women or children under 12 years of age because it can discolor developing teeth. Lastly (and least common), because doxycycline is also the treatment of choice for Lyme disease, there is the theoretical possibility that a patient who takes this medication for a long period of time would build a resistance, and therefore be unable to fight Lyme.


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