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How To Choose the Perfect Hair Cut For Young Girls

Talks about the various ways your little girl can do her hair to make the look as fabulous as possible. Discusses hair styles for short, long, and everything in between to make her look adorable.

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Your daughter or the significant little girl in your life, the same one who used to dump strained peas on her head and drop toys in the toilet, is growing up, and, believe it or not, will soon be choosing her own haircuts and picking out her own outfits, not to mention dating, driving, working, and voting.

Thanks to easy media access, little girls today are much more fashion conscious than their mothers were, and even if your teen or pre teen is a camo pants wearing, mud playing, bundle of energy, it is just as important for her to have the right hair cut now as it will be in a few years when she becomes even more fashion conscious.

Depending on the age of your young girl, you should allow her to help you decide the hair length that is right for her. Long hair on little girls is classic, but if she has thick or very fine hair, this can be difficult to maintain. Also, something that her salon stylist can help you with is determining the best style for her face shape and hair type.

For short hair styles the Pageboy or Bob hair cut is best for thick hair, thin hair, younger girls, and active girls. The Pageboy is a basic variation on the bob and is easy to care for. Layers can also be cut into the bob for a look of added texture and depth, and hold products, can be applied to add extra tousled effects and firm hold for special occasions.

The Pageboy or Bob with bangs is the same as above, except with a wisp of a bang, skimming the skin just above the eyebrows, and adding softness to longer, more angular face shapes.

For short hair almost any variations on an adult hair style can be applied to young girls hair, but the trick is to make sure that your daughter is able to style it on her own or with minimal help. For older girls maybe nine and under this should not be a problem, but the younger ones will more than likely require a little help.
For medium hair styles the graduated layer look is easy to care for and style.

It requires minimal care and looks very cute, especially on little girls with thick hair, as the ends can be razored back to reduce bulk and define the layers. A little gel, brushed through the hair in the morning help to keep layers defined, and a spritz pomade will make sure that her hair stays brilliantly beautiful even when she is hanging upside down on the monkey bars.

For long hair styles girls with very fine hair require constant trims to keep it looking sleek, but most girls, including those with very thick hair, look adorable with a long look. The trick is, again, to add layers to the back but not too many, maybe one or two, to reduce the bulk and keep hair looking fresh between trims.

Remember that a haircut is very personal and a hairstyle that you may think looks great on your little princess may make her want to hide in the closet. So remember to always listen and try to find the right style together.


Short Trendy Hairstyles

Short is hot. Yes! The short hairstyles are yet again invading the hairstyles of the season. The simple reason is that a short trendy hairstyle is easily manageable, looks sexy and is in. Do not be afraid to cut short your long tresses.

short hair style,trendy hair cut,short hair

Short is hot. Yes! The short hairstyles are yet again invading the hairstyles of the season. The simple reason is that a short trendy hairstyle is easily manageable, looks sexy and is in. Do not be afraid to cut short your long tresses.

You have so many short hairstyles to adorn your self that you will find them really appealing and compelling as compared to your same old fashioned straight long hair. You are the one to decide how much is short for you. You can cut your hair drastically short to show your ears. But, always choose a short hair style in guidance of a hair stylist. A hairstylist is the expert who knows perfectly which type of short hair style will suit your face.

The hair stylists have all the knowledge of contemporary hair styles. For a short trendy hairstyle, you can visit a number of great hair saloons. The hair saloons are equipped with the latest hairstyles around. Also you can take the information from internet. You can search for the hairstyles from a number of websites that offer you tips and instructions to get a short hair style.

The hottest hair style these days is the Natalie Portman style. The style hardly leaves some hair on your head. But it looks cool and happening. One can see your scalp. Another hot favorite is the one where the hairs are drastically cut short from the neck area. The upper portion of your head is left with some hair with a side parting. Your head appears like a mushroom.

Having short trendy hairstyles makes you look hip and happening. You can adopt a short hair style easily because they go with every dress. You can wear a formal or casual dress and carry your new hair do easily. Give a pleasant surprise to your friends by sporting a cool hair cut.

If you are fond of feminine looks then a blunt hair cut with fringes on the forehead will be perfect for you. The women with curly hair can get their hair cut just below their ears to give that glamorous “Marlin Monroe” look.

Another glamorous short hair do is the Meg Ryan hair style. It is wild and sexy. You can just comb your hair any ways. It is up to you to give them a neat look by combing them back wards or giving them a wild look.

You can adopt a nice short trendy hair cut with hair cut short above years on the sides. A party look can be achieved by making a zigzag parting. You can add glitter or highlights to your hair. Streaking short hair is all the rage.

An all “red head” look is considered to be rocking by the teenagers. All you have to do is to get your hair short and color them red entirely. This will give you a rock star look. It is entirely up to you to choose the cute or hot short trendy hair style to be in fashion.


Cool Hair Cuts: For Men

Everyone wants cool hair cuts. You want a hair cut that will make everyone turn when you pass by them, I know I do! Learn what you need to know about hair styles and try to set the trend yourself!

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A hair cut really defines a big part of your image. I remember my little brother always strived to have the coolest hair cut around. He would cut and trim down his hair by himself for hours in the bathroom and every time he came out of it, he had a crazy looking hair do and somehow every one liked them. These are all the styles I can remember him of having:

• A 6 inch Mohawk
• A Completely shaved head
• Spiky wild hair
• Long hair
• A small Mohawk
• 50/50 hair do
• The Krusty look
• And much much more!

There are countless of cool hair cuts, and if you can see I even had to make up names for the looks my brother had. I called the 50/50 hair do a style that had half of the head trimmed really short, and the other half trimmed down not so short. But the trimming had to be done in such a manner that the middle had to be longer than the rest, really complicated do if you ask me. My brother said he would like to copy German soccer team player, Bastian Schweinsteiger, but he's never actually got to copy it as good.

But the coolness of a hair style really depends on the image you want to express. For example, a completely shaved head doesn't suit most people, or at least it certainly didn’t work for my brother. I'd say that the classical cool hair cuts for men are spiky hair, long hair and small Mohawks.

But there are cool styles for different kind of men. For teenagers the above mentioned is perfectly good, but for guys a little bit older there are different styles. A guy that always seems to have a cool hair do is David Beckham, so I would recommend you to keep an eye out for him because he always seems to have that good looking hair we women love so much! Another famous personality that has always had a great hair cut, one of my favorites, is James Bond. No matter which actor represents him, James Bond will always have a great looking hair style.

But no matter who, or which style you choose to have, a cool hair cut style can only look cool if it’s the right one for you. It all depends on your facial shape, hair color – which is a huge factor is defining which is cool and which is not –, and confidence. An excellent tip is to bring a picture of the style you want to your hairdresser and ask him if it fits your or which fits you.


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