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Collectible Knife And Sword

There are many people who collect things, some out of passion and love to those unique rare products or their historical worth, and others because of a search for some connection to the past. The knife and sword collectors are no less special then the things they collect, and usually the sword and knife collector will have a very deep passion and understanding of the articles he is collecting, their history, use in past time and importance in the development of swords and kni...

knife, sword, swords collecting, knife collecting

There are many people who collect things, some out of passion and love to those unique rare products or their historical worth, and others because of a search for some connection to the past. The knife and sword collectors are no less special then the things they collect, and usually the sword and knife collector will have a very deep passion and understanding of the articles he is collecting, their history, use in past time and importance in the development of swords and knifes.

Unfortunately the times when this passion could be perused quietly and this was usually conducted within a close international community who knew each other and heard of each other have passed, today, as with all other things, the is an increasing awareness to the value of swords and knifes and an even greater knowledge of the money the collectors will pay for them. Many factors make the collectors a new target on the antique and collectable markets, as the level of fake swords and knifes appeared on the market increases to a degree that is it almost impossible to spot a valuable piece.

Today the collector needs to learn more techniques that will help him or her avoid the heavy price of getting fooled and spending a lot of money on fake or replicas. The collector should learn and understand expert tricks to protect him and his hard earned money from those in the market who try and make an easy dollar on their expense.

The main part you should be concerned about is the blade, if you are looking to buy online you can start by looking at the available photos, try and examine them as closely as you can, you can always ask specifically for a closer picture, of a certain piece of the blade. Take your time when you are doing this because this is actually the most important feature of a sword, if need be try and ask to come and see the blade yourself, it will reduce the risk considerably. Always think about the cost and the value you attribute to the blade or sword and consider the cost of arriving at the shop or person to examine it.

If you suspect a flaw or a mark that increases the risk of damage of fake you should look at that part and examine it carefully. Never by something based on a sellers word or sweet talk, unless you are willing to risk being very disappointed when the sword gets to you and you spot its problems right away. It is true that sometimes you notice what seems to be a great opportunity on the internet and it is worth giving it a try, but I always recommend looking and examining the part as much as possible, especially if it’s a blade.

The second thing you should try and do is finding out the sellers background and his history, is this seller big on the market, did anyone recommend him and if he is known, you should do that to any kind of seller, shop or auction house, the internet can supply you with great answers to the questions you ask, try to ask in collectors internet sites or forums, or even send an email to some people you know and trust and ask them if you should go along and purchase something from this seller.


Authentic Samurai Sword Buying Guide

Every thought about owning and authentic samurai sword, but have no idea where to begin with your search or what to look for. This article will help you on your quest.

Authentic Samurai sword, real samurai sword, Japanese samurai sword

If you've every thought about buying a new samurai sword (I'm talking about a real samurai sword that you can really use for cutting exercises, not just to hang on the wall) you've probably have several questions. There's a plenty out there to choose from but there are a few key things to look for in a quality blade.

The most important thing is that you get a blade that has been forged using traditional construction methods and had authentic parts.

Take the Thaitsuki Nihonto swords, they're forged using a 400 year old family method, are you can normally find them for under $1000, however people are realizing more and more that they are very high quality swords, so their prices probably won't stay low for very long.

Here are a few qualities to look for in a quality samurai sword. An authentic samurai sword should be at least a high carbon steel forge blade (like the Thaitsuki swords) or a folded steel blade. A stainless steel blade is not a blade that is forged using traditional construction methods and should only be used for decoration. Many of them look really nice, but they absolutely must not be used for any type of cutting exercise.

If the blade is not made from at high carbon forged steel or folded steel then it's most likely just stainless steel. When purchasing your authentic samurai sword, make sure that the blade is forged high carbon steel or folded steel. Many companies will tell you that they can sell you a quality authentic samurai sword made from stainless steel. Stainless steel is fine if you're only going to hang it on the wall but it's not an authentic samurai sword made using quality forging methods.

Take the Paul Chen Shinto Katana. It's a fine sword made from traditional claying methods that make it nearly impossible to break, it's a fine authentic samurai sword. Paul Chen swords are some of the best samurai swords you'll find for the money. You can literally get a sword made from traditional construction methods and authentic parts for around $300.


Step-By-Step Guide To Perfect Fillets

Working with epoxy can be one of the most difficult parts of building a boat. Learning a few basics of working with epoxy can help avoid many mistakes. In the first of this three-part series, we'll discuss precautions as well as the stages of epoxy.

boat plans

Stitch and glue boats have seams. Seams that aren't sealed leak. Leaking boats sink! This is why it is vital to create structurally sound, as well as attractive seals along every seam in your boat. These seals are referred to as fillets.

When it's time to bond the inside corners of your boat, a fillet is generally the way to go. Many newbie boat builders suffer through this process due to lack of proper instruction. This process can require the use of a special tool and a lot of patience. However, you can also make perfect fillets the easy way using ordinary, disposable plastic spoons, wooden tongue depressors, plastic zip-lock bags and masking tape. Let's walk through each step individually so you can grasp what needs to happen and when.

<B>Mixing Epoxy</B>

Several elements will contribute to the dry time of your epoxy. If you're working outside, humidity, temperature and wind can cause your mixture to gel quicker or more slowly than you expect. When you start, it is recommended that you only mix enough epoxy for the first fillet. This will allow you to observe how the epoxy will react and to avoid waste.

You want to mix your epoxy to a consistency that's between mayonnaise and peanut butter. To thicken the epoxy you can use wood flour, Aerosil silica or one of many other products. Aerosil will create an excellent bond, but you should be aware that it will cause your fillets to be harder to fair after the epoxy has cured.

<B>Keeping It Clean</B>

If you tend to be the messy type, you might want to consider using some masking tape around the areas where you'll create fillets. This will help prevent epoxy from getting onto unwanted surfaces and leave you with less to cleanup.

<B>Making the Fillet</B>

Apply thicken epoxy to the corners using a putty knife. Be sure to fill between the frames and the hull to seal every tiny crack - and don't forget the chines. Using a wooden tongue depressor or the back of a plastic spoon, shape the fillets and fair them. Try to keep the same angle in comparison to your corner so you'll have a consistent radius. Remember to clean up any excess epoxy immediately. Dried epoxy is a dreaded chore to clean!

<B>Fiberglass Taping</B>

The most efficient way to apply fiberglass tape is at the same time you create the fillet. The tape should be applied to wet epoxy. However, first-timers may find this method frustrating as it does take some practice. If you're uncomfortable applying fiberglass tape when you make your fillets, let them cure then smooth and fair them with 60-80 grade sandpaper, then apply the tape.

Like everything else in life, practice makes perfect. You may choose to practice your fillet-making skills before you begin on your own boat. That way you can experiment with what works best for you in order to create beautiful and structurally sound fillets that will keep your boat afloat for years to come!

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