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Holiday, Vacation & Weekend


Dubai Holiday Apartments

Property investors have managed to make great premium on their property and are now considering putting the properties in the market to support the tourism boom which is about to hit the UAE by 2010 .

dubai holiday apartments

Property investors have managed to make great premium on their property and are now considering putting the properties in the market to support the tourism boom which is about to hit the UAE by 2010 where Dubai will have the tallest skyscraper in the world, the largest manmade island on earth, by far bigger than Manhattan and the largest shopping malls in the globe.

Government figures show Dubai now has 7 million overnight guests per year and should achieve 15 million tourists per year by around 2015. Tourist from the United Kingdom and Germany prefer to stay in a Villa or an apartment.

If you are a Dubai home owners you notice that Jumeirah beach residence and Nakheel have started handing over thousands of apartments beach facing to land lords who have waited for this day hoping to start using their holiday home for their families and visitors and their retirement while they can drive income from their investment while they are away by short term furnished rentals Jumeirah beach residence a part of Dubai Properties Has announced on their web site that Minimum rental period furnished allowed is 6 month Homeowners and real estate agencies have not been aware of this policy The developer had no restrictions on how long a homeowner could let the unit for .

To Support the growth of tourism DTCM have initialed the process of licensing the Holiday Rental Companies Classifying and regulating holiday lets under hotel licenses, A as many short tern holiday rentals company in Dubai have acquired a large numbers of properties and they also have maximized on their marketing and sales targeting hi returns for their land lord and as long term rental rentals currently gives 7-8 % on their returns while short term rentals makes 13 - 15 % which landlords find as a good option to do on their property Individual home owners have bought properties in Dubai focusing on using it while visiting Dubai and renting it on short term while they are a way.

Short term letting have been most in demand by the corporate market as most of the executive who come to Dubai Can hardly find a hotel room as Dubai has the highest occupancy of room in the world which makes it hard to find the accommodation at the right area!

The holiday letting is becoming very popular by European families who wish to be in Dubai in their holiday having more privacy then a hotel, holiday apartments near beach are the most in demand for holiday makers as they have the privileges of all hotel amenities and services ant half prices on of that they get free airport transfer more privacy and much more privacy and a comfort which are 50% cheaper then Dubai Hotels and Hotel apartments.


Dubai Holiday On Self-Catering Basis

With over 5.8 million visitors in 2005 and occupancy rate in excess of 83% Dubai is fast becoming one of the world's premier tourist destinations in the world with tourism business reaching unprecedented levels.

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With over 5.8 million visitors in 2005 and occupancy rate in excess of 83% Dubai is fast becoming one of the world's premier tourist destinations in the world with tourism business reaching unprecedented levels.

Dubai is a cosmopolitan city with a population over 1 million that offers a wonderful taste of Arabia, seamlessly combining some of the world’s most exciting tourists developments in a distinctive blend of modern city and desert. Where else can you spend a vacation that combines sand dunes and Middle East culture with stunning high rise hotels overlooking pristine beaches and the warm turquoise waters of the Persian Gulf?

Dubai is also a shopper's paradise. The tiny emirate is a duty-free zone and during its Shopping Festival, two million visitors arrive looking for discounts on gold, electronics, clothing, and Persian carpets.

Dubai has a subtropical arid climate and the weather is sunny pretty much all the year round… Dubai has experienced a total of 4 days of rain in 2005!

Given all the above reasons and keeping aside many others, is clear that the travel industry hence the local accommodation providers are riding the biggest wave of their life in fact in many cases the request for holiday accommodation as taken over the supply and it’s not breaking news for frequent travelers to hear that the hotels are fully booked and capable of offering only the most expensive suites (whatever left available).

There is a wide choice of accommodation available in Dubai ranging from hotels, hotel apartments and private villas or apartments for more exclusive retreats. Renting an apartment might be a cheaper option then staying in a hotel especially if you intend staying in Dubai for longer then the usual package holiday or if you are a large group or simply wish to have greater flexibility and privacy, this latest option being the most sought after in recent days.

One of the most popular areas of Dubai is the Dubai Marina which creates an awe-inspiring city-within-a city that delights residents with its cosmopolitan, free-spirited atmosphere and unique, invigorating lifestyle. It is a urban center on the water, comparable to the most exclusive waterfront developments in the world's leading cities. Dubai Marina is the place where people meet, laugh, live and enjoy life to the full, always alive, with the glittering Marina at its heart.

Booking a Hotel in Dubai Marina is out of reach for many travelers who rather spend their budget on shopping and dining, for this reason renting a self–catering apartment in the Dubai Marina itself or a self-catering villa on the world famous Palm Island can be a much cheaper option, more affordable, comfortable and also more exciting….

There are many villas and apartments available for short term rental on self-catering basis and can cater from a minimum of 1 guest to as much as 15 guests according to the number of bedrooms available.

When planning to book a holiday apartment or villa in Dubai on self-catering basis it is necessary to carefully select the right real estate agent to deal with.

The most recommended would certainly be those actually based in Dubai that can guarantee you full assistance on a 24 hrs basis. It’s really the quality that matters when you choose your holiday home in Dubai, yes you could be spending some extra bucks but in the end it will pay off.

Some properties are equipped with every amenity, from the bread toaster to the kettle, from the coffee machine to the microwave and also include a twice weekly house keeping service, fresh towels, fresh bed sheets, miniature shampoo and shower gel etc. some other properties that come across as a good bargain could end up being a bad surprise to say the least and you might experience issues such as faulty air conditioning, lack of cutlery items or crockery or cooking pans or lack of water pressure, poor hygiene and the list can go on and on to a point where your vacation could get badly compromised.

Professional agencies maintain and check on the properties on regular basis in addition to supply amenities and accessories to a level that can meet and in some cases go beyond the standard of a 5 stars hotel. When booking a self catering apartment or villa there are few questions that you might want to ask such as:

How far and where is the nearest hospital? Does the property have a telephone line to make outgoing calls in case of emergency? Will you be awaited at your arrival in the early ours of the morning and will you be escorted and checked in your apartment by professional and English speaking staff? Will you find first hand groceries in the fridge at your arrival? How far is the closest supermarket? How far is the closest pharmacy? How far is the closest restaurant or coffee shop? Are the bills included in the rent? Is there a house keeping service provided? Is there a maintenance number that you could call in case it was required? Will you be able to receive international calls from your loved ones? How far is the beach? How far is the closest mall? Is the area fully developed or is it still under construction? How noisy or quite is it and do the windows have double glazing to serve this purpose? Are taxis easily available? Etc etc….

In the end it all comes to experience and professionalism…

There are many companies over the internet offering holiday villas around the world which is a great advantage as it keeps the competition alive and the rates affordable however be always careful and do your homework before making your final choice, at the end of the day it’s your holiday on the line.


What Is The Correlation Of Free Trade And Holiday Making?

What is the correlation between free-trade, real estate prices and holiday making? Ask any of Dubai's real estate brokers and they might begin giving you some lessons on it.

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What is the correlation between free-trade, real estate prices and holiday making? Perhaps, the first one ignites the race for the rest two. This has been taking place in Dubai's case for at least two decades now, and the lineage from free-trade to tourism is very apparent. Those likely to go on vacationing should therefore, learn about the various trade policies of the concerned region before making out their travel plans. Liberal governmental policies are bound to show up in the nature of hospitality that you might experience. If there are emerging signs of conflicts from within any administration, better keep off from visiting that place and move on elsewhere.

Duty free shopping and well-planned infrastructure were two main reasons why so many tourists started flocking on Dubai's roads. Allowing freehold property ownership to the foreign nationals was another smart move, which transformed Dubai's real estate market dramatically. Speaking with any of the real estate brokers running their operations from Dubai, supports these arguments. Additionally, tax exemption to the corporate world has also played a crucial role in the booming real estate values. Companies are granted 15 to 50 years of tax exemption on starting up their operations in one of Dubai's free-trade zones. This financial paradise has ensured Dubai will continue to have a booming real estate market for many years to follow.

The level of foreign direct investment has begun growing rapidly in Dubai in the recent few years. According to some estimates, investments in the private equity market have already crossed the $1 billion mark. If this does not seem remarkable then you should note that it is expected to cross $2.5 billion by 2007. There has been a sudden turn around in the recent times and the companies looking forward to making the investments elsewhere have begun making the best out of Dubai's tax exemptions.

The result is obvious. As more and more foreign companies arrive to do business in Dubai there will be an ever-increasing requirement of skilled work force. That means a further increase in the inflow of foreign nationals who will obviously need a place to stay on. In the final run, we conclude that the high demand for real estate combined with the recent changes permitting all these foreigners to own their property can only lead to a real estate explosion the likes of which the Middle East has never seen before. Already more than 30 percent of all the tower cranes in the world are engaged in Dubai. That, in itself, should give you an idea about the scale at which construction is proceeding in this world renowned city.

With the kind of luxurious life Dubai owns, the ever expanding world events taking place there, the highly competitive air fares that you might enjoy while being on its way, and the increasing number of landmarks like Burj Al Arab, Dubai Marina and Dubai Palm Beach getting constructed day in, day out, the world is bound to keep visiting Dubai for many years to follow now.


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