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Choosing a Perfect Wedding Ring - Lifetime Of Gold or Silver

How Warm Gold or Cool Silver denotes what you feel, By Choosing a perfect Wedding Ring you have just taken the right steps in making the perfect marriage.

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Do not forget the ring a saying famously drummed into the best man before the wedding, well that goes for the future bride/Groom as well. With all wedding preparations it is quite easy to slip your mind to buy the most important item that makes the wedding ceremony a memorable one. The wedding ring is so important because it bonds two people together and it is the exchange of wedding rings that finalize the vow (I do).

Do a check list of all your wedding plans and be sure that choosing a perfect wedding ring is one of your top priorities besides turning up on the day?

Choosing a wedding ring is not as simple as you think, much thought is needed behind your chosen design. What you have to remember the wedding band binds the happy couple together forever. This ornate piece of Jewelry with so much meaning will be worn every day so we need to choose something pretty special.

Back to your budget which will play an important role when making your choice, because of the penny shortage does not mean that you can not have that piece of warm gold or cool silver, if precious stones were to be embedded or mounted in your actual design then dont expect to many diamonds with just a fist full of dollars.

Jewelry materials like what is used in wedding rings have evolved over the years.
Popular is the 14K/18 yellow gold which you will find more of a favourable option worldwide. Close on its heels is the white gold gaining more popularity by the day.

Why not consider platinum, known to be one of the hardest metals and once again a fine choice in a wedding ring. Platinum is a durable material and therefore able to hold up to any wear and tear. Platinum wedding rings look very similar to rings made of white gold which many can be excused for the mix up but at the end of the day both look stylish and elegant. However, platinum wedding rings are more expensive.

For the man it has to be Titanium which is becoming a favourite among the male species. It is light and long lasting and far less expensive as platinum. Once again Titanium wedding rings can be mistaken for the white gold in appearance.

Styles and what to choose is where you come in, only you know what you are looking for therefore it is wise to shop around before making the final decision, you would never forgive yourself if you see a cheaper ring around the corner and more beautiful. There are so many designs and styles to choose from. You have traditional plain bands to more up market exquisite ones.

Modern society designs are worth checking out. Why not opt for a two-tone wedding band. Celtic wedding rings are famous these days with couples where they bond their marriage with highly carved and engraved work of a craftsman.

In some cases the bride matches her wedding ring with the design of her engagement ring. This also has to be taken into consideration when mixing and matching especially when both rings are worn on the same finger.
It is best to know the ring size if shopping out of a catalogue or online.

By going into a jewellers for the wedding bands will cause you less stress where if the rings are ordered they may not be the right size or wrong design when delivered therefore all the heartache of having to send them back. Now we dont want more heartache than necessary as you have that to come with married life (Only joking)

Online shopping is an easy option just be sure to have the right measurements etc and all should be hunky dory just like the hunk you are about to marry.


Guide To Choosing Gold and Platinum Wedding Rings

Check out this guide to choosing gold and platinum wedding rings. We cover topics such as style, matching jewelry, quality, price and even alergic reactions to be aware of.

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Nothing says forever like gold and platinum wedding rings. These precious metals mark the permanence of a lifelong commitment, and will endure beyond decades of married life.

Whereas gold is a traditional setting, platinum has taken off as the newest trend in wedding jewelry. The decision to go for the gold or opt for platinum is based on the personal style of the bride and groom. However, certain factors may contribute to the couple’s wedding ring selection.


What does your wedding ring say about you? Platinum is geared toward a more modern look, whereas gold is traditionally beautiful. When evaluating your style, consider the future as well as the present, as you will quite possibly be wearing this ring for years to come.

<b>Matching Existing Jewelry</b>

Look at your (and your fiancée’s) jewelry collection – do you see gold, silver or a combination of both? If a bride typically wears only silver jewelry, she may wish for a platinum ring to accent her existing pieces; conversely, a gold jewelry fan would likely pick a gold ring. Grooms may wish to match their ring to their favorite watch or ID bracelet. If a couple has different tastes, they may choose a wedding ring that incorporates multiple colors.


While gold will stand the test of time, platinum is a stronger and more durable metal. Couples that decide on gold should select 14-18k wedding rings. For gold, high karats mean intense color but less durability.

<b>Allergic Reactions to Metals</b>

If the bride or groom reacts to the metals found in certain types of jewelry, a platinum wedding ring is the way to go. Over 90 percent pure, platinum is hypoallergenic to most people.


If shopping by price, gold offers the best value for your money. While platinum is more durable than gold, it is also more expensive. If a couple longs for a light-colored metal but cannot afford platinum, they may consider opting for a white gold wedding ring as an affordable alternative.

Whatever your decision, gold and platinum wedding rings are a wonderful way to express your love and commitment to each other.


Gold Rings Are Important Things

With this ring, I thee wed”..the effect of these magical words that are music to the ears, can be enhanced with the choice of perfect engagement ring for your beloved.

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Gold is a precious metal that has been loved by women throughout the world. It’s yellow color glitters brightly and is unparalleled in beauty. Gold rings have been worn on the fingers for centuries. Earlier, gold rings were simple hoops worn around the ring finger and thumb.

In Greece gold bands were worn. In Rome, only people of military or civil rank were allowed to wear gold rings. Later, freeborn citizens were allowed to adorn gold rings. The middle ages saw the advent of the gold engagement ring set with precious gemstones. Gold rings marked a kings coronation and a gold seal ring with St. Peter in a fishing boat is given to every Pope and is destroyed after his death.

Gold rings made a complete transformation over time and now are found in a variety of shapes, sizes, and set with precious gemstones, which enhances their beauty. Gold rings are now worn on every finger and are also decorated with enamel and stones. Gold rings with intricate designs like netted and floral designs are more expensive than a plain one, as it involves a lot of time and workmanship to create such masterpieces. The Victorian collection is said to one of the finest jewelry with detailed designing.

The gold engagement rings, wedding rings, memorial rings, mourning rings, and several others became the order of the day and fashionable. The gold wedding rings that signify commitment were originally worn only by the woman, but now it has become common for both the bride and groom to wear them.

It helps to know a bit about gold before venturing to buy a gold ring. As gold is considered to be a soft metal, it can lose shape easily. For regular wear, a ring made from lower karat gold is advisable, and the rings that will be worn sparingly can be made with 24 karat gold, which is pure gold and is more expensive. 18 karat gold is made with 75% gold and 25% alloy, and this makes it stronger but less expensive. For an engagement ring or a wedding ring, which need to be worn on a daily basis, it is practical to buy 14 karat gold rings, which are the most popular. Gold rings need to be washed with soap and warm water and dried properly before storing them in their original boxes.

Gold rings make perfect gifts for any occasion. A single large sapphire set in gold brings a glint to the eye and so does a ring with three small diamonds set closely. Most rich families hand down gold heirlooms on special occasions such as weddings. There could be no better pleasure in life than slipping a beautiful gold ring on the finger of a beloved.

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