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Health Insurance-A Surprise Graduation Gift

Instead of a computer or a car, parents looking for a useful gift for a new college grade may want to consider health insurance.

Health Insurance-A Surprise Graduation Gift

Instead of a computer or a car, parents looking for a useful gift for a new college grad may want to consider health insurance.

New college graduates and their parents are often surprised to learn that many health insurance plans stop providing coverage to adult children through a parent's plan even when they are living at home.

Typically, most adult children who are students will lose their coverage when they attain a certain age, graduate or are no longer attending school on a full-time basis. Since most of these new college graduates won't have coverage until after they have found a job, many find themselves falling through a gap in coverage.

The number of young adults who fall into this category can be significant. According to a 2002 Census Bureau report, 18-to-24-year-olds are the least likely age group to have health insurance coverage.

Some find an effective way to address this need is with a type of product called temporary or short-term medical insurance. Such policies are designed to fill short gaps in health insurance coverage and usually cover periods ranging from one to six months. Exact length of coverage may vary by state and company.

For example, Assurant Health -a company that helped to pioneer the concept of short-term coverage-offers policies that typically cover periods of 30 to 185 days. Generally, this type of plan is more affordable than permanent insurance plans because the insurer is taking less risk.

Because temporary policies are usually designed to cover the unexpected, most do not include coverage for preventive care, physicals, immunizations, dental or eye care. Also, temporary policies generally do not cover pre-existing conditions.

While typical customers for short-term medical insurance are graduating students no longer covered by a family plan, but not yet covered by an employer's group plan, the policy may also be of interest to others. People changing jobs or making a transition to a new career, or new employees facing a short waiting period before becoming eligible for an employer's group insurance plan, may find that it fills a need.


Long Term Care Health Insurance - A Closer Look

Kids today face an ever growing number of temptations ranging from drinking and smoking, drugs, gambling and pre-martial sex. Unfortunately, due to their youth and inexperience they fail to realize that what they do in their youth can have a great effect on their quality of life as they grow older.

On the other hand, as people grow older and approach retirement age they begin to realize that the carelessness of their youth did have a profound effect on the quality of their...

Kids today face an ever growing number of temptations ranging from drinking and smoking, drugs, gambling and pre-martial sex. Unfortunately, due to their youth and inexperience they fail to realize that what they do in their youth can have a great effect on their quality of life as they grow older.

On the other hand, as people grow older and approach retirement age they begin to realize that the carelessness of their youth did have a profound effect on the quality of their life but now they are ready to do whatever it takes to remove as much risk as they can. As a result, an ever increasing trend has been the purchasing of long term care health insurance as one way of reducing the financial risk a prolonged illness poses.

Long term health insurance is one the best ways to reduce whatever fears you may have in terms of how you'll be able to take care of your health after (and in some cases at a much younger age if you are the victim of an untimely accident) retirement as well as ensure your family (your spouse, children and even your grandchildren) that they won't get saddled with the potentially huge amount of debt that can result from the high-cost of medical care. Long term care health insurance is one of the best ways to guarantee that not only will you receive higher quality care but that you won't lose a lifetime worth of savings in the process.

Because health care costs continue to rise at dramatic rates nearly every year, it's becoming increasing advisable to begin coverage much earlier in life. Traditionally, individuals wouldn't even consider long term care until nearing retirement or even until after retirement but you may want to reconsider your thinking if that's been your plan. A few big reasons you may want to consider looking into long term care health insurance as early as your mid 50's are premiums and approval. Policies taken out when someone is in their early 50's (this is still seen as a favorable age group ) is much less expensive then one initiated in their early to mid 60's and the older you get the higher the premiums.

However, if you take out a policy when you are younger you will continue to pay the same premium even as you get older. Sure, you may pay for 10, 15 or 20 years before you need it but when you do need it you'll have much better coverage.

Another big reason you may want to consider taking out a policy earlier in life is that you greatly increase your odds of getting approved with no riders or other exclusions. Once you get hurt or sick and realize you need long term health insurance then it's too late to get coverage because no insurance company will issue you a policy - at any price.

If you're currently a little older and you have other income besides your Social Security benefits or Supplemental Security Income (SSI) and you absolutely have no trouble paying for your daily needs and all your monthly expenses then you should definitely look into a long term care health insurance plan.

Once you make the decision to look into purchasing a long term care health insurance plan you need to be aware that whatever company you talk too will assess your health and you current state of life before issuing you a policy. That will assess your ability to handle the Activities of Daily Living (ADL).

These so-called Activities of Daily Living are activities like: taking a bath, continence, dressing yourself, eating by yourself, going to the toilet (without any help from others) and getting yourself in and out of bed. If you can't most if not all of these activities you change of getting approved and a policy issued is greatly reduced.

On the other hand, different companies use different approval criteria and there are different types of policies you can apply for. Some policies are geared towards home health care or having a personal home nurse while others are designed for care to be received while staying in a long term care facility. You will be given the option to choose the type of plan you would like when you apply but like most things, you pay for what you get and different plans come will different price tags. Just make sure you thoroughly understand all your options first and if you feel pressured and uncomfortable then politely move on to the next company to apply.

This article may be reproduced only in its entirety.


For the In-between Times: Short-term Health Insurance

When people think of health insurance, they think of traditional health insurance, with office visits, co-payments, and prescription drug coverage. However, such health insurance is not always available. Perhaps you are transitioning from one job to another; or maybe you are employed part-time or with a temporary agency that does not offer full health coverage; or you might be attending or just graduating from school. In these situations, traditional health insurance is sometimes not available. If you are unable to afford traditional health insurance but would like some coverage in the case of an accident or emergency, short-term health insurance is your best bet.

Short-term health insurance fills the gap in health insurance coverage that may come about for a number of different reasons, including those listed above. The idea of short-term health insurance is built into the name - it is a short-term solution offering short-term coverage, with the expectation that at some point, you will begin or resume traditional health insurance coverage. It is designed for those who would like some coverage in case of accident or injury and covers only emergency or serious medical expenses, such as x-rays, ambulance fees, intensive care, and a certain amount of hospital care. Though policies vary, these are often standard in short-term health insurance coverage. However, short-term health insurance does not cover regular physician visits, nor do they cover pre-existing conditions. If you are looking for this sort of coverage, you should consider obtaining a traditional health insurance policy or looking into other options.

Short-term health insurance costs vary greatly; you will have a monthly premium, ranging anywhere from $25 to $100, depending upon the plan's coverage and deductible, which often begins at $250 and can increase to $5,000. Most policies these days also offer a reasonable pay-out amount (often one or two million dollars). Policies allow you to choose coverage for specific lengths of time, from 30 days to 90 days or six months, but almost no short-term policies extend past one year.

How do you find short-term health insurance? It is not as difficult as it may seem. A simple Internet search will yield a number of companies that offer short-term health insurance coverage. Searching online will also give you the opportunity to compare different companies and different plans. Just be sure to research each of the policies carefully to understand your maximum pay-out as well as deductibles, coverage, and other terms of the agreement.


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