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Gambling, Raffle, Lotto & Sweepstake


Winning Jackpot Stories

If you are looking for the true ‘dream makers’, that award goes to the ever-increasing progressive jackpots.

I have compiled some of these Winning Stories to brighten your dreams tonight.

It's Magic

Celeste has worked for years in the family's equipment rental business and recently sold the company.

Six months ago, her mother gave her a lucky pendant and she is certain she is responsible for the win.

In addition, her father gave her a $100 bill for the trip and...

slots, jackpot, casino Gambling, Raffle, Lotto & Sweepstake

If you are looking for the true ‘dream makers’, that award goes to the ever-increasing progressive jackpots.

I have compiled some of these Winning Stories to brighten your dreams tonight.

It's Magic

Celeste has worked for years in the family's equipment rental business and recently sold the company.

Six months ago, her mother gave her a lucky pendant and she is certain she is responsible for the win.

In addition, her father gave her a $100 bill for the trip and told her to use that money to buy chips for herself.

Therefore, he's now positive that his $100 gift is responsible for her new fortune. Celeste was so touched by what her father said after hearing of her win. He said, "Celeste, you've always done for others, now you can do for yourself."

Let's back up a bit while Celeste McCormick of Albany, GA tells her story:

"It was one of those magical nights when we couldn't lose. We were having such fun and winning on almost every machine we chose to play. We're not big gamblers, but maybe now we will be!"

"My mother and father love to gamble, and my mother had been comped a room at the Imperial Palace in Biloxi, MI. She graciously invited my brother and me to join in the celebration.

Earlier in the evening, my friend and I had been playing the Wheel of Fortune machines and won $500. Just before going up to the room, we decided to go back to the Wheel of Fortune to see if we would have any luck again. When the three Wheel of Fortune symbols appeared, nothing happened; there were no bells or flashing lights." My friend said, "I think you won $10,000." Then I said, "No, I think I won the progressive jackpot."

While I sat at the machine waiting for someone to arrive, I began to get nervous and said to my companion, "You better go find someone in case we have a power failure and I lose the entire jackpot."

He left to find an attendant and when they returned they confirmed that I did win the progressive jackpot of $1,195,974.

It was now 2:52 a.m. and we were far from being tired after all the excitement. Celeste added, "It was hilarious--the hotel personnel immediately moved us to the penthouse suite. We waited around until later, and then called my mother and brother to tell them our room had been changed and to come up to our suite to visit us.

My brother immediately said, "How much did you win, $10,000?" I said "No a lot more than that. Just put your robes on and come up to the suite.

When they arrived, we held up the check and I took a picture of my mother's face when she saw the amount!"

How does she feel about the win? "I felt very humbled and thankful for my blessings. It's been a wonderful experience." Her future plans are simple for now, "we've put it in CDs until we can decide."

Happy Returns

Michael Figueroa of Citrus Heights, CA, said they were celebrating his friend's 30th birthday at Horizon Casino, Lake Tahoe when they decided to play some slot machines. Michael got the best gift with a heavy hit of $615,176 at a Wheel of Fortune quarter progressive. He had only invested $20 and stated, "I always play the Wheel of Fortune machines because I love to get to spin the wheel". “I kept thinking that I really wanted to hit the jackpot and had just repeated that to my wife when it hit. I was in shock, stunned.”

Michael, who is self-employed, said he would spend his winnings wisely, live a little more comfortably and extend his trip to Lake Tahoe.

Pop that Champagne Cork

Anthony Vighione, owner of several video rental stores in Milford, CT, plays the new Popeye video slots often and says they're his favorite. While playing at the Mohegan Sun Casino in Uncasville, CT, Anthony hit an eye-popping payday of $508, 594. on a quarter Popeye progressive machine.

And She Said…

Blue Water Resort and Casino in Parker, AZ was the place for Larry Jackson who won $750,455 on a one-dollar Wheel of Fortune. Jackson, a retiree from Lake Havasu City, Arizona, had taken a day trip to the casino to play his favorite machines. When asked about his plans, Jackson stated, “that will be up to the wife.”


Progressive Jackpots

There are many among us, myself included from time to time, that like to play a few slots. I usually spend my time at the table games where the stakes are just a bit higher and the action is never ending.

progressive jackpots, progressive slots, progressive slot machines, slots, Gambling, Raffle, Lotto & Sweepstake

There are many among us, myself included from time to time, that like to play a few slots. I usually spend my time at the table games where the stakes are just a bit higher and the action is never ending. But slots have turned the tables a bit on the table games. Progressive slots now make the stakes when playing extremely high and the opportunity to win big is just a click away.

With traditional slots the most a player can win is the max payout that that specific machine offers. While this is usually pretty good in and of itself there a player can't go any higher. And to win the max payout a player has to have the max bet in and the planets have to be aligned just right, well, you get the idea. With progressive slots, however, the player still has to have everything just right but the payouts can be astronomical. The difference between traditional type slots and progressives is that progressive machines are linked in a series to each other thereby providing a payout to the lucky player based on the all of the machines, not just one. This gives the player a much better opportunity to score in a huge way. In fact, some of the payouts given by the progressive machines have at times been larger than some of the bigger winnings at the table game tournaments.

So my question is why is anyone still playing regular slots? A player can get the same type of gaming fun from a progressive machine with a chance to win a lot more money. There isn't any reason that I can think of that anyone that is playing slots online isn't playing the progressive machines. Actually, if all of the players were playing the progressives there would be a lot more money for someone that is playing to win. So actually it would benefit the entire Gambling, Raffle, Lotto & Sweepstake community that is playing progressives for everyone to play progressive slots and hope that they can win their slice of the pie.

Not to say, of course, that normal slot machines and games don't have their virtues. There are a number of reasons that regular slot machines still enjoy the widespread popularity that they do. Progressive slot machines are nothing new and have been around for quite awhile now and they certainly haven't cornered the market on the slot machine enterprise.

So I guess it just comes down to personal preference and what a player is looking for. Like anything else in life variety is the spice of life and if you haven't checked out progressive slot machines it just might be the ingredient that you are looking for.


Progressive Jackpot Odds and Probabilities

Article on slot machine probabilties and how to calculate the odds of hitting jackpots on slots.

slot machines, slots, slot games, slot tips, slots strategies

Calculating odds and probabilities for classic slot machine games with 3 reels with 10 symbols on each reel is simplicity itself. You simply multiply the chances of hitting the correct symbol on each real times the chances of hitting it on the other 2 reels. The formula looks like this in fact:

1/10 X 1/10 X 1/10 = 1/1000

A brief explanation: if there are 10 possible symbols on each reel, then the chances of hitting 1 of those 10 is 1/10. The chances of hitting that same symbol on all 3 reels is the product of the chance of hitting it on each reel.

A casino makes its money by having payouts that aren't equivalent to the true odds of hitting the jackpot. In a case where you have a 1 in 1000 chance of hitting a jackpot, if you paid out 999 to 1 or 998 to 1, the difference in the payout versus the actual odds would be your resulting profit.

But progressive jackpots are sometimes tremendous. Sometimes you can even find progressive jackpots of $1 million or more. In order to accomplish this, slot machine manufacturers had to become programmers, because realistically, a mechanical slot machine was limited to 3 or 4 reels with 20 or so symbols on each reel. A mechanical slot machine's reels are actual strips of metal, and having more than 20 symbols on each of them made them too large to actually operate the machine.

But with a random number generator program, a casino can set up "virtual reels" with an unlimited number of symbols on each. They can also set up multiple reels. Since the odds of hitting the jackpot become much smaller, the amount of the jackpot can become much larger.

Here's what the odds of hitting the jackpot are on a 3 reel machine with 30 symbols, and for a 5 reel machine with 30 symbols:

1/30 X 1/30 X 1/30 = 1/27,000

1/30 X 1/30 X 1/30 X 1/30 X 1/30 = 1/810,000

If the odds of hitting the jackpot are 1 in 810,000, you could easily have a payout of $500,000 or even $600,000 and still maintain a solidly profitable slot game.

Since progressive jackpots grow constantly until someone hits the jackpot, you could theoretically make a positive expectation bet on a slot machine game, IF the jackpot were large enough. In the above example, if the jackpot were $810,001, you'd be making a positive expectation bet.

The problem is that the slot machine manufacturers don't make it that easy. They use algorithms in their random number generator software that set up a % payout, so it's unknowable to a player what the dollar amount on the jackpot must be to have a positive expectation bet.

If I only knew the settings for <a href="">Cash Splash</a> or <a href="">Wow Pot</a>, maybe I could wait until the jackpot were large enough to play, and make positive expectation bets all the time. But on the other hand, just having fun is usually positive expectation enough to suit me.


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