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Choosing A Pillar Candle Holder – Many Designs To Choose From

Your choice in Pillar Candle holders is huge, and it’s not easy making up your mind.

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A pillar candle holder can be metal, wood, or glass. The choices of candle holders are
almost as endless as the different types of pillar candles. A frosted glass pillar candle holder is the perfect one to choose for your aromatherapy candle. The frosted glass accentuates the color of the candle and protects the wood of your table at the same time. If you relay like to match the wood of the furniture with the candleholder, then you can choose a wooden pillar candle holder. Metal holders for pillar candles are also very elegant and have intricate carvings.

Although pillar candles are usually round, they can be any size that you want. If you make your own candles, this is the perfect opportunity to get creative and make different shapes of candles. Since most pillar candle holders have a wide base to hold candles that are about 3 inches in diameter, you can still use oddly shaped candles with these holders. A pillar candle holder can be only big enough for one candle or it can be a plate large enough to hold three or four candles of various sizes.

Whatever décor you have, you can have a pillar candle holder to match. For example, you can have carved candle holders or ones designed as beautiful candlestick holders. Pillar candles make great centrepieces and with the right candleholder you can create just the right ambiance for any room of your home. Pillar candle holders make great gifts for any occasion and since they are relatively inexpensive, you can pick up different kinds for different occasions.

A wrought iron pillar candle holder is a wonderful decorating idea for your home because the iron can be made into different shapes. Try a Celtic design for your pillar candles or have the iron shaped into flowers or even dolphins to hold scented pillar candles. Pewter and copper are also materials commonly used to make pillar candle holders. Pewter is a resilient material and matches any décor. Copper candle holders really accentuate an autumn theme and these come in all types of styles.

A pillar candle holder is one of the oldest types of candleholders. It is fashioned after the tall brass candlesticks and adds a touch of elegance to any pillar candle. You can have these in the bathroom just as easily as you can have them in the living room. Because a pillar candle is larger, using a pillar candle holder gives you the security you need that the candle will stay in place


Pillar Candles Make Ideal Decorations For All Occasions

From the large variety of candle models available on the market, pillar candles are probably among the most appreciated. Almost all candle manufacturers have included specific pillar candle lines in their collections, in a large number of colors, whether scented or not.

Pillars also come in several shapes, the most common of which are round and square. Now, let's have a closer look at the occasions when this type of candle is successfully used, both in day to day life and ...

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From the large variety of candle models available on the market, pillar candles are probably among the most appreciated. Almost all candle manufacturers have included specific pillar candle lines in their collections, in a large number of colors, whether scented or not.

Pillars also come in several shapes, the most common of which are round and square. Now, let's have a closer look at the occasions when this type of candle is successfully used, both in day to day life and in church. I should perhaps mention that very often people use groups of several pillar candles.

When and where?

Given their size variations, pillar candles go very well with wedding candle arrangements. Groupings of such candles, but of different sizes and in a finely organized manner, can be a real sensation in the decorative atmosphere of a wedding. Many couples want their candles to be simple and elegant without seeming austere. This is why the candle color and their ornamental position are so important. Sometimes messages, such as thanks, invitations, jokes can be attached to the larger-sized pillar candles. Guests find it quite amusing to read the few lines addressed by their hosts.

Pillar candles also prove excellent accessories when organizing a very special romantic dinner. For such occasions, people usually go for red, dark green, silver or golden candles, given the fact that such hues emphasize mystery and romance. This time you should definitely choose scented candles that prove the best at creating the warmth and mystery of a night to be remembered.

However, don't place the scented candles on the table where you serve dinner. The candle fragrance may go very bad with the food flavor. Better keep it on the safe side! Simply use some unscented pillar candles while eating.

Pillar candles and the religious service

The favorite candles during the religious service are usually tapers, however, pillars come second in the preference top. Mention should be made, that pillar candles are not held during ceremonial rites. They are actually placed in the altar, at the feet of statues or Christian representations of The Holy Son, Virgin Mary and various protecting saints.

Beeswax, fragrance-free white pillar candles are among the most widely used in all the churches regardless of confession. A special case is represented by pillar candles used at baptizing children. Such candles are held by the godfathers, and they are usually blue for boys and red or pink for girls.


Scented Pillar Candles – Great For Decorating Any Room Of The Home

Scented pillar candles are a wonderful way to beautify your home, and add wonderful scents as well

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Scented pillar candles add to the ambiance of any room in your home. Even if you prefer unscented pillar candles, you can color coordinate them with your décor. Scented pillar candles give off a scent even when they are not lit. Many people prefer to use them simply as a decoration while many others do burn them for aromatherapy and simply because the like the scent. Scented pillar candles can be round or square and come in large sizes such as 6 X 6 or smaller sizes, such as 3 X 3.

You can use several different sizes of scented pillar candles to make an exquisite display on your table, coffee table or mantle. If you have several pillar candles, you can arrange them by height. Place the tallest scented pillar candle in the middle and arrange the others around it. You can have both round and square pillar candles in the one centrepiece, but most people like to use pillar candles of the same shape. You can also have different colors or have all the candles the same color. Even though pillar candles are not expensive, there are many places where you can buy discount pillar candles and save even more money.

Buying pillar candles at discount prices allows you to buy more than you originally intended or gives you extra money for a beautiful candle holder. There are many different kinds of candle holders you can have for pillar candles, but the usual one for a table is a plate type of holder. This allow you to place several scented pillar candles together to achieve an elegant effect. You can also decorate a scented pillar candle with ribbon or arrange flowers around the bottom of the candles, if you have them on a plate. Not only can you tie a ribbon around a square pillar candle, but you can have several candles tied together in a display.

You can burn pillar candles just to achieve a certain ambiance, but if you burn scented pillar candles, you have even greater benefits. An aromatherapy scented pillar candle has the healing properties you want depending on the fragrance you choose. These pillar candles also help to set the mood for a romantic get together or give the appearance of having been baking all day. They are widely available as discount pillar candles.

When buying scented pillar candles, it is best to buy them in shrink wrap packaging. This is because if the scented pillar candle is left out in the open for very long, it will lose its scent. You also have to look at the type of wax the scented pillar candles are made from. A round or square pillar candle made form paraffin wax tends to mushroom on the edges as it burns down. If you want scented candles that burn cleanly, then you should look for candles made from soy wax.


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