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Golf, Sports, Ball & Course


Golf, Sports, Ball & Course Course Equipment Basics: Winter Storage

This article explore the things a Golf, Sports, Ball & Course course manager should do to ensure that a lawn mower or cart will start up when winter is over and the equipment gets used again.

Golf, Sports, Ball & Course cart small engines, small engine rebuild kit, small engines

Small engine vehicles, like Golf, Sports, Ball & Course carts, lawn mowers and trucksters, need the same care and maintenance as a car or truck. Owners tend to forget that putting a Golf, Sports, Ball & Course cart or mower away for the winter requires the same care as if you were planning to store a vehicle for an extended amount of time. Too often carts are stored away in some corner of the garage without much thought given to how well they will start up when the weather improves. Golf, Sports, Ball & Course cart owners figure that hiding them away in a shed or garage, clear from the winter elements is sufficient. Not quite. Even if your Golf, Sports, Ball & Course cart or mower is new, they still require some maintainance. In fact, getting them to start up trouble-free from season to season requires you follow a few points of due-diligence.

First, gather up the equipment you will need to properly put your Golf, Sports, Ball & Course cart in storage for the winter. This equipment includes a wrench, a few bottles of distilled water, some cleaning rags, gloves for you, goggles for your eyes, a hydrometer (it measures the gravity of the electrolyte solution) and a voltmeter (to measure voltage). You may want to throw in some baking soda and vaseline as well.

The following are measures you can take to ensure your Golf, Sports, Ball & Course cart or course mower starts up again as spring comes around.

1. Read the manufacturer’s maintenance guide
Follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Don’t try to tinker with the small engine if you’ve never handled one before. If you notice anything unusual, take your Golf, Sports, Ball & Course cart or mower to the nearest dealer for an inspection. Don’t wait until spring to have your small engine checked.

2. Remove the battery
Before storing your Golf, Sports, Ball & Course mower or cart for the winter, remove the battery and disconnect it from the battery cable. Store your battery in a safe place, away from heated elements, gas or furnace. Wipe it clean and brush off the battery terminal with a metal brush. Check for any cracks or borken elements. If the manufacturer recommends special cleaning solutions for your battery, give it a good cleaning before putting it away. If there are no spcial instructions, distilled water should do the trick. Avoid using corrosive cleaning chemicals. Most Golf, Sports, Ball & Course cart or mower problems are due to poorly maintained batteries.

3. Store in a safe, covered location
Store your Golf, Sports, Ball & Course cart or mower away from heaters, furnaces and gas containers. Also ensure that it is not place near any open windows where water damage may occur.

4. Put it away clean
Clean your cart or mower before storing it. Wash off any leaves, grass, residual soil, dried or wet mud, and moisture pockets from both the main exterior and underneath. Wipe off grass and dirt from around the blade using a long-handled brush - Do not use your bare hands! When you clean your mower, unplug the spark plug lead wire, wind it up gently and tape it together.

5. Remove remaining fuel
You should finish off any fuel that is remaining in your tank (if it uses fuel) or add a fuel preserver before storage. Read the instructions for the fuel preserver carefully before using. After adding it plug your mower or cart and let the engine run for a few minutes. This should give the fuel preserver enough time to go through the carburetor. One good thing about fuel preservers (also called stabilizers) is that they keep the fuel fresh in the engine for as long as half a year. You can now turn off the engine.

Follow these simple steps for storage and your Golf, Sports, Ball & Course cart or mower will start up in a snap.

~ Ben Anton, 2008


Golf, Sports, Ball & Course Course Equipment That Lasts: Using Repower Kits on Small Engines

This article explores how repowering Golf, Sports, Ball & Course carts and Golf, Sports, Ball & Course course equipment can extend the life of the equipment and save the course money.

Golf, Sports, Ball & Course course management equipment, Golf, Sports, Ball & Course cart small engines, small engine rebuild kit, small engines

Golf, Sports, Ball & Course course managers have the difficult responsibility of keeping their fleet of Golf, Sports, Ball & Course carts, course mowers, trucksters and sand haulers running smoothly year to year. As these items experience wear and tear it is important that they be maintained so that they last as long as possible. Funding is not always available to replace bad equipment at a moments notice. Extending the life of your equipment is possible through proper oiling, electrical testing and cleaning. When major problems start to occur in areas like engine performance, it is not necessary to feel that the cart or mower is done for. Repowering the engine using a rebuild kit is an economical solution for extending the usability of equipment for several more years to come.

You can reduce the long-term costs of Golf, Sports, Ball & Course cart repairs and replacement by opting to “repower” your Golf, Sports, Ball & Course carts with small engine rebuild kits by manufacturers like Briggs Stratton, Cushman, Kohler, and Honda. The manufacturers of these small engines have designed them to withstand both heavy workloads and light depending on the amount of use. These small engines come in a wide assortment of sizes, available horsepower, and different transmission set-ups, to meet all of your power needs. These engines also use a variety of sources such as gasoline, diesel, and electricity from batteries for their power. This makes them quite adaptable to the course-specific needs of every Golf, Sports, Ball & Course course.

The largest manufacturer of air-cooled gas-powered engines is Briggs Stratton. A Briggs Stratton small engine is durable even under the harshest of conditions and doesn’t require a lot of maintenance to stay in peak running condition.

Many Golf, Sports, Ball & Course courses utilize equipment by Cushman, who creates small engines for the Cushman Truckster and Cushman Haulster. The Cushman Truckster small engine can provide a Golf, Sports, Ball & Course cart with all the power it needs to traverse rugged terrains with the weight of passengers and equipment on board with ease. The Cushman Haulster is also built to handle heavy loads.

The Kohler line of small engines for repowering Golf, Sports, Ball & Course carts are compact but durable and provide optimum power. These engines are built for longevity.

Honda small engines power motorcycles, boats, and go-carts in addition to lawnmowers and Golf, Sports, Ball & Course course equipment. These engines are sturdy and can handle whatever task is put to them.

These manufacturers are well-respected small engine builders that have reputations for producing quality products. By using a repower rebuild kit that uses one of these engines, Golf, Sports, Ball & Course course managers will get quality power, a sturdy machine that will stand up to the rigorous demands placed on them with less maintenance required, and a comparatively inexpensive solution to replacing equipment. You will find these engines are a cost-effective choice for the other equipment used for the maintenance of Golf, Sports, Ball & Course courses such as seeders and mowers.

Golf, Sports, Ball & Course course managers have the difficult job of keeping the fleet of carts and mowers running smoothly for a long period of time. By repowering their existing fleet when needed, they can save money on buying all new carts and still get the same tough, sturdy, dependable running engines they expect from top brand small engine manufacturers.

~Ben Anton, 2008


Repowering Golf, Sports, Ball & Course Carts Using A Rebuild Kit: The Cost-Saving Choice

Reducing costs is important to Golf, Sports, Ball & Course course facilities managers just as much as it is to any Golf, Sports, Ball & Courseer.
This article describes how course managers and Golf, Sports, Ball & Courseers can reduce replacement costs on their Golf, Sports, Ball & Course carts, Golf, Sports, Ball & Course course mowers and hauling trucksters by using a small engine rebuild kit rather than replacing the equipment.

Golf, Sports, Ball & Course course management equipment, Golf, Sports, Ball & Course cart small engines, small engine rebuild kit, small engines, Golf, Sports, Ball & Course course trucksters

Golf, Sports, Ball & Course course managers know that having well trimmed and well cared for greenways is one of the marks of having a successful course. There are many things that a Golf, Sports, Ball & Course course or facilities manager is going to have to be responsible for as they maintain the facilities for the Golf, Sports, Ball & Course course, and some of the main aspects are making sure that Golf, Sports, Ball & Courseers enjoy the time there, the course is pretty, kept up and well maintained, and that all of the facilities look the same. As Golf, Sports, Ball & Course course equipment undergoes normal wear and tear, it might be tempting to get rid of older truckster, mower and cart equipment when the small engine’s productivity deteriorates. Though it may seem that getting rid of these things and buying new ones is the right solution for the good of the course, repowering the small engine using an engine rebuild kit may save you money and time in the long-run.

Golf, Sports, Ball & Course course facilities manager know that funding for new grounds equipment can be hard to come by at times. Investing in new equipment that is heavily worked may not be an option for smaller courses. It is unlikely that a Golf, Sports, Ball & Course cart or truckster used for hauling equipment can be easily replaced with a brand new piece of equipment with without much discussion and consideration. By repowering the equipment (using a rebuild kit to replace a faulty engine with a newer, better suited small engine) managers are able to improve the productivity of their existing carts and mowers while not needing to request large amounts of funds to keep the course in perfect shape.

The rebuild and re-power kits that you can find online can help you do many things. First of all, they are both repair and upgrade kits for Golf, Sports, Ball & Course cart small engines and the Golf, Sports, Ball & Course course trucksters small engines. The small engine rebuild kit can also help you do something as equally important, which is improve the performance of these engines. By fixing the ones that break and improving the performance of the ones that are not broken but are in need of performance repair, you can help make sure that you never have to replace a small engine again. It may seem like a large undertaking to replace the small engine in one of these vehicles. With a proper repower rebuild kit, the instructions are very clear and concise and the necessary parts are included and spelled out in detail, making the process much easier than one would anticipate.

Why is it important to make sure that you never have to purchase another Golf, Sports, Ball & Course cart or course mower in the next twenty years? First of all, these are expensive items that are a significant investment to simply replace. Also, as a Golf, Sports, Ball & Course cart or other Golf, Sports, Ball & Course course equipment begin to experience engine problems, their fuel efficiency and productivity waivers. This can cost more in the long-run.

There are rebuild kits that are available to you online and along with detailed information on installation, benefits and features. Repowering these small engines is a great way to extend the life of course equipment without breaking the bank.

~Ben Anton, 2007

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