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Poker Winnings - How to Play for Millions in Profits Quickly

If you are a good poker player, you already have the skills to play a different game - one that offers far bigger rewards for the skills you have.

So, what is the game?

make money poker

If you are a good poker player, you already have the skills to play a different game - one that offers far bigger rewards for the skills you have.

So, what is the game? - Trading financial markets such as currencies, which is an area that many poker players excel in - many of the world’s greatest traders are poker players too!

My first job was in a financial brokerage, and I watched in amazement as a guy put down $20,000 - and traded it to $685,000 in just 4 months!

When talking to him, he revealed his passion for poker - and that he decided to trade, as he felt it would be easier, and the rewards were bigger - and for him, this came to fruition!

In fact, many of the world’s top traders are great poker or blackjack players - and they switched “games”, to play for rewards that can total millions quickly - which led them to financial freedom.

Moving from Poker to Trading

Trading is actually easy to learn than poker, and within about 14 days, you can develop a method that puts the odds in your favor - so you can trade for big profits.

Most traders don’t lose because they have a bad method - they normally lose because they can’t trade without emotion, and with discipline - they have no idea of money management – but poker players already have these skills.

All you need is a Method to apply that puts the Odds in your Favor

You can learn everything about trading in around 14 days - you will then have all the knowledge you need to go and trade for huge profits.

Trading represents the final frontier of the free market economy - and you have the opportunity for massive gains.

The Power of Leverage

When you trade, you can leverage your money. For example, put down $5,000 dollars with a currency broker, and they will give you leverage of 100:1 so you can trade $500,000!

Of course, this leverage is double-edged sword, but if used correctly, you can make massive profits that far exceed what you can make playing poker.

So why do Poker Players make such Great Financial Traders?

To succeed when playing poker, you need a method - and to apply it with discipline - playing when the conditions are right, to gain the big profits - and this is exactly the same in trading.

Here are some similarities between the two games:

1. Putting the Odds in Your Favor

In poker you only play when you think you have the odds in your favor and this is a skill all the great traders have.

They have patience and only trade when the conditions are right, and the profit potential is high.

2. Money Management

Just as you manage your bankroll in poker, you also do so in trading - varying bet size to maximize your profits, and having the discipline to cut your losses quickly.

3. Discipline

Just as most card players lack discipline, so do traders.

You need discipline to execute your method through losing periods - and have the confidence that you will win over the longer term.

If you’ve ever thought you Couldn’t Trade - then think Again!

The rewards for successful trading are far greater than in poker - and the effort required, once you’ve learned a method, is far less - in just an hour a day, you could be making huge profits.

Play in a bigger stakes “game” today - financial trading in markets such as currencies requires the same skills you already use when playing poker.

You have an opportunity to play for higher rewards using the skills you already have - and anyone can learn a method - it’s discipline, and money management that makes a successful financial trader - and you already have these skills.


Zidane inflicts pain on Spain!

Le Bleus dismantled España yesterday behind the brilliant performance of 34-year old Zinedine Zidane and he and his mates are confident heading into their showdown in Frankfurt this weekend.

Online Sports Betting, Online Sports Gambling, Raffle, Lotto & Sweepstake, Sports Betting, Online Gambling, Raffle, Lotto & Sweepstake

Les Bleus dismantled España yesterday behind the brilliant performance of 34-year old Zinedine Zidane and he and his mates are confident heading into their showdown in Frankfurt this weekend.

Once again these championships were marred by questionable officiating, although it must be difficult for these guys as the players are constantly diving to the field. In North America where we are use to watching punishing hits in football and hockey, it is sad to watch these great athletes, play the game with a fragile style.

With the scores tied at 1-1, after Frank Ribery had leveled David Villa's penalty, and the game heading towards extra-time, on 83 minutes Henry fell to the ground clutching his face after a challenge from Spain's Carles Puyol.

At no time did the Barcelona defender connect with Henry's face but referee Roberto Rosetti gave a free-kick from which Patrick Vieira headed home to put Les Bleus in front before Zidane supplied the finishing touch to the victory.

Just as in 2002, when Spain controversially went out to South Korea in the finals, they felt cheated.

While everyone has been drooling over Brazil in this tournament, the French have steadily gotten their game in gear and now we will see a rematch of the classic 1998 confrontation. That affair resulted in large quantities of Beaujolais’ being consumed for days after France’s victory.

The stage is now set as the eight teams that remain are Italy, Ukraine, England, Portugal, Germany, Argentina, Brazil and France.

Italy as we have seen are vulnerable and they could get upset by the underdog Ukraine’s. Germany has the home side, but Argentina has been playing with passion and this game could go to kicks. England is overrated and their day is up, as Portugal will move on.

Zidane leads the French to the semis with a shocker over Brazil!

Bob Acton

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The Poker Fish

The game of poker is really strategic and as in all games of strategy in this game you will find that there are some weak player and some strong players. The strong players devour the weak players and win their money off them.

poker,poker fish,poker players,poker game

The game of poker is really strategic and as in all games of strategy in this game you will find that there are some weak player and some strong players. The strong players devour the weak players and take their money off them. In poker, a weak or bad player is known as a fish, while a strong or good player is known as a shark.

According to the law of nature, the stronger shark kills the weaker fish. In the same way in poker, the bad players become the prey of good player. If you want to survive as a poker player you must win the game; unless you win game the chance of your survival becomes less, especially in a tournament game where you need to collect chips.

The winning in this game is dependant upon strategy and luck; if you follow right strategy then you can win the game. Further there is no such absolute right strategy to win every game; each time you play you are playing against new players, also different games may require different strategies, the poker shark is always familiar with the rules of the game and knows all the tips and strategies such as table positioning, the shark uses these to his advantage meanwhile the fish has never even heard of table positioning.

The connotation fish and shark is very much associated with this strategy of the game. According to the poker terminology, fish is a player who des not know any strategy. While playing the game the bad player make wild chases and try to play with long-shot hands. Such bad players depend on the luck to win the game and they have to play against all odds. On the other hand the good player is equipped with different winning strategy and keeps the ability to win the game. Many new beginners want to be a master of this game in a short time; they go through many articles, reading everything they can and searching websites to gather information. Remember there is no short cut in this game; you have to learn every trick and strategy.

We can say that the poker imitates the animal kingdom, where there are both predators and prey coexist side by side. The predators or good payers will seek the prey or the bad players to win the game. It is the responsibility of the bad player to flee from the table at right moment.


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