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Post flop Strategy in poker

When you are faced with a call when you have a hand you are sure is not the best use this table to determine if you should call or fold.

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When you are faced with a call when you have a hand you are sure is not the best use this table to determine if you should call or fold.
Example - you have 98 and the board is 65K - Player A bets into you for $1 the pot is $7
To figure out whether to call or fold take his (bet + the pot) and take the (bet x the odds) if the (bet + the pot) is greater call if not fold
Lets do this example - you have 4 outs (four 7's) the odds for four outs on the turn is $1 x 9 = $9 the pot is $1 + $7 = $8. The Pot is less than the odds so it would be correct to fold
If you are drawing to a hand that could be beat even if you hit one of your outs consider folding.
Example hands
A2 board 2TJ bet is $1 pot is $8 >> Fold
98 board is TJK bet is $1 pot is $8 >> Fold
9h8h board is 6c7cAc bet is $1 pot is $8 >> Fold
In all hands you had odds to call but even if you hit you could still lose so it is correct to fold.
Could there be a raise behind you? You must also take that into consideration before you call
You have a mediocre hand you will often be faced with a situation where you have an ok hand and don't know how to play it example - AJ and the board is QJ2
How many players are still in the pot? If the answer is 3+ play the hand like a drawing hand unless no one shows stenght than play aggressively by betting raising or check raising (with the intention of raising people out not building the pot). The larger the pot the more aggresive you should play.
If there are only 1-2 people in the hand play very aggressive and very tight.
Don't be afraid to raise - If player A bets you can raise to force out player C plus player A will probably check to you on the turn giving you options.
If at any point you're raised play the hand like a drawing hand.
You have a good hand a good hand example - KT and the board is K97
Play this hand very aggressive until someone shows strength then play the hand like a drawing hand.
Check raise - if you're in early position and you're sure someone in late position will bet, check than raise. This will force the players to call 2 bets, if they do its probably the incorrect call whereas if you bet out they would most likely be making a correct call.
You have a great hand example - AQ and the board is AsQh6c
Don't slow play! Bet out no matter how many opponents there are its probably correct to bet out unless you're sure you can check raise.
If someone infront of you bets call if the pot is small (only a few opponents and there was no raise preflop) and raise if the pot is large (5+ players or the pot was raised preflop)
If someone raises your bet and you have position wait for the turn to raise him, this is because the bet doubles on the turn. (Exception - there are others in the pot raise on the flop to get these extra bets they might drop out on the turn most poor players call the flop with anything and fold to a turn bet)
If you don't have position example - you bet Player A behind you raises, re raise him back he could be looking for a free card.
You have a monster example QQ and the board is Qh8h8c
play this hand just like you would a great hand with a few exceptions:
If someone bets in front of you don't raise forcing your opponents to fold unless the pot is huge.

If you have a very aggressive player to your immediate left check so when he bets you can trap the entire field into 2 bets. (If the pot is large it could also be a good idea to call the flop bet then raise the turn bet trapping atleast some of your opponents for a double sized bet).


Mac Lovers Wild Over FullTilt Poker

Popular poker site FullTilt Poker now offers Mac users the ability to play poker online.

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FullTilt Poker has just gotten fuller.

Let's face it: notwithstanding, there aren't many sites where Mac users can enjoy a good, live game of multiplayer poker. For the most part, Mac users have had to settle for Flash or Java-based "No Download" versions (also called "Lite" versions, for predictable reasons) of their main PC-only poker room. And the rare site that caters specifically to Mac users suffers from a lack of quality traffic, as they exclude PC users from joining the tables. But no more! As of January 19, 2006, Full Tilt Poker opens its cyber-doors to Apple Computers.

FullTilt Poker, the only online poker room where you can learn from and compete in real money games against over 10 top poker celebrities, has released a fully-featured downloadable version of its online poker software for Macs. The Mac supported software will allow Mac users to join FullTilt Poker's over 10,000 active PC-owning players at the tables. Finally, at one Full Tilt Poker table, you can play against Mac users and PC users at the same time.

FullTilt Poker launched their Mac release with the, "An Apple A Day" promotion, where they gave away one 17" iMac each day for 2 weeks following the release.

The interface, graphics, sounds, gameplay -- everything about Full Tilt Poker for Mac is exactly the same or as good as its PC equivalent. FullTilt Poker players, whether on Macintosh or Windows, enjoy hand histories, player notes, and an "Auto-Center" view mode for the best overall view of game, all the time.

The story gets still fuller, however, for FullTilt Poker is also offering Mac users Podcasting and Videocasting capabilities. That means players can view and even subscribe to webcasts of online poker playing tips, news, interviews, player bios, and more.

FullTilt Poker 4.1.2 for Mac is currently in Beta mode, meaning that it may not have all the kinks ironed out, but updates are imminent. Until then, Beta users identifying any bugs they find in the software are rewarded with a "bounty" of a FullTilt Poker baseball cap. Mac OS 10.3 or higher is required to run Full Tilt Poker for Mac.

The slim selection of Mac-friendly online poker rooms also includes Hollywood Poker, Pacific Poker, and Bugsy's Club, but only FullTilt Poker for Mac comes with all the benefits of playing at FullTilt Poker, namely "Team Full Tilt", among them: Andy Bloch, Chris Ferguson, Phil Gordon, Clonie Gowen, Jennifer Harman, Phil Ivey, John Juanda, Howard Lederer, Erick Lindgren, Mike Matusow, and Erik Seidel.


Why do i torture myself like this?

The Phoenix Suns are playing tonight and that means I will be loading up with both hands when I bet on the Dallas Mavericks to extract some serious payback on the Steve Nash led Arizona boys.

Online Sports Betting, Online Sports Gambling, Raffle, Lotto & Sweepstake, Sports Betting, Online Gambling, Raffle, Lotto & Sweepstake

The Phoenix Suns are playing tonight and that means I will be loading up with both hands when I bet on the Dallas Mavericks to extract some serious payback on the Steve Nash led Arizona boys. I’ve lost count on how much Phoenix has removed from my savings account as they mowed down first the Lakers, then the Clippers and now the Mavs in game 1!

If I was smart and we all know I’m not I would not have taken a peek at the morning line which shows Dallas as being a very heavy -7 ½ favorite in tonight’s tilt at the America Airlines building.

Dallas was strolling along with a large lead in game one when Phoenix came storming back behind Nash who finished with 27 points and 16 assists against his former team, finding his shooting range after struggling from the perimeter against the Los Angeles Clippers in the semifinals. He went 11-of-18 from the field and hit a pair of 3-pointers during the pivotal fourth-quarter run.

Unfortunately the injury bug has hit the Suns as midway through the fourth quarter G Raja Bell went down with what later was diagnosed as a left calf strain. Bell started hobbling after releasing a jumper and was on the floor for a pair of possessions before the Suns called timeout. He had to be helped off the court by teammates. Shortly thereafter, F Shawn Marion came up limping with a sprained left ankle. He remained in the game but had to be carted to an X-ray room afterward. It is the same ankle he injured in the conference semifinals vs. the Los Angeles Clippers.

Bell’s injury is now a torn calf muscle and he is gone for a while, but look for Marion to gut it out, while Dallas will lose talented Josh Howard with an ankle injury.

The Mavericks win tonight by 20!

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