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Premiership Betting Review - 23 April 2006

Tottenham had one foot in fourth place until Thierry Henry equalised in the North London derby.

football, soccer, betting, Gambling, Raffle, Lotto & Sweepstake, premier league, premiership

Tottenham had one foot in fourth place until Thierry Henry equalised in the North London derby. Robbie Keane gave Spurs the lead after 66 minutes which left Arsenal outraged as their opponents did not play for an injury. However, substitute Henry secured a share of the spoils at odds of 5/2 six minutes before the end.

Newcastle remain on course for an UEFA Cup berth after a convincing 3-0 win against West Brom. Nolberto Solano gave the 4/5 Magpies the lead after half an hour and Shola Ameobi showed there was life after Alan Shearer with a penalty five minutes before the break and a second goal just before the final whistle.

Bolton remain hot on Newcastle’s tail after a 4-1 demolition of Charlton. Vaz Te scored for the 5/6 Trotters after 14 minutes, Kevin Davies on 21 and Jared Borgetti 10 minutes later gave Sam Allardyce’s team a commanding lead. Darren Bent struck a penalty for the Addicks on 76 but Davies netted his second a minute from time to ensure Bolton won by three goals.

Portsmouth left it late to beat relegated Sunderland to edge out of the bottom three. Sunderland, a speculative punt at 8/1 took the lead through Tommy Miller after 70 minutes but Svetoslav Todorov equalised three minutes later. With two minutes remaining, Kevin Kyle gave away a ridiculous hand-ball and Matthew Taylor converted the resultant penalty to ensure a 2/5 home win.

Birmingham gave their survival hopes a boost with a goalless draw at Everton. A dour match with few chances for either side was played out to a 9/4 stalemate.

Being six points away from Portsmouth, West Brom are now 1/100 for relegation while Birmingham City, two points behind Portsmouth, are 3/10. Harry Redknapp’s side are 5/2 outsiders to face the drop, although they have two tough matches remaining in Wigan Athletic and Liverpool.

The FA Cup semi finals were both all-Premiership affairs with Liverpool meeting West Ham in the final on Saturday 13 May.

Liverpool were 16/5 outsiders in their match at Old Trafford but stunned Chelsea by racing into a 2-0 lead. John Arne Riise stuck a free kick after 20 minutes and Luis Garcia fired in a second seven minutes after the break. Didier Drogba took full advantage of a defensive mix-up on 69 but the Reds held firm..

West Ham left it late to dump Middlesbrough out of the cup at Villa Park. Marlon Harewood struck the decisive goal with 12 minutes left for Alan Pardew’s 9/5 outsiders and secured a place in next season’s UEFA Cup as a result.


The World Cup Preview

Baseball has “The World Classic”, NFL crowns its version at the Superbowl, and the NBA finds theirs after a grueling season.

MLB, baseball, sports betting, online sportsbooks

America loves “World Champions”.

Baseball has “The World Classic”, NFL crowns its version at the Superbowl, and the NBA finds theirs after a grueling season.

However, this summer all these “local” events fade into insignificance when you realize that every country on this planet will be talking about, reading, and watching “THE World Cup” – no exceptions!

It’s taken time for a country that exports its culture to import the World’s favorite game. Even in 1994, those “funny men” running on grass in “silk pyjamas” did not catch John Doe’s imagination in America’s heartland.

So what’s all the fuss about every four years when the world goes crazy and falls into a footballing trance while America carries on with their summer sports?

Well, “The World Cup” embodies more than a team trying to win. Footballers transform into “warriors” – national heroes – and the football pitch becomes more than a piece of turf, it’s a battleground for global supremacy.

The World Cup is the only event where a team represents a country and 100% of its population gets behind them and lives every kick, breathes every goal, and cries at every defeat.

As one famous British manager once told a reporter, "Someone said 'football is more important than life and death to you' and I said 'Listen, it's more important than that'."

Footballers have been shot dead for missing penalties, and two nations went to war over a football match (El Salvador and Honduras).

It’s the “global game” – that’s why American companies scramble to push their products into every country via this competition. Look at Coca-Cola, Yahoo, and McDonalds – as you guys say, “They’ve got game!”

So, who’s going to win?

Of course, being English – you would think I would say England. But sadly, after “our” coach (well – he is Swedish really) got caught out by a number of faux pas like having close bedtime relations with an FA secretary (who also had intimate relationships with other high ranking members) who spilled the beans to a “fake Sheikh” in Dubai about the team and then had “secret” meetings (well, secret enough that Britain’s famous media hounds snapped photos of Sven going into these “secret” meetings) with top domestic clubs.

You can see why your average “Brit” thinks Sven’s mind is not focused on the Cup.

In fact, after all these little snags, the FA decided to wish him “Good luck and goodbye”.
Now, in your job – if your company says, “we’ve got a major launch happening and then you’re fired after it”, are you actually going to go the “Whole Ten Yards?” Not likely.

In fact, the whole footballing world will be packed into one nation. Deals will be done for players, and it is not against the realms of reality that while Sven is thinking about where he will be in August, his agent will be on the mobile phone talking to rich European clubs about Sven’s future employment.

Now, what would you rather focus on – an employer’s ultimate dream after already firing you or a shiny new multi-million dollar contract with one of Europe’s richest clubs? Go figure!

For the duration of the World Cup, teams take over hotels and make them secure camps. So, within this secure zone, if you see Sven on the practice pitch or walking around the hotel with his mobile close by – it could be suggested that he is not waiting for Nancy (his other half) to call him to update him on missed episodes of “Lost” or “Desperate Housewives”!

So who can win the Cup? Well, obviously it would be boring to say “Brazil”. But sadly, the talent within the side is amazing and a repeat of 2002 Japan’s victory is on the cards.

What about another European challenge? Well, everyone knows Italy has a great footballing history. However, the sport is in crisis – it’s so bad that Sven talking to another football club about joining them whilst under contract with the FA – is small fry when you consider what has surfaced in Italy.

OK, think about this and I’ll put it in American sporting terms. Of course, before any American lawyers start firing off writs to me – I am not saying that any of the following could or would happen in the NFL. But consider what the outcry would be if the New England Patriots were stripped of their two Superbowl titles. Or if the owner, Robert Kraft, dictated who the on-field umpires would be for all their matches. Or picture the Patriots’ owner locking umpires in their dressing rooms after a game because they didn’t give “favourable” decisions, the owner’s son running the most influential sports agency in NFL, and this same man dictating who gets bought and sold within the whole NFL community. What would happen if the Pats’ leading QB admits to Gambling, Raffle, Lotto & Sweepstake on NFL matches although it is banned? Then the NFL chief commissioner resigns, and to cap it all George “Dubya” Bush takes some time off from his “crusade” in the Middle East to appoint a new commissioner to oversee the “damaged” sport.

This scenario is exactly what has happened in the past month in Italy. The Azzuri are truly “blue” and the dark cloud of corruption hangs over the Italian dream – there’s too much baggage being taken to Germany.

So, if you discard England and Italy – two of the favourites – where are the dark horses to run against the thoroughbred Brazilians? Holland and Spain usually turn up, and when everyone thinks they’ll be the “belles of the ball” – they trip up on the global dance floor and never see it out to the end. France are always a side that oozes class. Thierry Henry is in his prime, Gallas and many other EPL stars are at their peak – but can eleven stars gel into one cohesive unit? Germany for a month will tell.

The minnows always have no chance. Sorry Trinidad & Tobago, Saudi Arabia et al.

The winner is easy to predict – it is always the football fan that feasts on this extravaganza. The team that lifts the trophy – well – you always want a pundit to give his opinion and take a good stance. I apologise, but yes, I am realistic and yes, I know my football and yes, I want to be next to a young nubile Brazilian girl when they lift The World Cup on July 9th, 2006!


Making Careful Sports Betting Decisions

There are some many online sportsbooks out there that its hard as a recreational bettor to make a decision where you can bet in the knowledge that you won't be come another person ripped off by a rogue sportsbook. The fact is that there are less dodgy operators around than, say, 2 years ago. However, this does not mean you don't have to do your homework when deciding where to bet. Here are some simple things to look out for when selecting an online sports betting operator:

sports betting

There are some many online sportsbooks out there that its hard as a recreational bettor to make a decision where you can bet in the knowledge that you won't be come another person ripped off by a rogue sportsbook. The fact is that there are less dodgy operators around than, say, 2 years ago. However, this does not mean you don't have to do your homework when deciding where to bet. Here are some simple things to look out for when selecting an online sports betting operator:

Licensing - not enough can be said about this. There are some very questionable places in the world that grant "Gambling, Raffle, Lotto & Sweepstake licenses". As far as we are concerned, the only places that offer valid licenses are first world countries, Costa Rica and Antigua. Steer clear from anything else.

Margin - every sportsbook takes some sort of margin on each bet, although it varies greatly. If either you can not find information about the margin, or it seems excessively high, move on.

Bonuses and Promotions - If a sportsbook offers a huge sign up bonus, it is often reason for suspicion. Why would anyone increase your odds by giving you tons of free cash. Bonuses have their place, but its a sweetener and no more.

Payout procedures - Are these clearly published on the website? Even if its is, send them en email to confirm their process and turnaround time.

Blacklisted? - You'd be amazed what pops up if you search for "Sportsbook name" + blacklisted in Google.

Customer Service - Phone the toll free number listed on the site before making a deposit. Ask them a simple question like what is their minimum deposit. If you don't get a concise answer, in proper English, it's time to leave.

Track record - How long have they been in business, or better yet, can you even establish this from their website.

There are many other things to look out for like ownership and awards won. At the end of the day, you should trust your gut instincts and do enough research to make you comfortable. Sports betting should be a fun activity and free of the stresses of wondering if your money is safe.


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