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Ebook, Electronic Book & Digital Book


Software For Creating E-book Covers

Creating and Sellinge-books can be a very lucrative business.

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So you have decided that you want to make a new e-book for you site and it’s business or service. This is an excellent idea, and can easily generate a large amount of profit if it is done right. Along with the usual preview chapters and index, you have the beef of the matter. Well have you ever considered exactly how you are going to package the whole deal, to make it look good enough to sell?

If you want to go with something spicy and original, you can bet you are going to pay an arm and a leg for someone such as a designer to do it for you. This in turn eats at your products profits to begin with. What happens if you have no idea on how to even make an e-book cover? Do you know the coding? Do you know how to format it? If the answers are no, which no offence is more than likely, you will need some help. Why however would you want to pay a large sum of money to someone else to do it, if there is no guarantee of success with it? This is where the new generation software comes into play, not only can it be a snap to run, you will be up in no time with your e-book in hand ready for the market place.

The fact remains true; there are a great many e-book cover software programs on the market. What you get with the program and the ease of use is what truly separates the good ones from the bad. It is true that you will get a poor product if you do not invest from the start; you get what you pay for. The best way to look at it is this way, if you spend a larger sum of money now and get a good product this product will sell. On that note if you make an e-book with a great title page, and can sell it for $45.99 online, within a couple of sales it is already paid for itself. Then you turn around and make another e-book at the same value, and you guessed it you are now in the black and have the profits to prove it.

Another major benefit to this type of software is this, if your business has been floundering the last little while you have something else to fall back on. This is a very lucrative business, where some designers are charging up to $250.00 per cover page. One cover page made for someone else and the software is again paid for. This could easily be a turn around, or an extension to the business you already have.


How to design Ebook, Electronic Book & Digital Book covers?

Are you paying a lot for your Ebook, Electronic Book & Digital Book covers? Have you been searching for a cheaper way to achive your goal?

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Ebook, Electronic Book & Digital Book covers and software box covers are the first thing visitors see on your website. If you create a beautiful cover design, your possibilities of attracting more users are a lot higher than the case you have a poor cover for your product.

The scenario of creating/getting a beautiful design is a lot better than jumping to a bad design in haste, which might cost you all your hard work and serious efforts in promoting your product. A bad design might not succeed in attracting potential customers to give your product a change. They will move on with their search.

Creating a cover design for your products can be a really painful job, especially when you are not sure what layout is the best for you. I looked around for a cheaper solution and I found cover creator software. It can be used to make your own funky design in minutes without any hard work at all.

This type of software is far better than spending hundreds of dollars on a professional design, and at the end of the day you are still not happy with it.

With a cover creator software you can now design a wide variety of covers, like Ebook, Electronic Book & Digital Book cover, cd covers, dvd covers, software boxes and even covers for magazines.

Using this type of software is pretty easy. The application interface shows you a cool 3D look with great camera focus, where you can rotate and watch the object movement in any direction by a click and move of the mouse. The camera position can be further adjusted using the X, Y, Z axes and the light color effects. Pictures like BMP, GIF, JPEG and even PSD files can be imported and used to enhance the overall look.

I checked a lot of products, and all of them have a smooth GUI, and I learned very fast how to work with them. Some of them have resizing options, which allows a user to specify length, width, height of the cover he/she intends to design. This way user can create custom boxes, from pizza box cover to drinks box covers. The shadow effect is very good feature and it gave a professional look to my cover design. Almost all products offer demos of their abilities, and even samples and templates available free of charge on the product website. All of them can be downloaded and installed very easy.

Multi language support is available for languages like English, German and French giving an extra amount of boost to the internet users around the globe.

I found that Ebook, Electronic Book & Digital Book cover software are a cheap way to give my products a professional look. Easy to use, I can build nice looking covers for software boxes, Ebook, Electronic Book & Digital Books, CDs or DVDs, without paying for each of them.


Professional Ebook, Electronic Book & Digital Book Covers 101

Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words, that is why an Ebook, Electronic Book & Digital Book cover image plays a crucial role in the Ebook, Electronic Book & Digital Book’s success. Well designed, professional looking Ebook, Electronic Book & Digital Book covers do much, because an Ebook, Electronic Book & Digital Book cover can be a powerful attention grabbing sales tool.

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It is true that people judge a book by his cover.

Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words, that is why an Ebook, Electronic Book & Digital Book cover image plays a crucial role in the Ebook, Electronic Book & Digital Book’s success. Well designed, professional looking Ebook, Electronic Book & Digital Book covers do much, because an Ebook, Electronic Book & Digital Book cover can be a powerful attention grabbing sales tool.

The cover is sometimes more important than the content, because it has to grab the attention of the intended audience. An effective, high-quality cover inspires trust, so it should look professional. It must be unique, and give an accurate representation on the Ebook, Electronic Book & Digital Book’s content. Even if the basic book shape can be similar to other Ebook, Electronic Book & Digital Books covers, the images and graphics must be original.

To look professional it has to have smooth edges, to use the right colors and images, the title and words should be easy to read, also the graphics should be crisp and clear. Graphics, colors and text can affect the quality of the final product image.

Here are some tips that might help you in designing the best Ebook, Electronic Book & Digital Books covers ever.

1. Title

- The title should be short because the cover will be a small image on the website and there is not too much space to display it in and also make it readable

- The more words there are, the smaller the text will be and the harder it will be to read

- The title is very important and must be focused and appropriate for the target audience

- You may use strong font for the main title

2. Images

- Choose the images carefully to best represent the Ebook, Electronic Book & Digital Book, the image you use have to be related to the book's topic

- As I’ve said, the picture should reflect the topic of the book, so the buyer should be able to get a general idea of what the book is about by watching the cover

- A cover that has only text it is kind of boring, that's why it is better to use an image or photo, to help to get the message of the book across

- Don't use too many background graphics, because simplicity is the key to powerful design

- The cover should be simple and unique, do not copy someone else design

- The cover image must be razor sharp and crystal clear to sell the Ebook, Electronic Book & Digital Book; too many Ebook, Electronic Book & Digital Book images can look fuzzy and flat

- Avoid large open spaces

3. Fonts

- Ebook, Electronic Book & Digital Book covers are small so the fonts you use should be compact and easy to read. (try Arial Black or Impact)

- Use fonts that are appropriate to the subject of the book

- Mixing two different fonts can be effective, but beware of using more because it gets confusing. In no way use more than three different fonts!

- The text should be readable, and not too much

- Limit the amount of text to what is important such as title, subtitle, author's name and maybe web address

4. Colors

- The color is a useful tool in the design of an Ebook, Electronic Book & Digital Book cover

- The colors you choose should reflect the subject of the book

- Choose colors that work with the website colors

- The colors tell a lot about the general subject of the Ebook, Electronic Book & Digital Book so you must choose them carefully; (for example red is an action color and is good for Ebook, Electronic Book & Digital Books who is talking about action, green refers to money and prosperity, blue is a confidence color and orange stimulate the appetite, health, vitality)

- Colors have their own energies; the colors make us feel different emotions, so it is a strong factor in how the potential buyer will react to it

- Also, you may use colors that contrast

- Colors should be well balanced. Here is a free tool that will help you with generating balanced color schemes:

Choosing the right colors, images, fonts and graphics it is sometimes hard to do if you are not a professional designer. We all know that a high-quality and professional Ebook, Electronic Book & Digital Book cover will inspire confidence and will increase the sales of the book, but it is not such easy to get one.


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