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Laser Hair Removal - The Procedure

Laser hair removal is getting more popular everyday. Most of us have our own conceptions about this treatment.

Laser hair removal is the latest in hair removal methods. There are many advantages of laser hair removal. The biggest advantage is the freedom of getting hair removed from different body parts.

Laser hair removal and the body parts that can be treated - Except the region near the eyes, you can get all the body treated for hair removal with laser. You need not worry any more about removing hair from bikini are, back, legs, shoulders, hands or any other body part. Laser can safely remove hair from all over the body except the region near the eyes.

Laser hair removal and its side effects- Most of the latest lasers give no side effects except some redness and swelling that lasts for few days. If you are a dark colored person, you must talk with the technician and physician about the equipment they have and the possible side effects on your skin after laser hair removal.

Laser hair removal and number of treatments- hair grows in cycles. You have to therefore get hair removed at intervals. All the hair from an area cannot be removed at a time. Your technician will advise you about the interval between each cycle. Normally you can expect to get hair removed in three treatments.

Laser hair removal and results- though laser does not remove hair permanently, it produces long lasting results. The hair that grows back will be finer and less colored. you can painlessly get hair removed from difficult areas of the body and the procedure is not very painful though some anesthetic may be used. Please make sure that the technician you select is highly trained. That is of primary importance in getting hair removed with laser hair removal.

This article is only for informative purposes. This article is not intended to be a medical advise and it is not a substitute for professional medical advice. Please consult your doctor for your medical concerns. Please follow any tip given in this article only after consulting your doctor. The author is not liable for any outcome or damage resulting from information obtained from this article.


Laser Hair Removal : Is It really permanent ?

Most people wants to get permanent hair removal but only laser hair removal give the best solution to achieve permanent laser hair reduction.

permanent laser hair removal,laser hair removal

Do you know that the biggest problem with hair is - it doesn't always grow in places where you want it to grow. Everyone has a specific area of their body where they want to be bald. Women most commonly seek "Permanent Laser Hair Removal" in facial areas, on the legs or arms. Men have increasingly found "Permanent Laser Hair Removal" beneficial for excessive hair on the chest, shoulders and back.

There are so many hair removal methods such as : Depilatories, Electrolysis, Hair Inhibitors, Shaving, Sugaring, Threading, Waxing and Tweezers. Which are the best for you ? Most people wants to get permanent hair removal but only laser hair removal give the best solution to achieve permanent laser hair reduction. Why do I call reduction ? Because The FDA (Food and Drugs Administration) says that there must be enough evidence to support those claims. In fact, Laser Hair Removal is not always permanent. Hair that does come back can be lighter in color in some people. For others, it does remain gone. However, Laser Hair Removal is one of the longest-lasting hair removal methods.

Electrolysis maybe one of permanent hair reduction methods but it's painful and can leave scars. It's only suitable for small areas and sometimes require treatment over years at regular intervals. Here are some advantages of Laser Hair Removal : Save (few side effects), Less time (only take few minutes) and Long term result.

Although isn't guaranteed to be permanent, Laser Hair Removal work best on People with light skin and dark hair. Person with light skin are the easiest to treat requiring less sessions as the result are faster but person with dark skin or sun tanned skin take longer to get result because melanin, the dark pigmen in hair, is also present in skin.

Conclusion : If you want to get "Permanent Laser Hair Removal" I would suggest that you visit a laser specialist in your area.


Permanent, and Less Painful: Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal has increasingly shown itself to be a very popular cosmetic procedure. It is non-invasive, convenient, and fair less painful than some of the more traditional ways of permanently removing unwanted hair.

cosmetic surgery

Laser hair removal has increasingly shown itself to be a very popular cosmetic procedure. It is non-invasive, convenient, and fair less painful than some of the more traditional ways of permanently removing unwanted hair. Laser Hair removal is used to take away hair from those areas where it is simply unattractive to have. This can include chin, bikini area, armpits, back hair, or other areas, as well. The time of sticky, painful chemical applications is long gone. This procedure can be used for both facial and body hair.

The cosmetic process can take anywhere from only a few minutes to several hours. The time range varies based on the area of the body involved and the amount of removal. Laser hair removal is done by using a low-energy laser over the afflicted area. The laser energy passes through the patient’s skin, and is absorbed by the pigment in the hair follicle (roots). A certain percentage of the follicles are instantaneously, not to mention permanently, disabled with each treatment. In most cases, no anesthesia will be required, or even needed.

Benefits of Laser Hair Removal:
• Laser hair removal is a gentle, non-invasive procedure that can take care of undesirable hair from any part of the body.
• It leaves skin looking smoother and silkier, rarely with rashes, bumps, or other side effects.
• Larger areas can be treated more efficiently because the procedure removes more than one hair at a time.
• Minimum amount of discomfort.
• Replaces waxing, electrolysis, and razors, all much more irritating and uncomfortable than laser hair removal.
• Because it is so gentle, you can immediately return to a normal schedule.

There are still several important considerations that one needs to make before going in for laser hair removal. One is that this is not a one and done deal. Laser hair removal is an ongoing process that will require multiple sessions. Blonde, gray, and white hairs are less responsive than darker colors. Usually these can still be treated to some extent, but not always. If you do under go this treatment, there may be a slight reddening of the skin or minor swelling. Both of these are temporary. Your doctor may recommend various treatments or sunscreens: heed this advice.

Don’t let the warnings scare you off: laser hair removal is one of the most gentle of all cosmetic treatments, and even the worst of the side effects are so minor as to be easy to ignore. If that annoying back hair or chin hair is getting you down, this is a treatment that may very well be worth considering.


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