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Health Fitness, Wellbeing & Visor


Anti-Aging Products versus the Benefits of a Health Fitness, Wellbeing & Visory Lifestyle

Do you want to stay younger for longer? Should you have a nip and tuck? Pop a pill or ten? Run 20 miles per day, meditate in the Aspect of the Monkey and drink the juice from spring apples picked at midnight? Let’s take a closer look at anti-aging - without the monkeys!

Anti-aging product, Health Fitness, Wellbeing & Visory lifestyle

On one hand, we have cosmetic companies and plastic surgeons telling us that we need to buy creams, have ourselves injected with botox or collagen; get nips, tucks, and lifts; brave the possible dangers of hormone replacement therapy and pray for a miracle.

On the other hand, the natural Health Fitness, Wellbeing & Visor approach advocates awareness of diet and exercise, the value of antioxidants, a change in pace, and a Health Fitness, Wellbeing & Visory-mind-equals-Health Fitness, Wellbeing & Visory-body attitude.

If we followed every skin, exercise, and diet regime that’s been recommended by countless ‘experts’ we’d never leave the house. That having been said, none of us want to die even a millisecond earlier than absolutely necessary and the benefits of longevity don’t need to be spelled out.

So what do we do?

<b>Anti-Aging -- the Scientific Approach</b>

Mankind has made an incredible medical discovery…

<i>We can make rats live longer!</i>

Are you stunned? If you’re a pest exterminator, you’re probably overjoyed.

Seriously, though, a study on the longevity of rats -- and how to increase it -- has yielded interesting results.

Scientists from the University of Florida’s Institute on Aging have discovered that a simple 8% reduction in calories and a moderate amount of exercise can slow down -- and even reverse -- the effects of aging in rats.

It’s believed (and is well on the way to being proven) that cell death and aging-related damage to organs are caused by certain unstable molecules, cellular oxidation and inflammation.

A calorie controlled diet reduces the inflammation and therefore inhibits the death of cells.

For science, the biggest challenge is finding out why we age in the first place. It’s now thought that aging may to some extent be caused by an aging cell’s inability to replicate, which is a phenomenon known as ‘replicative senescence’. As cells lose their ability to replicate (generally after between 60 and 90 replications), the body’s immune system is weakened, wounds are slower to heal, and wrinkles start to form.

Anti-aging medication -- the sort that your doctor will prescribe -- is very limited. The most well-known medical anti-aging remedy is hormone replacement therapy (HRT). While there are good arguments for and against HRT, the simple fact is that we don’t really know enough about this treatment to categorically say that’s effective, let alone safe.

<b>Anti-Aging Cosmetics</b>

While scientists are struggling to explain the aging process, cosmetic companies are going to all sorts of lengths to fight it. There are countless creams and serums, beauty regimes and wrinkle remedies on the market today.

Cosmetic remedies such as skin creams should probably not be labelled as anti-aging. While they may slow -- and even sometimes reverse -- the visible signs of aging, they don’t contribute in any way to a person’s longevity.

You may look better in your coffin, but, under the skin, your body will have deteriorated much the same way as that of someone who has never seen the inside of a beauty salon.

This is not to say that cosmetics have no place in the fight against aging. There’s nothing wrong with having beautiful skin well into your twilight years; it just needs to be recognised that any cosmetic regime must be combined with other anti-aging practices to be truly beneficial.

<b>Living Longer Naturally -- the Health Fitness, Wellbeing & Visory Lifestyle Approach</b>

You may have heard the expression that ‘age is a state of mind’. In many ways we can see this to be true. We all know people who should be in the peak of life but, due to circumstance or attitude, lead the life of someone much older.

Conversely, we also know ‘elderly’ people that could give the average 40-year-old a run for their money. Why is this?

If you watch people that still seem to have boundless energy as they age, you will probably notice that those people are very active, and approach everything -- even simple day to day things -- with a positive attitude.

The more that you remind yourself of your age, the older you will feel. If you constantly focus on negatives then your Health Fitness, Wellbeing & Visor will be negatively impacted. It’s simple common sense: we all know that laughing makes us feel better. Therefore it’s logical that spending much of our time in a dissatisfied or depressive state would have a negative impact on our Health Fitness, Wellbeing & Visor and wellbeing.

Really, it all comes back to Health Fitness, Wellbeing & Visory mind, Health Fitness, Wellbeing & Visory body. And it works both ways.

For example, it’s a scientific fact that plenty of daylight and sunshine helps to ward of depression. Exercise releases endorphins that make us feel good. Eating well gives us energy and bolsters our immune system.

One important factor of a Health Fitness, Wellbeing & Visory lifestyle, especially with regard to anti-aging, is the minimisation of stress. There are countless negative side effects of too much stress in our lives, so anything that you can do to alleviate stress is beneficial. Go for quiet walks, surround yourself with positive people, meditate, and make sure that you have some time to yourself occasionally.

Learn to say ‘no’ - you can’t be all things to all people.

Lastly, a diet consisting of lots of fresh fruits and veggies is invaluable. The body thrives on all things raw and vital. Grains and nuts are also full of necessary protein, and sprouts such as wheatgrass are the ultimate mineral supplement when juiced. Buy yourself a good cold press juicer, such as the Greenpower Kempo, and make your own fresh fruit juices.

Pure water is also important. Our bodies are 70% water so it makes sense to drink the purest water possible. Dehydration also has a negative impact on energy, so if you’re tired you may want to try drinking lots of water.

The fact is that, at this stage, we aren’t really sure why the human body ages. Until we have a better grip on the process of aging we won’t be able to combat it effectively.

Despite this, chances are that, if we lead a Health Fitness, Wellbeing & Visory lifestyle and occasionally indulge in anti-aging products such as cosmetics, we have a reasonable chance of aging gracefully.

Budda had the right idea when he said: “Your body is precious. It is our vehicle for awakening. Treat it with care.” So far, even science can’t beat that advice.


The Key to Anti-Aging Health Fitness, Wellbeing & Visor

Age, it’s a natural part of life. But just because you’re getting older doesn’t mean you have to look like it. With a few simple steps anyone can look and feel younger than they actually are. One of the biggest steps someone can take in the battle against age is to lead a Health Fitness, Wellbeing & Visory lifestyle.

anti aging, Health Fitness, Wellbeing & Visory skin, penis enlargement, skin care,

Age, it's a natural part of life. But just because you're getting older doesn't mean you have to look like it. With a few simple steps anyone can look and feel younger than they actually are. One of the biggest steps someone can take in the battle against age is to lead a Health Fitness, Wellbeing & Visory lifestyle. Anti-aging Health Fitness, Wellbeing & Visor is all about your lifestyle, eating habits, fitness, and a number of other factors which can affect how well a person ages. Maintaining such a lifestyle requires a certain level of commitment and dedication.

Eat Those Vegetables

A major step in combating age is committing to Health Fitness, Wellbeing & Visory eating habits. It's important not to indulge too much on one food or another, especially when it contains a lot of fat or grease. Each person is individual in their dietary needs, and it's a good idea to find out that which best suits you, and you can find many books that will help you to determine which foods will be most beneficial for your body type. But generally speaking, a Health Fitness, Wellbeing & Visory cycle of fruits, vegetables, and grain along with moderate portions of meat is suggested for those wishing to live a more Health Fitness, Wellbeing & Visory life. Dietary needs are key to slowing the aging process to some extent, and the more efficient and Health Fitness, Wellbeing & Visory your body, the less work it requires to do its job.

Choosing a lifestyle

Another very important step in anti-aging Health Fitness, Wellbeing & Visor is lifestyle habits. Things like smoking, excessive alcohol consumption and some eating disorders can all affect the way a person ages. Smoking for instance inhibits the body's ability to process oxygen, preventing the body from feeding your cells. It is direly important that any person concerned with their Health Fitness, Wellbeing & Visor and especially their age, maintain Health Fitness, Wellbeing & Visory lifestyle habits.

Exercise is perhaps one of the most important factors concerning anti-aging Health Fitness, Wellbeing & Visor. Exercise in moderation gives the body numerous benefits like more efficient blood flow, Health Fitness, Wellbeing & Visorier muscles, increased bone stability, and even oxygen to the brain is increased during exercise. Anyone concerned with anti-aging Health Fitness, Wellbeing & Visor should be prepared to set an exercise regiment. It is important to be willing to stick with this regiment after you start; just occasionally going to the gym doesn't count.

Set reasonable goals, as starting out on a 10k run is probably not the best idea and can cause more harm than benefit. Of course in the fight against aging there can be any number of factors to consider. But for anyone generally concerned with their age and Health Fitness, Wellbeing & Visor, these few tips can be the key to adding a few extra years to their life.


Yerba Mate: The Powerhouse Nutrient For Healing, Anti-Aging and Enhanced Health Fitness, Wellbeing & Visor

Many think of Yerba Mate as a tea beverage. While the chemical components are quite similar to green tea, it is in fact far more nutritious, containing nearly all of the necessary life-sustaining vitamins, minerals and nutrients. It has been found to be loaded with an even richer and more potent array of antioxidants than green tea.

yerba mate, anti-aging, wellness, liquid nutrition, antioxidant, phytonutrient

Many think of Yerba Mate as a tea beverage. While the chemical components are quite similar to green tea, it is in fact far more nutritious, because scientific study has shown it to contain nearly all of the necessary life-sustaining vitamins, minerals and nutrients. It has been found to be loaded with an even richer and more potent array of antioxidants than green tea.

Yerba Mate, a popular South American beverage, is brewed from the dried leaves and stemlets of the small evergreen Yerba Mate tree found in the highlands of Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay and Argentina. Tea comes from a different plant altogether. So while Yerba Mate is similar in chemical structure to tea, it is a completely different beverage altogether.

The Guarani Indians of Paraguay and Uruguay have long been drinking this beverage, and introduced it into modern civilization. It is now consumed by millions of South Americans every day, as a Health Fitness, Wellbeing & Visory and beneficial energizing coffee alternative.

Yerba Mate contains 52 more known active chemical compounds than green tea. It is loaded with potent phytochemical antioxidants, and in far greater quantities than in green tea. Like green tea, it has anti-cancer and anti-aging benefits, again, in higher quantities.

This amazing plant has an incredibly rich nutritional profile. It provides: Vitamins A, C, E, B1, B2, Niacin, B5, B Complex, Calcium, Chromium, Manganese, Iron, Selenium, Potassium, Magnesium, Phosphorus, Zinc, Carotene, Fatty Acids, Chlorophyll, Flavonols, Polyphenols, Inositol, Trace Minerals, Antioxidants, Tannins, Pantothenic Acid and even Amino Acids. Scientists are saying it is quite likely that it contains more powerful nutrients that are yet unknown and undiscovered.

There are so many incredible benefits attributed to Yerba Mate, both from scientific studies and centuries of observation. Some of these benefits include:

- anti-aging
- boosts immunity
- increases mental clarity
- helps with digestive problems
- improvement in general well-being, mood, and sleep
- helps to lose weight
- cleanses and detoxifies the blood
- increases supply of oxygen to the heart
- supplies many nutrients needed by the heart for growth and repair
- reduces stress
- reduces the effect of debilitating disease
- allergy relief
- firmer and smoother skintone

Experiencers of digestive problems such as constipation and hemorrhoids have found these to be relieved and easily overcome over a short period of daily use. Some people who require antacids have reported they no longer need to use them after a short time of using Yerba Mate.

People with heart problems have reported clogged arteries clearing up in even just 3 weeks of using Yerba Mate - their doctors have ordered them to stop taking their pills for circulation and clogged arteries.

It has even been used as a food substitute due to its rich nutritional profile. It will eliminate feelings of hunger and give the sensation of having had a full meal. While this is important for those experiencing conditions of famine, it is also helpful for people desiring to lose weight.

There are far too many benefits to go into detail in the space of this article. This is a very powerful healing plant. Because of its vast amount of Health Fitness, Wellbeing & Visor benefits for the whole body, Yerba Mate is truly a tonic for wellness.

In addition, essential vitamins and nutrients are best absorbed by the body when taken in their live, natural state. This is why it is far more efficient to use a liquid nutrient like Yerba Mate instead of a multivitamin supplement.

Yerba Mate is one of the most excellent nutrients available in the world today, and should be given the attention of all who are interested in excellent Health Fitness, Wellbeing & Visor, anti-aging, wellness, and healing.


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