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Ebook, Electronic Book & Digital Book


Health & Fitness Ebook, Electronic Book & Digital Books: The Less Embarrassing Alternatives to the Happy, Healthy Lifestyle You Seek

Article re: Ebook, Electronic Book & Digital Books related to Health & Fitness as a means to finding a cure, diet or healthier lifestyle without enduring the embarrassment of scouring a bookstores shelves or entering a diet center beneath the scrutiny of the public eye.

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Did you know people shoplift boxes of condoms more frequently than any other item found a pharmacy’s shelves? Think about it for a second. The reason becomes fairly obvious: people are too embarrassed to be seen with condoms in their possession, let along buying them. And perhaps you’re one of them—the “embarrassed,” not the “shoplifter,” that is… Afraid a friend might enter the pharmacy at the point of purchase. A family member. A neighbor. Your boss! Even confronting the cashier who rings up your, um, purchase, or the person standing behind you in line is a potential source of discomfort. Suddenly anyone you encounter equates what you’re holding with your blushing face, immediately realizing what you’ll be (or at least hope you’ll be) doing that evening. Of course, you could be among the brave who march straight to the counter, box in hand held like it were a trophy, greeting everyone as you go. If you are, you’re luckier than many who become overwhelmed to the point of simply replacing the box and leaving, or, because they cannot do without, shoving the condoms into their pocket and, well, hoping they remembered to lace their sneakers tight that morning.

Of course harrowing experiences for the easily embarrassed do not limit themselves to the pharmacy. In fact, have you ever considered what books people shoplift most frequently from your local bookstore (to likewise avoid embarrassment)? If you guessed self-help books, you’re right. (Interestingly, as a genre, they still manage to outsell any other category on the shelves despite the hordes of shoppers with particularly sticky fingers and deep coat pockets). And not just self-help books related to sexual techniques, marital problems, infidelity or other relationship issues, but also those related to our physical well being, i.e. how to(s) on Health & Fitness.

For example, you may have an issue with acne, bad breath or your weight; browsing the self-help section for a cure of fitness regime only indicates to others that you’re self-conscious about what may be equally obvious to them. Or, you may have an issue with something previously unrecognized by the public including premature ejaculation, intense social anxiety, or warts that suddenly, even without witnessing your issue firsthand, become apparent to others as you flip through titles on the latest remedies. Thus self-help books, while partly the bookstores “bread and butter” are also their “condoms,” so to speak. Shoppers, likewise, are not only too embarrassed to be caught browsing the self-help shelves, but are doubly embarrassed to then parade throughout the store carrying whichever book applies to their specific issue or perceived inadequacy, only to hand it over to a cashier, immediately letting him or her in on the shopper’s previously kept secret. Harrowing indeed!

But, instead of either not buying a book because you are too embarrassed (thus allowing whatever issue ails you to fester and grow), or worse yet shoplifting what is supposed to be self-help, not self-hurt, and potentially subjecting yourself to criminal charges or jail time, you can now find similar information, and often the exact same books, online in an Ebook, Electronic Book & Digital Book format. Any reader, formerly too embarrassed or otherwise noncommittal about owning up to and confronting their respective issues, perceived inadequacies or habitual vices, can now pursue the diets, cures and other life-enriching methods from the comfort and privacy of their own homes. No more scouring the bookstore shelves or entering the diet center beneath the scrutiny of the public eye. Thanks to Health & Fitness Ebook, Electronic Book & Digital Books, anyone can conduct the requisite in-depth and educated research needed to tackle their problems and improve their life, head on, without further worries about answering the prying questions of peers or enduring the judgment of family members.

Download a Health or Fitness related Ebook, Electronic Book & Digital Book when you want, on your terms; leave a printed version lying about, or keep the digital file tucked safely away on your computer. The choice is yours. Let everyone know (friends, family, neighbors, even your boss!), or limit those who know to those you trust or even to no one at all. Either way, you can begin improving your life immediately at a level of comfort you deserve.

Begin by conducting your research thoroughly, and with the knowledge that Ebook, Electronic Book & Digital Books related to Health & Fitness just like their counterparts on the bookstore’s shelves, tackle virtually every issue under the sun, under your roof, or simply within yourself, from how to conquer panic attacks to asthma, jet lag to unsightly moles; turn fat into the muscle mass, a belly into bulging biceps or voluptuous breasts; or even learn to maximize your mind’s potential.

Finally, Ebook, Electronic Book & Digital Books, now that most experts write them in addition to their tangible world publications, offer methods to improve your life that simultaneously accommodate any and all lifestyle choices and belief systems. Examples included hypnosis practiced while sipping a cup of coffee before work, natural alternatives that appease both body and spirit, with or without supplements, some secular, others associated with religious practices, and so on. Whatever your lifestyle or beliefs, you’re likely to find a cure for what ails you or a program for your future, without necessarily breaking the bank, and perhaps most important, without the embarrassment of confronting your issues with the whole world watching… Now, if only the same could be done for that box of condoms…

Copyright 2006, Robert K. Blanc. All Rights Reserved.


Choose Your Mentor Step One of How to Create and Sell Your First Ebook, Electronic Book & Digital Book

How to Create and Sell Your First Ebook, Electronic Book & Digital Book (1)
Ten Steps Guide for Newbies

Step One: Choose Your Mentor

Ebook, Electronic Book & Digital Book, mentor

How to Create and Sell Your First Ebook, Electronic Book & Digital Book (1)
Ten Steps Guide for Newbies

Step One: Choose Your Mentor

You should be able to find several indispensable facts about mentor in the following paragraphs. If there's at least one fact you didn't know before, imagine the difference it might make.

The first choice a newbie has to make is to choose a mentor. Why is that so important? If you want to do something you never made before, it is very logical to follow somebody’s steps in order to complete your project successfully. In this case, the first important step, I suggest to be done, is look around for a mentor. Somebody, who completed his first e-book successfully and sold it successfully.

Today it is very easy to search for everything. Just google it. You can type "writing Ebook, Electronic Book & Digital Book" and watch for the results. Most of the websites you’ll get on your screen will give you an option to subscribe for a free e-course.

Subscribe for 3-4 of them and compile the information. You’ll find a lot of free e-books on the subject, too. Read the e-mails and the e-books and make a choice, who do you want to follow.

There should be at least one mentor, you are going to like and respect. That could be something in his style, strong logic or profound knowledge. Whatever that is, you just follow your inner voice and make the choice.

Once you make your choice, follow your mentor. Study his/her system completely. Buy his or her product and follow it, step by step. This is not an easy path, especially in the beginning.

Sometimes the most important aspects are not immediately obvious. Keep reading to get the complete picture.

By choosing one mentor and stick to him/her, you are solving one of the most serious problem today – information overwhelming. Most of the newbies are completely shocked from the amount of the information available on every topic they choose and that lead to so called paralysis. So, be tough and make your decision as soon as possible, in order to overcome that sickness quickly.

You may find later on, as your progress on your business, many other mentors, and they might be much better than your first one, but that doesn’t matter for the moment. Your first Ebook, Electronic Book & Digital Book has to be finished and you need to follow advices, coming from one respected source and that's it.

Otherwise you’ll find that you are constantly looking for new info and days are going without the single real work done. Give your self enough time for the research on mentor and put a deadline for making your choice.

That shouldn’t take you more than 7-10 days.

Concentrate on the task. Apply diligent efforts to study available information on writing and publishing Ebook, Electronic Book & Digital Book and then make a decision and stick to it until the end of the project.

Here is the place to reveal who my mentor is. I choose to follow the advices of Brian Campbell. He is self-made millionaire, who built his empire from scratch. He offers a complete Internet Profit Mentor Program for newbies, absolutely free. In this program he teaches stuff for which the other gurus are charging hundreds and thousand of dollars.

There is a wonderful forum, where you can find professional answer on many of your questions, too.

Look for the next Step Two: Why an Ebook, Electronic Book & Digital Book?


How to use Ebook, Electronic Book & Digital Books and Ebay to build your mailing list

In this section we’ll look at a very easy to use and cost effective method of getting laser targeted prospects on your mailing list… That’s all there is to it! It doesn’t take long to set up and once in place we can easily tweak the listings and continue this strategy.

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Part 1: How to make money from affiliate Ebook, Electronic Book & Digital Books without selling them

Part 2: How to use Ebook, Electronic Book & Digital Books and ebay to build your mailing list

Part 3: How to use Ebook, Electronic Book & Digital Books to drive more visitors to your site

In this section we’ll look at a very easy to use and cost effective method of getting laser targeted prospects on your mailing list.

First, let’s quickly re-cap part one; we learned there that we don’t need to make money from the initial sale of the Ebook, Electronic Book & Digital Book in order to profit from the Ebook, Electronic Book & Digital Book.
Keep this in mind as we go through the following dialogue.

ebay is a site that facilitates bringing buyers and sellers together in a secure and safe environment, in order to buy and sell a variety of goods and services, either through action or in a fixed price format.

The preferred payment system used there is Paypal. Paypal is an extremely user friendly and highly secure service for transferring money over the internet.

Here’s what we do:

1. List the Ebook, Electronic Book & Digital Book under several different categories, choose categories that have a specific connection to the topic and some that are more loosely connected. For example an Ebook, Electronic Book & Digital Book about Internet Marketing could be listed under the category of; books/internet information products/marketing; this would be a direct connection. A loosely connected category might be something like; Everything Else/Education & Learning/Adult & Career Education/Personal Development/Personal Finances. An easy way to find suitable categories is to use the search categories option as you are listing; it gives you recommendations that you can choose from.

2. We also need to play around with the Heading, using different headings for all of our listings, we should try to include the words and phrases that people will use when searching most often, and include them in the heading.

3. List the Ebook, Electronic Book & Digital Book as a 10 day auction and offer a ‘buy now’ option as well. Be sure to set the ‘buy now’ price at level that covers our fees if we wish to make this a free advertising campaign.

4. We need to create a html formatted sales letter. Do this by creating a page in html composer such as Mozilla or coffee cup, or any other composer. Outline all the details about the book and what’s in it etc. then at the end of the description add an Auto responder! That the customers can use to ask for more information about the product. We must ensure that the redirect page brings the customer back to ebay. This is vital because ebay has very strict policies regarding links that take people away from their site.

5. Now we can play around with the sales letter to make it more enticing for people to enter their details, some of the things we could use are; for a free report, to receive other offers and updates, for more information and the free edition,etc. we just need to become creative here.

6. If our Ebook, Electronic Book & Digital Book sells without getting any prospects, that’s great we have covered our costs and distributed our links. (see part one of this series) We can go ahead and re-list it, then start all over again!

That’s all there is to it! It doesn’t take long to set up and once in place, we can easily tweak the listings and continue this strategy.
It’s not limited only to ebay it’s also possible to use any of the other auction sites available online today.


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