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Health Fitness, Wellbeing & Visor


Healing With Whole Foods - Defining Health Fitness, Wellbeing & Visor By Relationships

Western society often has a poor understanding of balance, and this is no less the case with both nutrition and healing. Learn how the TCM worldview is fundamentally different, and how powerful food can be as a healing agent.

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Annemarie Colbin, in her book, Food and Healing, presents a chapter on altering diet to combat specific conditions. Her recommendations are based on her own experience as a student of macrobiotics and Health Fitness, Wellbeing & Visor food, and a teacher of natural healing and balanced eating. As well as her observations of those whom she treated in consultations, and the transformations of her students over the years. Despite her background in macrobiotics and vegetarianism, Annemarie isn't dogmatic about food - she recognizes that what is healing for one person, during a particular period of their life, may not be healing for others, or even for that same person at different stages of their life.

She takes as her cue the fact that regular foods have been used for their medicinal value in most traditional cultures. The underlying principle is one of restoring balance. Illness is considered a state of imbalance within the body. And like in homeopathy, she believes that remedies can cause similar symptoms to that which they cure - if the symptoms they can cure are not present, and they are taken in sufficient quantity. So, the remedy should no longer be taken once the symptoms of imbalance, the illness or condition, disappears. Otherwise, the remedy may in fact cause similar symptoms to reappear. If this is the case, the remedy should not be taken again, as the remedies are (according to this principle), causing the new symptoms. Serious medical conditions she does not rely on food cures for. She recognizes that Western medicine also has its place. But food being what it is, can also be a useful healing adjunct in those situations.

One thing that impressed her was food's ability to alter our metabolism quickly. She described this epiphany after cooking a meal for some South American friends, who were used to a diet that was high in protein and fats. When they ate the meal prepared by her, which was high in complex carbohydrates like whole grains and legumes, and low in fat, sugar (for dessert), and low in protein, they found alcohol affected them in a way it usually didn't. The same amount they normally drank, which did not make them drunk with their usual fare, got them quite tipsy on hers. She observed from this that alcohol, being expansive in nature, balanced out the highly contractive protein and fat they normally ate. These ideas, of particular foods having an expansive or contractive nature, is one that she learnt from the Oriental healing systems she studied.

This approach touches on a core difference between Western understanding of both food, and medicine, and traditional Chinese medicine's (TCM). TCM has as its conceptual underpinning, the study of relationships between things. Western approaches, to both nutrition and medicine, are based on a reductionist approach. They explore isolated nutrients, diseases that are studied under the microscope, with a symptom that then suggests possible causes, defined within a narrow and static frame. Ted Kaptchuk illustrates this when he describes how, when he was studying TCM in Macao, one of his teachers was talking about shingles. His teacher described how shingles on the face was different to shingles elsewhere, say, on the trunk. The reason behind this was that "the Chinese view demanded another perspective - seeing the relationship of the symptom to the whole body". (Kaptchuk) he goes on to say: "The question of cause and effect is always secondary to the overall pattern...The total configurations, the patterns of disharmony, provide the framework for treatment." (Kaptchuk)

References: Ted Kaptchuk, Chinese Medicine, The Web That Has No Weaver (Rider Books, London)
Annemarie Colbin, Food As Healing (Ballantine Books, New York)


Quiz Your Relationship- Is It Happy And Health Fitness, Wellbeing & Visory

We are social animals. We need to relate to others for various reasons; we cannot exist alone happily. We need others to compare, share, give and take and feel together.

We are social animals. We need to relate to others for various reasons; we cannot exist alone happily. We need others to compare, share, give and take and feel together. We make relationships primarily to satisfy our emotional and physical needs. What about the Health Fitness, Wellbeing & Visor of the relationship? Is your relationship happy and Health Fitness, Wellbeing & Visory?

In Health Fitness, Wellbeing & Visory relationship, both the partners are themselves. They keep that freedom with themselves. Freedom is a very important aspect. In a relationship that involves abuse, the abuser takes this freedom away. That is why any abuse makes the relationship very unHealth Fitness, Wellbeing & Visory.

We think about the concerns of our partner in a Health Fitness, Wellbeing & Visory relationship. It is not dictatorial. Every decision that we take is done with consensus and care is taken to check that other partners interests and preferences are respected fully. Our concern for our partner makes the relationship fulfilling.

In the two way process, we make some demands from our partner. They are reasonable to the extent that our demands do not crush the others spirit and values. Sometimes, a partner wants a relationship that demands that the other partner give up all his/her values. That will never do any good to the relationship. That will make the relationship very unHealth Fitness, Wellbeing & Visory.

Desire to relate - Unless we get attracted to each other and have genuine affection and care for each other, everything else is of no use. The relationship must have that love and affection to begin with. Without that one cannot talk and be open in communication with the other partner. Without that initial love, no relationship will begin.


Relationship Help: Solution For A Health Fitness, Wellbeing & Visorier And Rewarding Relationship

There is no such thing as a perfect relationship. All couples go through rough times and experience difficulties in maintaining a Health Fitness, Wellbeing & Visory relationship. However, there are some who do not take these as a challenge and so they easily let go and end the relationship for good.

Ending the relationship is not always a best solution when conflicts arise. Conflicts are normal part of the relationship and these even make the relationship stronger and test your love for each other....

relationship, love, lost love

There is no such thing as a perfect relationship. All couples go through rough times and experience difficulties in maintaining a Health Fitness, Wellbeing & Visory relationship. However, there are some who do not take these as a challenge and so they easily let go and end the relationship for good.

Ending the relationship is not always a best solution when conflicts arise. Conflicts are normal part of the relationship and these even make the relationship stronger and test your love for each other. If you end the relationship sooner, it only goes to show that you have a weak foundation and your feelings for each other are not that intense. So, when you encounter problems in the relationship, the best thing that you can do is to seek relationship help.

Relationship help is very much available on the Internet nowadays. More and more relationship counselors have taken advantage of the power of the Internet to reach a wider market that is in need for relationship help. But since there are lots of options available, you have to make sure that you choose a reliable adviser for you, one who really has the experience and the commitment to serve other people who long for a rewarding love life and great relationship.

There are several ways where relationship help can be provided. These can be through significant tools for positive change, personal coaching, and retreat for couples. Because of the Internet, these are very much available for easier access and more convenience. You need not to leave the comfort of your home or office just to inquire and avail of all these. By simply browsing through sites, you can now seek relationship help in minutes.

Nowadays, there are lots of books about relationships that can be purchased in local stores and online. These books include articles about improving relationships, different advice from marriage and relationship counselors, and success stories of couples who overcome very difficult times in their relationship. These books can help you a lot in assessing your relationship problems as well as yourself in order to figure out the best solution to undertake. Aside from that, these books can also help you stay on a positive track and are essential if you want a truly rewarding partnership.

Personal coaching can also play a significant role in providing relationship help. You can check online for a site that offers a coaching session for couples. This session can help you have a Health Fitness, Wellbeing & Visory, joyful, and rewarding relationship. After the session, you will sure gain clear insights about resolving relationship issues and you will learn new strategies to make positive changes even if you are in very rough times.

If a personal coaching session is not the thing for you, then you can always opt for a retreat. By spending a week with your chosen relationship counselors, you can really seek relationship help. A retreat for couples is often held in an intensive and supportive place to achieve profound results. A concentrated weekend program is included to really transform your relationship. When you get home, you will really feel that your relationship is renewed and the romance is rekindled.

All these ways can really provide you with effective relationship help that gives positive results. You should keep in mind to seek relationship help as soon as you see a first sign of trouble. This will help you resolve the problem sooner and avoid much bigger conflicts in the future.


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